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February 28, 2006

    PSP Reviews
    Gottlieb Pinball Classics is probably a title which many would instantly dismiss upon seeing it on the shelves. The PSP has been struggling to get a decent selection of games of late, but this title is one to consider. Plenty of tables and options make this a winner. Here's our full review of this compilation distributed here by Red Ant.

February 27, 2006

    PS2 News
    Not that it really matters to PAL gamers, but Square-Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XII will not make use of the PS2's Hard Drive. The game is due out in Japan in weeks, while American and PAL gamers will be waiting until later in the year.

    PSP Reviews
    Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play sees Midway's arcade compilation brought to the PSP for the first time with around 20 games on offer, including Midway's massively popular Mortal Kombat titles. Does the PSP handle the ports well, and is this worth your money, even at $49.95? Here's out exclusive review.

February 26, 2006

    PS2 Reviews
    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan is (quite obviously) the third game in Krome Studio's platform series. The publisher has changed to Activision but the quality of this title surpasses that of the previous games. Certainly one which the younger audience will love, and probably some adult gamers too. Here's our full review.

February 25, 2006

    PS2 News
    According to an article on the BBC (which you can read here) Electronic Arts are planning to make games on the two Godfather sequels. As many of you will be aware The Godfather will be out on PS2 next month, with a PSP version due in late 2006.

    Take this with a grain of salt but if rumours are to be believed then we will be seeing God of War 2 on the PS2 in Q'1 2007.

    PSP News
    Square-Enix has announced that their two biggest RPG franchises will be brought together for a game to be released on PSP. Titled Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable there are virtually no details available as yet other then the fact that the game will include characters, and locations from both franchises. The game is due out in Q'2 2006 in Japan, and will hopefully see a US/European release later this year.

February 23, 2006

    Industry News
    Activision have ordered by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority to cease airing advertisments in that territory for Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 2: Big Red One due to the companies use of pre-rendered graphics which aren't indicitive of the games final graphics. "The ads breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rules 5.1 (Misleading advertising) and 5.2.2 (Implications). They must not be shown again in their present forms," the adjudication concluded.

    PS2 Previews
    Suikoden Tactics is a rather unique looking and playing game, for PAL territories at least. With a release only weeks away this looks set to be a game which hardcore gamers will lap up. Here's a late preview including some screens (of the Japanese version, although the PAL one will be virtually identical - with English text of course).

February 22, 2006

    PS2 Previews
    Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams is almost certain to be a fantastic title in Capcom's action series. With the release less then a month away we dug up the latest screens and info. Even if you've never played a game in the Onimusha universe there's no better time to start in our opinion.

February 21, 2006

    PS2 News
    Just a quick one to let you all know I've updated the PS2 Previews & Release Schedule Page on which I updated the dates for around 30 PS2 titles, including quite a few new annoucements.

    Industry News
    Dave Perry has announced that he will be leaving the company he founded, Shiny Entertainment, in order to bring buyers to Atari to potentially buy his company. Sounds confusing, but by quitting the company he will have more time to shop it around. The company is one which Atari are currently considering selling, as well as basically everything else, to help their dire financial trouble. Shiny are most well known for their Earthworm Jim and Matrix based games.

February 20, 2006

    PS2 News
    Take Two have released the first preview videos of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix. We don't have many details on the game, but we do know it will include 24 new vehicles, a new city (Tokyo), new music, new races and battle maps. We don't have a preview up yet, but this trailer is sure to get you excited with the American and European release set for March (no date for Australia yet). You can check the trailer out here:

February 19, 2006

    PS3 News
    Sony Japan has confirmed that the PS3's graphics chip, the RSX, is complete and will begin production in April. With this in mind it's clear that the PS3 will most likely not be available until a couple of months later making a June/July Japanese launch the earlies possible date. Adding to the delays could be the fact that the Blu-Ray's anti-piracy measures are still being sorted out, and won't be ready until sometime in March. You can read more about that issue here.

