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August 30, 2008

    PS3 News
    Electronic Arts has confirmed that Dead Space will be released in Europe a week early on October 24th. As yet we have not confirmed if the Blu-Ray movie release Dead Space: Downfall will also be moved forward as a result.

    Speaking of Dead Space the game has gone past the OFLC and been awarded an MA15+ rating with the warning "Strong horror violence". What is interesting though is that the version is listed as "Revised" which possibly means that Australia is getting an edited version of the game. We must point out though that the game had previously been classified in April 2008, which means the "Revised" tag could also be due to new items/content in the game. We have sought clarification from EA.

    2K Games has re-confirmed that the Downloadable content for BioShock including the Challenge rooms will remain exclusive to the Playstation 3. The game is due out on October 21 in America, and October 24 in Europe and Australia.

    Industry News
    Japanese RPG makers Square-Enix have announced plans to acquire Tecmo - makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. Square-Enix has offered 920 yen per share, well above the current list price of 708 yen per share. Square Enix has stated however that should Tecmo not wish to be bought out they will withdraw the offer and not persue an aggressive takeover (which Electronic Arts is still attempting with Take Two).

August 28, 2008

    PS3 News
    If you happen to live in Japan you will be pleased to know that Afrika has been released today. The game is also being released in Asia however we believe that that version also includes Japanese text. If anyone can let us know if the Asian version is playable for non-Japanese speaking people please let us know as we're keen to check out the game. Sadly Sony will not, at this stage, be releasing the game in America or Europe.

    Atari has confirmed that Damnation has been pushed back to a December 12th release.

    PS3 Preview
    SOCOM US Navy Seals Confrontation is a game action fans will likely be keeping a keen eye on. Sony's online shooter is heading to the PS3 for the very first time and it looks wonderful. With 32 players and 7 large maps this will possibly become a new benchmark in October.

August 26, 2008

    PS3 News
    Ubisoft have sent out their latest release schedule and the big news is that Far Cry 2 is now scheduled for and October 2008 release, and not Q'1 2009 as rumoured online recently.

    Release Schedule
    We've been in contact with all the movie studios over the last couple of days, and a couple of other sources, and have updated our Blu-Ray Release Schedule page. We've added about 40 major releases through to the end of the year including Speed Racer, Indiana Jones, Godfather Trilogy, Ice Age, Prince Caspain, Matrix Trilogy, Grind House, and High School Musical 1 & 2 to name just a few. Unfortunately Sleeping Beauty won't make October 15th as intended, but Disney assure is it will be out by Christmas. Check it out.

August 25, 2008

    PS3 News
    Well this is a shock - not. Hideo Kojima has said that he may indeed produce a new Metal Gear Solid game in future. No timeline, platform, or ideas have been discussed yet so don't get too excited. Just the thought that he could be involved is exciting enough at this stage!

    PlayStation Home producer Martijn Van der Meulen has reiterated to IGN that the service is still scheduled for release by the end of 2008, and it will remain free. Now, when exactly will that release be? Only four months to go Sony!

    Call of Duty: World at War has been submitted to the Australian OFLC and has been awarded an MA15+ rating - the highest possible classification due to a lack of R18+ here. The game comes with the warning "Strong violence and coarse language, Gaming experience may change online". The game was passed in its original form, and isn't modified.

    Blu-Ray Review
    National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is a great family friendly action adventure title. The original National Treasure was a hit at the box office, but this sequel is bigger in every way. Bigger box office, bigger cast, and bigger action sequences. We've reviewed the Blu-Ray disc and walked away very impressed.

August 24, 2008

    PS3 News
    Call of Duty: World at War is bound to be one of the biggest games this Christmas. Activsion have been tight lipped on a release date though, however we can now confirm that retailer GamesWarehouse is listing the game for release on November 12th which you can see by clicking here.

    While talking about release dates the sequel to F.E.A.R., Project Origin has been delayed from November 2008 until Q'1 2009.

