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January 30, 2009

    PS3 News
    Ubisoft have annoucned new details about the Prince of Persia Epilogue downloadable content. The DLC will be made available on February 26, 2009 with a price still to be announced. Features include:

    • New Region: The Underground Palace A corrupted underground palace from which the Prince and Elika need to escape in a new epic journey.
    • New Power: Energize Reconstruct destroyed areas of the environment to create a path and rush through it before it vanishes.
    • New high pace: The new trap challenge The Prince and Elika will face more cunning foes, cleverer traps and level design, adding more to the difficulty level in over 3 hours of gameplay.
    • New Attack: Sprinting Clash A duel move that lets you or the enemy trigger a sprint attack, charging towards each other, clashing your weapons fiercely.
    • New Unlockable Skins: Finish the game and unlock exclusively, from the early development of the game, the Prototype characters of the Prince and Elika.

    It has never been officially announced but according to Kotaku Disney Interactive Studios have apparently stopped development on Turok 2 with somewhere between 35 and 70 people being laid off at developers Propaganda Games. The developers have a second game in development which continues. That's a bit of a shame about Turok 2 as, while not perfect, we still enjoyed Turok.

January 29, 2009

    PS3 News
    We only previewed it a couple of days ago, but it has now been confirmed that F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin has gone gold. The game is due for release here in Australia - and the rest of the world - on February 13th. We can't wait either as it looks great, and the demo did impress.

    Remember that news yesterday that apparently Sony had rejected Super Street Fighter II HD Remix twice for release in Europe. Well according to Capcom they never made such a comment to ThePSN website. Still, we have to ask, where the hell is the game?

    Blu-Ray Review
    Live and Let Die was another of Fox's Blu-Ray releases prior to Christmas and was actually Roger Moore's first outing as the British super-spy. The transfer is quite superb, as is the whole package. Here's our review.

January 28, 2009

    PS3 News
    Wondering why we haven't seen Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and there may be a reason for it. According to this article the game did not get past SCEE's QA testing due to "faults and other problems". Indeed the game has been submitted, and declined, twice now and a third attempt should be made in about 3 weeks.

    Industry News
    Atari Australia has today confirmed that they have again picked up the rights to distribute Konami titles in this territory. This news follows the immenent closure/bankruptcy of Red Ant who were to distribute Konami's titles from March 2009.

    PS3 Preview
    The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena has always been a project we were interested in, but when the merger between Vivendi and Activision saw the game dropped from their release schedules we got concerned? Could this almost certain classic never see the light of day? Fortunately Atari now have the publishing rights, and it looks like a cracker. Here's a preview.

January 27, 2009

    PS3 News
    Midway's Ed Boon has confirmed that Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe has shifted an impressive 1.8 million units worlwide. A new game in the Mortal Kombat universe is already being worked on although further details remain under wraps.

    PS3 Preview
    F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin has had a rather interesting development with Vivendi going under, but eventually selling the naming rights to Warner Brothers Interactive. It has been over three years since the original F.E.A.R. was released on PC and this sequel looks like a great follow-up, with the PS3 port, this time, looking the part. Having played the game we think you'll be impressed.

January 26, 2009

    Site News
    We hope everyone is having a great Australia day holiday today. Be it watching the Cricket, or the Austrlaian open tennis, having a feed with the family, or just relaxing doing whatever it is you love we hope you're having a good one. We just returned from a few days up on the Sunshine Coast. How was the holiday you ask? Well it rained every day, my parents didn't have the right house keys to get into the house to feed the cat, and I spent more time on Friday talking to people at work then if I was actually there. Still it was a good couple of days. Anyway I thought I'd do up a quick update today...

    PS3 News
    Sega have mentioned that at this stage there are no plans to bring Yakuza 3 to the west. That's a damn shame as it looks like one of the PS3's best upcoming games. If it is well received in Japan when it releases on February 26th, we would expect (or at least hope) that Sega's position on this game will change.

    If you're a Metallica fan then you may want to check out this link where the band has listed the tracks set to appear on Guitar Hero: Metallica which streets at the end of March. Needless to say it is a monster tracklist.

January 23, 2009

    Site News
    Just a quick note to let you know we're going to be off air for a couple of days as the wife and I head off to the lovely Sunshine Coast for the Australia Day weekend. Expect the news, and a couple of big previews and reviews next week.