    Merrill Lynch has put out a report regarding the PS3 in which they disclose that the PS3 could cost as much as $US900 (around $AU1200 - although when you add up the numbers it comes to $US800, if you don't include the HDD) to manufacture. Reportedly manufacturing the Blu-Ray Drive costs $US350 while the Cell Processor costs $US230 while the RSX chip is a rather cheap $US70. Don't freak out about the prices as most console manufacturers will take a loss on hardware in the first couple of years, and the XBox 1.5, ermm XBox 360 I mean, also costs about $US700 to manufacture apparently. You can read the report here.

    Well it looks like not much was seen at the Taipei Game Show after all with regards to the PS3. Sony simply had the mock-up units and previously seen videos on show. I guess (hopefully) there may be more from the DevStation and GDC events in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

    PSP News
    Namco has officially announced Tekken: Dark Resurrection for the PSP. The game is based on the latest arcade game and while a date hasn't yet been announced (besides 2006) there are plenty of images available which you can check out in our early preview, with jaw dropping screens, right here.

    Sony America has sadly confirmed that sales of PSP UMD movies aren't quite living up to their early lofty sales and predictions. As a result many movie studios are scaling back their releases meaning it will become even more of a niché product. While we personally love the movies on the format - they are stunning quality - we have to admit we're absolutely gobsmacked when some companies release them for up to $AU44.95 - especially when they are a) older movies b) lower resolution and c) lack extras. If Sony, and other movie studios, really want to sell the format these bare bone movies should be selling well below their DVD counterpart prices - perhaps $AU10-15. Then you'd sell them by the truckload.

February 15, 2006

    Games News
    Electronic Arts has announced that they will be releasing Me & My Katamari in Australia on May 9th. The game will sell for $49.95.

    Well the OFLC is at it again. Atari has today announced that the OFLC has banned Mark Ecko's Getting Up Contents Under Pressure despite the game being awarded an MA15+ rating on November 18th last year. Amazingly the game hasn't even hit the shelves yet which makes the change in decision even more infuriating. Atari certainly weren't pleased with the decision by stating that "Atari Australia who is the official distributor of Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure strongly disagrees with the Office of Film & Literature Classification Review Board’s decision and defends the original classification by the OFLC as a title that attracts a rating of MA15+" and continues by saying that "Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is yet to be released in Australia. The game has not been banned from sale in any other territory in the world and will be released worldwide in February."

    PS2 Previews
    Rogue Trooper is a game that has flown under the radar a bit with a release only a couple of months away. What do you get when you take the 2000AD license, and UK developers Rebellion. The answer: A pretty great looking third person shooter. Here's a preview...

February 14, 2006

    Games News
    Hasbro has confirmed that Activision has secured the rights to make a game based on the upcoming live action Michael BayTransformers movie which is due out in mid-2007. As yet a developer for the game has not been announced but it will certainly not be Melbourne House who did the preview, and very impressive, Transformers as they are owned by Atari. Expect more news in the coming months, perhaps during the E3 show.

    THQ has announced they will be publishing a next generation game from developers People Can Fly who just completed work on Painkiller for PC and XBox. No details were given about the title.

    PS2 Reviews
    Psychonauts won Game of the Year on some other (read: competing) web sites last year, and now the game is finally available to gamers in Australia, albeit in very limited quantities. We give you our impressions of this hot title.

    A Rant
    Visitors to my site will know that occasionally I like to rant on about various topics from time to time, and not necessarily game related. Well I have another - it's Channel 7's coverage of the Winter Olympics. I must say that I am absolutely disgusted - no - appalled at their treatment of the Australian public. Why? Well did you realise that we have a delayed telecase in Australia. In case you haven't noticed we're not an hour or two behind the actual events, but often over 24 hours! What gives? I mean you may as well just wait until the end of the event and give us a highlights package. What's worse is that Channel 7, being the up to date news program that they are, plaster the news with the Australian results from the Sunrise program in the morning until the news breaks right before they actually televise the events. Sure, prime time Australia is very early in the morning in Italy but the mens snowboarding qualification rounds were in the morning, and Australians were competing. Why wasn't it on? Why delay coverage? Adding insult to injury is that Channel 7's idea of high definition is 576p, which isn't even classed as high definition in other parts of the world. Absolutely fucking pathetic Channel 7.

