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April 30, 2005

    Project: Snowblind is Crystal Dynamics' (who are working on the next Tomb Raider game) latest title for the PS2 and is a good blend of FPS action and Deux Ex styled gameplay. Not only does the game include single player modes, but also support for 16-players online. Here's our full and exclusive verdict on the game.

April 29, 2005

    Games News
    Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that Gran Turismo 4 has sold an impressive 6.25 million copies worldwide. Breaking the sales down into territories the company has sold 1.09 million units in Japan, 1.94 million in America and 3.12 million in Europe. The company also confirmed that since the first Gran Turismo on PSOne the series has sold 43.67 million units - and that excludes sales this month!

    Lego Star Wars sounds like a good idea on paper, but does it make a good game. You bet it does. This is better then anyone could have expected and puts many of the LucasArts titles to shame. There are a couple of issues - the biggest one being the length of the game - but youngsters will absolutely love this game. Here's our full and exclusive review.

April 28, 2005

    Australian PSP Launch Confirmation
    Well I won't spell it all out, you should read the entire press release. In summary though the Australian launch will be the same day as Europe, September 1st, at a price of $AU429. To be honest we're still unsure if we'll be covering the system here on Future Gamez so drop us an e-mail to let us know if we should cover the PSP as well as PS3. Onto the press release...

      PlayStation Portable Value Pack to retail at AU $429.95

      Sydney, 26 April 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) today announced that its highly anticipated PlayStation® Portable handheld entertainment system will be launched throughout Australia and New Zealand on 1st September 2005.

      Following the success of the PlayStation Portable launches in Japan and the USA, PlayStation Portable will go on sale throughout Australia and New Zealand on 1st September 2005, available in a single version Value Pack, priced at AU $429.95 (NZ $469.95). The PlayStation Portable Value Pack contains an added-value package of accessories and entertainment content, including the PlayStation Portable system with a pouch, 32MB Memory Stick DuoÔ, Battery Pack, Headphones with Remote Control, AC Adaptor, Wrist strap, cloth and a video/music/game sampler Universal Media Disc(tm) (UMD(tm)) including several non-interactive game demos.

      A copy of Spider-Man 2, on UMD Video will be available as an extra value offer to early purchasers of PlayStation Portable, who register their PlayStation Portable and order their Spider-Man 2 UMD Video through (, the official SCEE web portal for PlayStation Portable.

      PlayStation Portable features a 4.3-inch, 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD that displays full colour (16.77 million colours) on a 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution screen. PlayStation Portable also comes complete with built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector and a range of input/output connectors such as USB 2.0 and 802.11b Wireless LAN, enabling users to connect to the Internet and play online via a Wireless Network. Up to 16 PSP systems in the vicinity can also be connected to each other directly in Ad Hoc Mode, allowing for Wireless head-to-head competition. In addition, Wireless capabilities will allow software and data to be downloaded to PlayStation Portable and saved onto a Memory Stick Duo.

      PlayStation Portable uses a newly-developed proprietary storage medium named Universal Media Disc (UMD). This high-capacity optical disc is the next-generation compact storage media, and although only 60mm in diameter, a UMD can store up to 1.8GB of digital data - more than three times the data held on a CD-ROM. A broad range of digital entertainment content such as high quality 3D games, music, movies, video clips and other media can be distributed on UMD.

      "PlayStation Portable will revolutionise portable entertainment, giving users the freedom to play full 3D games, watch movies, listen to music and connect wirelessly on their terms, wherever and whenever they wish to do so," said David Reeves, President of SCEE. "More than ever, today's consumer demands access to their personal entertainment outside the home, without compromising quality. With more than 100 PlayStation Portable game titles currently in development worldwide, and the ability to download and listen to music, and view feature films with breathtaking screen quality, PlayStation Portable lets users control their entertainment options, all in a single package."

    Viewtiful Joe 2 is here now. The first Viewtiful Joe was like a breath of fresh air. Visually stunning, fantastic gameplay and that certain 'wow' factor that makes a game very special. This second title doesn't alter the formula, which may not be a bad thing in most peoples books. Here's our exclusive verdict on the sequel.

April 27, 2005

    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is a crucial title for the continuation of this series. The first game was brilliant, the second game bitterly disappointing. If Capcom want to continue this series in the coming years they needed to strike back with a great title. So where does this game fit in the picture? Read our full and exclusive review to find out.

