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July 31, 2007

    PS3 News
    According to online reports the Playstation Store in Europe will receive another demo this Friday. It's not a Sony title though, but rather a demo of Ubisoft's upcoming Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. If this is indeed true this is exciting news - let's just hope there's more gameplay then Sony's recent Heavenly Sword demo which seemed to be over in quarter the time it took to download it!

    Codemasters has denied rumours that Triumph Studios are porting Overlord to the PS3. The reason for the excitement is that the developers are looking for a new employee with the abilities of "Porting X360/PC code base to PS3".

    According to reports Sony has recalled MediEvil on the Playstation Store. Apparently the game crashes when in the third level. Sony are working on a fix, and those that have already downloaded the game will be able to re-download the title for free.

    Those of you looking forward to John Woo Presents Stranglehold on the PS3 will be sad to hear that, in America at least, the game has been delayed from late August to September 17th. The game was expected in Australia on September 6th, but may also face delays now. As yet Midway haven't announced the reason for the delay - we guess if it's related to the inclusion of Hard Boiled on the Blu-Ray disc it may not affect Australia as we're not getting that kick-ass movie as a freebie sadly.

    PSP Review
    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is a fantastic PSP title - and worthy of being in every gamers collection. The graphics are superb, it sounds wonderful, the gameplay is engrossing and the game, with all the extras and challenges, is quite lengthy. Another fantastic PSP title from Sony and new developers High Impact Games.

July 30, 2007

    PS3 Review
    The Darkness has been delayed several times but its here now and we can tell you it's a cracker of a game. Starbreeze Studios, the same company behind Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay have a fantastic game engine and have combined that with a solid comic-book storyline. Here's our full review.

July 29, 2007

    PS3 Preview
    Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is going to be one of the big titles this Christmas for Sony. Insomniac Games have already one PS3 hit with Resistance but now their turning to their big franchise. This looks like a stunning next-gen title. Here's an early look.

    PS3 News
    According to Michael Shorrock, the Director of 3rd Party Relations at SCEA, Rockstar Games are developing an entirely new and exclusive franchise for the PS3. As yet no details have been announced but the game is not the previously announced L.A. Noir. This is a big coup for Sony who are struggling with a lack of exclusive titles, and the news that the PS3 will not receive the bonus missions on GTA IV.

    Well we've seen Lego Star Wars titles and next year we'll be seeing Lego Batman. Could it ever get any cooler then that? Well yes it can. The next major franchise to get the Lego treatment is none of then the Fedoras man himself - Indiana Jones. That's right Lego Indiana Jones is heading to consoles in 2008 - our guess is that it will appear right around the next movie next May. Did you know they were making Indiana Jones 4 with Harrison Ford back, Steven Spielberg directing and George Lucas producing? Exciting stuff.

    Blu-Ray News
    Some more great news for Blu-Ray supporters with Target in America announcing that they will stock Blu-Ray titles exclusively. This is another nail in the HD-DVD coffin - the one thing that could accelerate, and virtually end this stupid format war would be the support of Universal on Blu-Ray. Let's hope that happens soon so movie studios can focus their efforts on one format. Until that happens there will always be two formats sadly with Universal holding many 'key' franchises such as Jurassic Park, The Mummy, and The Fast and the Furious to name a few more recent hits.

    PSP News
    Great news for action fans today with Syphon Filter: Loganís Shadow confirmed to be using the PS3's newly unlocked 333Mhz CPU speed. Previously all titles have had a maximum of 266Mhz. This extra 25% of CPU power is certain to push games on the platform to even greater levels.

July 28, 2007

    PS3 News
    Some great news today for action fans with Red Ant finally confirming a release date for John Woo Presents Stranglehold now set for release on September 6th, while Midway's Blacksite: Area 51 is now set for release on October 25th in Australia. Interestingly semi-official PS3 blog site Three Speech has suggested that Blacksite: Area 51 will be released in Europe on September 14th?

    Namco has confirmed that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online will be released on the Playstation Store in Japan on August 1st. As yet dates outside Japan have not been announced.

    One title which we have been a little concerned about getting past the OFLC unscathed was Atari's Clive Barker's Jericho. Well the good news is that tht title has passed the OFLC and has been awarded an MA15+ rating with the advice "Strong horror violence, Coarse language". The game is due out in Australia on October 5th.

