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March 31, 2007

    PS3 News
    It appears the Sony have updated their Playstation Store overnight and have made Flow available for download. This very impressive game sells for the ultra-cheap price of only $8.45 in Australia. To say it's worth the purchase would be an understatement. Unfortunately unlike other downloadable (and equally cheap) titles Blast Factor and Lemmings there is no demo to try before you buy.

    THQ has confirmed that WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 is in development for the Playstation 3 and will be released this 'Fall' (which is our Spring). As we all remember WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 was pulled from the PS3 last year as release approached as it became apparent the title could not meet THQ's quality expectation prior to release.

    Eidos has confirmed they are holiding off releasing most PS3 titles until the second half of 2008 when the systems installed base will be much larger. It's worth noting they did say 'most' which may indicate that one or two titles may be released before late 2008.

    PSP Review
    Family Guy is available now on Sony's PSP. The TV show has quite a following and this game developed by High Voltage Software has been eagerly anticipated by many people. Did we like it? Check out our full review to find out.

March 29, 2007

    PS3 News
    One of the features of the Playstation Store that hasn't made the European of Australian release is the ability to download PSOne games onto the PS3 in order to play them on the PSP. Well according to this article on Games Radar Sony UK has confirmed the games should start appearing within the next month. Hopefully this will also include Australia. As the article also states, make sure you have a beefy Memory Stick in your PSP as each title takes up a large amount of space - often well over 400Mb.

    Make sure you head on over to at around 8.00am tomorrow morning (Australian Eastern Time) as Rockstar will be releasing the first official trailer for a little game known as GTAIV.

March 28, 2007

    PS3 News
    2K games has today sent through confirmation that The Darkness will be released in Australia on June 29th.

    Blu-Ray News
    Sony's Casino Royale has become the fastest selling Blu-Ray movie on the market in America. The movie has now sold 100,000 units in under 2 weeks. In comparison the first DVD movie to reach 100,000 units in America, The Fugitive, took over 6 months to achieve those figures.

    PSP Review
    The Warriors was released on PS2 in late 2005 (and we gave it a whopping 91% overall!). Its release on the PSP last month was quite welcome as it is perfectly suited to bite size gaming sessions. Here's our review of this near perfect port. Action fans must check this game out.

March 27, 2007

    PS3 News
    According to UK based Chart-Track the Playstation 3 managed to shift an impressive 165,000 units in the UK during the first 2 days on sale. This may not sound like a massive number, but the UK is only one small part of Europe. To put it in comparison the Nintendo Wii sold 105,000 units in the first two days while the XBox 360 only managed 70,000 units - or 42% of what Sony managed to shift.

    Figures in Australia haven't been released however Sony has confirmed there was over $AU20 million in hardware pre-orders. Given the $AU1,000 price tag that probably equates to around 20,000 units with many more units sold from people walking into stores. It's a fine start for Sony's uber console.

    One of the hottest titles heading to the PS3 in a couple of months is The Darkness from Starbreeze Studios (and published by 2K Games). We now have release dates with America set to see the game released on June 25th while Europe (and we assume Australia but still TBC) will see the game on June 29th. The game has already passed the OFLC and been given an MA15+ rating in Australia.

    A couple of days ago Capcom confirmed that Devil May Cry 4 was no longer a PS3 exclusive but would also hit the XBox 360 and PC as well. When quizzed as to why Capcom were making the move they stated that the company was "committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible". Today the company was asked if they would release Dead Rising and Lost Planet on the PS3 to which they responded that they "are not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go". Sigh...

March 26, 2007

    PS3 Review
    Call of Duty 3. Activision's World War II series has never failed to impress and this game is no exception. A solid single player experience is backed up with 24-player online support. We bring you our first Playstation 3 review. Excited? We were, about writing the review, and the game.

March 25, 2007

    Special Article
    Playstation 3: The Verdict. We've had a tonne of requests asking for details about Sony's latest system - what are the features, what do you get in the box, how well does it run. Well we've bundled all that into a single article for your perusal. We'll be adding a lot more over time but this will give you a good idea.

March 23, 2007

    PS3 News
    Well the Playstation 3 is available now! After a lengthy wait Australians, and Europeans, can walk into their local retailer and pick up Sony's latest system. While not essentialy we strongly recommend that gamers update to Firmware 1.60 (through the systems menu) as soon as possible to ensure you have all the latest features (which we listed yesterday). By connecting online you also get a free copy of Casino Royale on Blu-Ray if you're in the first 20,000 people to do so. Stay tuned over the weekend as we give you plenty of feedback on Sony's new uber console.

