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March 28, 2011

    Industry News
    Well this week is a big one in the gaming industry with Nintendo releasing their Nintendo 3DS console. This is a massive gamble for the company - introducing 3D without the glasses, and a system which isn't really the most powerful, but with record pre-orders the system is sure to be a big seller. It's only been out for a couple of days in America (Australia sees the release on Friday), however reports are surfacing of a "Black Screen of Death" locking the system. Still, it should be an interesting release.

    PS3 Review
    Killzone 3 is the third game in Sony's First Person Shooter franchise and it adds two new big features - 3DTV and Playstation Move support. With a solid, but short, campaign and extensive multiplayer this is a winner which fans of the series should check out. Here's our full review...

March 27, 2011

    PS3 News
    According to a Saudi website Warhawk 2 is currently in development at Lightbox Interactive. Not only that but the game will apparently have a story mode, co-op, 32-player online with 25 maps and improved visuals over the original.

    PS3 Review
    Top Spin 4 is not only the latest game in one of the most loved sports franchises, but is also one of the first games to make full use of the Playstation Move controller. Mike Allison has played the game, worn out his arms swinging the controller (which is optional) and brought us his review. Get to it then...

March 26, 2011

    PS3 News
    In an act of boredom today I managed to update my PS3 Preview & Release Schedule Page. While we know the number of previews is lacking - we're working on that - all the release dates for Australia are now updated. Check it out...

March 25, 2011

    PS3 News
    Looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever? Well you're certainly not alone, but now Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has a message for us, and you may be disappointed.

March 22, 2011

    PS3 News
    Irrational Games' Ken Levine has confirmed that there will not be Playstation Move support in Bioshock Infinite. The developers are exploring the option of including 3D support.

    According to reports Capcom is rumoured to be showing off Street Fighter X Tekken at Captivate in April. Capcom have denied the confirmation which first appeared here.

    Movie Industry News
    A couple of years ago it was confirmed that a Dead Space movie was in development however things have been very quiet. Now director DJ Caruso has confirmed they working on a prequel storyline, however that idea has been scrapped and new avenues are being explored. We love the games, so we hope this movie rocks just as much.

    PS3 Review
    Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds sees the return of Capcom's brawler after a decade long hiatus which combines both Marvel and Capcom's most loved characters. While the character roster has decreased, this is a great looking game. Here's our full review...

March 21, 2011

    Tsunami Appeal News
    Congratulations to Sony! If you load up your Playstation Store today you can see an option on the main page to donate to the Japanese Tsunami appeal in the amount of $5, $10, $20 and $35. When you donate money you'll also get a nice little theme to install, but given the disaster still unfolding there, and gamers love for Japan due to their massive games industry it's time we helped out. From what I read the other day the disaster will cost the Japanese economy around $235 billion!

    Movie Industry News
    This isn't really game related but fans of The Lord of the Rings in any form will be pleased to hear that Peter Jackson has starting filming The Hobbit movies this week. The two films will be released in cinemas in 2012 and 2012, and are being filmed in 3D. On another related note Village Roadshow today confirmed that The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions will be released on Blu-Ray in a 15-disc box set on June 29.

March 20, 2011

    PS3 News
    Sony has sent a message to many on PSN that confirms that Red Faction Battlegrounds will release on the Store on April 5. That's the good news, but better still, if you're a Playstation Plus Subscriber in America the game will be absolutely free! No word yet on Europe or Australia, but here's hoping.

    PSP2 News
    Sony has confirmed that while the UMD format is gone for the NGP (PSP2), the company has learned from their mistakes and there will be simultaneous releases for the new format in online digital form, and for the larger titles also on the physical media.

    PS3 Review
    Homefront is the latest FPS from Kaos Studios and publishers THQ. There's no doubt that this game has some big positives, but does it reach the "must have" status? Read our review to see what we thought...

March 16, 2011

    PS3 News
    Bethesda Softworks has announced that Prey 2 currently in development for release in 2012. The original game was released in 2006 and did quite well for itself so this sequel is one we'll keep an eye on. The game is currently in development at Human Head Studios who developed the original game.

    Ubisoft has today announced that My Fitness Coach Club will be released on PS3, with Playstation Move support, on March 17, 2011 (wait a sec, that's tomorrow!!). Anyway, the game, developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte studio in Düsseldorf Germany, separates overall fitness routines into six core elements - core body, upper body, lower body, cardio, balance and flexibility - that help you focus on getting fit and reaching your goals. The workouts have been developed by experienced fitness professionals to ensure that every move is performed precisely and effectively. Hmmm.. perhaps I need to get my own fat ass into gear to review that one!

March 14, 2011

    PS3 News
    As we're all aware Mortal Kombat was banned in Australia a few weeks ago and today comes through word that the game's Refused Classification has been upheld in the appeal process. No word on Warner Brothers next move...