July 27, 2007

    PS3 News
    The Playstation Store has updated today and the big addition is that of a demo for Heavenly Sword. It's a freebie but weighs in at a hefty 996Mb - still we think it's worth it to see one of the biggest games months before release. The Playstation Store also has Crash 2, Spyro 2, and Medievil available for only $AU8.45 each as well as videos for Resident Evil 5 (which we must say is jaw dropping) and Haze as well as trailers for Open Season and Talledega Night on Blu-Ray. All-in-all an impressive week.

    North American gamers will be peased to heard that there is now an update available for the very impressive downloadable game Gripshift. The free update for new and current players are being implemented into the North American version making it significantly easier and faster for players to get around the game. Additional improvements are being made around the leaderboards making the accomplishment of getting high scores more rewarding. European and Australian gamers need not worry as the version we bought online in March already had these features enabled/added. There is no need for us to get this update (and hence why it isn't on our Stores!)

July 26, 2007

    Industry News
    Sega has set up an office in Australia and will now handle the distribution of their titles in the territory. The office will see Darren Macbeth as Managing Director after holding the same position at Ubisoft Australia and New Zealand for several years. What will this mean for Australian gamers? Well THQ will no longer distribute the titles obviously, and we can only hope for better coverage for upcoming titles (not that THQ were doing a bad job in our opinion anyway!).

    According to reports Ubisoft are close to finalising a deal with NBC to develop a game based on the hit TV series Heroes. It is believe the deal may be announced at Comic-con in America in the next couple of days. As yet no details, platforms, dates or other specifics have been announced.

    Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be developing a game based on James Cameron's next movie called Avatar. We don't have any specifics as yet but the movie is set to be one of the biggest to date when it hits cinemas in May 2009.

July 25, 2007

    PS3 News
    A couple of release dates from Atari Australia today - and most gamers will be pretty happy. First of all Colin McRae Dirt has been set for September 21st, Clive Barker's Jericho has been pushed back a little until October 5, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is set for November 2, and Hellboy is now scheduled for release in November.

    Funtastic has confirmed that Turok will not be released in Australia until Q'1 2008.

    PS3 Preview
    The Eye of Judgement is an interesting, and unique, title for the PS3. Using the new PSEye (which we believe will be out a couple of weeks before this title hits the shelves) the game combines a traditional card based battle system with PS3 graphics on screen. Here's a preview of this late 2007 release.

    Colin McRae Dirt has been a long time coming, with the wait made even more agonising due to the PC and XBox 360 versions being released a little while ago. Codemasters is about to bring their premiere racing series to the PS3. Graphically it's stunning, and should the gameplay stand up to scrutiny too this is bound to be a winner.

July 24, 2007

    PS3 News
    If you logged onto your PS3 tonight you may have noticed that Firmware 1.90 has been released and can be installed now. It took a bit of time to do so (around 45 minutes for us on an 8Mbps Internet connection), but it should speed up after the rush tonight. As yet there isn't a full changelog from Sony.

    You'd better have those internet connections ready as Sony has confirmed that a demo of Heavenly Sword will be released on July 26 in Europe through the Playstation Store (Which probably means Friday here in Australia). The game is one of the most anticipated - and one of the big hopes for Sony - this Christmas season and it will be great to finally get our hands on it - albeit in demo form!

    PS3 Preview
    Folklore could be a big title for Sony this Christmas. With a glut of PS3 titles set to hit the PS3 in time for the shopping season (Which is a nice change from the drought after the PS3's launch), Sony need something special to stand out. It this it? Well we don't know about the gameplay as yet, but graphics certainly are impressive. Here's a preview.

July 23, 2007

    PS3 News
    Hold onto your hardhats folks as Sony are about to unleash Firmware 1.90 for the Playstation 3. Sony are still to release an official changelog however reports are stating the changes include the ability to eject discs from the XMB, XMB backgrounds, changing upscaling settings while playing PSOne and PS2 games, forcing 24Hz for Blu-Ray movies and much more. Expect confirmation, and a complete changelog tomorrow.

