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September 30, 2009

    PS3 News
    Activision has confirmed that the turntable with the upcoming DJ Hero will not be compatible with other games when or if they are released by other companies. While this is somewhat annoying for gamers who are accumulating a larger and larger pile of peripherals, I can understand Activision's point of view, they developed the technology, they developed the first game to use it, and why not make it exclusive. Anyway, keep that in your memory banks for when other companies cash in on their soon-to-be multi-million selling DJ game.

September 27, 2009

    LAST DAY! Don't forget to enter our competition to win one of four copies of the Blu-Ray release of The Queen. It's a great movie, and a great transfer so make sure you enter by going to our Competition Page. Entries close Monday September 28, 2009 - thats tomorrow night folks! Get enterting...

    PS3 News
    Consider this a major rumour for now, but apparently some retailers have moved the release date of Alpha Protocol from October 2009 to June 2010. The game was noted to have a few issues in the recent leaked meeting notes between Sega and SCEA (see news on September 23), which could point to the delay.

    Just a quick note. a couple of readers have noticed that EA have released the "AFL Legacy Pack" for Madden NFL 10 and wondered if it has anything to do with the glorious AFL we know and love in Australia. Unfortunately the answer is no. This is for the American Football League (Also American Football). Aussie AFL (Australian Football League) fans will have to wait until 2010 when Big Ant Studios finish a PS3 game based on Aussie Rules.

    If rumours are to be believed then Firmware 3.10 will be released sometime in October or November with the big new feature rumoured to be cross-game chat/talk. Take this as a rumour for now, but a juicy one at that!

September 24, 2009

    PS3 News
    Well the Tokyo Game Show is on now in Japan and while there was very little announced at Sony's actual press conference, there is still some great news and here it is...

    • Polyphony Digital and Sony have announced that Gran Turismo 5 will be released in Japan in March 2010.
    • Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut is coming out in Spring 2010, with the big addition to the game being the inclusion of support for Sony's upcoming motion controller. Other games set to make use of the controller (obviously via a patch of some kind we suspect) includes EyePet, Hustle Kings, LittleBigPlanet, Flower, High Velocity Bowling and PAIN.
    • Sony has confirmed that the first three weeks of PS3 Slim sales saw over 1 million units shifted around the globe.
    • Sony Japan will release a Final Fantasy XIII PS3 bundle. The bundle contains a 250GB PS3 Slim with special artwork and of course the game. The bundle will sell for 41,600.

    Sony America has confirmed that the E3 demo of God of War III will be included in the upcoming God of War Collection which contains upgraded versions of the two PS2 titles (but no the PSP game sadly). The disc is due for release in America in late 2009 with a European release not expected until 2010.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Cass is yet another movie about soccer hooligans in England and in particular the InterCity Firm. This movie is available now on Blu-Ray, but rather then just violence this also tells a story of racial discrimination, and redemption. Here's our Blu-Ray review.

    Fired Up! is another teen comedy that is out now on Blu-Ray. This movie didn't exactly light up the box office, and there's probably a good reason for that, it's a pretty average movie. Still if you need something to watch you may want to check out our review of this new Sony release.

September 23, 2009

    Well here's some good news. We've received word from multiple sources, but one good, reliable one in particular, that Sony Australia will release a 250GB PS3 Slim at the end of October for $AU599. Expensive? Well you also get a choice between Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Eye Pet or Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time with the system. Now that's pretty cool! Expect confirmation from Sony closer to the release date.

    PS3 News
    In what could be one of the biggest leaks of recent times of an internal meeting between SCEA and Sega, someone at Sega has left a very juicy document on the companies FTP site. While it could be a fake (we think unlikely) the document reveals some major future plans for Sega and Sony with highlights being as follows (don't miss the part about PS2 emulation on PS3!!):

    • The PS3 Motion Controller will launch in Spring 2010 around the world, with Japan in March 2010. No pricing as yet.
    • Alpha Protocol is barely an RPG according to Michael Foster, product evaluator and the initial levels are too challenging. The game is a Sega priority.
    • Planet 51 may struggle to sell in large numbers like many movie titles on PS3 to date. Possibility of hybrid movie/game disc being considered. AVP is also being considered with hybrid Blu-Ray with the movie.
    • Vancouver 2010 would be great with an Olympic destination in Home.
    • Yakuza - Japanese games could go on PSN under a special Japanese Import section. Localising menus at least with subtitles. SCEA may assist in marketing with exclusivity period.
    • Should be a Marvel Home Space, Tony Stark's lab perfect with Iron Man 2.
    • Thor - Sony would like to look at code soon.
    • Sonic Anniversary - Could put out collectors edition with all old sonic games on one BD disc. "Best of Sonic" for around $99.
    • PS2 emulator for PS3 (confidential) - SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc
    • Sony would like alist of Sega Dreamcast titles which could be given heavy Sony marketing support for exclusivity rights.