    The Playstation Store includes plenty of gear to have a look at too. As well as demos of Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm (to name a few) there are downloadable games including Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for $16.95 and a tonne of trailers for games, some of which are in 1080p! There's plenty more, and the Store will be updated frequently over the coming weeks with new content. One disappointment, the PSOne games which can be downloaded to your PS3 and played on your PSP (but not PS3 yet) aren't available to Australians.

    On a side note: Can we please urge all our readers to be vigilent when walking back to your car, or down the street with the system. There have been muggings and robberies in the past with new consoles, particularly in America and Japan, and we would hate to see you hard earned console snatched away.

March 22, 2007

    Special Article
    Playstation 3: Part 2: Movies and Multi-Media. We all know that the PS3 is a kick-ass games machine, but it's also awesome with regards to multi-media playback, including Blu-Ray movie playback. What is Blu-Ray? Well we give you some details, and list most of the movies currently available in stores.

    PS3 News
    One of the first things that everyone should do when they get their PS3 home is connect it to the Internet, and download the latest Firmware update. This will enable the Backwards Compatibility (which we believe is quite a bit better then most people expect) as well as a host of other options. Unfortunately there is no downloading to PC option yet with users having to download through the XMB in the system. Here's Sony's official details:

      PS3 System Software version 1.60 will be made available on Thursday, 22nd March 2007. This update includes the following features:
      Background download feature has been added.
      Full key input has become available in on screen keyboard.
      Internet browser has been improved (Zoom, Resolution and Flicker Reduction).
      Remote play has become available for connection via Wi-Fi access point.
      Auto search for HDMI connection has become available at power on.
      Bluetooth® Keyboard and Mouse has been supported.
      [Disc Auto-Start] has been added under [System Settings].
      Back-up data created in [Backup Utility] under [System Settings] has become restorable to other PS3™ systems (some data may still have restrictions).
      WMA has become playable (DRM feature is not supported).
      DSD Disc has become playable.*
      Motion JPEG AVCHD (.m2ts) video format has become playable.
      [Folding@home] has been added.
      BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable) ver.3.0 has become playable.

March 21, 2007

    Special Article
    Playstation 3: Part 1: The Games. In this special article we look at the games being released with the PS3 tomorrow - and pick out the 10 games which we are keen to get our hands on. If you're still to decide which games to pick up this might point you in the right direction. Full reviews of the launch titles will be appearing on the site from this weekend.

    PS3 News
    Sony released the Backwards Compatibility list for PS2 games on the PS3 - and while there are a lot of games on the list, a lot of them do have some issues. Gamers will need to connect their PS3's online and download firmware 1.6 to enable this backwards compatibility. You can check out the full list at the following site:

    We've picked out many of the most popular and common titles on the system and the performance ratings. Note: the three options regarding performance listed below. There are some variations, for instance there are four versions of Kingdom Hearts, three are rated at level 1, and one is level three (go figure!?). We have to assume that titles not listed don't work.

    * No known issues to date
    ** Should play on PLAYSTATION 3 with some minor issues
    *** Should play on PLAYSTATION 3 with noticeable issues

