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August 30, 2006
B-Boy - PS2 Preview
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FreeStyle Games

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Graphics are neat, but not great.
The Playstation 2 has been a system which has broken the classic game genres with new game such as SingStar, Eye Toy and others. Now Sony are about to try some combat styled dance moves with B-Boy and while there isn't a new controller, nor does the game use the PS2's dance mats, this game still looks like bringing something fresh to gamers.

Developed by FreeStyleGames (a company formed in 2002 with this game being their first release), and in collaboration with Crazy Legs and DJ Hooch, B-Boy uses a dynamically controlled fighting system to help you battle the best b-boys on the planet. Over the course of an in-depth “B-Boy Life” mode, players build up a crew and battle against real-life superstar b-boys including in-game host Crazy Legs, the legendary and original b-boy, who worked closely with the development team to ensure the game’s authenticity.

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Showing off some moves.
In terms of controls in B-Boy the D-pad moves your character around the dance floor while the four face buttons are used for the various moves including Power, Top Rock, Footwork and Freeze. The aim is to string as many moves together as possible. In fact, players must learn, develop and master more than 800 motion captured moves as they progress from street battles to the world championships, gaining style and respect as they battle their way around the world, visiting 21 realistic venues.

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This level looks great.
As their reputation increases they’ll encounter a host of 40 licensed b-boys who feature in the game and represent the pinnacle of the b-boy scene, including Kamel, Ivan “The Urban Action Figure”, Crumbs, Hong10, Lillou and Mouse. 40 rival B-boys appear in the game in total to challenge and battle the player.

Those looking for instant action can head for the arcade modes for battles against rival b-boys or multiplayer face-offs. B-Boy also allows players to create their own b-boy and upgrade and customise their breaker with new moves and clothing.

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Nice graffiti.
B-Boy includes more than 40 licensed contemporary hip hop and classic funk tracks, mixed and scratched on the fly by in-game DJs.

B-Boy looks like a unique title which should provide plenty of thrills and spills. Time will tell if it's actually any good but Sony's history with the current generation has had plenty more hits then misses. Expect a review upon release in mid-October (assuming there's no more delays). Interestinly, Sony currently no plans to release the title in the United States, although strong sales in Europe should certainly see a release sooner rather then later...