    PS3 News
    Atari have just released their latest release schedule, and there are quite a few new dates to take note of. New additions include Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is set for release on March 26, Afro Samurai on April 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Fuel in Q'2 2009. Finally, Mini Ninjas from developer Io Interactive is due in September. No sign yet of Atari picking up Konami's titles from Red Ant as rumoured - give it time (if it happens).

    Blu-Ray News
    We received an updated release schedule from Paramount today for their upcoming Blu-Ray releases and it looks like there are some crackers. January 22 (wait, that was yesterday) will see the release of Eagle Eye, February 5 will see The Dutchess and re-release of World Trade Center 2-disc while March 5 is loaded with How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, The Incredible Hulk, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Untouchables and Aeon Flux The Movie. In the next quarter we can look forward to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, My Fair Lady, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and The Heartbreak Kid. Not bad at all for the quiet time of year.

    PSP News
    Atari has set the release date for Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 3 on the PSP at February 19.

January 22, 2009

    PS3 News
    Good news Aussie Gamers, Capcom have confirmed that distribution of their titles should not be delayed in Australia despite the demise of Red Ant. Here's Capcom's official statement:

      Certain recent news reports have speculated that owing to the financial status of Red Ant, Capcom's distributor in Australia, that the release dates of Capcom's forthcoming titles in this territory may be delayed. Capcom would like to state it does not expect any such delays and to reconfirm the following release dates: Street Fighter IV (PS3 & 360) February 20th, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Nintendo Wii) February 27th, Resident Evil 5 (PS3 & 360) March 13th. Future titles such as MotoGP (Nintendo Will) and Neopets Puzzle Adventure (DS, Wii & PC) are all scheduled to release in line with other PAL territories.

    Sony has confirmed that Killzone 2 has gone gold and will be released on February 27 in America and the UK. Strangely the rest of Europe are penciled in for February 27, with Australia nestled in between on February 26th.

January 21, 2009

    Blu-Ray Review
    Resident Evil Degeneration is a movie which Resident Evil fans will be most excited to check out. This direct to Blu-Ray movie release sees the return of Claire and Leon together for the first time since Resident Evil 2, and the results are, well, interesting. We review this important release out today.

    Industry News
    In what is a major shock for the Australian Games Industry Red Ant have been put under administration. While they may not be a company international readers would recognise the company picked up several major contracts last year including the rights to distribute Capcom, Konami and Bethesda. They also distribute Midway, 505 Games, Blackbean and Deep Silver's titles. Why do we care? Well if Red Ant go broke and shut down then many titles could see delays as new disributers are sought - and that could affect Street Fighter 4 due in late February and Resident Evil 5 due on March 13th in particular.

    So the games industry won't be affected by the world financial crisis apparently? Well try telling a lot of people in the industry. Sega America have apparently layed off an additional 30 staff today (this is in addition to the 400 who lost their jobs late last year). Rumours have also surfaced today that EA Tiburon will be losing some staff, although exact numbers have not been announced as yet. Looking at another EA related studio Mythic has also apparently seen staff lay-offs in recent times.

    PS3 News
    Sony have released Playstation 3 Firmware 2.60 today which adds a new photo gallery application (which is a seperate 105MB download). It's quite good, you can see thumbnails, view by date, sort out who is smiling or not, or how many people are in the image. Unfortunately it's not overly accurate, but still a nice start. The other big change is support for DivX 3.11.

    Midway has confirmed that the Vin Diesel starring game The Wheelman has been delayed from February to March 20. It's not all bad news however with a demo expected to be released prior to the game hitting retail.

    Sega has confirmed that their downloadable title Outrun Online Arcade (which is being developed by Sumo Digital) will not be released on the Playstation 3 - in America. No reason for the game being dropped for that territory has been given - we suspect cash from a certain rival - but the good news is that it will still be coming out on PSN in Europe.

January 19, 2009

    PS3 News
    Capcom has confirmed that they will be releasing a demo for Resident Evil 5 on the Playstation Network a couple of days after the XBox 360 version, on February 2 to be precise. It looks like a great game, and the demo should be a worthwhile download thats for sure. The demo includes two levels - Assembly Place and Shanty Town - and allows 2-player co-op with an AI friend, split-screen, or online. Impressive.

    PSP News
    The OFLC has put up a classification today for Resistance Retribution and the game has been awarded the rather high rating (for PSP games) MA15+ with the advice Strong violence, Gaming experience may change online.

