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March 31, 2014

    PS4/PS3 News
    Sega have set an October 7th release date for Alien Isolation. The game, which is being developed by Creative Assembly will hit all major platforms and as the press release states "Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game capturing the fear and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows. Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive."

March 28, 2014

    PS4 News
    Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Watch Dogs called "Welcome to Chicago" and it's a cracker trailer with much better visuals then the previous trailer a few weeks ago. We're not sure what platform this is running on but it's likely PC. (Update: Ubisoft have confirmed it's actually PS4!). Enjoy...

    PS3 News
    QV Software have today confirmed that CI Games' Enemy Front will be released on June 12 for the PS3 (as well as XBox 360 and PC). The game uses CryEngine 3 and is looking pretty decent...

March 27, 2014

    Blu_Ray News
    Village Roadshow has confirmed that the Blu-Ray release of Fat Tony & Co Uncut has changed to April 9, a week earlier then expected. The hit TV series which focuses on Tony Mokbel and his dealings with the Williams family.

March 26, 2014

    Industry News
    Only days after Sony unveiled their VR headset for Playstation 4 called Project Morpheus comes the somewhat surprising news that Facebook have bought Sony's big competitor Occulus Rift. What Facebook want to do exactly with a VR headset remains to be seen, but with a price of $US2 billion this is no small purchase for the company. Well, actually they have the cash, but yar for a non-gaming company it's a big deal.

    PS4 News
    Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Trial Fusion which is hitting the PS4 pretty soon. It's looking pretty nice, and fun...

March 24, 2014

    Blu-Ray Review
    Lovelace tells the story of Linda Lovelace who is, or at least was, probably the most famous porn star in the world following her 1972 film Deep Throat (can you guess what sex act she performed?!). This film chronicles her life during the 1970s, but not all was as it seemed. A review.

March 23, 2014

    PS4 News
    Well rumours started growing in the last week that Ubisoft were working on two Assassin's Creed titles for release this year - one on new next-gen consoles, and one on previous generation systems. Well today Ubisoft have released the first, jaw-dropping trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity which is coming to PS4 and XBox One later this year. Check it out...

March 22, 2014

    PS4 News
    Sony has today announced a VR Headset for the Playstation 4. Called Project Morpheus the VR headset works in conjunction with the camera, Dual Shock 4 and Playstation Move controllers and allows full 360 degree vision. The headset doesn't have a date, or price as yet and is still hardwired to the PS4 (Sony are exploring wireless opportunities) but the 4 games shown at GDC (one of which is a modified version of Thief running from a PC on the hardware) have, apparently, been quite well received by those getting hands on at the event.

    Ubisoft are one of the best developers in the world and with upcoming titles such as The Division on PS4 the company has released a video for GDC showing off the Snowdrop Engine. It really is a stunning look at what to expect in upcoming next-gen titles. Check out the video below...

March 19, 2014

    PS4 News
    Ubisoft have released a brief "Making Of" trailer for their upcoming game Child of Light which gives some details about the creation of the game, and what to expect from it. Check out the video below...

March 17, 2014

    PS4 News
    A couple of bits of news over the last couple of days with regards to Watch Dogs. As we all know the game was delayed from November 2013 to the recently announced May 27 2014 date, but in the last week the game has been re-classified by the Australian Classification Board from MA15+ to R18+. The change is apparently due to some additional content added to the game which includes increased impact in Sex, Drug Use and Violence. In any case, this game looks phenomenal and we can't wait to spend some time with it in a few months. In related news creative director Jonathan Morin has stated the main storyline will take 35-40 hours to complete, or closer to 100 hours to find all the secrets. Now that's a big game!

    It's not confirmed just yet but have had several reports that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be delayed in Australia from March 20 to March 27. No reason for the delay has been confirmed, but shipping seems to be the popular opinion.

    Speaking of Metal Gear Solid V could it be that we will be seeing full game - The Phantom Pain - in early 2015? Well it's possible as those registering Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes are getting a message that gamers can claim their DLC in early 2015?!

    Sony and developers Heart Machine have confirmed that Hyper Light Drifter will be released on the PS4 and PSVita in the near future. It's an interesting looking game for sure...

    PS3 News
    Sony have confirmed that shipments of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us have surpassed 6 million units. The game - which is an absolute cracker - has also recently received its only story based DLC called Left Behind and it's well worth the purchase.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Mchete Kills is the sequel to Robert Rodriguez's grindhouse film from a couple of years ago. Indeed the first Machete was a complete blast and while this cast includes Danny Trejo, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez and many more it doesn't hit the same highs as the original.

March 15, 2014

    PS4 News
    Focus Home Interactive have announced that their PS4 (and PS3) RPG Bound By Flame will be released on May 9. The game is in development at Spiders and there's a video worth checking out below...

March 14, 2014

    PS4 News
    CD Project Red has announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt won't be released in late 2014 as expected but has been pushed back to February 2015. The game will be distributed in Australia by BandaiNamco Games.

March 11, 2014

    PS4 News
    Ubisoft have announced that Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Jackdaw Edition will be released on the PS4 on March 27. The release includes the full game as well as all seven pieces of DLC. If you haven't got the game yet (we reviewed the original one here), well, what are you waiting for?

    PS4 Preview
    Child of Light is a game which looks fantastic. With the lack of next-gen titles hitting the shelves recently any new release gets a lot of attention and this Ubisoft RPG looks like a cracker release. Its due out in a few weeks, and we suggest you check it out.

