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January 31, 2008

    PS3 News
    Sony has revised their Playstation 3 sales targets down from 11 million to 9.5 million units for the year, despite strong third-quarter sales of 4.9 million consoles. On a brighter note the company has turned in a profit of JPY12.9 billion ($AU135 million) this year compared to a loss of JPY54.2 billion ($AU569 million) last year.

    TO finish off the month we thought we'd update a preview of one of our most anticipated games in early 2008. That game is Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. The game has a great developer, and has been given plenty of time to be polished off. Check out our preview now.

January 29, 2008

    PS3 News
    Turok is one game that we're getting more and more excited about every day with the release set for February 7th. THe game will receive a patch on the first day though with a feature actually being removed from the game! Basically it will take out a challenge where you are to kill a teammate in online matches. Not a big issue really. More exciting for PS3 owners is the news that the patch will enable rumble support as well as 1080i graphics.

    Not really big news, but 2K Games and developers Firaxis have confirmed that Civilization Revolution will no longer be released on Nintedo Wii, which leaves the game as an XBox 360 and PS3 exclusive (well, OK, Nintendo DS too). The PSP version was put on hold some time ago as well.

    Last week a game by the name of PixelJunk Monsters was released on the Playstation Store for the great price of $AU8.45. We must say that after playing it for numerous hours this is one of the most addictive and enjoyable realtime strategy games we've ever played. Sure, it's basic, and the graphics are simplistic but I defy you not to get value out of this game.

    Blu-Ray News
    Those lovely folk at 20th Century Fox sent over their latest release schedules, and there are some pretty big Blu-Ray releases coming out in the coming months. February 6th will see the release of 28 Weeks Later, Edward Scissorhands, The Marine, Species and Sunshine. While there may not be too much there to get you overly excited, March promises to be entirely different with several big titles due out. March 19 will see the release of Pathfinder, Master and Commander, Day After Tomorrow, Indepenence Day and the MGM titles (which Fox distribute) Ronin and Robocop.

    Another day and another nail goes into the HD-DVD coffin with Woolworths in Europe confirming they are dropping support for the format from March with Blu-Ray apparently outselling the rival High-Def format by a factor of up to 10:1. We wonder how long it will take similar companies to make a similar step in Australia as well... The sooner this stupid format war ends the better.

January 28, 2008

    Site/Holiday News
    Well we hope you had a great Australia Day long weekend. My wife and I headed up to the Sunshine Coast for a few days and went to Australia Zoo on Australia Day itself. It was a bittersweet day as the last time we went up there Steve Irwin passed away only a week or so earlier and we only dropped in to pay our respects. This time we had a great day at the zoo (John Williamson who sang at Steve's memorial was there performing for 45 minutes as well!) and I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't been do so, it's a great day. Anyway we're back from holidays so we'll resume normal updates again.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Surf's Up is coming out on DVD, and more importantly Blu-Ray, on the 30th. To be honest we weren't too keen to check out this movie as the trailers didn't excactly generate much interest. While we didn't expect much from this movie we actually walked away quite impressied. A review.

January 25, 2008

    PS3 News
    Finally, after much speculation, and some delays we now have a release date for Grand Theft Auto IV locked down. Rockstar Games has confirmed that the game will see a simultaneous worldwide release on April 29 2008.

January 24, 2008

    PS3 News
    Activision Australia has confirmed that Devil May Cry 4 will see the demo released on the Playstation Store on February 1, almost a week after the XBox 360 demo. We have to say that we're a bit disappointed that the demo won't be ready, but we suspect (as seems to be the case on most occasions) that the delay is due to Sony taking their time to approve the demo.

    Ubisoft released their financial report today and the company has exceeded expectations thanks to massive sales of Assassin's Creed. What was interesting, and disappointing, though was the news that Haze from developers Free Radical Design won't be released this quarter, but will be pushed into Ubisoft's next financial year (April 2008 to March 2009). We don't expect the delay to be too lengthy as the game was close to complete last year, but any time to make this (timed) PS3 exclusive as impressive as possible will be most welcome.