    Click here to go to the Future Gamez Forums and post a message. Why? Because it's the easiest way to ask a question and get answers. There are now well over 4,800 posts in the forums. It may be quiet, but the good thing about that is the quality of the questions and answers, this isn't an area for spam posters. See you there.

    Release Schedule Update
    Once again another big update to the Preview & Release Schedule page. I am now starting to list PS3 titles on the list (which are designated by a PS3 in brackets until the official logo appears), and have also listed games until 2008! If you haven't checked it out you must have a look now!

April 26, 2005

    Sony Europe has announced that they will be launching the PSP in Europe on September 1st for £179. There's no confirmation yet on the Austrailan date, but expect it to be pretty close to Europe. People purchasing the system will be able to register it online, and in doing so will then be sent a copy of Spiderman 2 to watch on their system - why not just include it though??

    Astro Boy is a classic Japanese anime series, and is in fact the one that introduced Japanese cartoons, or anime, to the world. Chris has had a good look at this Sonic Team developed Astro Boy game and was certainly disappointed by the games length - or lack thereof. Still, if you love Astro Boy this is a review worth checking out.

    Madden NFL 06 may have lost a little from its name, that being the first two numbers from the year, but this game is certainly not missing anything in the looks or gameplay department. EA's Madden titles have always show the benchmarks on consoles, and this looks like pushing it further then ever before. Few details are available but we have the first batch of (impressive) screenshots.

    PS3 Preview
    Madden NFL Next Gen is the one you've been waiting for. For the first time we have a true indication of the power of next generation consoles and while not in-game graphics they give an indication of what to expect. We have the four offically announced screens as well as the 60-second advert which appeared on American TV this weekend. You MUST see this!

April 25, 2005

    Games News
    After complaints from the Bangladesh government Sony will be removing the country from its upcoming SOCOM III. The government was (somewhat understandably) upset about references to terrorists being in the country.

    Crime Life: Gang Wars is certain to generate a lot of interest in the leadup to its September release. God only knows if the OFLC will allow this game into Australia - it's certainly violent and will be rated 18 in the UK. Konami are making a quite violent gang based game - which also includes rappers D12! Here's an early look.

    This Weeks Releases
    Only two new releases this week, and when you think about the release of a Star Wars title 4 weeks before the movie is a bit of a shock considering the plot points it gives away. Having said that the Episode III book is also available in stores... The other release is really only for die-hard ninja fans but probably ok value at a bargain price:

April 23, 2005

    Games News
    QV Software have confirmed they will be distributing Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt on PS2 this July. The game is based on the hit TV series and is currently in development at Warthog. The game is a third person action adventure game and uses the actual voice actors. Expect a preview with more details in the coming weeks.

    Namco has confirmed they have secured the rights to develop games on current and next generation systems based on the Peanuts comic strips. The deal, which will last until 2009, should see Charlie Brown and friends appear on consoles in the next year or so. Perhaps a surprise E3 showing is in order?

    Activision has confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on PS2 late this year. The first Star Wars: Battlefront was a superb game and this sequel looks set to not only push the gameplay to new levels, but also the graphics - which were already pretty special. Pandemic are once again developing the title.

April 21, 2005

    Games News
    While there was some thought that Capcom's stunning Onimusha 3: Demon Siege would be the last in the series Weekly Famitsu has confirmed that a fourth game, titled Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, is currently in development.

    Buena Vista Games has confirmed that they will be publishing a game based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The game is in development at Eurocom for next generation systems (Playstation 3) and will be released in Q'3 2006 to coincide with the movie which sees all the main cast return (Depp, Bloom, Rush and Knightly).

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that The Sims 2 is coming to Playstation 2. At this stage no other details are planned but you can bet it will be one of the companies big titles at the E3 show in a couple of weeks. The game is due in Q'3 2005.

    Tekken 5 is a game that almost every fighting fan will keep an eye on. The previous two Tekken titles on PS2 (well, really the only two) were pretty average. With Sony confirming they have picked up the publishing and distribution rights to Tekken 5 for a Winter release in Australia it was about time for an updated look.

April 18, 2005

    Gran Turismo 4 is the biggest racing game since Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is available now and promises to be bigger and better in every regard. If you love your cars you're certain to love Gran Turismo 4 which takes the word simulation and pushes it to a level never seen before. Here's our full verdict.