March 8, 2014

    PS4 News
    Electronic Arts have released a trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition showign off some of the many environments in the game. It's pretty jaw-dropping, so check it out below...

    Industry News
    In some big industry news Sony have announced that Jack Tretton will step down from his role as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America as of March 31, 2014. We've posted Sony's full statement on the issue and pay our respects to the man that have steered Sony for the better part of a decade...


      Sony Network Entertainment International EVP and COO Shawn Layden Appointed President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

      TOKYO, MARCH 6, 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced that Jack Tretton will step down from his role as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) as of March 31, 2014. This is a result of a mutual agreement between Mr. Tretton and SCEA not to renew their contractual relationship.

      Shawn Layden, currently Executive Vice President and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, will become President and CEO of SCEA, effective April 1, 2014.

      Mr. Tretton has been with SCEA since its inception in 1995. As one of the founding members of the executive team, Tretton played a pivotal role in launching all PlayStation® platforms in North America, including the original PlayStation®, PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®3, PlayStation® Network, and PlayStation®Vita. Most recently, Tretton led the record-breaking launch of PlayStation®4 (PS4™), which sold more than one million units in 24 hours in North America and is now the #1 next generation gaming console in North America and worldwide. During his tenure, Tretton was also responsible for achieving several industry milestones, including surpassing 50 million units sold of PlayStation®2 in North America, and aggressively growing the PlayStation business in Canada and Latin America.

      “Working at SCEA for the past 19 years has been the most rewarding experience of my career,” said Tretton. “Although I will deeply miss the talented team at SCEA and the passion demonstrated every day by our fans, I’m very excited about starting the next chapter of my career. I want to thank the employees, partners and customers for their tireless commitment to the PlayStation brand and, of course, to our fans who have pushed us to new heights of innovation and entertainment over the past two decades. I leave PlayStation in a position of considerable strength and the future will only get brighter for PlayStation Nation.”

      A 15-year PlayStation veteran, Layden was one of the founding members of SNEI in 2010, joining the company directly from Sony Computer Entertainment, where he most recently held the position of President, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. His career at Sony Computer Entertainment also included eight years at SCE Worldwide Studios in London where he directed international software development.

      “It’s an honour and privilege to join Sony Computer Entertainment America and be a part of the team that is leading the next generation of gaming and entertainment,” said Layden. “SCEA is committed to delivering breakthrough gaming experiences that inspire fans and exceed their wildest expectations. As PS4™ shows us every day, there has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation community and I look forward to working with our retail, development, publishing and network partners to further demonstrate why PlayStation is the best place to play.”

      “I’ve worked with Jack for nearly two decades and I want to personally thank him for his leadership and the considerable contributions he’s made to the SCEA business and PlayStation brand over the years. I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment. “I also want to welcome Shawn to the Sony Computer Entertainment America team. I have the utmost confidence in Shawn’s leadership capabilities, and his deep knowledge of the gaming industry and commitment to gamers, will help keep PlayStation at the forefront of entertainment and innovative gameplay.”

March 6, 2014

    PS4 News
    Ubisoft have announced that their upcoming RPG Child of Light will not only be released digitally, but also at retail with Child of Light: Deluxe Edition. As the press release states "The Child of Light Deluxe Edition will contain exclusive content, including a poster designed by Yoshitaka Amano, the renowned Japanese artist, a 24 page art-book with unrevealed artworks and an Igniculus keyring. This boxed edition will also include additional game content, with a bonus quest, a new character and a pack of collectibles." Furthermore gamers buying it for Sony's consoles will get a cross-buy option so if you buy it on PS3, you can also play it on PS4, or vice versa. The game, digital or retail Deluxe versions, will be released on April 30, with the former costing $AU19.95, while a price has not been disclosed for the retail version.

    Warner Brothers Interacitve Entertainment have announced that Batman: Arkham Knight is in development for next-gen systems. The game is in development at Rocksteady Studios who developed the first two impressive Batman titles. Expect a release in late 2014 but for now, enjoy the announcement trailer below...

March 5, 2014

    Industry News
    Well this is a shock, and Uncharted fans will probably be pretty disappointed to hear that Amy Henning, the creative director and writer of the Uncharted games is no longer working at Naughty Dog. As IGN discovered from their sources (and as detailed here) Amy may have been "forced out” by The Last of Us' Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, and explained that Uncharted may now come under their control. Amy officially finishd employment at Naughty Dog on March 3rd and had been working on Uncharted for PS4.

    PS4 Review
    Thief is a game on a lot of next-gen console owners radars as the first major non-launch title. Indeed it has been a decade since the last Thief, and this reboot is highly anticpated by the gaming community. We've played through the PS4 version and, well, it's good, but not great. Here's our full review.

March 4, 2014

    PS4 News
    Sony have announced that the PS4 has now sold through over 6 million units since the system launched with a major boost from Japan with over 370,000 units sold since it launched on February 22. The company had projected sales of 5 million units through to the end of March - a target they will easily smash. In related news sales of Killzone Shadow Fall has sold over 2.1 million units.

March 2, 2014

    PS4 News
    Those of you looking for a Playstation 4 unit in Australia (the system has been pretty much completely sold out on pre-orders since launch) may want to head to JB Hi-Fi or EB Games both of whom now have stock with other retailers receiving stock in the coming days.

March 1, 2014

    PS4 Preview
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes isn't a full-blown title, but is a shorter prequel to the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Even as an early example of what to expect from next-gen MGS (although the game is also coming to the older generation PS3), this looks pretty exciting.