September 8, 2001
Arctic Thunder - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
3/11/2001MidwayIn-House1-2 $99.95

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The game moves at a very brisk pace.
Does anyone remember Midway's Hydro Thunder from a couple of years ago? Of course you do. It was one of the best racing games on the Dreamcast among other consoles. A couple of years later and Midway are set to unleash Arctic Thynder. It's not a sequel exactly, but it's a lot more exciting. The races take place, unsurprisingly, in the Arctic with snow sleds. To add a little more excitement each vehicle can be fitted with a variety of weapons to cause some serious problems to the opposition.

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One of the non-iced in levels
Arctic Thunder includes an impressive 19 characters and sleds to select from with each having their own unique characteristics. While racing on the 12 tracks, some of which aren't totally snowed-in, it's possible to pick up power ups such as increased speed, shields and health. As previously mentioned one of the most exciting aspects of this game is that ability to use weapons against your opponents. These weapons include atomic snowballs, proximity missiles, snow bombs and more but if the need arises it's even possible to punch and kick your opponents while racing.

During the races it's possible to perform some very cool tricks with up to 62 different tricks on offer throughout the game. These tricks all earn a variety of points, which can then be used to upgrade your sled with more overall power, more strength, number or accuracy of the power-ups.

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Tricks are crucial to success.
Midway have added in six different modes of play for Arctic Thunder. These include Race, Points, Battle Arena, Upgrade Shop, Training and Arcade. These are all fairly standard with the Battle Arena allowing for one-on-one human battles. They should prove to be a lot of fun.

Reports from America are very positive about this game. Apparently it has lot more depth then Hydro Thunder which is a great thing. Hopefully, Arctic Thunder won't have the ridiculously unfair catch-up of the earlier title. Still, with impressive graphics, a solid development team, plenty of action and a lot of promise Arctic Thunder looks like a title to keep an eye on when it is released in late October.