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February 28, 2009

    PS3 News
    If you live in America, or are cheeky enough to figure out how to set up and American Playstation Network account, then you may be pleased to hear that the Warhawk Command Center is now available in Playstation Home. The game has also been discounted from $US30 to $US20 as well.

    Electronic Arts has confirmed they they have shelved plans for any further NASCAR titles. That probably isn't such a big blow for Australians - we prefer to actually race on tracks the have more then left corners and dry surfaces. Still, I'm sure some fans are depressed by this news.

    PSP News
    Now here's a rumour too juicy to ignore. According to word on the street Ready at Dawn may be working on another God of War game for the PSP. There's nothing official, but could it be on the cards that the developer, who a while ago said they were no longer working on PSP games, is working on a PSP2 version, with that system rumoured to be announced this year? Even the thought gets us excited!

February 25, 2009

    PS3 News
    Capcom have announced Lost Planet 2 is in development however the company has only announced the title for rlease on the XBox 360 at this stage. Fingers crossed a PS3 version is announced at a later date.

    PS3 Review
    Killzone 2 is the biggest game hitting the PS3 in early 2009. The buzz for this game has been building since the very first E3 trailer back in 2005. Indeed, this FPS sets new benchmarks on so many levels. Here's our full review.

February 24, 2009

    Blu-Ray Review
    Finding Amanda probably isn't a movie you've heard of. It's worldwide box office gross was $US57,000 or so! But don't let that put you off. Matthew Broderick has been a favourite actor of mine for some time now, and we have been able to check out his latest movie on Blu-Ray. Overall, a solid release.

February 23, 2009

    Movie Industry News
    Well for the very first time the Academy Awards has been shown on Australian TV live (that being the middle of the day here) and I managed to catch much of the event at work today. Overally a quite impressive spectacle and Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job in our book including some great singing and dance numbers. Slumdog Millionaire took away an impressive 8 Oscars (we think), and we can confirm that the movie is currently due out on Blu-Ray in May through Icon Pictures. The most touching moment had to be Heath Ledger's family receiving his Oscar for his roll in The Dark Knight.

February 22, 2009

    Blu-Ray Review
    The Wrong Man has a cast to die for. Josh Harnett, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsly, and Lucy Liu. Quite a cast, and fortunately this is quite the movie to match. Well worth checking out on Blu-Ray.

    PS3 News
    Atari Australia have confirmed that they, through Codemasters, have picked up the rights to release Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust in Australia. Best of all the game, which has been given an MA15+ rating without any cuts, will be released on PS3 for only $AU49.95! The game is due out in late March or April.

    Well this will get PS3 gamers excited - possibly. Fumito Ueda has been confirmed as a speaker a tthe Game Developers Conference this week. Who? OK how about if I tell you he's the head at Team ICO! It is possible that we may very well know a bit about his next game in the next couple of days. Of course Team ICO's two previous games, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were both marvellous titles.

February 21, 2009

    PS3 News
    Codemasters has been pencilled in September release for Colin McRae DIRT 2. The late drivers name has been retained with the approval of his family, and the developers/publishers which is, we think, wonderful. The game is the second rally game from Codemasters on the PS3 and the developers are promising significant improvements over the original - which we already though was pretty special (check out review here).

February 19, 2009

    Giveaway Update
    Congrats to all those that entered the comp to get a copy of the Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. demo for the PS3. All the discs have now been sent out. Congrats to Peter A, Allen W, Simon K, Ben A, Robert M, Mark B, Troy P, and James C. You should have the discs in the next day or two. If you missed out don't forget to enter our comp to win a copy of Australia: Land of Parrots on Blu-Ray. Head on over to the Competition Page to enter.

    PS3 News
    Bandai Namco has confirmed that they are working on Dead to Rights: Retribution for the Playstation 3. The two original games hit the PS2 (and we have a review of the first here) and while they weren't the best games technically the gameplay, including your canine sidekick Shadow, had potential. The new game is due out by the end of the year.

    Been waiting for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on the Playstation 3 in Europe? Well haven't we all. The good news is that the game will be released this Friday - the same day as Street Fighter IV. We know which version we'll be spending our money on. Just why Capcom didn't get this updated game out 3 months ago like America, or even a month before this latest title is, quite frankly, bewilderingly stupid.

