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March 18, 2004
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
26/2/2004EA GamesEA Games1-2M15+Medium
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen
50KBDolby Pro Logic IIYesNoNoneNo

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Beating the flames.
James Bond. Even M says that he's a relic from the past, but since Pierce Brosnan has taken over the movie role of the worlds most well known super spy the franchise has found new legs. Indeed, the last movie, Die Another Day, grossed a massive $US160 million in America and a further $US264 million around the rest of the world making it the biggest movie in the series' history. On the game side ever since Goldeneye was release on the Nintendo 64 almost a decade ago now the Bond games have been trying to emulate that games success, both commercially and critically. The last couple of games from Electronic Arts have shown constant improvement, and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing follows much the same pattern of general improvements, but also introduces some major gameplay changes.

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James on the motorbike.
The biggest change from previous Bond games is that the action now takes place from a third person perspective rather then first person perspective as was the case with Agent Under Fire and Nightfire. Perhaps this was done to show off Pierce Brosnan in all his glory, but it does look fantastic when jumping off a building or performing one of the many 007 moments. What are 007 moments I mentioned before you ask? Well during the game there are several points through the missions where you can perform 007 moments such as jumping off a building, flipping a table to create cover from enemies or, well, any other Bond type things. In fact, the range of moves is very impressive. James can do all the usual things - run, shoot, lean against walls duck for cover. But it's the ability to climb up walls and jump off buildings and rappel down them that really takes your breath.

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Hugging the wall.
The game also incldues some impressive driving sections which look simply stunning while the game also includes some "on-rails" type sections where you must shoot enemies while someone drives the car for you. Of course a James Bond game isn't a James Bond game without gadgets to use and there are plenty here. Remote controlled spiders can access remote locations, a nano suit sends you invisible, as long as the batteries don't run out, the thermovision allows you to see in the dark, sleeper darts will put enemies to sleep rather then killing them and so on.

There are some issues with Everything or Nothing, and one which the change to third person perspective has essentially brough about by it's own nature. The automatic camera often points away from the action making it hard to keep up. Indeed the easiest way to spot enemies at times is to hit the lock-on button (L1) to locate them. The problem is, however, that this automatic targeting is quite un-user-friendly. At times it will target the person closest to James Bond, at other times it will target an enemy in the distance. Also annoying in this title is the number of times you'll die or have to restart missions in order to complete them.

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Now this is great fun.
It's clear to see that Electronic Arts have spent a great deal of time getting this game to look its best. The cut-scenes are simply stunning while the likeness to the real actors is fantastic. As previously mentioned the switch to third person perspective has create some camera issues however the richness of the levels and environments is second to none. Effects such as flames and smoke, especially while rappeling down exploding buildings is second to none. The driving sections of the game benefit from developers of the Need for Speed titles providing assistance with some splendid driving sections. The motorbike accross the bridge is so insanely fast that you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Sound is certainly a highlight of Everything or Nothing. The list of actors (and acresses) providing the voices in the game includes Pierce Brosnan, John Cleese, Heidi Klum, Shannon Elizabeth, Judy Dench, Mya, Willem Dafoe, Richard Kiel and Misaki Ito. The games intro song by Mya is very impressive, and even eclipses some of the intro music for James Bond titles in recent years. The sound effects are fantastic and the entire package is rounded off with Dolby Pro Logic II sound, and is THX certified ensuring top quality.

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Take that!
This really is a title that is better then the sum of its parts. The graphics are great, but let down by the camera angles at times. The sound is brilliant throughout. Gameplay is tremendous fun but let down by some control issues and you'll be frustrated by targeting related deaths. The game is lengthy, due to numerous deaths, while the multiplayer fails to fire on all cylinders. Still, as a game it is quite addictive, very fun but has such a high sense of quality and polish that you can't help be impressed. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing is well worth considering for purchase.

Review By: David Warner

GRAPHICSSplendid visuals and presentation, but the camera needs work.
SOUNDReal voice actors, great music, wonderful effects. Splendid.
GAMEPLAYMarred by average controls and cameras which should be better.
VALUEQuite a lenthy game, mainly due to restards, multiplayer disappoints.
OVERALLEA keep on improving their James Bond based titles with Everything or Nothing setting new levels for presentation and graphics. The major issue, however, is the poor camera and targeting which distracts from gameplay. Still, an excellent title worth purchasing.

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