    Games News
    According to Sony Europe's Chris Deering the company will be announcing details of the PSP's launch in Europe in the coming weeks. While many still believe a June release is likely, with retailers and some game distributers stating that date, others are now speculating a launch as late as September. We shall know soon, possibly from the E3 show.

    THQ have announced they are developing a new game called Evil Dead: Resurrection which, like the previous game, is based on the legendary movies. Expect a late 2005 release and more details from E3.

    According to actors may be going on strike soon and won't lend their voices to video games. The problem stems from the expiration of a contract between Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Unlike the movie industry where actors get a percentage of the gross voicework is usually a one-off fee. With games now generating as much money has major movies it's believed actors may want a royalty, or percentage of the gross. Any strike could cause major headaches for the industry which is increasingly relying on top talent to attract people to games and lacks a union to fight the Screen Actors Guild. Expect to hear more in future.

    This Weeks Releases
    Well really last weeks releases, I forgot to post these the other day. There's certainly some big titles here including Take Two's spectacular looking racing game, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and THQ/Koei's wonderful strategy game La Pucelle Tactics. Anyway onto the games that are available through Games Warehouse now:

April 17, 2005

    Outlaw Golf 2 isn't a game for everyone. Hell, if you're under 15 then this game isn't suitable for you according to the OFLC, and we can't really disagree. You see this is a golf game with a M15+ rating for sexual humour and violence - it's all there, so is a solid game! Here's our exclusive review.

    Games News
    Red Ant have confirmed that their upcoming FPS Area-51 will be released with the low pricepoint of only $79.95. The game will be released in Australia on May 19th.

April 15, 2005

    Games News
    Some interesting news on SingStar Pop which is due for release in Australia this June. SCE Australia have confirmed that the game will be released with different tracklistings in each territory. 20 of the songs will be internations, that is, they will appear on every version of the game (Australia, Britain etc) while 10 songs will be selected to suit that country. We can now confirm 5 of the 10 songs exclusive to the Australian version. They are:

      Spazzy’s - My Boyfriend’s Back
      Shannon Noll - What About Me
      Missy Higgins - Scar
      INXS - New Sensation
      Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue - Kids

    I've had a couple of e-mails asking me if NARC would be available in New Zealand following its banning here in Australia. We've just received word from Red Ant that the company has submitted the game to the New Zealand authorities for classification. If it passes (New Zealand has a much more adult-friendly rating system!) then it will be released there.

    Well it may be the biggest trade show in the world, but Codemasters have decided not to show any games at this years E3 show. The reason is that the companies games aren't aimed at the American market, but rather Europe. With titles like Worms 4 (which seems global to us) and Ricky Ponting Cricket, LMA Manager 2006, TOCA Race Driver 3 (aka V8 Supercars 3 in Australia) it makes some sense.

    EA Sports Cricket is just being polished off for a July release here in Australia (and presumably Europe) undoubtedly to cash in on the Ashes excitement. While previous EA Sports Cricket titles were good, they weren't brilliant. This years title looks to have many improvements in terms of graphics and features and is well worth a look. Here's our preview.

April 14, 2005

    Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 is a game which many people have been looking forward to. Developers Gearbox have taken a bit of a risk with this game by including strategic gameplay elements where you not only shoot like a normal FPS, but also issue commands to squads. Fortunately it works very well making this a great title for action fans.

April 13, 2005

    Games News
    Konami has confirmed that they have purchased 3 million new shares in HudsonSoft giving them a majority shareholding with 54% of the company. HudsonSoft are most well known for their Bomberman series of games but in recent years have struggled financilly with expected losses this year of 7.3 billion yen (approximately $AU87.5 million).

    Monster Hunter is not just a hunting game - with monsters - but also one of the most exciting releases early this year. The reason; 4-player online support. The producer is Tsuyoshi Tanaka who has also produced the Resident Evil Outbreak titles as well as the recently released (and soon to be reviewed) Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

April 12, 2005

    Games News
    Red Ant have issued a press release about the OFLC's archaic decision to ban NARC in Australia. In short the game will not be released here however the company goes into some detail regarding the process of the decision, and has a swipe at the OFLC and government for refusing to give adult gamers the freedom to choose. Well done Red Ant I say... Anyway here it is (sans cool picture):


      Sydney, April 12th 2005 - The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) have refused classification (RC) on Midway Games’ NARC.

