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January 30, 2004
Battlestar Galactica - Preview
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Battle over the planet.
Space. The final frontier. Oh damn, wrong series. While Star Trek is almost certainly the most popular space based TV show on TV another series which has a large, and very loyal following is Battlestar Galactica. Despite the original series being made in 1978, some 25 years ago now, Vivendi believe the TV show can be turned into a new gaming franchise. Then again the inspiration may have come from the new TV series which started in late 2003 in America. Battlestar Galactica is a space based combat game, in the veign of the classic Wing Commander titles. Fortunately this game involves a lot more game, and a lot less cinematic boredom then those Origin titles.

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Try to avoid the asteroids.
It is the end of the sixth millennium in the era of the Cylon Wars. The mechanical Cylons, who were once created as android slaves, revolted against the Humans and were exiled into the stars. Ten years ago they returned... The skies over Caprica turned black with Cylon Raiders whose single plan was to wipe out the Human race. For ten years the Colonial survivors have fought a vicious war against the evil mechanical empire. During the game you play 21-year old Adama, a newly comissioned pilot, who developes into an elite pilot as the game progresses.

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Splendid cloudy graphics.
Battlestar Galactica provides plenty of gameplay options. Space craft range from the ultra sleek Viper to heavily fortified bombers. Naturally the craft being used will depend on the mission being flown. It will also be able to configure your payload (weapons) with over 30 different alterations to suit your needs for the missions. As with most flight sims one of the key options is to have some wingmen to assist you in attacking targets, or help defend you. Battlestar Galactica actually allows you to have up to three wingmen by your side.

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Targets ahead!
Even if you're not a fan of the TV show there is now reason not to consider this title. The action looks fluid and frantic with a wide variety of space objects including craft, asteroids and the like. From the footage seen to date Battlestar Galactica is shaping up as a great title. The graphics are detailed and show a level of quality rarely seen in space combat games, particular on consoles where the genre is becoming a dying breed.

Although the release date was pushed back from December 2003 to February 2004 in PAL territories there is little need to worry as Battlestar Galactica is shaping up quite nicely indeed and space combat starved gamers should keep this title in mind.