    PS3 Leipzig Trailers
    Heavy Rain from developers Quantic Dream is certain to be one of Sony's biggest titles in 2009, and it comes as no surprise that it was pushed hard with a stunning new trailer (made entirely from in-game footage we might add). Check out the Leipzig 08 trailer below:

    One of the new games announced by Sony at the Leipzig Convention this week was EyePet. It certainly looks entertaining, and takes virtual pets to a new level, but you'll be waiting at least a year to play it. Still, enjoy the video...

    August 22, 2008

      PS3 News
      The Playstation Store was updated today and the biggest addition is Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty which comes in at 3.2GB, and costs us here in Australia $AU23.95 and £9.99 in the UK. A Blu-Ray version will be released later in the year (no date yet). Other exciting bits include a 1.3GB demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and a National Geographic Safari Quiz Pack for Buzz! Quiz TV which is priced at $AU12.95 - dearer then previous packs which were $8.45 but with the same number of questions (500). Finally there are some other PSOne games and bits as well as a host of impressive Liepzig Convention videos.

    August 21, 2008

      Leipzig Games Convention News
      The Leipzig Game Show is on now in Germany and Sony have held their press conference. There were a few announcements which are summarized below:

      • Sony announced a new PSP - the PSP-3000. The unit will be the same size and weight as the current slim unit, but will have an improved screen which is brighter and handles more colours, as well as a built in microphone. The unit will launch on October 15th, and sell for 199 Euros (Australia has been confirmed for $AU299).
      • The 80GB PS3 will be released in Europe this week, a week ahead of schedule while Australia and New Zealand will still receive the system on August 28th.
      • Sony will release a 160GB PS3 on October 31st. The unit will cost 449 Euros and will include 70 Euros of bonus downloadable content (anyone want to guess LittleBigPlanet which is due out on that day as well!!). Sony Australia has confirmed this unit will not be released here.
      • Sony will be releasing an offical wireless keyboard for the Playstation 3.
      • Sony will be launching a streaming music service "Free of Charge" called Vidzone in the new year. In Q3 2009 Sony will launch a downloadable music service.
      • SingStar 3, with Michael Jackson and Barry Manilow, for PS3 is in development, 2.2 million songs downloaded so far, PS2 SingStar discs soon playable through PS3 SingStar, SingStar packs to be released on SingStore with 5 songs each - Queen the first pack in September, SingStar Disney is coming out for PS2 late this year and focuses on theme songs from Disney movies,
      • Sony Computer Entertainment has announced they will publish and distribute Sony Online Entertainment titles on the Playstation systems.
      • EyePet announced which uses the PSEye to have a virtual pet which you can interact with. Looked fun, but its not out for well over a year!! Why even bother Sony... Will it even be released. Where is Eyedentify? Where is The Getaway? Where is Afrika? So many unreleased/canned games.
      • Heavy Rain shown with realtime trailer, looked amazing. LittleBigPlanet was shown as well. The former is out in 2009, and the latter will be the biggest PS3 release this Christmas - or at least one of them.

    August 19, 2008

      Blu-Ray News
      Now this is so cool we couldn't pass it up. Reel DVD has announced that Thunderbirds will be released on Blu-Ray in December 2008. We do know that this set will include every single episode and will have a runtime of 1440 minutes as a result. We don't know the tech specs of the discs or details of any extras as yet but they should come through very soon. Thunderbirds are go, on Blu!

      PS3 News
      2K Games Australia has confirmed that NHL 2K9 will not be released in Australia or New Zealand this year on any format. Thank goodness PS3 enjoys region free games!

      PS3 Preview
      Tomb Raider: Underworld is, without a doubt, the most important game for Eidos this year. With only three months until release signs are positive for the latest Tomb Raider title to be a smash hit. In fact, this could quite possibly be the best game in the series - ever. We tell you what to expect.

    August 18, 2008

      PS3 News
      LucasArts has confirmed that they will be releasing a demo of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the Playstation Store on August 21st. The demo takes place in an early level in the TIE Fighter Construction Facility while there will also be a tutorial about how to use the Force Grip power.

      Electronic Arts has confirmed that they will be re-releasing Burnout Paradise on the Playstation Store later this year. The game will also include Trophy support - something which will be added to the disc-based game in the coming months via a patch. Electronic Arts have stated the game will sell for $US29.99, but have not confirmed if the release will be limited to America only. As one can imagine the game will be a pretty hefty download we suspect.