    Ubisoft has apparently stepped in to assist the almost completely bankrupt and shut down Midway publish The Wheelman around the globe. Despite Midway's almost complete collapse (the company was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange this week) the game will still be released in late March, despite rumours that Ubisoft would delay the title and retool it as a game in their Driver franchise (which they bought off Atari some time ago).

    PS3 Preview
    Resident Evil 5 is certain to be one of the biggest games of early 2009, if not the entire year. With almost 35 million sales of the previous games we expect this game to be massive. We've played sections, we've looked at the details, and now present you with a preview of Capcom's latest game.

February 18, 2009

    Blu-Ray News
    20th Century Fox have announced that the X-Men trilogy will be coming to Blu-Ray in America on April 21. Each of the three movies will be double disc sets with AVC MPEG-4 video and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks. As for Australia, well Fox have confirmed that the discs will street here on April 15th - six days before America. Woo hoo!

February 17, 2009

    Industry News
    Well there's no official word from Electronic Arts as yet, but head on over to this page at the OFLC and you will see that Cricket 9 has been given a G rating. Our guess is that the 9 signifies 2009 or 09. Expect more news soon... hopefully.

    PS3 News
    Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be going platinum following 4.5 million sales. The platinum release will hit shelves on March 5th. We expect this to carry into Australia too.

    Blu-Ray Preview
    Death Proof is the latest movie from Quentin Tarantino, but in America played as the second part of a double-bill called 'Grindhouse'. The double feature failed to do big business, and was split up for cinematic release outside America. Here's the Blu-Ray release which will have Tarantino fans quite pleased. Here's our review...

February 16, 2009

    Another Giveaway!!
    If you like your flight sims, and Tom Clancy games, then you'll be quite keen to check out Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.. Indeed the demo was due out last week, but has now been pushed back until February 27th... Sooo.. Thanks to Ubisoft we have a stack of demos to send out to PS3 owners... Simply e-mail us by clicking here and tell us who is developing the game. The only conditions; Australian entries only, one per person, and no complaining if you don't win! (Update: All the copies have now been given away).

    Don't forget too that this month we're giving away a couple of copies of Australia: Land of Parrots on Blu-Ray. Head on over to the Competition Page to enter.

February 15, 2009

    PS3 Preview
    Sega MegaDrive Ultimate Collection could quite possibly be the greatest game compilation of all time. Well over 40 Sega classics will be included on this budget PS3 release. Here's a look and this superb looking title.

    PS3 News
    The sales figures are in and Capcom will be pleased to hear that Street Fighter IV has sold out in Japan with all 86,000 copies being snapped up. 58,000 of those were on the PS3, while the other 28,000 copies were on XBox 360. The game is due out in America on February 17, and Europe and Australia a few days later.

February 14, 2009

    Well congrats to those that have picked up a Cheap PS3 with the sales at BIG W. We still can't tell if this is a permanent price drop, but with no more 40GB PS3's being made, it's pretty certain that when the units sell out that will be it. If you want one, be quick. For those that have asked if this is an official Sony price cut, not it's not. And no, the 80GB unit will not be reduced in price - especially with the $AU699 Killzone 2 PS3 bundle about to be released.

February 13, 2009

    PS3 News
    The Playstation Store has been updated today and the highlight is Flower. For $12.95 this is one of the most enjoyable, laid-back titles on the system and well worth a purchase. We might do up a review soon, but don't hesitate in recommending this. No, there's no shooting. No, no platforming. No, no story. It's just a complete joy.

February 12, 2009

    So you read the headline, and you want a PS3 for almost half price. Well, if you are bloody quick head on down to BIG W RIGHT NOW where they have discounted 40GB PS3's from $698, to $514, and now down to $398. That's right you can get a 40GB PS3 for $AU398. Better still you can also grab a free Platinum game as well - making the console around $AU350!! We grabbed 3 units for outselves, and our work colleagues a further 4 units on the Gold Coast today (there's still a few floating around). This price is not valid for 80GB units. Get in quick. It may be an incorrect pricing and could be re-adjusted any day now.

    PS3 News
    Activision Blizzard has confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be released in Q'4 2009. The game is currently in development at Infinity Ward.

    In Activision Blizzard's recent earnings call the company has confirmed that Raven is currently developing a new Wolfenstein game for release on PS3. The game is due out around Q'3 2009.

    Industry News
    Square-Enix has apparently made a £84.3 million bid for Eidos. This represents a share price of 32p which is 258% premium over the current list price, and 91% above the list price for the last 3 months.

