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May 16 2007
AFL Premiership 2007 - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
28/6/2007SonyIR Gurus1-4$TBA

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Another goal against the bombers!
The 2007 AFL season is well and truly underway and it certainly looks like being a fairly open season with most of the teams having a good shot at making the Final 8. As with the last several years IR Gurus are working on a game based on this years season - and it looks like the best yet. As an exclusive Playstation 2 release it's also a game which thousands of fans across the country will be keenly anticipating. This years game builds upon the strong foundations set in AFL Premiership 2006 with more refined gameplay, enhanced visuals and improved game modes. So what exactly do we have then...

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Yet another goal against the bombers!
AFL Premiership 2007 is, as with previous games, being developed in Melbourne by IR Gurus. Members of the 15-strong development team are not only fans of the sport, but most have worked on previous games in the series which will allow them to push the engine even further then before. The controls remain largely the same as last year which isn't a bad thing however IR Gurus have also spent time enhancing smaller nuances such as shrugging off tackles and evasive maneuvers.

The game will include the usual range of game modes including Quick Match, Season and Mission Mode however it's the Career mode that will take up the bulk of your game time. The development team has taken spent considerable time and effort this year to enhance the training of your selected team. Players will be able to focus on skills, fitness, or reflexes. Also changed is the player editor, more detailed stats tracking and more refinement in the levels of difficulty in the game.

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Graphics are similar to last year.
Over the years, one of the most important factors in the development of the game has been feedback from real life fans. Each year IR Gurus sets up a forum for the views and ideas of real life footy fans and the feedback accounts for almost 70% of the changes made to the game. This year there’s the ability to edit all aspects of the player's appearance, there’s a comprehensive set of stats including match, season, and career information, plus the difficulty levels have been refined to allow experts and beginners to have fun whatever their ability.

Sadly it appears that for the second year running all the online gameplay has been omitted from this title. That's a big shame as getting a game like this running online, even with only 2-players, shouldn't be a massive task

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Adelaide are hanging around.
The graphics engine in AFL Premiership 2007 hasn't undergone any major overhauls with the developers focusing on the gameplay and game modes which is something we're quite happy to hear. Having said that AFL players have been motion captured to ensure the players move realistically. As you can see the developers have been able to replicate the stadiums from around the country - although, yet again, we believe the real names (such as M.C.G.) won't be used. Commentary in the game will be provided by Dennis Cometti, Gerard Healy and Danny Frawley.

After a couple of dismal years IR Gurus are finally making an AFL series worthy of the license. Last years title, while not perfect, was still an entertaining game and this years title, AFL Premiership 2007 will hopefully surpass that game. Expect a release across Australia on June 28th.