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August 25, 2004
100 Bullets - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Q'1 2005AcclaimAcclaim Studios Austin1$69.95

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Ohh, guns, guns, guns.
100 Bullets. Unless you are a mad comic book fan, or know someone that is, then you are unlikely to have ever heard of this series from DC Comics. Indeed the 50th issue is due to hit shelves on June 4th, 2004. The comic, which I must say I have only glanced through one or two issues of, is a a little more mature in content then most comic books. Acclaim secured the rights to make a game based on the comic book, and although little is actually known about the game at this stage besides some brief details and the surrounding screenshots it is fairly obvious that much inspiration has been taken from games such as Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne. Hell the promotional literature even calls the game a 3rd person urban, noir tale of conspiracy and revenge - sound familiar?

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In the casino.
Part hard-boiled crime story, part paranoid espionage thriller, 100 Bullets follows what happens when people from all walks of life meet Agent Graves, a mysterious figure who offers his "clients" the opportunity of a lifetime: an attaché case containing the proof, the gun, and the carte blanche immunity to exact revenge on a person who's done them an irrevocable wrong. It's certainly an interesting premise and to ensure the game remains faithful to the comics the developers have used an original story and script from Brian Azzarello, creator of the DC Comics' 100 Bullets universe.

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Ducking for cover...
As mentioned little is known about the gameplay, but it will be possibly to play through 100 Bullets as either of two characters, Cole Burns and Snow Falls. The developers are promising the intertwining good, bad, and revenge - does this mean the stories are intertwined as those were in The Getaway? It will also be possible to make use of your enemies and the fully interactive environments: throw hostages through windows, knock your foes into walls, use them as human shields. Travel from Atlantic City to LA to Paris to the Underworld of NYC.

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Gotta love the goatee.
As you can see the graphics, at this stage, could do with a little more work, but there is several months until release so there is plenty of time to improve the texturing. Indeed it seems the games possible delay until 2005 may be to sharpen up this aspect of the title - but it is looking better all the time.

The release date for this game is still slightly up in the air. Just before Acclaim's closure they mentioned that the game would like be delayed until Q'1 2005, and now, given the companies demise, that is almost certain. Let's just hope that another publisher is found soon. It will also be interesting to see how well this game stacks up against the competition. The biggest problem for Acclaim will be the fact that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is due for completion and release from Rockstar North in late October while Sony will also be releasing The Getaway 2: Black Monday in November however 100 Bullets will be released at the lower price point of $AU69.95. Whatever happens though PS2 gamers are sure to be the winner.