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March 13, 2004
AFL Live Premiership Edition - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
29/4/2004AcclaimIR Gurus1-4$99.95

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AFL season's back.
Well another year and another football (real football, not rugby) game. Rather then wait until the finals for the release of this game, as has been the case for the first two AFL titles, Acclaim have brought the release of this game to the start of the new season (well, around round five anyway). This is an interesting move with AFL Live 2004 having only being released eight months ago. But is this a sequel, or last years game with updates? It's actually the former. The public may be left a little bemused with this, but if EA can release three FIFA titles in a little over a year why can't Acclaim release updated AFL titles? With such a short development period we can't really expect major changes to the title, and indeed little has changed in the graphics/gameplay department.

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He takes the mark.
What AFL Live Premiership Edition does provide is all new statistics, rosters and schedules for the 2004 AFL season which kicks off in a couple of weeks following the Pre-season matches. Several other enhancements have also be made including some very minor graphical changes, but for AFL fanatics it's the updated team lists and fixtures that will hold the most interest. If you love AFL (and who doesn't??) then this update may be one for you. In fact, here's the complete list of updates for this game as stated in the press release. AFL Live Premiership Edition includes the following enhancements:

  • Unlockable video content
  • All-Australian Team
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    That's cool.. a half built MCG.
  • Heritage Round Jumpers
  • Updated MCG
  • Updated 2004 Player Lists
  • Complete 2004 fixture
  • Brownlow and Norm Smith Medals
  • New Wizard Cup Rules
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • Multiplayer Missions
  • PS2 Multi-Tap Support - up to 4 players

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Well done lions in 2003!
As Acclaim have stated this isn't a full sequel to AFL Live 2004 but rather an update for people looking forward to the 2004 season - the full sequel will be released much further down the track. Is the game a worthwhile purchase for those that spent their money on AFL Live 2004? You'll have to wait for the review for that verdict, however recognising the fact that this isn't a full-blown update Acclaim are releasing the title at the lower pricepoint of $AU69.95 - a very welcome gesture. Shop around and it will be closer to the $60 mark (or even less) making this an essential purchase for AFL fans Australia-wide. Expect AFL Live Premiership Edition to be released just after the Anzac Day weekend in late April.