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November 30, 2005

    PS2 Reviews
    Eye Toy Play 3 is the third game (or series of mini-games really) for the peripheral under the Play banner. While the Eye Toy has proven itself as a great PS2 peripheral. Are we getting tired of it all yet? We take a look and give you our thoughts...

November 29, 2005

    Games News
    Capcom's European office has announced three new titles for release on the PSP in Europe (and almost certainly Australia). The first game is Capcom's RPG Breath of Fire III which is due out on February 10th 2006. The second is Street Fighter Alpha MAX which will hit European stores on the 24th February 2006 while the third game Monster Hunter Freedom will see a release on the 31st March. Australia should receive these games around the same time as Europe.

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that The Sims 2 has gone gold for Playstation Portable meaning the game will hit the shelves in time for Christmas (Australian date is December 23rd!).

    According to reports Sci and Paramount are in discussions for a third Tomb Raider movie. With the two previous movies grossing $US450 million around the world the third was almost certain, despite critical panning of the previous movies. Perhaps most exciting is the news that Angelina Jolie has apparently shown interest in returning to the role.

    Competition - 2 DAYS REMAIN!!
    Another big competition here at Future Gamez. Thanks to Atari Australia we have 10, yes ten, copies of Conflict Global Storm to give away to some lucky readers. Simply click on the link and then answer two simple questions and you're in the draw. Go on, what are you waiting for? 2 days remaining!!

    PS2 Reviews
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is an ambitious project for PS2. The PC games are known for thier heavy emphasis on online action with up to 64 players at one time. This PS2 game drops that number to 24 for technical limitations however also includes and extensive single player campaign. One for action fans to check out then...

November 28, 2005

    PS2 Reviews
    Pro Evolution Soccer 5 sees Konami's hit soccer series is back for a 5th outing and this game, yet again, proves to be a superb addition to any gaming library. The big addition this year is online gameplay but there have been numerous other additions. Here's our full review.

November 27, 2005

    Games News
    Well not really unexpected news but Nokia has confirmed they won't be continuing the N-Gage platform in future. The hybrid phone and games machine has struggled to sell and while the company will continue to release games in future no new models are planned. I figure it's another boost for the PSP.

    PS2 Reviews
    Metal Slug 4 is one of the greatest side scrolling shooters of all time and even today it holds up very well. If you ever wanted to know why the Neo Geo was so much more powerful the 16-bit consoles (they existed at the same time) or why the game sell for hundreds of dollars then this is the title for you. Here we look at the port of the Neo Geo classic to PS2.

    The Suffering: Ties that Bind is the second game in Midway's action/horror series and the company will be hoping this sequel fares well. This is gruesome, bloody and violent - just how most of us like our games! Graham got his teeth into this game and lets is here to tell us if it's worth your time.

November 25, 2005

    Games News
    According to Red Ant's web site Midway's Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows will be released in Australia on March 16th, 2006. The game is due out in America on December 12th. Red Ant's web site also has an action racing game called Jacked due out on PS2 on February 23rd.

    Well we were expecting it to be released next week but THQ have snuck out WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 a bit early and it should be in stores now. Well, what are you waiting for?

    PSP Reviews
    Twisted Metal: Head On is a game which many PSP owners have been eagerly anticipating and for good reason. It would seem that the Twisted Metal games are perfectly suited to the PSP and indeed this game is quite impressive. Ben gives us his thoughts on this latest release from Sony.

November 24, 2005

    Games News
    The OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) has handed down its decision on the appeal of Vivendi's 50 Cent Bulletproof and it's another slap to the face of adult gamers. The review panel has upheld the original Refused Classification decision meaning the game can not be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia. It seems the problem with the game was not the violence, swearing, or drug use in the story mode as it was "contextually justified" but rather this violence was also available in an Arcade Mode where there was no story, nor justification for the actions such as killing with knives and blood splattering on screen. The only option to Vivendi now is to have the game modified and then re-submitted for re-classification, a process that could take months. You can read the official press release here. New Zealand gamers should note that the game has been classified there and will be available in early December.