      NARC is an in-depth, 3rd-person action/shooter video game set against a stylised modern-day backdrop of the War on Drugs. Playing in the elite NARC squad, players must rid the world of the powerful international K.R.A.K. drug cartel. Using deadly firepower and police authority, players will make the choice to play it straight or use and abuse narcotics to get that extra edge and quick cash. Players decide whether to play as a good or bad cop as they face the mean streets and criminal underworld that rules it.

      The OFLC classified NARC with an RC in accordance with Part 1(d) of the computer games table of the national classification code, which states, in part, that “1. Computer games that; (d) are unsuitable for a minor to see or play”*.

      A seven-member panel of the Classification Board determined, in a majority 6 to I decision that Narc be refused classification.

      The minority view of the board believes the impact of the game is justified in the context of a game based on busting drug dealers. Unfortunately the majority of the board did not agree that NARC was justified within the current highest classification rating of MA15+.

      There is no R classification for computer games. MA15+ is the highest possible rating given to a game. Those games, which are unsuitable for a minor to see or play, are refused.

      Classification decisions are to be given effect on a list of principles from the National Classification Code, including:
      - Adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want. * and
      - Minors should be protected from material likely ti harm or disturb them

      An Adult, means a person who is 18 or older. The Restricted (R) rating does not exist in the world of gaming. Because of this, it appears that adults are not able to read, hear and see what they want.

      Gaming is fast growing in the entertainment industry. With the average gamer being of an age around 25, the demand is high for a restricted (R) rating to be introduced.

      Midway’s upcoming release NARC will not be released in Australia. The line was crossed…

    Madagascar is bound to be one of the biggest movies this year. The early trailers are quite funny and certain to draw in the kids. As expected there's a game to tie-in tot he movie with Activision promptly picking up the rights. The game is also aimed at youngsters, but here's a preview which all can enjoy (hopefully!).

April 11, 2005

    E3 2005
    Well it looks like Sony have trumped Microsoft in the first shot of the looming next generation war. Microsoft recently sent out invites to their pre-E3 conference which will happen on 6:45pm PDT on Monday, May 16. Nintendo are slated for 9am PDT on Tuesday, May 17. Typically Sony are the last to hold their conference, but this year surprised by announcing they will hold their conference on Monday afternoon, just hours before Microsoft. With the XBox 2 and Revolution expected to be announced Sony will now have the opportunity to show off the PS3 and, hopefully for them, make Nintendo and Microsoft's presentations look underwhelming in the process. Let the games begin.

    Games News
    Take Two Australia has confirmed that Classified: The Sentinel Crisis will not be coming to PS2 in Australia. The game is still coming out on XBox for anyone that cares...

    Panzer Front AUSF.B may not sound like the most exciting game name ever, but if you're a fan of tanks it most certainly would be. The announcement tha this would be relesed in Australia was a bit of a surprise. Developers Enterbrain have completed work on this sequel to the impressive PSOne game. We admittedly don't have a lot of details but this preview is worth a look if you're interested.

April 10, 2005

    Games News
    Francis Ford Coppola, the man who brought The Godfather to the silver screen has stated he disapproves of the video game which is currently in development at Electronic Arts. As he states in this article on Fox News "I had absolutely nothing to do with the game and I disapprove," he says. "I think it's a misuse of film."

    Warhammer 40,000 Fire Warrior may be an old title having been released in the latter part of 2003, but we decided it was worth having a look at anyway. Graham was locked in a dungeon for a couple of days until he finished this review but discovered a quite solid FPS that's probably pretty cheap now if you shop around and worth a purchase.

April 9, 2005

    Games News
    Here we go again. Australia's OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) has Refused Classification to another title here meaning it can't be sold until either the offending material is removed or the distributers appeal the decision (and it's overturned of course). The game in question is Midway's NARC which was being distributed by Red Ant. This was always going to be a questionable title passing the OFLC due to high levels of drug use. In the game you play a cop who gets high and then guns people down - essentially anyway. Unfortunately I was unable to get a comment from Red Ant before the weekend, expect more news next week.

    OK, A little more news on the AFL (Australian Football League) title which is in development for the Playstation 2. The developers, and IR Gurus, have finally settled on a name. After being known as AFL Live 2005, AFL 2005 and AFL 2006 at various stages Sony have now informed me the name has been settled with AFL Premiership 2005: The Official Game of the AFL Premiership. The game still does not have a release date other then Winter. Finally we're hoping to get some new screens in the next week or so - stay tuned for more.