    PS2 Review
    Tomb Raider: Anniversary isn't an entirely new game as such, but it's also not just a rehash of the older games. Developers Crystal Dynamics have taken inspiration from the original games, put their latest graphics engine behind the game and reworked the titles into something fresh, and very excting. Here's our full review of this solid PS2 title.

    PS3 Preview
    Clive Barker's Jericho is a title that has kept pretty low on the radar during development. While horror is Clive's story telling style Clive Barker's Jericho is, somewhat obviously, a horror based videogame for next-generation systems (or should we start calling them current-generation?). Fortunately you won't have to be a fan of Clive's to take a big interest in this game.

July 22, 2007

    PS3 Preview
    Time Crisis 4 sees a return for Namco's greatest light-gun series. Not only is Namco bringing us a new game in the series, but also a new LCD/Plasma compatible gun as well. Think that's all, well how about an all-new FPS mode where you also control where you're moving via the G-Con 3's analogue stick? Here's a first, very exciting, look.

    PS3 News
    Well we mentioned it yesterday, and today we've realised that the ten music video clips, are now available on the Playstation store. Strangely they aren't listed on the main page for new items, but you need to head on over to the Video section. The tracks online (and free) are in SD, 720p and 1080p and include:

    • Rogue Traders - In Love Again
    • Peter Murray - So Beautiful
    • Augie March - Cold Acre
    • Damien Leith - Night of My Life
    • Kate Miller-Heidke - Words
    • Dean Geyer - If You Don't Mean
    • Amy Pearson - Don't Miss You
    • Old Man River - La
    • The Androids - Whole Lotta Love
    • Small Mercles - Innocent

July 21, 2007

    PS3 News
    Sony Australia held their Pulse event last week and there were some interesting bits of news. Firstly sales figures. Currently there are 2,070,000 PS2's in Australian homes, 300,000 PSP's and 60,000 PS3's. Of the latter system approximately 30,000 people have their system online. The second bit of news is in relation to the thinner PSP-2000 model PSP which will be released in Black or White (but not Silver) in September. Finally in a world first Sony Australia, in conjunction with Sony BMG, will be offering downloadable music video clips with ten free ones due online soon, and then updates every fortnight or so.

    Sony's latest release schedule has shown up a couple of surprises. Factor 5's dragon fest Lair has been pushed back from September to October. While some Sony only lists October, some European sources are stating October 10. Strangely though, the release schedule, which goes up to October, still doesn't list SingStar - our retail sources have recently pushed it back from August 23, to September 6, and now September 20!

    According to comments on Sony's official blog site the company will have news about the next PS3 Firmware in the next week or so. We can only hope and prey that the company will finally allow the passing of DTS-MA through bitstream to a decoder, or internal decoding to PCM. Rumours though are pointing to support for rumble in PS2 titles. Expect more soon, but congrats to Sony on these regular firmware updates - keep them coming.

    Sony Japan has announced PS3 sales in the territory have surpassed 1 million units. The Nintendo Wii has passed 3 million units, while the XBox 360 is just under 500,000 units.

    Industry News
    Atari may be heading for a bit of trouble with the company missing the deadline for filing its annual 10-K report with the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company could face delisting from the stock exchange. The company is currently appealing the case with NASDAQ.

July 20, 2007

    PS3 News
    Well it took a little while coming but Sony Australia has today confirmed that we will also be receiving the 'Starter Pack' which will be released in Europe. The pack includes a 60GB PS3 system, two Sixaxis Controllers, a copy of Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm. The pack will retail for $AU999.95 and will be released on August 2nd. We certainly advise holding off on buying the system until that date - and then rush to the stores when it is released!

    Three big PS3 titles have gone past the OFLC in recent days and all have passed classification. The first is Lair which was given a M rating with the advice "Moderate science fiction violence", the second game is Heavenly Sword which was awarded an MA15+ rating with advice of "Strong violence" while THQ's Conan was also awarded MA15+ with the advice of "Strong violence, Blood and gore, Nudity". Interestingly THQ's title, which was expected in 2008, has been moved forward to November 2007 according to their latest release schedule.

    The Playstation Store has been updated a bit earlier today - it was done by 6pm AEST which is nice. The big addition is a demo of The Darkness. While we didn't get the demo we do have the full game here and it's a cracker. Other goodies include a trailer for The Darkness, movie trailers for Resident Evil Extinction movie (the same thats been on the web for months!), one for Ratatoulle and a few more bits.