      Blu-Ray Review
      The Game Plan sees Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson back in a new movie, but this time it's Disney family friendly fare. Don't groan though, as this is a very entertaining movie which everyone will enjoy and it has been given a solid transfer to Blu-Ray as well.

    August 17, 2008

      PS3 News
      Atari has sent out a press release confirming Overlord II for release on the Playstation 3 in 2009. The game is currently in development at Triumph Studios and is the sequel to the just-release PS3 title (which we will be reviewing soon by the way!).

      As many of you are probably aware the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie has been delayed by Warner Brothers from November 2008 to July 17, 2009. As a result Electronic Arts has confirmed they are re-evaluating the release date of the game tie-in which was also set for November. Put this down as a certainty, the game will be delayed.

      Blu-Ray News
      Paramount has confirmed that Iron Man will be released as a 2-disc Blu-Ray set on October 9th 2009. The Blu-Ray version will be encoded at 1080p with English 5.1 Dolby True HD audio. The list of extras is extensive and includes deleted scenes, making of documentaries, trailers, BD-Live enabled Iron Man IQ (we don't know what it is, perhaps an online trivia game?), screen tests, and image galleries among others.

      PS3 Review
      Buzz! Quiz TV is one of the biggest releases on the Playstation 3 this year so far. Sony's trivia series is back, this time on the PS3. As well as online gameplay, Sony have released wireless controllers to go with the game. Is this as entertaining as the PS2 versions?

    August 16, 2008

      PS3 News
      Sony Australia has now confirmed that the 80GB Playstation 3 will go on sale in Australia on August 28th for $AU699. The system includes an upgraded Hard Drive from the current 40GB unit, but also the Dual Shock 3 controller instead of the Sixaxis.

      Sony Australia's Michael Ephraim has confirmed that Sony has now sold over 350,000 Playstation 3's in Australia.

      Those of you that have visited the Playstation Store late on Friday would have noticed that Siren: Blood Curse has now been made available to Australian's. The full game costs $AU49.95, while each of the 4 individual sections is $AU15.95 each. The game will also be released on Blu-Ray later in the year with some extras, but probably also a higher price.

      Also added to the store late Friday is Bionic Commando Rearmed which is also available for $15.95.

    August 14, 2008

      Olympic Rant...
      OK, so I'm going to rant. I'm pissed off. Channel 7 are the most inept, incompetent, bullshit, half-assed TV station in the world when it comes to the Olympic coverage. Why, for the love of god must the station not be content with showing the races once during the day when they're on live, but then replay each race several times, for the remainder of the day at the expense of other sports. I've seen about 2 minutes of sailing, no archery, no shooting - even when Michael Diamond was close to getting a medal, the odd quarter of basketball every now and then, no fencing, no volleyball, no handball. At the very least they could put a news ticker at the bottom with other scores. Now I'm a major sports fan. I'll watch almost anything, but the last two nights I've turned it off - right now I'm watching the AFL Footy Show. The worst thing is that so many others are being turned off by the number of ads being put in - hell in the Australian Hockey match the other day they put an ad break in 4 minutes from half time.

      As for SBS. They're doing a good job. I would love to see a bit more Australian coverage but I suspect their contract with Channel 7 does't allow it. It was great to see the entire Australia Vs Ivory Coast football match without ads every 5 minutes, and chunks of gametime missing. Without them I would have totally turned off these games by now. Thank god Channel 9 have the London Olympics in 2012, and we can be entertained with Sega's Beijing 2008.

      Blu-Ray News
      We've had a quick chat to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment today and confirmed that the next BD-Live enabled Blu-Ray disc will be the new 2-disc Casino Royale which is due out on November 5th. This release will include a host of new extras not found on the original release (which many early PS3 owners got in the mail via rebate).

      PS3 News
      The Playstation Store has been updated today and, as expected, Bionic Commando is missing. Europeans and Australians do get demos of Facebreaker, Monster Madness, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 as well as a host of Nascar 09 packs for a few dollars each and the PSOne classic Driver.