    Another franchise which Ubisoft confirmed would see more releases was Prince of Persia. An next-gen version has been long rumoured, and it now looks like Christmas 2008 is a strong bet for the game.

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the listing for Splinter Cell: Conviction on Game was indeed an error. We're still not so convinced given that Ubisoft tend to release on multiple platforms, but until they confirm otherwise we'll keep Conviction off the PS3 release schedules.

    Well THQ have bitten the bullet, and finally confirmed that Frontlines: Fuel of War has been canned on the Playstation 3. Sadly it seems that the cause is the Unreal Engine 3 which, while complete now, came too late for the game to be developed.

    PS3 News
    THQ has confirmed that Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed has been canned for the Playstation 2. Not only that but the company has confirmed that they won't be releasing any more games in the Juiced or Stuntman series. While previous games sold in moderate numbers, they don't seem to be big enough to warrant more sequels. A shame on both counts.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Underworld is a movie that tends to divide people. I can't say that I am a big fan myself, but with the Extended version of the movie on this disc we decided to have a look. As well as a great transfer this disc is packed with a brilliant documentary which runs for well over 2 hours itself. If you like this movie we have to recommend this disc.

January 23, 2008

    Industry News
    So what do you get when you have a hit franchise on your hands? Well if you're Activision then sales of your Guitar Hero games would have not topped $US1 billion, excluding downloadable songs. When you work out how many more copies have been sold around the world thats a big franchise in anyones terms. Now, if they would release more downloadable songs in Australia then we would actually be happy!

    PS3 News
    Funtastic has confirmed that Turok will be released here on February 7th, around a week earlier then expected. The game is shaping up very well indeed and is quickly rising to the top of our most wanted game list so keep an eye out for it, with the demo due to hit the Australian Playstation Store soon.

    Acording to this article on Games Radar PS3 owners will not be seeing a release for God of War 3 until Christmas 2009 at the earliest. Unfortunately Games Radar doesn't quote a source for the news so take it with a grain of salt. Then again, I'll give the developers as much time as they need on this one...

    Activision has confirmed that Soldier of Fortune Payback now has a release date of March 5th in Australia. As many of you may be aware the game was initially Refused Classification by the OFLC, but a revised (less blood, removed dismemberment) version was rated MA15+. The game will go on sale for the cheaper price of $AU79.95.

    Activision has confirmed that Kung Fu Panda will be released on the Playstation 3 (as well as PS2, but not PSP by the looks of things) in Q'2 2008. The game is based on the upcoming animated movie which, we must add, looks pretty entertaining.

    Another one to add to the rumour list with UK retailers GAME listing Splinter Cell: Conviction for release on the PS3 early this year. The page seems to have been removed, but could the title confirmed as 360 exclusive soon be changing to multi-platform? Let's hope.

    PS2 News
    Konami has finally confirmed that the retailer listings for Silent Hill Origins on the PS2 are true and that the game is being ported from the PSP to that system for release this year. As yet a release date has not been locked in.

    PS2 Preview
    Sega Superstars Tennis could very well be one of the most entertaining games early this year. Sega, and developers Sumo Digital, are set to unleash a new tennis title on PS2, and it looks very entertaining with many of Sega's most loved characters (including Sonic, Nights and Ulala) taking to the court.

January 22, 2008

    PS3 News
    Over the last couple of days rumours have started to grow that THQ's very impressive looking Frontlines: Fuel of War has been canned on the PS3. THQ has confirmed that this is not the case with the game only being delayed until later in the year.

    Sony has confirmed that NBA 08 will be released here on both PS3 and PS2 on February 14th - a little earlier then we were expecting, but we're not going to complain.

    Time Crisis 4 has been pushed back to an April release in Australia. The light-gun game is highly anticipated as it now adds a FPS mode where you also control character movement.

