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February 25, 2005
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
17/3/2005UbisoftGearbox Software1-4, 4 $99.95

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Covering your buddies from afar.
There have been a couple of good World War II based games on the PS2, most notably EA's Medal of Honor: Frontline and Activision's Call of Duty: Finest Hour. However while both are good titles, neither is exceptional and there still hasn't been a stunning WWII title on PS2, and certainly nothing to datedreaches near the heights of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on PC.

Fortunately for gamers Ubisoft are about to unleash Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 to keep us entertained, and if the developers have their way also show us the reality of war as never seen before. This game is actually based on a true story making the development team recreate real people, real locations and real scenarios for the game - but still keep it very entertaining.

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Expect the game to be quite realistic.
Dropped behind enemy lines the night before D-Day, Sgt. Matt Baker (Fox Company, 502d Regiment, 101st Airborne) regrouped his scattered squad. In just 48 hours, Baker will have to choose between the lives of his men and the success of his mission. Victory, he was promised, would send him home. But, when the Germans counterattack and divide the allied invasion forces, Baker must lead his squad to overcome their fears and work together to capture and hold the most critical junction point of the invasion. His life and the life of his men rely on his leadership and bravery.

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Looking down the barrel.
The developers are making some solid claims about this title. Set across 8 days Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 includes realistic military tactics taken from World War II scenarios and during the game you will need to issue commands to the three-man squads setting their positions, targets and objectives. This aspect of the game actually plays in a similar fashion to Full Spectrum Warrior on XBox (and soon PS2) in the way you move your squad around the levels, however you also have the ability fire on enemies manually as well. There are two squads to maneuver around the map. The first is an assault team and is designed for closing on and killing the enemy. The other team is a fire team and is trained to suppress and pin the enemy so that the assault team can do its work.

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Graphics are very nice.
The game includes more then 20 characters, each having a distinctly unique personality, appearance and style. Of course being based on true events Brothers In Arms includes historically accurate and detailed battlefields, events and equipment recreated from Army Signal Corps photos, Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery and eyewitness accounts. Amazingly the developers are even re-creating the time of day and exact weather effects at the time of each battle as it was in during the 8 days from June 6 to June 13 1944! In all the game will include between 18-20 levels in single-player mode and 8-10 levels in multi-player. Speaking of multi-player it is expected that the developers will include a split screen mode as well as support for up to online gameplay. While at least 2-player is confirmed we are just looking into the possibility that the game will have 4-player support as well!

Gearbox Software have put a lot of effort into this title and given their past titles (they developed Halo on PC, Half-Life: Opposing Force and James Bond: Nightfire) there is little doubt that this game will generate a lot of interest. Ubisoft have become a mega publisher and the company is putting a massive amount of hype around this title. Keep an eye out for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 which will hit retails on March 17th.

Anyone who pre-orders this game using this link will save $AU20 off the games price.