    August 13, 2008

      PS3 News
      Confirmation today that Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, the expansion pack, will weigh in at 2.3GB and is due for release on August 22nd. The good news is that European and Australian gamers will be able to purchase this on disc although as yet we're not sure if that disc will just be the expansion, or the full game. We also can't get a date or price from Sony as yet.

      Sony has confirme that PlayTV, the PVR recorder, will be released on September 19th for £69.99 in several countries including England. Australia is still looking like a December 2008 or, more likely, early 2009 release. Sony has confirmed that you can play games while recording TV at the same time. Woo Hoo!

      Blu-Ray Review
      Semi-Pro (2 Disc) is the latest Blu-Ray release from Village Roadshow. Comedian Will Farrell is back with his latest comedic cinematic effort. The problem is, this movie really isn't as funny as we expected. Still, we tell you if this 2-disc set is still worth checking out...

    August 12, 2008

      PS3 News
      Fallout 3 has been re-submitted to the OFLC and has been classified MA15+. While that may be good news we must point out that the game is a "Revised" version and we believe that much of the drug references have been removed. We have asked Australian distributers Red Ant for comment although it seems they may be tight lipped. At least the censored game will be released this year now.

      PS2 News
      Sony has submitted a new, unannounced, game for review at the OFLC. The game is SingStar Hottest Hits. Before you ask no we don't have a release date nor a tracklist. Expect it to be released in time for Christmas with a PG rating.

      PS3 Review
      Soul Calibur IV is yet another monster title released on the PS3 over the last couple of days. Indeed there has been much anticipation for this brawler from Bandai Namco. Previous games were tremendous, does this game stack up? You better believe it. Check out our full review for the details.

    August 11, 2008

      Site News
      Don't worry we haven't been swallowed into some abyss, but we have been swallowed into the Olympics hype. Despite Channel 7's coverage being the most piss poor presentation we have ever seen - "live every night", but the results are online already - we can't help but become engrossed. Fortunately SBS are doing a great job of providing coverage of more obscure and non-channel 7 friendly sports like Handball, Volleyball, and Soccer. We may be slower in updating Futuregamez over the next two weeks, but well keep bringing you the big news, and have plenty of big reviews lined up, with a certain music title today.

      PS3 News
      Idol Minds has confirmed that Trophies, and a new Amusement Park location, will be released for Pain on September 4th. Some, but not all of the trophies may be retro-active. This date is for America, but we are hopeful that the Trophies at least will be enabled worldwide on this date for this entertaining title.

      PS3 Review
      Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a game which most fans of this franchise would have been taking a close look at. The Guitar Hero franchise sells by the millions, but while previous games have included compilations of songs, this release focuses on a single band - Aerosmith. Here's a review of this latest title from Activision.

    August 10, 2008

      PS3 News
      Q-Games has confirmed that they will be releasing a patch for PixelJunk Monsters which will enable multiple difficulty levels. The game, and the expansion pack in particular, are pretty damn tough and this would certainly be welcome for more casual gamers. As for us, we only have 2 more levels in the Encore pack to go!

      Speaking to investors Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty 6 (or whatever it will be called) is targeting a late 2009 release. The game is currently in development at Infinity Ward who delivered to us Call of Duty 4.

    August 7, 2008

      PS3 News
      Another game has been patched today to enable Trophy support. That game is Buzz! Quiz TV (review soon). The patch is only 13Mb in size so make sure you add it now. Most of the trophies seem to be for completing a certain number (20, 50 etc) games or winning a certain number eg 5 online game.

      Electronic Arts has confirmed that The Godfather II will be released in February 2009. The game will be much more open-world then the original game.

      Electronic Arts have just released a patch for Battlefield: Bad Company which adds an all new online mode called Conquest. Get it if you deem it necessary. Actually we have the game and it's not too bad at all (don't expect a review though!).

      Blu-Ray Review
      Stargate: Continuum is a movie you will likely check out simply by the name and franchise alone. If you love Stargate then you should love this movie. If you're not a fan you may still want to check out this release as well. We've reviewed this latest Blu-Ray release from Fox and it managed to impress.