January 21, 2008

    PS3 News
    Wondering when the demo of Turok will hit the European (and probably Australian) Playstation Store? Well pencil in February 7th. The demo was released on the American store recently and, should you have the means to download it, we suggest you do so as this looks like a pretty entertaining game.

    Blu-Ray News
    The world moves in mysterious ways... at least the movie studios do. In America Paramount has confirmed that the movie Beowulf will be a HD-DVD exclusive (due to their deal with Toshiba which may or may not end before the end of the contract). Bad news for Blu-Ray fans right? Well, not if you live in Australia you see Warner Brothers have the distribution rights here and, as you may well know, that company will very soon be Blu-Ray exclusive. So Austrlians will now be seeing the movie on Blu-Ray on April 9th. Beowulf will still be released here on HD-DVD three weeks later on April 30th.

January 20, 2008

    Blu-Ray Review
    Superbad: 2-Disc Badass Extended Edition is due out this week on Blu-Ray in Australia. The movie was a massive hit in 2007, both critically and commercially, and Sony Pictures have delivered the goods on this Blu-Ray release. We've done up our full review for you to check out. Then again, just go buy it.

January 19, 2008

    PS3 News
    One of the biggest, most kick-ass, abilities set to come to the PS3 during 2008 is the ability to use the system as a PVR, that is, a system to record and playback TV. Anyway there's a pretty awesome clip explaining the system, and even how simple it will be to set up and use on Youtube; linked below. Enjoy. As yet there is no release date or price.

    Blu-Ray News
    Well with a bit of time to spare I decided to do up the Blu-Ray Release Schedule Page. The name says it all really, but there have been some pretty big additions including Independence Day, Life of Brian, and Rush Hour 3. Sunshine and Resident Evil Extinction are both listed for release on February 13 as well, and will both be the first Profile 1.1 discs released in Australia.

    PS3 Preview
    Beijing 2008 is, as you have probably guessed, the official game of the 2008 Beijing Olympics which will take place in August this year. Sega has the licence to develop the video games and they have just released the first screenshots and details about the game. How does 35 events and online gameplay sound to you?

January 18, 2008

    PS3 News
    We can't deny that we absolutely love SingStar on the Playstation 3. At least we did initially but out enthusiam is plummeting pretty fast. We were promised a great online service - it keeps failing and falling over. We were promised fortnightly songs in SingStore - we've had one pretty pathetic update since the game launched on December 6. Sony have addressed the issue with the following statement on ThreeSpeech. In short, we're still not impressed. Where are the HD video clips? Why the hell are half the songs either complete shit we've never heard of, or songs already on our PS2 discs? Sony you have a gem of a game here, but you're seriously going to have to get your asses into gear to make this the title it should be. Anyway here's what they had to say...

      'SingStar fans have been asking when the SingStore will be populated with more songs.
      Our original vision, as outlined in early preview coverage of SingStar, was to have more than 350 songs available on the SingStore.
      We are working hard to increase the volume of content as quickly as possible. Eighteen new tracks will be live in the SingStore from 18th January (15 English and 3 Spanish tracks) including songs from KT Tunstall, David Bowie and Blur. This will be followed by an update the week of 4th February, including tracks from The Editors and MC Hammer, and we will be updating the SingStore with new content twice monthly thereafter.
      Thanks for your ongoing support.'

    Ubisoft have released their first developer diary for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on Youtube. This video focuses on the all-new character evolution throughout the game, combining the “Persistant Elite Creation” concept from the first game’s multiplayer mode and expanding this into a full-blown levelling-up system in all gameplay modes for the sequel. Players can now level their character up offline before taking them online against other players.

January 17, 2008

    PS3 News
    According to the games mini-sites Capcom will be releasing a demo of Devil May Cry 4 on the Playstation Store on January 31st. We're not sure of which territories that relates to, but whichever it appears on we're sure you'll find out how to get your hands on it.

    Some great news for puzzle game fans with Sony Japan confirming that Echochrome is coming out in that territory on March 19, with the American and European release expected pretty soon after during Q'2 2008.