    PS2 Reviews
    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Another year, another Tony Hawk title to contend with. While last years effort was disappointing, it seems Neversoft have learned from their mistakes and have brught the series back on track with this latest effort. Here's our review.

November 23, 2005

    Games News
    Ubisoft has today announced that they have signed an agreement with Free Radical Design, developer of the acclaimed TimeSplitters series, to develop an action game based on new IP for release in fiscal year 2006-2007. The game will be released on next generation consoles. As yet the only information available is that "Targeting mature gamers, it will feature difficult strategic choices and moral dilemmas, tapping into both their rational and emotional instincts."

    Ubisoft has confirmed two new games for the PSP in Australia. The first is Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code which is the sequel to the monster hit Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade which was published by Activision. The second game is Field Commander which is a stunning looking turn based military action title. Both games are due in Australian Autumn (Q'2) next year and we'll look at getting previews up as soon as possible.

    As many of you would be aware the XBox 360 launched in America last night. By all accounts sales have been extrmely brisk, partially due to very low numbers of units. Microsoft Australia has announced that we will have to wait for the system (well, they didn't say it in such a negative way). While Europe gets the system on December 2nd Australians will have to wait until March 2nd next year. I guess Sony are happy at the moment.

    PS2 Reviews
    Peter Jackson's King Kong is one of those games you just hoped would meet expectations, and you know what, this game does. Without a doubt the movie is going to be a monster hit (get it?) and this game tie-in has a lot going for it. May we present you with one of the very first reviews of the PS2 game.

November 21, 2005

    Games News
    Sony Pictures have announced a major milestone has been met with the next generation Blu-Ray DVD format. According to this article Sony Pictures have authored their first Blu-Ray disc with the movie Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle which runs at 1920 x 1080 resolution (compared to 720 x 576 for current PAL DVD's). This is a significant milestone and while the disc only used MPEG-2 rather then the higher specced VC-1 and MPEG-4 AVC its a step in the right direction for the format that will be used in Playstation 3. I guess it's also significant that the announcement came only days before the launch of the XBox 360 which, by the way, is today in America.

    PS2 Reviews
    Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (to give the game its full name) isn't a game many of you would have heard of and indeed the release in Australia was very limited in quantities. Still, this is a stunning game but if you want it, and we suggest you should, then you better hunt around quickly. Here's Grahams opinion on this latest RPG styled game.

    Taito Legends. During the 1980's Taito were one of the biggest arcade game developers with monster hits like Operation Wolf, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story, Tube It and Bubble Bobble. Now gamers can experience some of their best from the era with this collection of 29 games.

November 21, 2005

    Games News
    In a brief chat with THQ today the company mentioned that the Limited Edition Tin set for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 (which is due on on December 1st) has virtually sold out on pre-orders. If you were after one of these babies you'd better check your retailers quick, or help us a bit too by pre-ordering here for only $72.95 (plus P&H).

    Capcom has announced Capcom Classics Collection Remixed for release on PSP in Japan next March. The compilation (we reviewed the PS2 version here). While we're unsure which games have been omitted from the PSP game, we can tell you that Strider, Avengers, Magic Sword and Three Wonders are some games that ahve been added. It seems that there will be enough difference to own both, and with each released at a budget price that sholdn't be a hassle either!

    PS2 Previews
    Sega Classics Collection follows hot on the heals of Capcom's retro package and now Sega are going to release a package of classic, and somewhat updated, titles themselves. This pack includes titles such as Outrun, Golden Axe, Columns and Virtua Racing. If those games interest you then we have early screens and info.

November 20, 2005

    PS2 Previews
    World Poker Tour is one of three games that are being published by 2K Sports and is due out in January next year. This looks like being the greatest poker game of all time on a console and should generate a lot of interest from both players, and those with only a passing interest. Here's a look.