January 17, 2009

    PS3 News
    News has been pretty quiet of late, I guess a lot of people are just returning from holidays. There have been a couple of big demo announcements of late though.. F.E.A.R. 2 will see a demo released on January 22 on the Playstation Network while Square-Enix have re-confirmed that the Final Fantasy XIII demo will be released in Japan on April 16. That latter demo will apparetly last around 90 minutes!

January 14, 2009

    PS3 News
    Electronic Arts sent us their latest release schedule today and while The Godfather II isn't dated it does confirm that Skate 2 is hitting the PS3 on January 22, 2009 with The Lord of the Rings: Conquest due out a week earlier on January 15th.

    Ubisoft has today confirmed they will be publishing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood on the PS3 in 2009. The game is a prequel to the hit original title. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood transports players from a ravaged Civil War-era Georgia to the Aztec ruins of Mexico. In the wildest West ever depicted, players can embody both McCall brothers in an intense storyline full of greed, lust and lawlessness.

    Blu-Ray News
    20th Century Fox has today confirmed that they will be releasing three classic James Bond movies on March 18th, as well as the latest Quantum of Solace. The three classic movies are Moonraker, The World is Not Enough and Goldfinger. Originally more titles were planned for release, but have since been moved back to a later date.

    Industry News
    According to rumours doing the rounds on the web, Pandemic Studios Australia, which is based in Brisbane, is in a little bit of trouble. Apparently Electronic Arts - probably still pissed off about the failure of the studio to deliver their game based on Batman Begins/The Dark Knight - have released the company. Rather then dissolve them they will be able to continue work on a rumoured Nintendo Wii game, and shop it around to a new publisher. Don't expect anything official.

    Well Sony, as a company, are officially struggling. According to reports from Nikkei the company will post an operating loss of $US1.1 billion dollars for the last year, their first loss in 14 years, and only their second since establishing in 1958.

January 13, 2009

    Blu-Ray News
    Now this is downright wierd. Despite the news that Ghostbusters would be released in June 16 in America, and June 19 around the rest of the world to coincide with the Blu-Ray release. Sony Pictures Australia have just today confirmed that both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II will be released on Blu-Ray in Australia this May. Strangely reports from the CES show in America put the sequel down for release well after the original. We'll keep digging.

    PS3 News
    The Godfather II has been submitted to the Australian OFLC (get over it, we're going to keep calling it that), and has been awarded an MA15+ rating with the advice Strong violence, sexual references and coarse language, Gaming experience may change online (what the hell does that last comment mean anyway?). EA still haven't confirmed the release date here in Australia.

    LucasArts has re-confirmed that the upcoming Indiana Jones game has not been canned, but has new information will be forthcoming soon. The game was last seen at E3 2006 before (according to rumours) being put on hold.

    PS3 Review
    Savage Moon is a game which strategy fans will want to check our - or at least check out our review. This is another cheap Playstation Store download, and this real-time strategy game really is a great purchase. Where this game shines is the gameplay, and the value for money. A review.

January 12, 2009

    PS3 News
    Atari Australia has confirmed that Ghostbusters will be released in America on June 16, while the rest of the world will see the game (and the movies Blu-Ray release) on June 19th.

    Sadly for RPG gamers Square Enix have mentioned that Final Fantasy XIII's demo will only be released in Japan, with no plans for release in other territories. The demo will be bundled with the Blu-Ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

    Square-Enix has also re-confirmed that they have no plans to release Star Ocean 4 on the PS3. The game is currently in development for the XBox 360 and is due out on February 19.

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that the release of The Godfather II has been moved up from March 7 to February 27 in Europe. Seeing as EA don't tend to like us we can't confirm the Australian date as yet (we've been asking for a release schedule for weeks now and will continue trying).

    Industry News
    In a rather sad sign of the times Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has laid off 30 staff. The latest game in the series, Tomb Raider Underworld has underperformed according to publishers Eidos with only 1.3 million units shipped around the globe. Meanwhile Eidos has confirmed they are looking at making the franchise more 'family friendly' in future.

    Neversoft, who made their name with the Tony Hawk games, have confirmed they have handed that franchise over to another developer so they can concentrate on Guitar Hero in future. No word yet on who the new developer will be.

    Blu-Ray Review
    American Psycho was a contraversial book upon release in 1991 and this 2000 movie adaptation staring Christian "Batman" Bale was praised by many, and lothed by others. We review the Blu-Ray disc.

January 11, 2009

    PSP News
    Sony America has confirmed that Resistance Retribution will be released on the PSP on March 17th - in America at least. The game links up to the PS3 title Reistance 2 to unlock additional content, and will also allow you to play the game using the PS3 controller!

