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March 10, 2004
Alias - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2/4/2004AcclaimAcclaim Cheltenham1$79.95

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Jennifer Garner.. she's so fine.
Jennifer Garner. Easily one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today, and with one of the best shows on TV. Acclaim, in all their wisdom, grabbed the rights to create a game based on the TV show some time ago, and it's almost ready to be released. While the game was initially expected to hit the shelves around November last year the developers know how important the license is, and delayed the game to ensure the quality matched the TV show. It looked like a good move as this game is shaping up as a solid title with plenty of input from the shows creators. In fact the storyline for the game has been written by the same team working on the TV show.

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Jennifer Garner.. she's so hot.
You play Sydney Bristow. An active field agent for the CIA specializing in infiltration and data retrieval. When CIA agent Sydney Bristow is called in to work on her day off she knows there must be something serious going down. The order has come from the CIA's best mind - her father Jack Bristow. A fellow operative, Agent Jacobs, has gone missing in suspicious circumstances. His last communique to the CIA contained highly sensitive intelligence regarding Sydney's arch nemesis, Anna Espinosa, formerly a top agent for a rival agency, now gone rogue. The trail starts in a Monte Carlo casino, Jacobs' last known location, but Sydney is soon in a global race against time through Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and beyond. If that wasn't enough, it seems Anna has teamed up with both the formidable and sinister talents of Mr. Sark and Arvin Sloane but why and for what purpose? How are the "Followers of Rambaldi" involved? And what is "The Machine"?

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Jennifer Garner.. what a babe.
Alias is essentially a third person action/stealth title which puts you under fire and under pressure. At times the game will put you under pressure with time limits, at others stealth is the order of the day, at others you will have to escape enemies, but pick locks to open doors in order to do so. This game seems to have plenty of variety, including the range of weapons which will include many objects found throughout the levels. The is also littered with people who Sydney can talk to in order to try and gain more information while on the missions.

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Jennifer Garner.. mmmm yummy.
It may be hard to see it from these screenshots but the game is pretty nice when moving. Jennifer Garner has been reproduced pretty faithfully (if only we could make a few more million of her in real life!) while the costumes (the game includes 12 different ones for Sydney to change into) and look of the game have been approved, and designed, by the same team working on the show. The game uses over 1200 moves motion captured specifically for the game. Hopefully the frame rate will be rock steady as a choppy frame rate could ruin the entire game. One interesting aspect is the way in which the screen splits in two, one focusing on Sydney's current location, and the other showing any events such as approaching enemies - an interesting and welcome concept indeed.

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Jennifer Garner.. hell yar.
Music in Alias is being composed by Michael Giacchino who is the full time composer for the TV show and also worked on the Medal of Honor games. This should ensure authenticity to the TV series, and high quality output. Voices are also being done by the real actors

Alias looks like a great game for fans of the TV series - if you're not a fan or have never watched it then I suggest you start - it's fantastic. Acclaim will be releasing the game in a couple of weeks time (at a slightly lower pricepoint of $AU79.95), and it looks like one to keep an eye on - much like Jennifer Garner.