    AFA Interactive, who distribute for D3 in Australia, has confirmed that Dark Sector is now expected to be released on March 28th, and for the very tempting price of $AU99.95 (hooray for someone not screwing us over with these $119.95 bullshit prices!). We will have a preview of the very exciting looking action title up soon.

    Atari has confirmed that Alone in the Dark will be released in May on PS2, Wii, XBxox 360 and PC. How does that make it into the PS3 news? Well that format was missing from the list, so the release is expected to be release after May now. Sigh...

    PSP Review
    SWAT: Target Liberty was announced last year and was a bit of a surprise actually. Sierra's SWAT titles on the PC have a large and loyal following and provide some of the best shoot 'em up action seen in game form. It was a surprise to hear that the franchise was heading to PSP, but it has undergone a bit of a change to a Isometric viewpoint. Michael has played through the game and tells us if it is actually worth your time.

January 16, 2008

    PS3 News
    Sony has confirmed that, contrary to reports, there will not be a Firmware update in January for the PS3, and those images doing the rounds showing in-game XMB are actually a fake. Want to see Bioshock on the Playstation 3? Well it may be happening as 2K Boston have several jobs listed on their web site and in particular they are looking for people with PS3 development experience. You can check out their jobs page here.

    PS3 Preview
    Conflict: Denied Ops is a game which action fans will want to check out in a couple of weeks when it hit shelves. Pivotal Games are back with a fifth game in their Conflict series, but this time it's heading to the Playstation 3. We give you the details and screenshots to drool over.

January 15, 2008

    PS3 News
    Anyone awaiting Resistance 2. Well you won't be alone and you can be very happy in the knowledge that the game has now been officially announced for release in late 2008. Yet again you play the role of Nathan Hale, but this time the battle is taking place in America. Some of the more interesting facts include 60-player online support, 8-player online co-op gameplay, and three classes of soldier; heavy, special ops and medic. Expect more news soon.

    Those of you looking for release dates, previews or just interested to see what is coming out this year on the PS3 may be interested in checking our our (very) updated PS3 Preview & Release Schedule.

    PS3 Preview
    Civilization Revolution sees the greatest strategy game of all time on the PC heading to consoles for the first time, and the PS3 is a target platform. This isn't a straight port though with much attention being lavished upon this overdue console version.

January 14, 2008

    PS3 News
    Both Nintendo and Sony have been slapped with a lawsuit from US-based Copper Innovations Group in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania which alleges that both companies have infringed on their patent 'Hand Held Computer Input Apparatus and Method' which pertains to connection of wireless controllers to a system. Interestingly Microsoft has not been listed as having infringed upon the patent.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Hollow Man is one of Paul Verhoeven's worst movies, but you wouldn't know that from the quality of this transfer from Sony Pictures. We give you the low-down on this upcoming Blu-Ray release and tell you if its worth your hard earned cash.

January 12, 2008

    PS3 News
    Over the Christmas break Square-Enix released a trailer for Star Ocean IV. That video has made it onto Youtube and you can see it below. Impressive, but rather brief. As yet release dates and platforms have not been announced, but the PS3 is a pretty strong bet.

    PS3 Preview
    Sega Superstars Tennis could very well be one of the most entertaining online games early this year. Sega, and developers Sumo Digital, are set to unleash a new tennis title on PS3, and it looks very entertaining with many of Sega's most loved characters (including Sonic, Nights and Ulala) taking to the court.

January 11, 2008

    PS3 News
    Red Ant has confirmed that Ferrari Challenge has been pushed back from February 7, 2008 to an unspecified March 2008 release.

    Red Ant has also confirmed was the news that Blacksite has been pushed back from February 15 to February 28.

January 10, 2008

    PS3 News
    Sony America have, yet again, confirmed that the XMB (Cross Media Bar) will be accesable from within games on the PS3 during 2008. Sadly they were not able to give a date any more accurate then this year.