    Prior to closure developers GRIN were apparently working on a new Final Fantasy game under the codename Fortress. The good news though is that Square-Enix took the project off the developers six months into the project, and may be working on the title with another developer.

    Released back in April for American Playstation owners Sony Europe has finally confirmed that Comet Crash will be hitting the European Playstation Store on October 8 2009. The tower defense game is one of the best on the market and we're pretty keen to check it out upon release.

September 22, 2009

    PS3 News
    According to this article Activision Blizzard have delayed the release of their upcoming racing game Blur from November 4, 2009 until an unspecified 2010 date. The game is currently in development at Bizarre Creations and was one of the most anticipated games this year.

    Q Games boss Dylan Cuthbert has confirmed that Pixeljunk Shooter will be released in Japan in December 2009. This news was revealed this week, just prior to the Tokyo Games Show. No word yet on an American or European date though.

    Square has confirmed that 2.5 million copies of Batman Arkham Asylum have shipped around the world. That's a good thing too with the game receiving exceptional review scores.

    Site Affiliate Specials
    We've decided to have a look at some great bargains at our sponsors Play-Asia. If you are interested in these games by clicking on the links from our site you are also supporting us, so keep that in mind.

    First of all, if you're Japanese, or can understand the language, you may want to get your pre-order in for Final Fantasy XIII due on December 17th. The pre-order is available here.

    Beyond that there are a few games going for a song and worth picking up including Need for Speed Shift (Asian Version) is available here for $58.35, Mirror's Edge (US version) is only $AU29.12 and available here while the brilliant Prince of Persia (US version) is only $AU40.81 and is available here.

    PS3 Preview
    Fairytale Fights sounds like a kids game, and the bright, colourful graphics certainly give that impression. Then you will see the graphic violence and massive pools of blood. This is very much a violent adults game, but it looks very entertaining. Here's our preview.

September 21, 2009

    PS3 Preview
    Wolfenstein is the latest game in a very long running franchise. Indeed the series has been around for over two decades now and this latest game has just hit PS3 with some supernatural powers. Here's our review of this latest release.

September 20, 2009

    PS3 News
    One of the biggest games of this year, until it was delayed until next year, has now been given a final, worldwide release date. 2K Games has confirmed that Bioshock 2 will be released in all territories on February 9.

September 17, 2009

    Industry News
    Big news today for the games industry with the Australian Classification Board slapping EA's upcoming Left for Dead 2 with a Refused Classification meaning it can't go on sale here. The game, which is not heading to PS3, was expected to be a massive seller on PC and XBox 360, and while the classification is another ridiculous decision for gamers in Australia, is probably a bit of a boost for Sony with one less exclusive for Microsoft this Christmas - unless an appeal overturns the decision or resubmitted after being edited down.

    PSP News
    Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 for the PS3 in America on November 24, 2009. No word yet on a date in Europe or Australia.

    Sony has confirmed that in order to keep development costs down, and speed up the approval process, the PSP Minis will not have any wireless multi-player, downloadable content, or post-release patches. PSP Minis, which must be under 100MB in size, will launch with the PSPGo on October 1st through the Playstation Store.

    PS3 Review
    Wolfenstein is the latest game in a very long running franchise. Indeed the series has been around for over two decades now and this latest game has just hit PS3 with some supernatural powers. Here's our review of this latest release.

September 16, 2009

    PS3 News
    Feeling bored? How about going on a treasure hunt find out what Bloodhunt is. The game was rated at the Classification Board this week and given an MA15+ rating with the advice "Strong Violence". You can check out the details here. We've asked Activision for details...

    Remember how we told you Firmware 3.01 was out which fixed problems with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune? Well apparently Firmware 3.01 brings up some even nastier problems with reports of Blu-Ray drive issues with an extrmely small number of people on forums - until we hear otherwise they could be XBox fanboys, but unless you need Firmware 3.01 you may want to avoid it in the short term.