February 13, 2006

    Games News
    Sony has announced they will show off the PS3 at the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan between Feb 16-20, 2006. As yet the company has not disclosed if any games will be playable, or if any new trailers will be shown. Expect more news in a couple of days.

    PSP Previews
    Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is a stunning looking racing game, and one which PSP owners should certainly check out. The original Outrun's were brilliant arcade games, but in recent years the series has been quiet. Now PSP owners will be getting a port of Sega's latest. It looks damn hot too.

February 12, 2006

    Games News
    Atari Australia has confirmed that Konami's extremely impressive looking game The Regiment has been put on hold for the PS2. Essentially this means the game is canned at this stage. The PC version was released in Australia last week.

    According to Weekly Famitsu Namco are currently hard at work on a PSP version of thier hit fighting game Tekken. Namco are naturally remaining tight lipped on the subject.

    Being a web site we don't usually post news about articles on other (read: competiting) web sites, but this is too big to pass over. Gaming site Kikazo has posted the first article with 'hands on' impressions of the console. They don't discuss the actual games, or companies where they played the system, but it's a very interesting read at any rate. You can see the article here.

    PSP Reviews
    Tales of Eternia is a game which a couple of you may have already played. You see this game was released a couple of years ago, but remains one of the best RPG's of all time. PSP owners have been starved for RPG's but Namco have come to the rescue. Fans need no longer be disappointed - we're not!

February 9, 2006

    Games News
    Well yesterday we reported that The Movies on consoles had been canned, but it seems that Lionhead have other ideas. Apparently development is progressing and the company is currently shopping the console version around to other publishers. Good new, that's for sure.

    PSP Previews
    Ys: The Arc of Napishtim is a game which will excite those familiar with the series, others should also take notice. While PSP owners have been flooded with sports and racing titles lengthier (read: RPG's) have been thin on the ground. Konami are about to remedy that situation with the release of this game in April.

February 8, 2006

    Games News
    Electronic Arts and Criterion have confirmed that their rather juicy looking shooter, Black has gone gold and will be ready for release later this month.

    According to reports Activision has canned development of The Movies on consoles. The PC game sold quite poorly, certainly below expectations, with the game only coming in as the 15th best PC seller in its month of release in America. We here at Future Gamez were also wondering how the PS2 version in particular would ever be able to save any created movies - perhaps that was also another determining factor. If you want the game, get the PC one, it's quite brilliant.

    PSP Previews
    Tomb Raider: Legend was only just announced on the Playstation Portable, but we have done some exploring and dug up the first screenshots and details about this extremely impressive looking game. Check this out as it looks like Lara is ready to impress after the last dismal outing on consoles.

February 7, 2006

    Games News
    Just a quick note that we've updated the PSP UMD Movie Release Schedule page with the latest dates. Perhaps more exciting is the news that we have also updated the releases and discovered that the PSP now has over 110 movies/music UMD's in Australia. Impressive. You can check out that list here.

    PSP Reviews
    Namco Museum Battle Collection was released on PSP just prior to Christmas. We've just managed to have a good play of the game and Ben gives us the full verdict if this compilation is worth your time and effort. Check it out.

February 6, 2006

    Games News
    Just a quick note that we've updated the PSP Previews & Release Schedule. There's been quite a bit announced, and shifted, of late so it's worth a look. Remember if you want to see the games that are already out go to the PSP Reviews page.

    PSP Previews
    Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai was a surprise announcemnet last week for PSP. Dragon Ball Z fans with PSP's will want to listen up. In this preview we bring you all the details of this quite impressive looking title, and also give you the first batch of screens. With a release in April it's already looking quite polished.