    PS3 Preview
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 has been availabe on XBox 360 for some time now - and this game is similar to that rather then the quite different PC version released this week. At long last the PS3 version of Ubisoft's hit title is about to be released. The good news is we're getting a host of extra goodies. We have all the details...

July 18, 2007

    PS3 News
    Some great news out of Japan with confirmation - at last - that Loco Roco is coming to the PS3. Some months ago a logo for the game was seen in the achievements trophy section of Home, and a while later a LocoRoco Screensaver appeared on Sony's release schedules, but now we have the official word from Sony Japan with the game currently titled Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco. Details on pricing and release date weren't announced, but the game is currently around 95% complete!

    Those of you wanting to know the date for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be please to know the game will be released in Japan in Ocotber. No details on price (or free-ness) was announced, and the date is only for Japan, but we expect America and Europe to also be playing the game, which includes online gameplay, by Christmas.

    Want to play Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy Versus XIII soon? Well you probably won't be. At the Playstation Premiere event in Japan the completion percentages were listed in press materials as 13% and 1.3% respectively. That leaves a 2007 release impossible, and early-mid 2008 release extremely unlikely as well!

    Talk about leaving the big announcements for Sony's Playstation Premiere event in Japan this week rather then the E3 show last week. We have several more games confirmed now. Koei has confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 6 will be released on the PS3 this Fall in Japan! Yukes will be bringing Go Sports Ski to the PS3 which will include online gameplay, and the ability to use the PS3's motion sensing for controls (there is a video on the Playstation Store now called Feel Ski for Australia), Sega's producer Toshihiro Nagoshi (who worked on the very impressive Yakuza on PS2) has two PS3 titles in the works one of which will be unveiled on September 14th.

    Finally there are reports of Metal Gear Solid Online for the PS3 which may either be built into Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots or may be a stand alone product. More details are due next week.

    PSP Review
    Heatseeker is yet another flight sim to be released on the PSP. Developed by Australian developers IR Gurus the game looks pretty good, and the company has a solid flight sim track record. We've played through the game and bring you our full review. Check it out.

    PS2 Preview
    Jackass: The Game is currently in the final stages of development at Sidhe and this PS2 version looks pretty entertaining. With dozens of playable mini-games there is plenty to love about this late 2007 release. We have the latest screens and details for you to enjoy.

July 17, 2007

    PS3 News
    According to rumours circulating on the Internet a demo of Heavenly Sword will apparently be released on the Playstation Store on July 26. Apparently this is only for Europe at this stage, but we expect American gamers to also get the demo pretty soon too.

    If you're a RPG fan then this will be big news, massive news in fact. Nippon Ichi has confirmed that Disgaea 3 is in development for the Playstation 3. No word yet on a release date or if the game will be released in Europe/Australia. It is due out in Japan in 2008.

    PS3 Preview
    Warhawk is a game which has undergone quite a lengthy development process. Gone is the single player game and this now multi-player only. This certainly looks like being one of the best online games of all time. Here's a look with the latest screens and info.

July 16, 2007

    Blu-Ray News
    Got a PS3? Like the Spider-man movies? If so then this news is for you. According to EzyDVD Spider-man 3 ($AU42.83) and a Spider-man Trilogy box set ($AU89.83) will be released on Blu-Ray on September 19. These are going to be key movies for the Blu-Ray format this year.

    One of my - and indeed many of your - most wanted movies on Blu-Ray Disc, StarShip Troopers, has sadly been delayed from August 8th to January 18th. No reason has been given for the delay, but let's just hope it's to add in plenty of special features. This could, and should, be a stand out title on the format and yet another nail in the HD-DVD coffin.

    Blu-Ray Review
    Rocky Balboa should need no introduction but one thing is certain; Sylvester Stallone is back. If you haven't checked out this latest movie we highly recommend it - and if you have a PS3, get the Blu-Ray version as it's a stunner. A review.

    PS3 Preview
    Pain is coming to the Playstation Store soon. So what do you get when you fire a human out of a massive slingshot into a city only to be pummeled, run over, smacked into and injured? Well you'd have this game, Pain! It's not all blood and gore though as there is a definite comedic element to the game.