    Sega Japan has confirmed that Yakuza: Of the End which sees zombies running around Japan has been delayed from a March 17 release to an unspecified date due to "various circumstances". It's likely that the subject matter may not be appropriate due to the recent tragic events of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. We personally wish everyone the best over there.

    Sony has also confirmed that as well as being put on hold for release in New Zealand following the Christchurch Earthquake, the company has postponed the release of Motorstorm: Apocalypse in Japan. The game sees you racing through a city crumbling due to a large earthquake.

    Continuing on the news from Japan Square-Enix have confirmed the shutdown of many servers including Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV in order to save power as the government has asked all civilians to do. In compensation, Square-Enix will make April a free month to play. Konami has also taken the Metal Gear Online offline.

    Sony have confirmed that Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One supports stereoscopic 3D visuals for those who have a 3DTV. The game is being developed by Insomniac Games and releases in the coming months.

    Blu-Ray Review
    The Social Network is a movie which won plenty of awards over the last couple of months I had high expectations of somthing impressive. After seeing the film I can see why it did so well. This is a brilliant movie well worth checking out.

March 13, 2011

    PS3 News
    Ubisoft have confirmed that Child of Eden will be released on XBox 360 on June 14th. "Who cares?" you say... Well apparently news on a PS3 version will be released soon.

March 12, 2011

    PS3 News
    Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that Free Realms will be released on the PS3 on March 29. The MMO is free to play with the developers making money from micro-transactions for new items or from a subscription once to unlock all the tasks. As yet, no confirmation of an Australian release date however with over 12 million gamers playing it on PC in mid-2010 there's certainly a large market for the game.

March 9, 2011

    PS3 News
    Sony Europe are doing some work to their servers today, specifically from 4.05pm UK time through to 3am. By our rough calculations that's from 2.05am AEDT through to about 1pm tomorrow (Thursday). No word on what the maintenance is for exactly or if there will be delays to the Playstation Store update.

    According to online reports, and this isn't confirmed as yet, Saints Row: The Third will not include online competitive gameplay, although online co-op will be included.

    Word doing the rounds on the web today doesn't bring good news with rumours that ICO/Shadow of the Collossus collection has been pushed back from US Spring (Q'2) 2011 to Holiday 2011. No confirmation from Sony yet.

    PS3 Preview
    Crysis 2 is sequel to Crytek's hit 2007 game is almost here and looks quite stunning. Throw in some 3DTV support and this FPS looks like yet another essential purchase. We've taken a rather last minute look at what to expect from this shooter.

    Industry News
    Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment of America Marketing Executive, has resigned from his position for the second time. He was previously with Sony, before joining THQ for 7 yeas before returning to Sony in 2006. His next movements are not known.

    Now we don't know, and don't think, this will have too much impact on gaming however according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Sony has purchased Hawk-Eye, the British based company whose software is used in Cricket and Tennis to decide on wickets, or if a ball was a fault or not. It could have uses within games, but in any case it's interesting. The price? Rumoured to be $A32.06 million.

March 8, 2011

    PS3 News
    EB Games Australia have announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released here on August 25, 2011.

    PS3 Review
    Dead Space 2 was one of our most anticipated titles this year. Indeed the original Dead Space was a cracking survival-horror game, and this sequel ups the ante in almost every level, with PS3 owners getting a bonus in the full game - Dead Space: Extraction. If you love the genre, you're bound to love this game.

March 6, 2011

    Personal/Site News
    Just want to give a quick apology about the lack of updates over the last week or two. There are times when stuff at work just hits the fan, and that's been my life since the start of the school year with IT issues at work resulting in 10+ hour days. Anyway that's easing off now so expect updates to become more regular any day now.

    Movie Industry News
    According to reports online a new Resident Evil movie is currently in production for release to cinemas in September 14, 2012. It is expected that Milla Jovovich will return to play the leading role and after the most recent film grossed $US296 million (which is more then the first three movies combined) this next film will also be shot in 3D.

    PS3 News
    Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed that a patch will be released on March 8 to fix the hacking expliots currently doing the rounds on Modern Warfare 2.

    Confirming rumours, and an appearance at the Australian Classification Board, Konami has finally confirmed they have a game based on the rather cool looking upcoming movie Battle: Los Angeles due out soon. The game will be available through the Playstation Network.

March 3, 2011

    PS3 News
    After months of waiting THQ has finally revealed that Saint's Row: The Third will be released in 2011 - during the holiday season to be precise. The game is currently in development at Volition, Inc. with the storyline as follows... Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to a new city, playing out the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen.

    Activision have anounced that a demo for Call of Duty: Black Ops is available on the Playstation Network right now. For the 3 people on the planet that haven't checked out the game we suggest you do so.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Knight and Day is the latest movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. No matter what you think of Tom's personal life he is still quite the entertaining actor and while not the best movie ever seen, there is quite a bit to enjoy here still.