    Big news for PS3 RPG fans with confirmation that the previously XBox 360 exclusive, Tri-Ace developed, Star Ocean: The Last Hope has been scheduled for release on PS3 in Japan on February 4, 2010. Apparently the Japanese PS3 release though will be called Star Ocean: The Last Hope International and include Japanese and English voiceovers as well as a Westernised control scheme. At this stage there's no confirmation of an American or European release, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

    Movie Industry News
    Gamers will be pleased to hear that a second Silent Hill movie will start shooting in 2010. The first movie starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean was quite haunting in places and this sequel will hopefully amp up the frights.

    Blu-Ray Review
    17 Again is a movie aimed directly at Zac Efron fans so you can pretty much imagine what you're getting. This Blu-Ray does have a wonderful audio and video transfer, and a couple of extras as well. Here's our Blu-Ray review.

September 15, 2009

    PS3 News
    Sony have issued an update for Vidzone to version 1.04. This 11MB patch is a cracker too. First of all 16:9 videos now fill widescreen TV's, Friends lists now show the music your listenting too to friends, has better search functionality (you can now use the virtual keyboard), a bug with too much advertising has been rectified, the cache size to store videos is increased, startup time has been reduced and more. It's an impressive update for one of the most impressive (and free) pieces of software on the system.

    Sony has released PS3 Firmware 3.01. This is a non-compulsory update which fixes the issue which some people were having with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with the game freezing. We've played through half of the game since the firmware (we got hooked and couldn't put it down!) and didn't experience the freezing, but if you are you may want to grab the new Firmware through the System Update.

    PS3 Preview
    Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time is the third game in the series on PS3. It looks simply wonderful and the gameplay looks set to be just as good as, if not better then, the brilliant originals. We have the latest screenshots and details of this October release.

September 14, 2009

    Blu-Ray Review
    I'm Not There is a critically acclaimed movie primarily due to the six brilliant actors playing the role of Bob Dylan this is a unique look at one of America's greatest musicians. We review the Blu-Ray which has exceptional video and audio but is likely to divide opinion...

September 13, 2009

    PSP News
    According to reports from Japan Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be playable on the show floor at the Tokyo Game Show late this month. The game is being overseen by Hideo Kojima himself.

    PS3 News
    As well as our preview of the upcoming release, Sony have released patch 4.20 for SingStar games which adds in a host of new features. These include setting up singing clubs for your friends, and the ability - finally - to edit your own videos for uploading. We haven't got the patch yet, but let us know what you think.

    That's not all with SingStar though with confirmation that a SingStar themed room will be added to Playstation Home on Sepmteber 24. The room will act very much like a nightclub with a dance floor where the music changes according to what type of dance everyone is performing, as well as music quizzes.

    PS3 Preview
    SingStar Motown is the latest SingStar release is only days away from release and includes acts such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Supremes and The Jackson 5. It really is a stunning line-up and this is sure to be a stunning release next week. Here's our preview.

September 12, 2009

    PS3 News
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has gone gold which means it will hit it's October 15 release date in America. As yet a release date has not been confirmed for Europe or Australia, although most retailers have the game pegged for an October 15 or October 22 release.

September 10, 2009

    PS3 News
    A couple of big games have been submitted and classified at the Australian Classification Board of late. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been given an MA15+ rating with the advice - Strong violence; Gaming experience may change online. Creat Studios has submitted their upcoming DiggerHD which is a remake of the classic 1980's title and it has been given a G rating meaning a release is only weeks away while EyePet has been classified G.

    PS3 Review
    Overlord 2 isn't going to be the biggest selling game of the year, but it deserves to be noticed. The second Overlord title on the PS3 is certainly worth a look if you were a fan of the first game, indeed even newcomers should have some fun with this game. A review.

September 8, 2009

    PS3 News
    Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan on December 17. The game is one of the most hotly anticipated and the title is sure to shift a considerable number of units, and PS3's, in that territory.

    With the PS3 slim now on store shelves around the globe sales figures are starting to trickle in and it's impressive with 1000% sales increases over the previous week in many territories. There is one little footnote to this though with sales plummeting the week before due to the upcoming release. Still VGChartz are reporting 500-600,000 units sold around the globe in a week which is impressive. Sony will be hoping this price cut sees continued sales through September and into the critical Christmas period.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Cadillac Records tells the story of a Polishman who built a recording studio, and signed up some of the biggest singers of the 1950's and 1960's. It's out now on Blu-Ray and we recommend it if you liked Ray or Walk the Line in recent years.