    Namco Bandai released a new trailer today for Soul Calibur IV with one massive surprise - the inclusion of Darth Vader and Yoda as playable characters. You read that right, two of the most loved Star Wars characters of all time will be in the game. But they won't be together, or at least we think not anyway. Playstation 3 owners will get Darth Vader, while XBox 360 owners will be playing with Yoda.

    Sony Japan has confirmed they are going to cease the 20GB and 60GB Playstation 3 units in Japan this month with the final shipments going to hit stores soon. That will only leave the 40GB unit for sale in Japan, although we certainly have our suspicions that Sony will be releasing some new models in the near future most likely with a bigger hard drive.

    PS3 Preview
    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue didn't, as you are probably aware, make it to Australian stores by Christmas as Sony promised. The game is out in Japan and after a hands-on playtest we're mighty impressed. We give you some screenshots and the details of this pretty big demo of what will be a stunning racing game when it eventually hits the shelves.

January 9, 2008

    PS3 Preview
    The Club could be one of the best games due out in 2008. Bizarre Creations are putting the finishing touches on this third person blast-fest. With a release only a couple of weeks away now there's just enough time to give you all the details as well as some very sexy screenshots.

January 8, 2008

    PS3 News
    Electronic Arts have sent us through their latest release schedule and it had one or two interesting things to note. The first is that NFL Tour is scheduled for release in Australia on February 7, while Burnout Paradise has been pushed back a couple of weeks from January 23 to February 14.

    Blu-Ray News
    While the Consumer Electronics Show has been pretty quiet (at least compared to the Warner Brothers bombshell a few days ago) one other tidbit to come out was that the Playstation 3 will, in a future update be Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 compliant. This profile adds the ability for Blu-Ray movies to connect to the Internet and download content as well as having 1GB permanent storage (which is easy with the PS3's HDD). The only thing we still want is decoding of DTS-HD Master Audio to PCM internally on the PS3, or passing all audio codecs via bitstream to a receiver. C'mon Sony - Playstation 3 is now starting to fall behind in the most desirable Blu-Ray player on the market due to this single omission. Fix it!

    Well the dust over Warner Brothers decision to go Blu-Ray hasn't settled. In fact it now appears, according to the Financial Times, that Paramount may have had an escape clause in their contract with HD-DVD stating that if a major studio (Read: Warner Brothers) changes to Blu-Ray exclusive then they have an out. At this stage Paramount have stated they are firmly committed to HD-DVD, however if financiers start to realise the war is over we have to ask if they can sit out the lucritive 2008 Christmas season. You can see the original article here.

    PS3 Preview
    Golden Axe: Beast Rider sees the return of one of our most beloved arcade games from many moons ago. This isn't a straight port, nor even a slight update, but an entirely new game set in the Golden Axe universe. Details are still a little scarce, but we've given you what we can so enjoy - and look forward to much more soon.

January 7, 2008

    PSP News
    PSP Slim owners are in luck as Sony have officially announced one of the worse kept secrets in recent times - Skype is headed to the PSP. This IP based phone service offers dirt cheap calls thanks to the wonders of the Internet. The only problem though is that PSP Fat owners are going to be out of luck as for reasons undisclosed Skype will not work on our oversized systems. Now that sucks balls.

    PS3 Preview
    Dynasty Warriors 6 is the latest game in Koei's long running series. The power of the PS3 offers new gameplay elements, improved visuals and, well, even more hack and slash action. We give you some details and some screenshots from this latest title which is due in March.

    Blu-Ray News
    Well Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have detailed their plans for Blu-Ray releases in the first half of 2008, and there's a few crackers. We've ripped out some of the important parts for Australia but the highlights of the press release include:

      For the first time ever, WDSHE will begin releasing its treasured animated classics on Platinum Edition Blu-ray Disc(TM) launching with Sleeping Beauty in the fall of 2008. Taking advantage of the numerous technological advancements of the Blu-ray format, these all time favorites have been revitalized to include exceptional high-definition picture and sound quality and compelling interactive content such as virtual games, full motion picture-in-picture and online shopping capabilities via BD-Live broadband connection.