    • Ace Combat (all versions) ***
    • AFL Live 2005 *
    • Beyond Good & Evil *
    • Burnout ***, Burnout 2 *, Burnout 3 **, Burnout Revenge ***
    • Buzz (all versions) ***
    • Canis Canem Edit *
    • Dead or Alive 2 [not listed]
    • Devil May Cry ***, Devil May Cry 2 *, Devil May Cry 3 ***
    • Dragon Quest VIII ***
    • Eye Toy Kinetic **, Eye Toy Kinetic Combat [not listed]
    • Eye Toy Play ***, Eye Toy Play 2 *
    • Fahrenheit ***
    • FIFA 2004-07 *
    • Final Fantasy X *, Final Fantasy X-2 *, Final Fantasy XII **
    • Formula One 2002-06 [not listed]
    • God of War ***, God of War II ***
    • Gran Turismo 4 [not listed], GT3 A-Spec **, GT4 Prologue **
    • GTA3 ***, GTA: Vice City ***, GTA: San Andreas *, GTA: LCS ***, GTA: VCS *
    • Guitar Hero [not listed], Guitar Hero II [not listed]
    • ICO ***
    • Jak & Daxter [not listed], Jak 2 *, Jak 3 *
    • Kingdom Hearts *, Kingdom Hearts 2 ***
    • Lego Star Wars (all versions) ***
    • Madden NFL 2001-06 *
    • Mark of Kri [not listed]
    • Medal of Honor (almost all versions) ***
    • Okami *
    • Onimusha 1 & 2 [not listed], Onimusha 3 *
    • Prince of Persia 1 **, Prince of Persia 2 & 3 *
    • Pro Evolution Soccer 4, 5, 6 *
    • Ratchet & Clank (all versions) [not listed]
    • Red Faction 1 & 2 ***
    • Resident Evil 2 * or **
    • Singstar (all versions) * - DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!
    • Soul Calibur II [not listed], Soul Calibur III *
    • SSX, SSX2, SSX3 [not listed], SSX On Tour * or **
    • Tekken 4 & 5 ***
    • V8 Supercars (all versions) ***
    • VF4 & VF4 Evolution **
    • Yakuza ***
    The page also has the following note:
    To have the best experience when playing your PlayStation 2 titles, we recommend that:
    You avoid connecting any non-essential USB peripherals to your PS3
    You avoid the use of "60Hz" and network modes (which may experience noticeable graphical corruption not present in the main game)
    You should skip optional FMV sequences (a small number of games have graphical corruption in one or more video sequences).
    A maximum of seven players can play (non-network) multiplayer PS2 games

March 20, 2007

    PS3 News
    Ubisoft has today confirmed that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will indeed not be available for launch with April 26th now the target release date. Splinter Cell Double Agent has been pushed back a week until March 30.

    Looking further down the line Ubisoft has also confirmed that Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 and Rainbow Six: Vegas don't have a release date as yet.

    A final bit of news from Ubisoft is that Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII and Enchanted Arms are now both set for launch on Friday 23rd.

    In a move that is sure to piss Sony off only days before the PS3 launch in Europe and Australia Capcom has confirmed that Devil May Cry 4 will also be hitting the Xbox 360 and PC. There goes another exclusive title, although this news has been rumoured for quite some time.

    PS2 Review
    Final Fantasy XII is without a doubt the biggest RPG on the PS2 this year - and probably for the remainder of its life. Square-Enix have put everything into this game and it shows. An absolute sensation from start to finish this game is pure brilliance. Here's our glowing review of this stunning Role Playing Game.

March 19, 2007

    PS3 News
    Well scrub another from the PS3 launch lineup (possibly). According to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion now has a release date of April 26. Unfortunately Ubisoft, the games distributer in Australia, was not available for comment late this afternoon.

    PS2 Rreview
    Chicken Little: Ace in Action isn't due out for a couple of weeks, but we have one of the worlds first reviews. Disney's Chicken Little movie was enjoyable enough, and this game also manages to impress. Not really a tie-in but more of a spin-off, this game still uses voice talent from the movie. Quite entertaining.

March 18, 2007

    PS3 Preview
    World Snooker Championship 2007 may not be at the top of many gamers lists for the Playstation 3 launch this Friday, but snooker fanatics will likely enjoy this PS3 launch title very much. We take a look at Sega's latest in their long running snooker franchise.

March 17, 2007

    PS3 News
    Electronic Arts has confirmed that two of their titles The Godfather The Don's Edition and NBA Street Home Court will not be launch titles with both slipping a week to March 30.

    Please, for the love of god, someone get this right. After being disc based, then downloadable, then back to disc a new Sony article places on their semi-official blog ThreeSpeech has confirmed that game will be a downloadable title! You can check out the article here. Actually our guess is that it will end up be available as either a download or disc based title.

    PS3 Preview
    Tekken: Dark Resurrection was a stunning title on the Playstation Portable and now it's coming to the Playstation Network as a downloadable title. The game is pretty much a straight port with the big change being the upgrade to 1080p graphics making it pretty special. Here's a preview.