February 11, 2009

    PS3 News
    Some details about God of War III have leaked. The game won't have any multi-player gameplay which is the bad news.. The good news includes the fact that the game will see around 50 enemies on screen at once, up from 15 in the PS2 games, Kratos has jumped up from 5,000 polygons on the PS2 to 20,000 on the PS3, you will be able to ride mostes like the Cyclops again, enemy AI has been improved with different levels of intelligence on different enemies, there will be more boss fights then in GOW1, but less then in GOW2 and one boss fight will be with Hades.

    Blu-Ray Review
    WALL·E is a phenomenan - no doubt about it. Not only is this yet another brilliant Pixar movie, but has one of the best transfers we've ever seen to Blu-Ray with some great extras including a brilliant 90 minute documentary about the history of Pixar. This is our first ever Blu-Ray perfect score!

February 10, 2009

    PS3 News
    Capcom has today confirmed that THQ Australia will now be handling distribution of their titles in Australia. This follows their current distributer, Red Ant, going broke and effectively closing down last month. We have asked THQ about release dates to see if we will see any slippage at all, but that seems unlikely.

    Rumoured for quite a while now Capcom have finally confirmed that Dead Rising 2 is coming to the Playstation 3. No date, no details, nothing as yet.

    Ubisoft have confirmed that a demo for Tom Clancy's HAWX will be put on the Playstation Store this week.

    If you've been waiting for Battle Fantasia to hit the PS3 on February 12 (yes, in two days) you may way to ring your retailer before picking up your copy. GamesWarhouse has just bumped the game to an unknown 2009 release, which may be a result of distributer Red Ant going under. No word on anyone else picking up the game yet sadly.

    Blu-Ray News
    One little note about Paramount's Star Trek Blu-Ray releases announced yesterday. While Star Trek I-V have been announced for individual release on May 14, we don't have news about Star Trek VI. We have asked Paramount for clarification if Star Trek VI is a) in the box set and b) set for individual release. In related news a Paramount rep has today confirmed that the Blu-Ray release will not only see the upgraded version of TOS Season 1 released on HD-DVD, but will include even more improvements to the episodes. Details should be announced in the coming weeks.

February 9, 2009

    Blu-Ray News
    Paramount have dropped the big news today. No doubt timed to coincide with the new movie, Paramount has today cofirmed that Star Trek The Original Series Season 1 Remastered will be released on Blu-Ray on April 30. We are still to confirm though if the discs will include the new visual effects the featured in the HD-DVD titles, but rumours point to that version, as well as the original edits being included in teh single package.

    That's not all though as April 30 will also see the release of Star Trek The Original Crew Movie Collection on Blu-Ray which, we suspect, will include Star Trek I-V which will be released as individual titles on May 14 as well.

    Just a friendly reminder that we are running a great comp this month giving away two copies of Village Roadshow's title Australia: Land of Parrots. Click on the link there to enter this comp. Well worth it - it costs nothing! Entries close at the end of the month.

    PSP Review
    LocoRoco 2 is one of those games that if you owned the original you'd likely be back for this secod offering. With even more levels to fall in love with this PSP game is a classic and a must-have title for fans of the original, as well as newcomers.

February 7, 2009

    PS3 News
    Konami has confirmed they have secured the rights to make a game based on the Saw movies. The sixth movie hasn't been announced, but it's a fair bet given that each movie has been a commercial succcess and we would expect a game to be released around that time.

February 6, 2009

    PS3 News
    Think that Killzone 2 will be big? Well you can be assured of that. Still three weeks from release the game has pre-orders in Europe surpassing 1.1 million units already. If you add that again for America, and then look at the walk-in sales it's quite possible this game will surpass 3 million units of sales in the first week. Bold, but possible. On another note, we've got the game here, finished the single player and are playing the online mode as much as possible (given that only a couple of hundred people have it it's hard to get a game going at times)... What do we think? Well full review soon, but it looks gorgeous, has some wonderful set pieces and, well, it's unlikely you'll be disappointed.

    Are you jelous that we have Killzone 2 already? Well don't dispair as the main addition to the update today is a demo for the game. Go on, go get it. Other updates are, well, insignificant compared to that really - Rock Band tracks, Guitar Hero tracks, LBP content, an EA Ice Hockey Arcade game and some other bits.

    Sega has today announced that Virtua Tennis 2009 will be released on the PS3 in May 2009. The game promises an updated roster, more customisation, and for the first time includes the official Davis Cup license so you can play for your countries pride.

