October 4, 2001
Batman Vengeance - Preview
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Batman takes to the skies.
Batman is quite possibly the most successful comic book super hero to make the transition to film and TV and has a massive following worldwide. Over the last decade there have been several video games starring the character, most of which are based on the four live action movies. UbiSoft have been working on Batman Vengeance for well over a year now and is actually based on the animated TV show, The New Adventures of Batman, rather then one of the movies. That's probably a good thing considering the very bland movies that were Batman & Robin and Batman Forever, despite the presence of big name stars such as Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger (in one of his worst roles ever).

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Using the Bat-Scope.
Batman Vengeance looks like yet another quality UbiSoft action/adventure title, and is their big game for Christmas 2001. The game is played from the third-person perspective and follows Batman as he once again battles evil through Gotham City. The player will be searching through all manner of different environments from the sewers to the top of buildings for enemies to defeat and hostages to rescue. As with any Batman related product using his many utilities (such as the Batarangs, Bat Launcher and Bat-Scope) is the key to success, as well as your fists. One interesting thing in this game is that when you use the weapons or items, such as the grappling hook, you switch to a first person perspective to aim.

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BV is essentially an platform game.
The other component of Batman Vengence is using the Batmobile to drive around the city. The car apparently looks a little different to that in the movies, it's smaller, but probably suits the game even more. Time will tell how much of a part driving will take in the game, but it could be fun. While Batman Vengeance is essentially an action/platformer it promises enough exploration and action to make it quite a lot of fun. Don't think this game is aimed at kids either, UbiSoft understand the PS2 market is mainly adult males and the game will reflect this to some extent.

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Gotham City in all it's glory.
The graphics in Batman Vengeance retain the flat-shaded cartoon look of the TV series, which is not as bad as it sounds. In fact the game looks fantastic, with a refreshing feel compared to so many other games. The polygon models are shaded, primarily in greys and blues, while the backgrounds have a flat cartoony look to them. The animation is definitely one of the games strengths with each character equipped with a wide variety of moves and actions. The game is split up with some excellent cut scenes that help flesh out the storyline. The music is also very dramatic with plenty of orchestral sounds and superhero type music (you know what I mean), which adds a lot of atmosphere to the game.

UbiSoft have proven themselves to be a class developer in the last couple of years and Batman Vengeance should cement their position near the top of the list. The game is currently in the final stages of testing and all going well should be out in Australia around the end of November.