September 7, 2009

    PS3 News
    Apparently Rockstar's PS3 exclusive title Agent is scheduled for release in 2010. The game is currently in development at Rockstar North (think Grand Theft Auto), and is one of the most anticipated titles on Sony's platform.

    Here's something pretty cool. Sony will be releasing a demo for their awesome platformer LittleBigPlanet on September 10. Those of you that dont have this game must check this gem out, and at the very least the demo.

    PS3 Preview
    Guitar Hero 5 is due out in only a couple of weeks. To be honest I've lost count of the number of Guitar Hero games released to date on all platforms, but this is the fifth major release and again it adds plenty new to the mix. It looks pretty stunning, have a look at our preview.

    Don't forget to enter our competition to win one of four copies of the Blu-Ray release of The Queen. It's a great movie, and a great transfer so make sure you enter by going to our Competition Page. Entries close Friday September 28, 2009.

September 5, 2009

    Movie Industry
    Hey all, It's Fathers Day this Sunday in Australia in case you are unaware. It's always hard picking a gift for my dad so instead we went to the movies to see Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) and Shane Jacobson's (Kenny) latest movie, Charlie & Boots. I tell you what, if you're a fan of either actor then you should check this movie out. It's heartwarming, and hilarious in places. If you've travelled along the East coast of Australia then you'll recognize many locations, as well as many of the Australian actors. If you do go and see this great little movie - which is perfectly released for Fathers Day - make sure you stay to the end of the credits for another great joke involving Paul Hogan. If you don't get it, drop me an e-mail and I'll explain it! Happy Fathers Day to everyone too.

September 3, 2009

    Affiliant Super Specials!
    Well here's some awesome news for those looking to spend a bit of cash. Until September 6th, our affiliates Play-Asia are offering anyone with a VISA credit card 20% Off any in-stock item that has been released for more then 30 days. Check out the full promo here.

    PS3 News
    Sony Europe has confirmed that the God of War Collection announced for the PS3 in America will not be hitting the PS3 in Europe in 2009. The compilation includes the first two games in the series ported from the PS2, but given 720p 60fps visuals and trophy support.

    PSP News
    We've been asking at every EB Games store we can find (which is about five so far), and it appears the company is definitely not selling the PSPgo. In fact in almost every store we ask "Can you tell me if and when you will be getting the PSPgo?" almost every store replies with "There is no date in Australia for the system". When I keep prying with the news that it's out on "October 1st, and comes with Gran Turismo PSP for free" the usual response then changes to "We aren't stocking the system". How it changes when you say they're full of shit. Let us know how you go if you happen to drop into an EB Games shop, but it looks like Sony have lost one of the biggest retailers - and perhaps understandably with no games to sell at retail.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Big Trouble in Little China was released in 1986 but despite being directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell it bombed at the box office. It's now a cult classic and its release on Blu-Ray is very welcome indeed.

September 2, 2009

    PS3 Review
    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a massive action RPG which is now available on PS3 after being released on the PC almost a year now. Running at 1080p this is an impressive, if occasionally flawed, title. If you're after a massive RPG to tide you over until Final Fantasy XIII then this may do the job (it's just, not, anywhere near as good as Square-Enix's effort).

September 1, 2009

    PS3 News
    Firmware 3.0 is out for the PS3. There's a tonne of features, but first impressions don't really show too much. Streaming ABC TV isn't on their yet, the friends list has a horrible grey box around each user now, the animated themes aren't available in the store. Still the What's New stuff is well, not overly overwheming. At least the new clock, friends online, messages in the top right are nice. You can download it now.

    Speaking of animated themes there are two available. One is the LittleBigPlanet animated them in the US store for $US2.99. Screw paying for an animated background. If you have a Japanese account, head to their store, and in the top right you will see an AFRIKA theme - it's free and pretty cool, although it's hard to see the white icons on the white clouds - doh!

    Sony has announced God of War Collection will be released on the PS3 in late 2009. The release will include God of War as well as God of War II on a single disc. No doubt timed to build hype for God of War III due next March the compilation will see the games bumped up to 720p with anti-aliased graphics at 60fps and will include unlockable trophies. The disc will be released in America for $US39.99 but as yet there's no confirmation of an Australian or European release. The only disappointment is the non-inclusion of the PSP game, God of War: Chains of Olympus.

    PSP News
    Sony has confirmed that the PSPgo will not have a replacable battery. This is, apparently, in part a response to a hack on the current systems.