    NHL 2K6 is the latest game in the 2K franchise and while PAL gamers will have to wait until January it should be worth it. 2K Sports really are offering a great alternative to EA's sports titles. This looks very impressive. Check out this preview.

November 18, 2005

    Games News
    Atari Australia has confirmed that S.L.A.I. (Steel Lancer Arena International) will not be released in Australia. The game was set for this month but won't make it out here any more. No reason has been given.

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that they will be releasing Me and My Katamari (tentative title) on PSP in 2006 in America and Europe. The game will support 4 players through Wi-Fi and will include many customisations to the characters. More news as we get it.

    Well it has been known for some time but Capcom have today officially announced that Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max will be heading to PSP (although no date has been specified). The game has been given the Max tag due to the additional content including Wi-Fi support and four new characters to the series including Eagle, Yun, and Maki from Capcom vs SNK 2, and Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution.

    Square-Enix's president Yoichi Wada has hinted that Final Fantasty XIII and Dragon Quest IX may be released on XBox 360 as well as Playstation 3. The company expects to announce the news at E3 2006.

    Guess what. One of the biggest and most annoying games available this Christmas has gone gold according to developers Digital Jesters. We dare not say its name due to the hysteria it will create, and the annoyance factor as well. Well OK, it's Ubisoft's Crazy Frog Racer. You know. That god awful ringtone with that annoying little blue frog. The only good thing is that the game is going to be released in December for $AU29.95 (I wonder if you have to pay every month like most ringtone scams too!).

    PSP Movie Reviews
    PSP UMD Movie Review Lot #2 is our second batch of movie reviews. This time we take a look at Final Fantasy The Spirts Within and Kung Fu Hustle which are due out in a couple of weeks as well as Mask of Zorro which is out now. To say that these are impressive releases is an understatement, they are all fantastic transfers. PSP owners should check out the reviews of these fantastic Christmas gifts!

November 17, 2005

    Games News
    So it must be our day to poke fun at people. First it was Uruguay's loss in the World Cup qualifier despite it being their "Devine right" to be there. Well its time to have a little dig at Microsoft. As well all know the company touted the XBox 360 has being the HD revolution that gamers want. And indeed most games appear to run in 720p. That is, except for Project Gotham 3 which according to this article on Eurogamer the game actually runs at only 1024 x 600. Microsoft aren't denying the rumours stating only that "What is going on behind the scenes in the code or the HW to get the incredible visuals for Xbox 360 is not what gamers care about." Amazing how a company changes it tune which they realise there's much more powerful systems coming out soon (that being the PS3 of course!).

    Congrats to the Socceroos who qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time in 32 years. What made the victory so sweet wasn't just that we got revenge on Uruguay knocking us out of the qualifiers four years ago, but rather that Alvero Recoba's can shove his claim that it's Uruguay's "divine right" to be in the World Cup finals where the sun don't shine. We win. We're better. 'nuff said. John Travolta singing in the changerooms with the 'roos - priceless.

    Well we don't usually post specials here in the news pages but this is just too good to pass up. From November 17th to the 23rd Target have Ubisoft's stunning PSP game Lumines on sale for only $49.95, a saving of $30. This is quite simply the best game on PSP to date and if it's not in your collection, well, you're missing out on something very special.

    PS2 Reviews
    Capcom Classics Collection is one of the best compilations ever. No doubt about it. With 22 classic games, a tonne of unlockable content and near perfect emulation of the original games this title is a bargain at $49.95. In fact, it's an essential purchase in our book. Here's our review of this latest release from Capcom.