    Capcom has confirmed that Bionic Commando will be released in May. As yet we're still not sure what's happening with Red Ant's distribution of Capcom's titles, or if someone else will be handling them now. It's all silent...

February 5, 2009

    Industry News
    So what does it cost to make a blockbuster game these days? Well if you're Naughty Dog then you would have spend around $US20 ($AU30) million making Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Evan Wells has confirmed that the second game has the same budget, but seeing as less time has to go into creating the game engine this extra money will go towards enriching the experience with better animation and more things for Nathan Drake to do, a longer game, and better narrative. Seeing as the first game was so brilliant we can't wait for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. No release date yet, but Christmas 2009 would be a safe bet we think.

    PS3 Review
    Armored Core for Answer took us a while to review - blame the Christmas rush - and given the quality you can probably guess it wasn't a priority. Probably one for the fans only and even then you may want to take a bit of time to read Chris's review of this latest release from From Software.

February 4, 2009

    Industry News
    Consider this a rumour for now - with some form of announcement to confirm or shoot down this one expected next week - but Crytek have apparently purchased Free Radical Design. Crytek are most well known for their PC games Far Cry and Crysis. We see this as a perfect fit too for a couple of reasons. Firstly Free Radical are most well known for their First Person Shooters such as TimeSplitters and Haze and secondly the developer has extensive experience with console development - an area which Crytek has not ventured into despite heavy rumours in the past. Could Free Radical work on a PS3 port of Crysis? It's certainly possible. Expect confirmation, or denial in the next week or two.
    Update: The news has now been confirmed by FRD administrators ReSolve Partners. Expect an official press release soon.

    Electronic Arts has announced a loss of $US641 million for the three months ending December 31st. That's a massive loss for the company. As a result an additional 1% of staff will be made redundant (on top of the 10% late last year) while 12 studios will also close.

    PS3 News
    Sony Australia have confirmed that SingStar Queen will be released on the PS3 (and PS2) this March. Like SingStar Abba the PS3 version will come with 25 songs, while PS2 gamers get short changed with only 20 tracks. Expect a preview soon.

    Electronic Arts have pushed the release date of The Godfather II from late February to fiscal 2010 - which means we'll be waiting a couple more months. Apparently the company wants to build more hype for the game.

    Sega has announced that they will be developing a new game based on the upcoming movie Iron Man 2. The game will be released at the same time as the movie in May 2010. Sega didn't mention if the game would be as shit as the first one (reviewed here).

February 3, 2009

    Australia: Land of Parrots is one of the most unique releases on Blu-Ray to date and this Australian documentary is well worth checking out. Thanks to Village Roadshow Entertainment Australia we have two copies to give away this month. If you want to win a copy of this great release click on the link, answer two simple questions, and you're in the draw. Get to it!

    PS3 News
    Well we don't usually get a Playstation Store update on a Tuesday, but there was one today, and you'd do well to check it out. Clocking in at just under 1GB is a demo of Resident Evil 5 which offers two play areas. Well worth checking out. The one thing we don't like, but which won't be changed prior to release according to Capcom, is the fact that you get stuck to the ground when aiming and shooting. That's always been a part of the franchise, but would have been nice to have been updated.

    According to rumours doing the rounds Sony may be looking to secure exclusive downloadable content for Bandai Namco's upcoming Tekken 6. As yet there hasn't been any confirmation fron Sony or Bandai Namco.

    PSP News
    Square-Enix have confirmed that they will be announcing a release date for Dissidia: Final Fantasy for Europe in the coming weeks. To date the game has only been released in Japan where it has sold over 850,000 units in only six weeks. The game is due out in America in July.

February 2, 2009

    PS3 Review
    Rise of the Argonauts was an interesting release. The developers, Liquid Entertainment, promised us a new way of playing RPG's, but the end result is quite disappointing. We suggest you check out our review before splashing out and buying this latest release.

February 1, 2009

    PS3 News
    Deadline Games have confirmed that they have stopped working on Faith and a .45 as they seek a publisher for the title on PS3 and XBox 360. The game (which looked pretty impressive from what we saw) is set in the 1930's and sees two outlaws trying to bring down an oil tyrant. The company is currently working on Watchmen: The End is Nigh.

    While Japanese gamers don't generally like FPS titles that won't stop selling what is certain to be one of the PS3's biggest sellers in 2009 - that being Killzone - from hitting shelves there. They'll be waiting a little longer though with the title due out in Japan in April.