July 15, 2007

    PS3 News
    It appears that Ubisoft's Surf's Up on the PS3 has been pushed back from August 3rd to September 6th according to retailer Gameswarehouse.

    According to two sources it now appears that the Playstation Eye (the camera for Playstation 3) will be released in Australia on September 5th. As yet we don't have confirmation from Sony, but if it is true it should be announced quite soon.

    PS3 Preview
    TimeShift has been in development for considerable time already. Indeed last year, when nearing completion on the XBox 360, the game was shown off and received a very cool reception. Rather then release a poor product the new publishers Vivendi allowed the title to be delayed by over a year to be reworked and improved. It looks like that time has been put to great use. Here's a preview with the latest screens and info.

July 14, 2007

    PS3 News
    It seems that news of the 'price cut' for the PS3 in America may be a little premature. According to SCEE president David Reeves the 60GB version which saw a price reduction from $US599 to $US499 will only be available until stocks run out. From then on it will be the 80GB version only available to purchase for $US599. So it's a 'clearance price' more then a 'price cut' in our books!

    PS3 Preview
    Killzone 2 is the official name, and this is one game you'll certainly want to check out. That pre-rendered trailer from E3 2005 is now reality - and in realtime! We have the first four offical screens and a tonne of new info. One preview you want to check out.

July 10-13, 2007

    Special Feature
    2007 E3 Show is, going to be another cracker of an event. Despite a massively reduced size both in terms of visitors and companies at the event all the big ones are there, and Sony will be holding its presentation on Thursday morning (Australian time). Expect some big news - other then the announced price cut.

July 9, 2007

    PS3 News
    It's official. The PS3 will receive a price cut - in America at least. A expected Sony have confirmed that the 60GB PS3 unit will now sell for $US499, down from the current $US599. But that's not all, if you still want to spend the extra $US100 you can do that too. From August Sony will release a 80GB version of the system which will come bundled with Sony's awesome racer Motorstorm. Hopefully we'll hear about a price cut in Europe and Australia soon too.

July 7, 2007

    PS3 News
    Well the word starting to leak out of America is that there will be a price drop for the Playstation 3 announced at the E3 show this week. Apparently some retailers are listing a drop from $US599 to $US499 and while we won't hear from Sony for a couple more days it's a pretty good indication. Obviously that would apply to America, but we would expect a similar drop in Australia - hopefully from $AU999 to $AU799.

    Electronic Arts have announced that Medal of Honor: Airborne on the PS3 has been delayed from late August to November. No reason has been given for the delay with the PC and XBox 360 versions still due in August.

    Sony Japan has announced that their PSEye/Card game The Eye of Judgement will be released in Japan in October 2007. We're not sure of an Australian date but we are quite keen to see this game released as it could open up another genre on the console.

    PS2 Preview
    SingStar 90's is, believe it or not, the 9th game in Sony's long running karaoke series? Well it is, and yet again we have another 30 songs to sing - and possibly the best tracklist yet! Here's a preview with some screens and the full tracklist.

July 6, 2007

    Industry News
    Some big news from Microsoft today with the company bowing to pressure over a high failure rate of XBox 360 consoles. Indeed some retailers such as Electronics Boutique that the failure rate is up to 30% with the "red ring of death" occuring quite frequently. To put peoples minds at ease Microsoft are now increasing the warranty on that system from one year to three years! Not only that but anyone that has had a system repaired out of warranty can now get a reimbursement for their repairs. Microsoft have apparently earmarked $US1.15 billion to cover the costs. The Playstation 3 has apparently been extremely stable with a failure rate of only 1% according to Electronics Boutique in America. We would, though, like to see Sony match Microsoft's warranty terms - if they're confident in their product there shouldn't be a problem now should there!

    Well the E3 show isn't too far away now and you can expect to bring you all the main stories and announcements from the event. As you would be aware the show is a much reduced affair from previous years but all the major companies will be in attendance. Another benefit is that a move from May to July has allowed developers to polish their games off further in the lead-up to their Christmas release.

    PS3 Preview
    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII was, somewhat surprisingly, announced by Ubisoft this week. The original game was a launch title on the PS3 and while flawed held plenty of potential. This sequel looks to be vastly improved with 'secret' technology available. Here's a preview with some of the latest screenshots.