November 15, 2005

    Games News
    Recently an associate of ours, Mick McClanahan (AKA Monk), received an e-mail from Mr Des Clark, Director of the OFLC regarding Vivendi's 50 Cent: Bulletproof and what's happening with the game being Refused Classification in Australia. In the letter Mr Clark states the following:

      As you are already aware, on 24 October 2005 the Classification Board classified the computer game 50 Cent Bulletproof RC (Refused Classification). In the Board’s majority view 50 Cent Bulletproof contains depictions of violence that have a high impact and as such the computer game cannot be accommodated at the MA 15+ classification. Computer games that exceed the criteria for MA 15+ must be classified RC and cannot be sold, hired, demonstrated or advertised in Australia.

      The Board report notes that the highest classifiable element in this computer game is violence. In the opinion of the Board the following factors contributed to increasing the impact of the violence above strong:
      • Many violent sequences are rendered in slow-motion with some zooming in on the action and the moment of death;
      • Some of these sequences also include blood spray onto the screen;
      • Some victims scream, moan or beg before they are killed; and
      • A victim who is injured can be shot and killed as they crawl away

    The e-mail later confirms that (despite Vivendi not officially commenting) "You may be interested to know that the Classification Review Board has received an application to review the RC classification for this game. The Review Board is scheduled to meet on 9 November 2005 to consider the application". As yet the results of this review have not been announced, needless to say most game stores are still taking pre-orders for the game.

    PS2 Reviews
    The Sims 2 is certain to be one of the biggest selling games this Christmas. The Sims has become an gaming giant in recent year with millions of sales worldwide. This game isn't a direct port of the PC title with new additions for the console game. In fact fans may even want to own both versions. This is one that fans of The Sims will love.

    PSP Previews
    Lord of the Rings Tactics is the first Lord of the Rings title on PSP but rather then just porting the (superb) PS2 titles to the handheld system the developers have taken a different path by making a tactical RPG for the system. Here's an early look.

November 14, 2005

    Games News
    Activision has announced it has signed a long term deal with Marvel Entertainment to collaborate on Spider-man and X-Men products until the year 2017. The deal replaces all previous deals, the current one which ended in 2009. To date Activisions games based on the two properties have sold an impressive 25 million units worldwide.

    PSP Reviews
    MediEvil Resurrection was a launch title on PSP, and one which Sony developed internally in Europe. Does anyone here remember PSOne Medievil? It was great fun and now the hero, Dan, returns to the PSP. Does this game rekindle the franchise and give PSP gamers something exciting to play? Read on.

    PS2 Reviews
    Star Wars Battlefront II is the sequel to the biggest selling Star Wars title of all time. The first game was a sensation and provided some of the best online multiplayer action yet seen on the Playstation 2. This sequel has just been unleashed. Does it expand the franchise or is it mere fodder for your blasters?

    Letters Page
    Well we received a couple of e-mails, some we've answered in the past, some we posted on the Letters Page. Check it out and if you have a question send me an e-mail - it may even get published!

November 12, 2005

    Games News
    Polyphony Digital, those wonderful chaps behind a certain Gran Turismo series has confirmed that their turn at motorbike racing Tourist Trophy will be released in US Spring (Q'2) 2006.

    Sega Europe have announced some release dates, and seeing as Australia usually follows the European dates (or a week or two behind) we thought these may be of interest. Sega Classics Collection appears to have been delayed from December until 6th January, Football Manager 2006 on PSP is March 2006 (although this may not make it to Australia), Mid-2006 will see the release of Phantasy Star Online on PS2 in Europe while Sonic Riders is a loose 2006 date. Of course there will likely be many more titles from Sega, but these are the announced ones.

November 11, 2005

    Games News
    Ubisoft has confirmed that several upcoming games have been delayed for various periods of time. AND 1 Streetball on PS2 has been delayed from Q'4 2005 until February 2006 to allow more time to polish the title. Likewise Rugby Challenge 2006 has also seen a delay from December until early 2006 to add improvements to the game. On the PSP front Ubisoft have confirmed that the highly anticipated RPG Tales of Eternia from Namco has been delayed from todays estimated release until early 2006. Unfortunately a bug was found in the game which must be fixed prior to release so the delay shouldn't be too long.