    August 5, 2008

      Site News
      Well we have some rather exciting news for you all today. Those of you who have been with us for a number of years, and I know there are a few of you, may rememeber Chris Gobbett who reviewed games for us over a number of years. Well after a couple of years off he is back and today he has sent through his first review, Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

      PS3 News
      Get out that copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune as Sony have just released Patch 1.01 (a 13MB download) which adds in Trophy support for the game. Trophies have the same goals as the Medals in the game, but you'll need to start all again as they aren't retro-active.

      Blu-Ray News
      Roadshow Entertainment released their Blu-Ray Schedule for the rest of the year, and there are some massive releases coming to the format.

        October 2 - The Mist, 1408
        October 16 - Sex & the City
        November 6 - March of the Penguins, Oceans 11, Oceans 12, Swordfish, Training Day, Halloween (2-disc)
        November 13 - Get Smart
        December 4 - Matrix Trilogy Box Set (each movie will be seperate as well), The Wrong Man, The Wedding Crashers, Austin Powers Goldmember, Death Proof, Planet Terror, Constantine
        December 10 - Speed Racer

      Anchor Bay has confirmed that they will be releasing Dead Space: Downfall on Blu-Ray on October 31st 2008. The release ties in to the upcoming Electronic Arts game Dead Space and should be a great tie-in to the game.

      While on the topic of Blu-Ray releases we've been in touch with distributers Reel today to confirm that Dark City: Director's Cut will be released in Australia on 2/10/2008. The disc will include audio commentaries, a fact track, metropolis comparison, and more.

      PS3 Review
      Enemy Territory Quake Wars is a game which action fans have been quite keen to check out. After a couple of years soul searching reviewer Chris Gobbett has returned to Futuregamez. His first task was to review this game, but it wasn't the best game to start off with really...

    August 4, 2008

      PS3 News
      Sony Australia has confirmed that Siren: Blood Curse is still awaiting approval from the OFLC. When it gets passed, hopefully, we should see the game released online, and hopefully on disc later in the year.

      Blu-Ray Review
      Juno was a surprise hit at the cinemas early this year and 20th Century Fox are releasing the movie on Blu-Ray. Is it worth picking up on Blu-Ray? Check out our review to find out what we think of the movie, and this release.

    August 3, 2008

      Australian Games Industry News
      And now, ladies and gentlemen, for something completely ridiculous.. While I don't watch the ABC1 TV show called Q&A several readers did a week or so ago when the topic of game censorship came up. What followed was one of the most abysmal conversations ever with Heather Ridout, Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, proclaiming that "Grand Theft Auto was one of the most famous games that seemed to turn everyone into a car thief". Are you shitting me! Senator Nick Xenophon continues by claiming that psychologists have looked into game violence and confirmed that it triggers violence in the real world. Then the real kicker, the host of the topic proclaims that "there isn't a rating system on video games, there is on videos". Sadly the panel then agrees there should be ratings on games. Then we get Senator Barnaby Joyce who compared potential R rated games to snuff movies, talks about avatars going out to rape people (where did that come from!?) These people are apparently the leaders of our community, and two of them even elected! Check out the video. It's abysmal and probably explains why we can't get a R18+ rating for games here.

      Fortunately it's not all bad as we have seen one of the most impressive articles about an R18+ rating pop up on the ABC site. Check it out here.

    August 2, 2008

      PS3 News
      Well Gran Turismo TV has been updated and as promised there are some videos for you to download. The videos (Which cost $US0.99 for the first two weeks) cost a little more here in Australia at $AU1.75 (Sony - do you need a conversion calculator?). Perhaps more disappointing is that a) the Top Gear videos are split into two parts, so you're actually paying $US3, or $AU3.50 per episode and b) the videos are only viewable for 14 days from the download. Still, there's some good stuff here worth having a look at and the videos will continue to download while you're playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue!

      Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan during 2009. A demo of the game will be included on the Blu-Ray edition of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in March 2009. This Blu-Ray release will include 30 extra minutes in the movie as well as new HD trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the PSP game Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

      2K Games has released their final box art for Bioshock in America and the one big alteration over an earlier (leaked) version is that the Home Logo has now been removed. Delays for the service, or just a precaution? Time will tell.

      Sony Japan has confirmed that LittleBigPlanet will be released in Japan on October 30. Europe and America will see a release on, or just before that date.