      Sleeping Beauty will be WDSHE's first Platinum Edition Blu-ray Disc and will feature a Virtual Castle, utilizing the new BD-Live technology, as well as the interactive game Maleficent's Challenge which puts viewers face-to-face with one of Disney's greatest villains. Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray Disc will also feature an all-new enhanced home theater mix in 7.1 surround sound.

      Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo Blu-ray Disc will debut the first Cine-Explore featuring full motion picture-in-picture (BonusView). This interactive visual commentary with director Andrew Stanton, co-writer Bob Peterson and co-director Lee Unkrich allows the viewer to dive deeper into the making of Finding Nemo without ever leaving the film. For kids and families, there is the all-new BD-Java enabled learning mode "Mr. Ray's Ed-venture." Hosted by Dory, Marlin and of course Mr. Ray, viewers will learn all about sea life and have the opportunity to earn stickers for their virtual sticker book by answering "quizlettes" while watching the movie. Viewers can also go to their sticker book at any time and create their own scene. Finding Nemo will also feature an all-new enhanced home theater mix in 7.1 surround sound.

      In Europe/Australia, WDSHE will roll out Blu-ray Discs in 2008 beginning with The Recruit (Touchstone Pictures) in January; and Dark Water (Touchstone Pictures) in February; Underdog (Walt Disney Pictures) and Starsky & Hutch (Buena Vista) in February; Coyote Ugly (Touchstone Pictures) and The Rookie (Walt Disney Pictures) in March; Hidalgo (Touchstone Pictures) and Gone Baby Gone (Miramax) in April; Signs (Touchstone Pictures), There Will Be Blood (Miramax), Shall We Dance (Miramax), Ladder 49 (Touchstone Pictures), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Walt Disney Pictures) and National Treasure: Collector's Edition (Walt Disney Pictures) in May; and The Game Plan (Walt Disney Pictures) and Unbreakable (Touchstone Pictures) in summer 2008.

January 6, 2008

    Blu-Ray News
    Oh how we love Michael 'Transformers' Bay. Remember how pissed he was when Paramount went HD-DVD exclusive meaning everyone with Blu-Ray players couldn't see Transformers for 18 months, then made a retraction (who held the gun to his head?). Well he has now passed comment on Warner Brothers siding with Blu-Ray, and it's another Bay classic from his forums (which you can read here).

      "Well another studio down. Maybe I was right? Blu ray is just better. HD will die a slow death. It's what I predicted a year ago. Now with Warner's down for the count with Blu Ray. That makes it easier for Wal-Mart to push Blu Ray. And whatever Wal-Mart pushes - wins. Hd better start giving out those $120 million dollars checks to stay alive. Maybe they can give me some so I can give it to my Make-A-Wish charity, just to shut me up. Have faith people Transformers will come out in Blu-ray one day! Bay"

    Blu-Ray Review
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder is a Blu-Ray disc which we were keen to see here at Indeed while the second in the Bruce Willis franchise is arguably the weakest in the series, it remains an entertaining movie. Fox have released it on Blu-Ray and we've taken a look.

January 5, 2008

    Blu-Ray News
    Today is a landmark occasion for the High-Def format war - or should that be the end of it. Warner Brothers has today confirmed that from June 1 2008 the company will exclusively support Blu-Ray, with HD-DVD to be dropped from their schedules on May 31. According to Warner Brothers they took no pay-off for the change in stance (unlike Paramount/Dreamworks) but that the change was made 'to ensure growth of the "category" and the long-term health of the industry'. That doesn't leave HD-DVD with much at all - Paramount and Dreamworks have their 18 month deal which will expire in around a years time, and Universal whose HD-DVD releases while large in number have often be criticised for quality issues. Our advice, as we have been saying for a year, buy a Playstation 3 not only for the games, but as the best High-Def movie player as well - it's a sure thing.