    PS2 Previews
    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is the third game in Ubisoft's hit console series on PS2. This looks like being the best game in the series by a long shot with even more moves, improved music (gone is the rock crap) and another fantastic storyline. We have the latest screens and info for you to enjoy.

    PSP Previews
    Prince of Persia Revelations is Ubisoft's recently announced PSP version of their hit series. While it takes much inspiration from Warrior Within the game will add many new features including puzzles, enemies and locations which should give it a bit more of a boost. This looks like one of the best games this year.

    PSP Reviews
    Pursuit Force (which has been developed by Bigbig) this is one of Sony's big Christmas PSP titles. The thought of massive car chases and being able to jump from one vehicle to another while moving is very exciting. Sadly we discovered that the game the doesn't quite live up expectations. Our review awaits...

November 10, 2005

    Games News
    While doing our usual rounds to bring you the latest news we notice that Sony's upcoming Shadow of the Colossus has already gone through the OFLC and been awarded a M rating in Australia with the warning of Moderate Violence. While some games get rated so early (its not due out until February) it's uncommon. Our question. Could Sony be planning a surprise early launch for the game, possibly an XBox 360 spoiler in Europe?

    Does anyone remember the movie The Neverending Story? Well we have another one. This time it's called The Neverending Story of GTA's Release. According to various retail sources, including our sponsor Games Warehouse GTA: Liberty City Stories is now not going to be released in Australia until December 2nd. We don't know what the hold up is, and Take Two are remaining tight lipped, but the game is already out in England, and has already been rated MA15+ for Australia. We'll keep digging.

    PS2 Reviews
    Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is one very interesting game from Sega. We have monkey's, and balls. Does a game ever get more whacky. Rarely, but Chris discovered one of the most engrossing, and fun, games in recent times. Here's his full review. Check it out.

November 9, 2005

    Games News
    We're haven't received confirmation yet however some retailers are now reporting that THQ's WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 on PS2 may be delayed until December 1st. The PSP game still remains a loose December release. Perhaps they will be timed for simultaneous launch. THQ had already left for the day when we got this news, expect some tomorrow.

    According to rumours Sega are apparently prepping Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast for release on PSP in America in March next year. We can only hope this to be true and if we receive confirmation, especially of an Australian or European release we'll let you know.

    Midway has confirmed that Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run is currently in development with The Rock providing motion capture work for the game. As we reported a couple of weeks ago the game will include out of car sections of the game. The game is due out in Australia in Winter 2006, but means the game will be out well before the movie which hasn't started filming yet meaning it probably won't include any storyline from the movie - which, by the way, director John Woo is sadly no longer a part of.

    Letters Page
    We've kind of neglected it this year but I've decided to kickstart the Letters Page once again. This is the best way to get a response to a question. We get a lot of e-mails that have similar questions so rather then replying to every single one (although we try to) we'll put your questions and answers up there. Check it out and if you have a question send me an e-mail.

    PS2 Reviews
    Musashi: Samurai Legend is a game in all liklihood few of you would have heard of. Any new title from Square-Enix turns heads, but to be honest we hadn't even heard of this one until just before release. Does it deserve your attention? Here's our exclusive review with a verdict on this latest RPG.

November 8, 2005

    Games News
    According to a report on Australian IT Sony may be set to abandon Region Coding on games for the Playstation 3. Sony Australia's Michael Ephraim has said the following "If you look at the fact that it will support high-definition TV, which will be a global standard, there's a good likelihood that it will be global region, as for example we've done with the PSP". Of course Sony recently lost a court case which now makes mod chips legal, with region coded games one of the reasons the courts allowed mod chips to be sold legally in Australia. We must hasten to add that we still fully expect Blu Ray movies will have region coding on them.

    Tru Blue Entertainment has confirmed that thier highly anticipated Rugby League 2 will be released in Australia on December 8th 2005.