March 16, 2007

    PS3 News
    With the Playstation 3 launch only a week away today I decided to give Adrian Christie at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia a call to see how things were progressing. As you can understand his time is pretty limited at the moment with a million and one things to get ready for next week so I kept things brief for his sanity (and I thank him for his constant time for me). Anyway some of the major points that I clarified were as follows:

    • Online games will be priced in line with Europe and America. The titles will fall between $AU5 and $AU20 each.
    • Actual release dates for online titles are still being determined. (We know many are ready to go, but understand that Sony may wish to stagger the releases to reduce the load on servers, and keep you checking out the PSN for some time).
    • The Blu-Ray Casino Royale bonus disc - which will be available to the first 20,000 people to sign up their PS3's online - will be sent out "within a reasonable time". (Talk about timing, Sony's official site was updated today confirming the discs will be sent out from April 11 following the official release. Link here).
    • There is currently no release date for the PSOne and PS2 Memory Card adapter in Australia. That will be released at a later date.
    • Mainstream marketing in Australia will commence approximately a week after launch with heavy promotions focusing around the upcoming movie '300' - which we must say looks absolutely spectacular (and has recently had the third biggest R rated opening weekend in America of all time with over $US70 million).

March 15, 2007

    PS3 Preview
    Super Rub A Dub is another of Sony's downloadable titles. With only weeks until release this is still a somewhat mysterious title, but it has more then a passing resemblance to Super Monkey Ball. Using the Sixaxis tilt control this could be a riot.

March 14, 2007

    PS3 News
    Phil Harrison has confirmed that the European and Australian PS3's going on sale on March 23 will ship with Firmware 1.5 installed, but Firmware 1.6 will be available for download on launch day. The big changes in 1.6 are the inclusion of backwards compatibility with PS2 games (Which Phil now claims will be over 1,200 titles) as well as remote play so media on the PS3, or the Internet, can be viewed on a PSP.

    Worried your pre-ordered PS3 games may not be available on launch day, well some people may want to worry as it seems like more titles may slip past the launch date. According to this page in Myer's latest catalogue the following titles are listed as "Future Release" - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, NBA 2K7 and Enchanted Arms. None of these titles have been "officially" delayed from launch but are listing them for release within a week of launch. The other title F.E.A.R. has been confirmed for a late April release through Vivendi.

    OK, we officially give up. After being disc based, then download only (as Phil Harrison stated himself), word has now come through that Warhawk will be released on Blu-Ray disc after all.

    PS3 Preview
    LittleBigPlanet is something very special indeed. If you want to see one of the most exciting programs on the PS3 to date then check this preview out. Create levels, upload them and watch millions of gamers play them! This is something new, and very exciting.

March 13, 2007

    PSP News
    SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire has effectively confirmed that a new PSP is being developed and will be smaller and lighter then the current design. While no release date was announced, or even hinted at, the only other piece of news was that the screen size would be the same as the current system. Our guess is that we will see something announced at or around the revised E3 show in July.

    PS3 News
    While we all await God of War II to be release on the PS2 in late April, 1Up has broken the news with Cory Barlog, the second games director, that God of War 3 is in development, and will include not only 1080p graphics, but also support for the Sixaxis and rumble!! Unless someone has made a monumental typo it appears that rumble, and one of the greatest games series' of all time, will be coming to a PS3 - at some stage.

    According to Gundam: Target In Sight (or Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire as it is also known) will be releaed here with a $AU99.95 pricepoint - $20 cheaper then most other third party titles. The game is scheduled for release on April 14th.

    Some people have asked what has happened to Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom on the Playstation 3. Well Electronic Arts have distribution rights to the title and despite the game being release in America some time ago it appears on that the Australian release has been pushed to September. Let's hope they're using the time wisely and beefing up the game further following some average reviews.

    PSP Review
    Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja has been on store shelves for a couple of weeks now. We've already seen a PS2 version some time ago, and now Acquire have released a PSP version of their ninja action title. Michael has taken this game for a spin. Did he like what he saw? Not really. A review.

March 12, 2007

    PS3 News
    Some more details about Sony's Playstation Home have been revealed. The virtual environment will be rolled out in stages with a Closed Beta (appx. 15,000 users) in April - August, an Open Beta (appx. 50,000 users) in August - October with the service going live to everyone in October 2007. If you follow this link you'll find a lengthy Q&A from Sony aimed towards potential developers. There's a tonne of info in the article and it's well worth a read to see where Sony is heading with their online community for PS3. Gamers should note that Playstation Home is not a replacement for the Cross Media Bar (XMB) which will still be the fastest way to launch movies and games etc.

    PS3 Preview
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (to give the game it's full title) is a game millions of fans the world over will be keen to check out. We've already reviewed the stunning PS2 version, but this PS3 release looks like something special. New missions, a new female character and plenty of spit and polish are all included in this next-gen version.