    PS3 Review
    Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer probably has one of the longest titles we'll ever see released on the PS3. As a downloadable title released just prior to Christmas we were interested in this side scrolling shooter as it tries to relive the glory days of the genre. It's impressive.

January 10, 2009

    PS3 News
    Sony Denmark has confirmed via a release schedule that Flower will be released on the Playstation Network on February 19th. This is the second game from ThatGameCompany with their first being the very chilling, Fl0w.

    Warner Brothers Games has confirmed that a demo of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin will be released at the end of January. The game was banned from release in Australia late last year, but that decision has since been overturned and it has been awarded a MA15+ rating upon appeal.

    Playstation Home is a feature of the PS3 which Sony will be hoping builds to something special in future - and they're off to a great start. Already the company has achieved 3.4 million downloads according to Kaz Hirai's speech at the CES show yesterday.

January 8, 2009

    PS3 News
    Sony Europe has confirmed that they will be merging Studio Liverpool and Evolution Studios - creators of two of their best racing games with Wipeout HD and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift respectively. SCEE's Michael Denny has confirmed the two studios are already sharing management and some resources, and each will operate independent projects.

    If you live in America it looks it looks like you're in luck with confirmatio that Playstation Home will be receiving the Red Bull Air Race add-on game this week.

    Sega has re-confirmed that their Gearbox developed shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines is still scheduled for release in Q'1 2009. That's not calendar year though, but rather Sega's financial year which puts the release between April-June this year.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Walk The Line Extended Edition (2-disc) is one of the best biographical movies in recent years which follows the life of legendar American musician Johnny Cash who is played in this movie by Joaquin Phoenix. This is a fanstastic movie, even for those not familiar with the man.

January 7, 2009

    PS3 Review
    Fallout 3 could be one of the greatest games of all time, and Michael has done up his review of this monster release in which his summary states it his choice for Game of the Year (check our awards in the next couple of days to see if he wins the upcoming debate!). If you like RPG's then this is is a game you must check out.

January 6, 2009

    Blu-Ray Review
    Get Smart is the 2008 movie remake of one of the most loved TV comedy series' of all time. As you have probably already guessed, is available now on Blu-Ray. With Steve Carell starring this is an entertaining movie with solid transfer.

January 5, 2009

    2008 Awards Part 2
    2008 Awards Part 2 is, unsurprisingly, the second part of the 2008 awards. This section of the awards focuses on the winners of each genre including best RPG, best Action/Adventure game, best Fighting game and much more, Besides the best in each genre we look at the best game engine, best Artistic style and best game people forgot to buy. Check it out.

January 4, 2009

    Awards/Site Updates/Personal News
    I thought I would wrap this all up in one post. As many of you have asked I usually have all the Awards up by the start of January but this year it has been a little slower. There are a couple of reasons for that. Some companies were a little slow getting us review code, we also needed to consider a vast number of Blu-Ray discs for their categories, and - the main reason - we've been partying too hard. You see my sister in law and her family were over from New Zealand for two weeks, and I had a couple of friends up from Sydney for a week as well - so my wife and I have been out almost every day or night for two weeks solid now. Anyway updates will become more frequent now, and Part 2 and Part 3 of the Awards will be up in the coming days (don't forget Part 1 was put up here recently).

    Movie Industry News
    Strictly speaking this isn't news about the movie industry, but rather one of Australia's largest DVD and Blu-Ray retailers - EzyDVD. Over the Christmas break the company appointed administrators. You may have noticed just before Chrsitmas that retail outlets were shut for 'emergency' stocktake. We have noticed in the last couple of days that stores have notices up that they won't allow people to use their 'Gift Cards' nor allow returns - even if goods are faulty. Now we don't know about the legality of this - we suspect it's highly illegal - but we recommend that a) if you have Gift Cards try to use them asap, and b) if you are buying discs you may want to check their status of returns. It's a shame, but be warned.

    PS3 Review
    WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 is THQ's latest title in their wrestling franchise. Like clockwork this pre-Christmas release hit shelves, but did it manage to impress. To date developers Yukes hasn't impressed PS3 and 360 owners, but this may change their minds.

January 1, 2009

    2008 Awards Part 1
    2008 Awards Part 1 is what a lot of you have been waiting for - and it's the first part of three sections. In this part of the awards we look at at the biggest surprises and disappointments of the year, the best Blu-Ray discs, best multiplayer games and best game companies among other things.