February 5, 2006

    Games News
    DICE, who make the Battlefield games have confirmed they have canned the current generation versions of their next game due in 2006/7. The reason is due to the rapid decline in current generation game sales, and take-up of next generation systems. As yet the company has not announced what the game is, but we expect some news from E3 in May.

    PS3 Previews
    Alan Wake was one of the big next generation title announced at last years E3 show. The developer of the Max Payne games looks set to deliver another big title with a fantastic graphics engine. While there has been plenty of PS3 details of late, there is little new game info. We dug up all we knew about Remedy's upcoming PS3 title and give it to you. Enjoy.

February 4, 2006

    Games News
    Sony has announced a new Singstar title is in the works (as if there was any doubt). While there is no release date yet we do know that the game will concentrate on rock music with the following tracks confirmed for Singstar Rock!:

      Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
      Hole - Celebrity Skin
      Stereophonics - Dakota
      The Killers - Somebody Told Me
      Snow Patrol - Run
      Bloc Party - Banquet
      Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To?
      Kasabian - Club Foot
      Razorlight - Somewhere Else
      Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
      Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
      Nirvana - Come As You Are
      The Subways - Rock'n'Roll Queen
      Bowling for Soup - 1985
      The Bravery - An Honest Mistake
      Blur - Song 2

    Well it was announced in the Official XBox Magazine but Traveller's Tales are apparently hard at work on Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (the ones with Luke and Leia). While there is no mention of a PS2 version it's almost a certainty as the original (reviewed here) not only reviewed extremely well, but sold in massive numbers too. This new game is due out around Christmas.

    Electronic Arts has confirmed they have secured the rights to brand their golf games with Tiger Woods until 2011, which will actually be Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012. The company paid a shitload of money (our words, not theirs) to secure the world's number one golfer - for EA's sake he better keep performing!

    PS2 Previews
    Rainbow Six: Critical Hour is the fifth game in the Rainbow Six series, and the third to hit the PS2. It's still pretty early days but already the screens and info released show quite a bit of promise. If you like action shooters then this is a game to check out.

February 3, 2006

    Games News
    Well we broke the news yesterday that Vivendi's 50 Cent: Bulletproof had been classified and we can now give you some more details. Indeed the arcade mode has been removed from the game as the extreme violence could not be justified without a storyline, but still that was only a small part of the game. The million seller (in Europe and America) will now be released here on April 6th for a lower pricepoint of $79.95.

February 2, 2006

    Games News
    According to this page on the OFLC web site Vivendi's 50 Cent: Bulletproof has been classified with MA15+ in Australia. As many of you may remember the game was initially Refused Classification, and then lost the appeal banning it's sale here. We are yet to confirm if anything has been removed from the game to pass this time around.

    According to rumours Microsoft may be delaying the release of Halo 3 until 2007. Why is this being reported on this site? Well many of you may remember that Microsoft were apparently hoping to launch the game at the same time as the PS3 to show just how good the XBox 1.5 apparently is (looks like little more then a box to port PC games so far). The rumours started after an e-mail was sent from GameStop stores which said "Microsoft has stated that Halo 3 WILL NOT be released in 2006."

    Well a couple of weeks ago we reported that Electronic Arts were working on James Bond: Casino Royale for next generation consoles, then we heard it won't happen, well now it's apparently back on track and scheduled for release towards the end of this year - at the same time as the movie starring Daniel Craig.

    PSP Reviews
    WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 has received much publicity prior to it's release. Indeed it was one of our most viewed previews. Future Gamez reviewed the PS2 version just prior to Christmas, but the PSP game is every bit as impressive. In fact, it's quite superb. Here's our in-depth review.

February 1, 2006

    Games News
    Atari Australia has confirmed that they will be releasing Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, Pro Evolution Soccer Management and Suikoden Tactics for PS2 on March 3rd. Each game will sell for $99.95.

    PS2 Previews
    Driver Parallel Lines is due out in a couple of weeks and Atari desperately hoping that this latest game can reinspire millions of gamers after a poorly received third title. Fortunately this game looks better and promises a much deeper storyline. Check out our preview with the latest news and screens.