March 11, 2007

    PS3 News
    The creator of games such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on the XBox 360, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has confirmed his development team is testing the Playstation 3. He did state that they aren't developing games for the PS3 at the moment. When asked what it was like developing on the system he replied "It is difficult". Still, at least one of the biggest RPG developers is at least looking!

    We all know by now that Warhawk has dropped single player gameplay in order to become a multi-player only downloadable title. Well now the games director, Dylan Jobe, has hinted that the title may be a free public download while in beta testing. What does this mean? Well, while the developers are testing the gameplay online they may - and we stress this is only being considered - make it a free download for all PS3 owners. Naturally when testing is complete you would have to pay to get the final game.

    PS3 Preview
    NBA Street: Homecourt is going to have a battle on its hands. With two basketball titles on the market for PS3 launch this is going to be a close call as both look great. This title, from EA, is street based 3-on-3 action. Here's our rather late preview.

March 8, 2007

    PS3 News
    It was a big day today with Phil Harrison giving his speech at the Game Developers Conference. There were a few surprises, with much of the information being leaked in recent days turning out to be true. The big announcement was Playstation Home which is detailed in the following Press Release from Sony:


      Free Download to Allow Broad User Interaction in Highly Detailed Community Environment; Opens Door to User-Created Content, Collaboration and Commerce

      TOKYO and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 7, 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced the unveiling of a first-of-its-kind 3D online user community service for the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system. The service, known as "Home" will enable users to create their own avatar and explore a real-time virtual community, as if they are playing a detailed 3D game for PS3. The service will become available globally beginning in fall 2007.

      Home will be demonstrated at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California on March 7 as a key element of SCEI Worldwide Studios’ President Phil Harrison’s keynote presentation titled "Game 3.0: Developing and Creating for the 3rd Age of Videogames."

      Home is a real-time online 3D, networked community available on the PLAYSTATION Network. It allows PS3 users to interact, communicate, join online games, shop, share private content and even build and show off their own personal spaces to others in real time. Home will be available as a free download from the PLAYSTATION Store and will launch directly from XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) on PS3.

      With an avatar uniquely customized according to each user’s preference, users can explore the 3D community that is Home – a sleek, modern environment featuring spacious common areas; custom spaces dedicated to specific games; and personal apartments. Each user is assigned an apartment in Home where they can invite others to join them as they show off their own style in an area they can personalize themselves with furniture, art and other items – even a different view from their windows. They can also show their personal video, pictures and other digital media content found on their PS3 hard drives in their apartments. Very rich interactive communication with others is achieved through built in text, audio and video chat, along with sophisticated emotional animations for each character.

      Sharing continues in the “Hall of Fame,” where users can display new 3D trophies that will be unlocked through in-game achievements, as well as real time score rankings in PS3 games. "This is a significant step forward in the area of user community services and emergent entertainment experiences," said Izumi Kawanishi, Corporate Executive and CTO Software, SCEI. "While the 3D graphics demonstrate the power of PS3 and the PLAYSTATION Network, the most impressive feature in Home is the variety of ways in which multiple consumers, as well as our third-party partners, can experience the next generation of communication by interacting and sharing among each other. I feel strongly that this unique blend of community, user-generated content, collaboration and commerce will expand the future of computer entertainment."

      Home will go into a closed beta test this spring with a full launch targeted for later this year. By having a broad range of business partners participate in Home, along with an expansive catalog of upcoming game software titles for PS3, SCEI will continue to enhance the new world of entertainment and vigorously promote PS3 as the next generation computer entertainment platform.

    Vivendi Australia today confirmed that F.E.A.R. will not be available for the PS3 launch on March 23rd with the game now pushed back to late April. The good news is that the company has confirmed the game will sell for $AU99.95 - in line with Sony's game pricing, and $20 cheaper then all other third party titles! Keep your eyes peeled for a very cool F.E.A.R. giveaway in the coming weeks too!

    PS2 Preview
    The Red Star is a game which many long time readers may remember. The comic book based game was just about to be released in 2004 when Acclaim went broke. It was shaping up nicely and now we're finally seeing a release through XS Games with distribution in Australia through 2K Games. Oh, it's now also a budget title. Nice...

