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2013 E3 SHOW: The 2013 E3 Show was a phenomenal even with Microsoft showing off the XBox One, and Sony countering with the Playstation 4. The battle was enormous, but Sony absolutely kicked Microsoft to the curb with an announcement of a cheaper console, no need to connect online, a more powerful system technically, and no need for camera to be connected.

2012 E3 SHOW: There were many questions this year. Would Sony or Microsoft lift the lid on next-generation. Would Nintendo provide the Wii U date and price. Would Sony drop the PS3 price. In the end none of these happened, but there were still some big, new, games shown off which kept things interesting. 2013 promises to be the megabomb of E3 Shows with PS4 and XBox 720 certain.

2011 E3 SHOW: E3 2011 was actually a pretty quiet event - sure we had the Wii U make an appearance, and leaving everyone confused, while the Playstation Vita launch became a little clearer. There was no next-gen XBox or Playstation though, but plenty of games satisfied.

2010 E3 SHOW: E3 2010 was set to be a massive event with rumours of PSP2 surfacing (which didn't happen) but also the major unveiling of the Playstation Move, a tonne of 3D games, and from the competition the Nintendo 3DS. We've got the liveblog of the Sony conference, but due to a major illness we couldn't provide many previews. Still plenty to love here...

2009 E3 SHOW: Here we go again. The 2009 E3 promises a lot with rumours of a new PSP and a PS3 Slimline making an appearance.

2008 E3 SHOW: Another year, another show. What can we expect this year? Well it should be a good one for the PS3, that's for sure... Stay tuned for more.

2007 E3 SHOW: Well Sony confirmed the PS3 price cut before the show started, but kept their re-designed PSP a secret until the show. 33% lighter, and 17% thinner the unit has faster loading times, and AV out. The PS3 had some killer titles on display, not least of which was Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, EchoChrome and the brilliant Killzone 2.

2006 E3 SHOW: At last. Sony has shown off the Playstation 3 - in fact they dedicated their entire pre-show conference to the system. This time it wasn't just video clips or target movies but rather hands-on demonstrations of the system in front of thousands of people, and then on the show floor. Also announced - release dates and prices as well as a few more surprises. Oh, the PSP and PS2 also made an impact - again!

2005 E3 SHOW: The big one. Playstation Portable and Playstation 3. What more do you want? OK how about some of the biggest, best looking games to farewell the Playstation 2 over the coming year. This is almost certain to be the biggest E3 show ever, especially with Microsoft and possibly Nintendo also showing their new systems!

2004 E3 SHOW: Whoever thinks that the Playstation 2 is winding down in preparation for the next generation need only look at this years E3 show to see just how much is left in the system. This was the biggest show ever for the console and the games demonstrated continue to push the system even further.

2003 E3 SHOW: Yet another year, and yet another show. This one was a bit quieter then most due to a lack of new major console hardware although Sony did confirm the PSP specs, although no games or even mock-ups were shown (N-Gage doesn't really count in my opinion). Still the Playstation 2 games were yet again improved over previous years.

2002 E3 SHOW: The 2002 E3 show was the biggest yet, and Sony had some competition with Microsoft and Nintendo having a good show. But Sony wasn't idle and here's the place to read all the news. including the highlights, such as PS2 going online, and disappointments, such as no GT3 Concept.

2001 E3 SHOW: It may well be over but you will still be able to catch up with all the E3 news right here. This year's E3 had plenty of surprises. Included are game previews of the hottest games on show. Of course the battle between Dreamcast, Gamecube, Playstation 2 and XBox was a highlight - if only because it was the last time four major consoles would battle it out.


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