    Activision has confirmed that their action title GUN will be coming to the Playstation 3. The PS2 version is out this week and while not confirmed the PS3 version should be a launch title.

    Electronic Arts are apparently working on a PSP version of their upcoming James Bond title Bond: From Russia With Love which stars the greatest Bond of them all, Sean Connery. The PS2 game is due out in a matter of days, with the PSP version rumoured for Q'1 2006.

    Ubisoft have annouced that their PSP Prince of Persia title will actually be called Prince of Persia Revelations. The game is due for release in December.

    PS2 Reviews
    SingStar 80's is the latest game in Sony's massive karaoke franchise. This is the fourth pack in the SingStar series and yet again Sony have pick some wonderful songs. In fact this is one of the stronger lineups. Even if you don't have the previous titles in the series there has been no better time to test your singing voice. A review...

    Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is the movie tie-in that was bound to happen. Sure, it's aimed at a younger market but even adults who like the clay characters will get some enjoyment out of this title. Here's our review of this surprisingly entertaining game.

November 7, 2005

    Rumour Mill
    It's been a while since the little bird dropped in with some mind blowing news, but he's back with quite a nice one. The PSP has really taken off in terms of sales and the movies on UMD are also selling very well - no surprise given their astounding quality. Now, one of the biggest movies of recent times is set to be released. All the bird would say is Jan 19th will be a date you can take the pill, be it red or blue. Stuck on an answer? E-Mail me.

November 6, 2005

    Games News
    Atari Australia has confirmed that Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure has been delayed from November to February. No reason has been given for the delay as yet.

    PS2 Reviews
    Crash Tag Team Racing isn't just a racing game. Indeed while Crash Bandicoot is back this game is actually part racing game, part platform game and it blends together pretty well. Here's our in-depth review of this title which, while aimed at kids, is likely to keep adults entertained as well.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee sees the worlds most famous turtles back for a third outing on PS2. Despite being released at a budget price ($49.95) we have to question if fans will even enjoy this game. The previous efforts from Konami were dire, is this game really any better. Here's a verdict.

November 5, 2005

    Games News
    Word out of Sony Europe is that the company is preparing to re-release one of the greatest games on the Playstation 2 which hasn't been seen since it's initial release a couple of years ago. I'll give you a clue... The title has three letters... Got it? That's right it's ICO. The game will apparently be released beside the development team's next title Shadow of the Collossus which is apparently every bit as brilliant! Both games will be out in February.

    Blizzard's Steve Ranck has confirmed that Starcraft: Ghost will be coming to PS2 and XBox, but plans for the Gamecube version have been scrapped citing lack of online capabilities. No word on a date for this oft-delayed title yet sadly.

    Rap Star 50 Cent has confirmed he will be providing 13 exclusive and remixed songs for his upcoming game 50 Cent: Bulletproof. As you may know however the OFLC has banned the game in Australia, so unless it's appealed or edited and resubmitted we may never see it here. As yet Vivendi haven't determined what they are doing with the game.

    February 6, 2006 is a game that PSP owners (in Japan at least) should pencil in. On that day Konami will release Gradius Portable, a package that includes Gradius I, II, III and IV. Not only that but the game will include an option for enhanced graphics. No word yet on an American or European release, but there's always importing.

    Movie director Paul W. S. Anderson has confirmed he is working on a movie based on Konami's Castlevania games. The movie is due to start filming in mid-2006 although no cast has been set on the Vampire movie, or Belmont clan, as yet. Paul Anderson is best known for the first Resident Evil movie as well as Alien Vs Predator.

November 4, 2005

    Competition Winners!!
    Over the last month we were giving readers the chance to win one of five copies of Resident Evil Wesker's Report on DVD. Well we've changed that. Thanks to THQ Australia we've picked 10 winners instead of five, each of whom will receive a copy of the DVD in the coming days - you should all have e-mails by now. The winners are Matt Grocott, Travis Kenny, Tony Lee, Matt Connolly, Liana Kelly, Theresa Grumball, Adam Telfer, Annabel Richards, Nathan Zur, Peter Arvoll. Congratulations all.

