March 7, 2000


OziSoft and Telstra announce launch date for Dreamcast Network in Australia

March 13 set as launch of a new era in multimedia entertainment as Internet access becomes available in every loungeroom of Australia

Sydney (Mar. 07, 2000) -- OziSoft Pty., Ltd. (Head Office: Banksmeadow, NSW) and Telstra Corporation (Head Office: Sydney, NSW) have announced today that the launch date of the Dreamcast Internet service in Australia will begin on Monday the 13th of March 2000.

OziSoft and Telstra Big Pond will be sending existing Dreamcast users their Internet Access Disc (Dreamkey) which they can use to access the Internet via the modem that is included within the Dreamcast console. This disc is also packaged with free hours to use on Telstra Big Pond. Using their Dreamkey disc with their free hours, Dreamcast owners will be able to send and receive e-mail and browse the tens of thousands of sites across the World Wide Web.

"The Dreamcast Internet service has been designed to offer the consumer 'plug and play' Internet access at an extremely affordable price," said Steve O'Leary, Dreamcast Communications Manager. "Thanks to Mr. Koichiro Sugie of Sega, producer of this browser system, we were able to realise this network system on Dreamcast. This ability to access the Internet is something that no other videogame console offers as a standard feature now, or in the near future."

Gerard Noonan MD of Ozisoft states, "Dreamcast is a trailblazer in the Internet/Web TV revolution, offering the power, possibilities and database of knowledge contained on the Internet to anyone in Australia who has a standard colour TV. Dreamcast is also the first consumer device to merge video games and the capabilities of the Internet, and together with Telstra we will bring the new age of multimedia entertainment to every household across Australia."

"This is a very exciting development that will allow even more Australian's to experience the Internet," said Rowan Munchenberg, General Manager, On-line Services at Telstra Big Pond. "Already more than 1 million people worldwide are experiencing the Internet through the SEGA Dreamcast system and now Australian's will have access to this cutting edge feature. The Dreamkey solution with Telstra Big Pond allows users to access the Internet on their television rather than having to own a PC. Bringing Telstra Big Pond into the living rooms of Australian's has always been inevitable and now it is reality." will be a key source of information for Dreamcast console users as well as other platform and PC users with lifestyle information including music, TV/movies, fashion, sports, gaming and online shopping e-tailers selected specifically for our Generation Y target market. Through the addition of services such as e-mail, chat and multi-player gaming, Comma will become the pre-eminent source of lifestyle information for Australia's lucrative youth market. The e-commerce opportunities available through utilising Comma's core domain of TV screen real estate provides another exciting avenue for companies trying to capture the attention of a target market that has grown up with the Internet as part of their lives.

", which has been developed by OziSoft as the portal for Dreamcast owners, provides both Dreamcast and PC users a unique corner of the World Wide Web which, through their own directions and requests will cater to their every need and desire," said Michele Bell, Dreamcast Business Manager. "Be it specific e-tailers our users would like to shop with, their favourite television/movie program schedules at the click of a button, or the latest game information from all corners of the globe, Comma will deliver and all this through their television or PC."

SEGA Dreamcast, the world's first 128-bit and built-in modem video game console, has over 20 titles currently available for the console in Australia. Sega, together with over 500 software developers across the world, will release around 350 key software titles for the console by the end of March, 2000. (I think that's a type - David)

Dreamcast Information
Dreamcast developed by SEGA is the world's first 128-bit video game console offering state-of-the-art visuals, sound and gameplay. Dreamcast can generate 3 million polygons per second for high resolution visuals that create photo realism on standard televisions, and its 64 channels of sound create dynamic effects and music that is clear, crisp and of CD quality. Breaking boundaries in multimedia entertainment, Dreamcast is the first console to include Internet capabilities as standard with its in-built modem. Surfing the World Wide Web, sending and receiving e-mail, chat and on-line games are just some of the possibilities that only the Dreamcast console can currently provide.

Dreamcast is expected to sell more than 15 million units and reach over 5 million network users on Dreamcast world-widely by the end of March, 2001.

For more information on the Dreamcast console, please visit the Official Australian and New Zealand Web site at

Telstra and
Comma is the online web site that binds the new generation Dreamcast online community with the World Wide Web PC population.

Comma will provide interactive lifestyle information and services, exciting e-tail outlets, e-mail, chat and game information to all Dreamcast users in Australia. Dreamcast comes standard with a 33.6k modem that connects to the World Wide Web through Telstra Big Pond and comes complete with 150 hours free Internet access. information is an Ozisoft initiative. Ozisoft is the exclusive distributor of SEGA Dreamcast consoles and games into Australia and New Zealand. Ozisoft is the major distributor of entertainment and education software in Australia and New Zealand, and have appointed Six Degrees of Freedom P/L as its Project Coordinator.

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