May 24, 2001
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 - Review
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Sadly you can't enter the buildings.
After the disaster that was Army Men: Green Rogue I wasn't expecting much from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 and was reluctant to spend time playing and reviewing the title. However the time came to put in the little disc in and have look at yet another 3DO Playstation 2 title. The intro to the game, much like Green Rogue is quite impressive, but unlike Green Rogue it's not all downhill from there. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 is actually quite a fun little title. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not a disaster either.

In case you are unaware the Army Men games follow the fortunes of two teams of little plastic toy soldiers (the ones that are about 2 inches high). You play the green team who are trying to destroy the evil tan coloured soldiers. Naturally, you are severely out numbered in each level and will have to use you wits to avoid being blown into little scraps of plastic. Sarge's Heroes 2 takes place over 16 varied levels. One minute you will be running through a fridge, then a pool table and then over a pinball table. This variety adds a lot to the enjoyment of the title and is one of the games stong points.

The final pinball level is tough.
The majority of the game takes place from behind you character however it is possible to switch to a first person view for more precise aiming. The enemy AI is fairly solid although at times when you are close to enemies they seem to go a little stupid. It doesn't take too much to kill them either, anything other then the standard automatic rifle will usually see the enemy dead within seconds. During the missions you will often have to find items such as keys to progress to new areas while others will have you searching the levels for cola cans to destroy.

So what are the problems with the game then? Well it still doesn't quite have a real "fun factor". The entire game feels just a little stale. The graphics aren't as exciting as you would expect from such an action-based title. Another minor niggle is the inability to walk into buildings. It's a big opportunity missed, especially with a Sniper Rifle in the game. One of the smaller, but inconsistent, aspects of this game is the levels. While you are all meant to be small plastic soldiers some of the levels are set in fridges and pinball tables while others are set in real-life sized cities. In reality it doesn't affect the gameplay but is one small annoyance.

The sniper rifle is fun, and useful.
The graphics in Sarge's Heroes 2 are suitably improved from the original. The camera pans around smoothly and while it does occasionally get stuck behind walls etc it probably the best ever seen in 3DO series. The actual soldiers are fairly well animated while the explosions from grenades etc are quite good. Perhaps my biggest complaint with the graphics is the relatively low frame rate while in a multi-player split screen mode. It's not so bad that it makes the game unplayable, but it'd definitely lower then in single player mode.

If you have ever liked an Army Men game in the past then this game will likely keep you happy. It's a lot more exciting then Army Men: Green Rogue that's for sure. If you've never like the Army Men games or are on a limited budget you may be better off looking elsewhere. This is the best of and average series.

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