    PS2 Reviews
    Resident Evil 4 has hit the stores today so if you were waiting to see what it was like, wait no longer. The Gamecube game is now legendary and resurrected the slowly dying series. This PS2 port is nigh on identical, and even adds more content on the disc. This game of the year contender is reviewed right here. Check it...

    Another big competition here at Future Gamez. Thanks to Atari Australia we have 10, yes ten, copies of Conflict Global Storm to give away to our luck readers. Simply click on the link and then answer the simple questions and you're in the draw. Go on, what are you waiting for?

    PSP Reviews
    V8 Supercars 2 has been out on Playtation 2 and PC for some time now, but the game was recently brought over to the PSP for that systems launch in Europe. We asked our new reviewer (read: slave) Ben Gourlay to take this game (known as TOCA Race Driver in Europe and America) for a spin, and he liked what he saw. Here's his review of Codemasters racing title.

November 3, 2005

    Games News
    Well Take Two still don't know what's happening with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (see yesterday's news), and several retailers that were showing a release date of November 11th have now started to show November 18th. The wait continues... As soon as we get official word, we'll let you know.

    Electronic Arts has announced they have secured the rights from Twentieth Century Fox and Gracie Films to develop games on next generation consoles for The Simpsons. The first game of the multi-game deal will be launched on next generation systems; no launch date has been announced. “This is a great opportunity for our talented development team to collaborate with the brilliant minds of THE SIMPSONS to bring original Simpsons material to videogame fans,” said Nick Earl, Vice President and General Manager, EA Redwood Shores Studio. Hopefully we'll see these games in coming months, with E3 a likely first showing (that's my speculation - not what EA have said!).

    I've had a couple of e-mails of late asking if the Spiderman-2 free UMD promotion was still available for people purchasing PSP's. According to Sony Australia late yesterday the answer was YES. They didn't say how long there was to go, and a word of warning, if you're buying a PSP for a Christmas gift now you better register it before Christmas or you'll likely miss out on this free movie. The offer goes by when you register, not when you purchased the system.

November 2, 2005

    Games News
    Well I just got off the phone to Take Two a few moments ago (quite literally - it was 3.10pm Wednesday if you must know) and I asked them a little about what's happening with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. As you are well aware the PSP game that was due out on October 28th but was mysteriously delayed at the last minute. Since then rumours have floated around of a November 10th or 11th release date, according to various retailers. Take Two however still aren't sure saying that they are still awaiting confirmation on a new date for Australia from Europe. Hopefully it will be announced after the European version is released, possibly this Friday (although even that is being questioned). Looks like we're going to have to keep waiting folks, but you know it will be worth it!

    Take Two recently held a conference call to disclose their financial information, not too much exciting there. But what was exciting was the news that the company confirmed a second GTA title is in development for PSP and will be released in the next financial year for the company. As many of you know the European and Australian version has been delayed until and undisclosed date (possibly this Friday in Europe and the 11th in Australia) and the company confirmed it was due to "testing and submission" delays in Europe.

    Eidos has confirmed that Roll Call has been renamed to Zero Tolerance: City Under Fire. The game is due out in Europe in Q'2 2006 and is in development at Rocksteady Studios.

    PS2 Reviews
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown is a game guaranteed for a large following. Ubisoft recently released this new game in their Rainbow Six series on PS2 and Graham has taken some time out to give the game a try. Here's his thoughts.

November 1, 2005

    PS2 Reviews
    Spartan: Total Warrior is from the developers of the Total War games on PC have just released their first console title, and it's a cracker. If you love large scale battles then this is certainly a title for you to check out. Oh, you better like blood too!