July 5, 2007

    PS3 News
    Before you get all upset that the US Playstation Store has received a demo of Dynasty Warriors Gundam on the PS3 and we haven't the good news is that European gamers won't have to wait too long until the demo is released here. We don't have a date but it's not far off apparently.

    PS3 Preview
    Lair is more then just another game on the PS3. Indeed Sony are pinning a lot of their hopes on this title for the systems success this Christmas. Sure there are other titles in development, but there has been so much hype behind this game that it needs to do well. We've got all the latest info and screens from this stunning title. We suggest you check it out.

July 4, 2007

    PS3 News
    Sony and developers Quantic Dream are collaborating on a new exclusive game for the Playstation 3. The developers are best known for their superb game Fahrenheit on the PS2 (and other systems) and any new game is certain to have people talking. The company showed off a sequence for a game called Heavy Rain at E3 2006 which was jaw-droppingly gorgeous - our guess is that it could be that project...

    PSP Preview
    Jackass: The Game is one of those titles that you'll probably be interested in or not depending on what you think of the TV show, but that shouldn't be the case. We hate the TV show (and movies) but have to admit that this game looks mighty entertaining. Here's a preview of the PSP version with some of the latest screenshots.

July 3, 2007

    PS3 News
    Polyphony Digital director Kaunori Yamauchi has confirmed that he wants Gran Turismo 5 to be absolutely perfect before releasing the title. The game is now expected in (American) Spring 2008 at the earliest, but Sony will apparently wait for the game to be as perfect as possible before release. Now we can live with a delay until 2008, hell we pretty much expected it. But what really ticks us off is the news the game won't include a realistic damage model as 'the perfect damage system would mean changing the physics model of the game, and modelling each panel of every car separately, both normal and crumpled'. This is a pretty lame excuse given the 'power' of the PS3, and that so many other games - make that nearly all of them - include damage these days.

    Koei has announced that Fatal Inertia - the game once touted as a PS3 launch title in the aborted March 2006 launch no less - will be released on September 11, on XBox 360. That's right, in a press release today the company mentioned Microsoft's system, but not a word of the PS3. Has it been canned? Will it be delayed? Expect to hear more soon.

    PS3 Review
    Spider-man 3 was always going to be a major event at the cinemas this year. Indeed the movie has become a smash hit around the globe and this game tie-in game has plenty of potential. Can Activision deliver on that potential? Here's our full review where we let you know.

July 2, 2007

    PS3 News
    Something we neglected to mention the other day is that not only have Sony put up a map pack for Resistence: Fall of Man (which includes 2 maps for about $7.45) but if you load up the game there's also an update for the game which is free and adds in a host of new features and bug fixes. Get it.

    PS3 Preview
    Medal of Honor Airborne is looking pretty sharp, let us tell you. EA's World War II shooter series is making a return - this time to next-gen systems (aka PS3). The game looks wonderful, but it's the gameplay that will have people talking. We've taken an early look.

    PS2 Review
    AFL Premiership 2007 is the latest in Sony's long running AFL series from developers IR Gurus. With the AFL season in full swing one good thing is that the AFL game now comes out during the season, and not after! But can we find much else good in this game? Check our review to find out.

July 1, 2007

    PS3 News
    2K Games and developers Fraxis have announced that Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution will be heading to consoles and handhelds next year. "Civilization Revolution is the game Iíve always wanted to make!" said Sid Meier, Director of Creative Development at Firaxis Games. "We are excited to take advantage of the power of next generation consoles and the ingenuity of handhelds, to create a great and unique strategy game for newcomers to the series, as well as the millions of fans around the world who enjoy Civilization on the PC."

    According to IGN Namco Bandai have stopped development of Beautiful Katamari on the PS3. Instead the company is developing a Nintendo Wii version, and will continue the XBox 360 version. Apparently the installed base for PS3 is too low to continue development on the system. As yet Namco Bandai have not commented on the rumours/story.

    PSP News
    Developers Ready at Dawn and Sony have confirmed that the highly anticipated God of War: Chains of Olympus won't be released in late 2007 as originally intended, but has been pushed into 2008 to ensure the game meets expectations. It was recently announced that the game will be one of the first to use the newly unlocked 333Mhz CPU speed which was enabled in Firmware 3.50.