March 7, 2007

    PS3 News
    Sony's Phil Harrison is only hours away from giving a major speech at the Game Developers Conference in America. While the event is generally aimed at developers it is believe the event will be used to announce some major upgrades for the Playstation Network - in particular rumours are pointing to a much more robust online experience with more personalsed "Mii" style customisations as well as gamer rewards. We're also hoping to hear about backwards compatibility and perhaps even some new game announcements. Expect more news soon.

    Sony Japan has announced that the downloadable demo for Minna no Golf 5 (or Hot Shots Golf 5 as we would know it) will be release in Japan on March 16 - 5 days ahead of schedule. The demo was released early so as to keep the Playstation Network Servers as free as possible with the European/Australian PS3 launch set for March 23.

    We were looking forward to a game based on Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies, but we may be waiting a little longer after Warner Brother's announced that The Collective and publishers Foundation 9 have been dropped from development duties. The good news is that another unnamed company has picked up development.

    PSP News
    Great news for God of War fans with the back of the God of War II manual for PS2 showing a God of War logo with the PSP branding and 2007. It is unclear if the game will be a totally new title, a port of the original or something in between. Either way it's great news.

    Capcom has announced they have shipped over 1 million units of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd which was released in Japan on February 22nd. The game sold over 700,000 units in the first week. No word yet on a PAL version, but we expect it to appear sooner rather then later.

March 5, 2007

    PS2 News
    While we put up a preview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories last week we've just received a new trailer for the game. Check out the preview (again) and hit the link at the top to see the latest GTA title in action. Remember it's out at the end of this week!

    PS2 Review
    God Hand may be a beat 'em up at heart but when the developer is the same that brought us the stunning Okami its worth taking notice. Michael has taken a look at Clover Studio's latest, and generally liked what he saw.

March 3, 2007

    PS3 News
    We all know that the PS3 SixAxis controller includes tilt controls, but lacks rumble technology due to Sony's lawsuit with Immersion incompatibility with the tilt mechanisim. Now Sony and Immersion have made up and settled the lawsuit in which Sony was ordered to pay Immersion $US90-odd million a couple of years ago. Best of all according to this article on GameDaily Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications at Sony America stated "We are very pleased to have reached a cooperative agreement with Immersion regarding the use of its advanced vibration technology (haptics technology). We look forward to working closely with them as we explore new and innovative ways to utilize this technology in PlayStation products." Could we be seeing rumble back in the SixAxis controller? We certainly hope so as it was a massive loss in the new controller. Immersion will receive $22.5 million from Sony over three years as well as other fees and royalties.

    Well there have been rumours of troubled development, there have been rumours of the game being scrapped. What we can now confirm is that Warhawk will not be hitting store shelves. It's not that bad as the game will now be a downloadable title sometime late this year. The developers have also scrapped the single player game to focus on the multi-player aspect with the game supporting up to 32 players online.

    Let the countdown begin... This site says it all really - needless to say it's probably the second biggest thing thi month behind the PS3 launch (oh, and maybe Phil Harrison's keynote speech at GDC this week).

    Industry News
    10tacle Studios has confirmed that they will be resurrecting the Ready 2 Rumble series for 'various platforms'. The original game appeared on the Dreamcast and was a heavily respected boxing title with a great sense of humour. The new game is being developed by AKI Corporation. You can actually read our review of the Dreamcast original here. (Cue nostalgic music - and enjoy the briefness of our review!)

    PS3 Preview
    Motorstorm is a game which many of you will be familiar with - especially if you have any interest in the PS3. After playing this title for a period of time all we can say is wow! With our old preview over a year old it was time for an update. This is quite possibly the PS3 launch title to have!

March 1, 2007

    PS3 News
    So the hysteria over Sony removing the Emotion Engine chip from the European and Australian version of the PS3 and thereby providing 'limited backwards compatibility' isn't slowing down at all - how can the company promise backwards compatibility for years only to pull the plug only 3 weeks before launch? We were pissed, you were pissed and Sony are towing the corporate line all the way to March 23rd by not announcing which games will be compatible. Well the news isn't all bad with Sony's Phil Harrison confirming on Threespeech that they are targeting over 1000 playable PS2 titles on launch day. Here's hoping!

    PS2 Review
    NHL 2K7 was released late last year, but we just got hold of the review copies. NHL games are generally a lot of fun and with EA's NHL series plodding along 2K Sports have taken to the ice and developed a stunning game. Michael has done up a review and enjoyed the title.