    What makes this announcement quite amazing is that Toshiba and the HD-DVD Promo Group have just had to scrap their Sunday pre-CES conference. They were apparently only notified of Warner Brothers decision rather recently and you now bet that Sony and the Blu-Ray camp will be shouting this news all over the CES show next week. What will Universal and a couple of other smaller HD-DVD supporting studios (including Warner Brothers subsidiaries New Line and HBO) do now? Well we're betting it won't be long before they start releasing on the Blu-Ray side too. Stay tuned.

January 4, 2008

    PS3 News
    Some great news for FPS fans with Ubisoft today announcing that Far Cry 2 will be heading to the Playstation 3 during their fiscal year 2008/2009 (which is April 2008 to March 2009). The game, which has previously been announced for PC, is currently in development at Ubisoft's Montreal studio.

    While American Playstation 3 owners got a decent update in the store today with a demo of NFL Tour as well as add-on packs for Rock Band, Need for Street ProStreet and Guitar Hero III European and Australian gamers were left with little. Snakeball appeared on the Australian Store this week, Folklore received the expansion Fear in the Night Pack for $AU3.45 and the Final Trailer for Devil May Cry 4. Apparently the light update was due to Sony staff having the Christmas/New Years break off - which is fair.

    PS3 Preview
    Ferrari Challenge isn't a game which has received a lot of coverage as yet as System 3 have kept the game under wraps until very recently. With the game due out in a matter of weeks we though we'd have a look. Could this Ferrari branded game become a benchmark racer on the Playstation 3? Well time will tell, but so far we're impressed.

January 3, 2008

    PS3 News
    Christophe Balestra, Vice President of Naughty Dog, has confirmed that planning for a sequel to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is underway and development should commence soon. If you haven't played, or bought, the original we certainly suggest you do so.

    THQ has confirmed that they have secured the rights to develop games based on the upcoming movie Wall•E. The game will, as you can probably guess, be released on every platform on the planet, and is currently in development at Heavy Iron Studios.

    PS3 Review
    Lair has been a showcase title for Sony and developer Factor 5 for quite some time now with the motion controls being heavily promoted. Does it live up to the hype? Michael has played through the game and gives us his thoughts - and if you're thinking about getting the game you may want to check this out.

January 2, 2008

    PS3 News
    Well we missed this last week, but the Playstation Store was updated with a couple of neat items. The first is an upgrade for Super Stardust HD as well as a demo of the game. As many of you know this won our downloadable title of 2007 and we certainly recommend you try it. Another item placed on the store was a demo for Sega's upcoming action title The Club. It weighs in at a heft 1.7GB, and while we haven't tried it ourselves believe it's worth the download for those keen to check out this February release.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Mr & Mrs Smith sees Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie team up in this entertaining movie about a marriage that isn't quite what it seems - at least to each other. Fox have provided a decent video and audio transfer and a couple of extras. Here's our review of this Blu-Ray disc which hits shelves this week.

    Die Hard is one of the greatest action movies and you can now buy it on Blu-Ray. This disc includes a transfer that certainly looks better then the DVD releases, as well as several extras including a couple of audio commentaries but is this disc worthy of a purchase? Here's our full review.

January 1, 2008

    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 3
    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 3 is the final part of the awards. Here we give you the best graphics and sound for each platform (PS2, PS3 and PSP) and then the big one; the Game of the Year 2007. Can you pick the winner? Will we surprise you? Make sure you let us know what you think!

December 31, 2007

    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 2
    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 2 see the continuation of our awards, and this time we look at the best games in each of the major categories including music, strategy, RPG, action, shooter and so on. There may be a few surprises you weren't expecting here so make sure you check out the second part of our awards now.

December 29, 2007

    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 1
    2007 Futuregamez Awards Part 1 is the first part (of three) of the awards this year. In this first part we look at the biggest surprises and disappointments of 2007, best Blu-Ray discs in terms of video, audio, extras and overall, best multi-player games, arcade ports, peripherals and companies of 2007.