    Strike Force Bowling is a very welcome title to Australia. Despite the fact that the PSOne had no less then ten bowling titles during its life this is only the first on the Playstation 2. The game is due out in a month or so and should, at the very least, provide a few thrills at a budget price through Red Ant. Here's the latest screens and info.

    Pinball: Hall of Fame is yet another budget release from Red Ant. The game looks pretty impressive to with 7 different pinball tables from the 1950's to the 1990's. Nice graphics and solid ball physics should ensure this game is great value upon release in May. Here's an early preview with some of the latest screens.

April 8, 2005

    Call of Duty: Finest Hour was released late last year on Playstation 2 and promised to contain all the action from the hit PC Call of Duty titles. The game is indeed very frantic, and includes plenty edge of your seat action. Here's our in-depth review of this excellent World War II First Person Shooter.

    Games News
    Electronic Arts have announced details, although not too many of them, for their next Burnout title called Burnout: Revenge. Here's the press release with all the details and a promise of more info at the E3 show.

      Players Rip Through Traffic and Settle the Score
      In the Sequel to 2004’s Racing Game of the Year

      Sydney, NSW – April 5, 2005 – According to the 2004 Urban Mobility Report by the Texas Transportation Institute, U.S. commuters endured 3.5 billion hours of traffic delays in 2002, at a cost of more than $63.2 billion. It’s hell on the highway and Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced plans to let gamers live out their wildest commuter fantasies this September with Burnout Revenge™.

      Burnout Revenge lets gamers rip through rush hour traffic and lay waste to scores of rubbernecking roadhogs in an over-the-top scene of vehicular mayhem. The game is currently in development by Criterion Games for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Xbox® video game system from Microsoft.

      Burnout Revenge is the sequel to 2004’s award-winning Burnout 3: Takedown, which has garnered dozens of awards, including “Game of the Year” by Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, “Multiplatform Game of the Year” by Electronic Gaming Monthly and “Best Xbox Game of 2004” by GameSpot.

      In addition to tricked out new race, crash and road rage modes, Burnout Revenge takes the series’ blistering speed and spectacular destruction to dizzying new heights with an all-new Revenge mode, challenging gamers to battle the clock and unleash their frustrations on rush hour traffic.

      EA will debut Burnout Revenge at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles on May 18, 19 and 20, 2005.

    Movie director Guillermo del Toro has posted on his own web site for Del Toro Films that a game based on Hellboy movie is in development at Konami, although no platforms have been specified. Here's what he said:

      A deal has been finalized with KONAMI for a HELLBOY video game based on the movie version of the characters and world. Expect new monsters, new villians (and the return of one of our favorite ones) and a new storyline. Mike Mignola and myself are now in discussions to come on board as consultants - Hope it happens.

April 7, 2005

April 6, 2005

    Games News
    Hardcore gamers who import from Japan or America would almost certainly have heard of Katamari Damacy - the most whacky game where you roll a large ball around a game world making everything stick to it. It's one of the best games ever, and the lack of PAL release is a disgrace. Well the sequel, called Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy in Japan, is coming out there on July 7th. The good news is that an American and PAL release is likely - eventually.

    Fantastic Four is coming to the big screen, and small, later this year. The movie looks pretty damn awesome and as with almost every big movie there's a game to tie into it. Activision have the rights and the game, which is being developed at 7 Studios, is shaping up nicely. Here's our very early and exclusive preview...

    Spartan: Total Warrior is a game which deserves some major attention. From the developers of Total War on the PC, The Creative Assembly (who have just been bought by Sega), the game provides some large scale battles and very impressive visuals. Check out this very early preview of a sure fire hit coming in September.

April 5, 2005

    Games News
    Just a note to remind people that although Stolen developer Blue 52 has gone bankrupt the game was virtually complete. The game has been delayed slightly from April 8th to April 26th but further delays are unlikely with a small group just finishing off the title any day now.

    Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 is a game you should start getting excited about. Finally Capcom's survival horror titles are going to be online in PAL territories. Single players need not worry as they will also be catered for as well with two computer controlled players joining you. Here's an early look and this superb looking title.

    Backyard Wrestling Don't Try This At Home has been out for some time now, but we've only just picked up a copy and decided to give it a review. The conclusion, not only should you not try wrestling at home, but you'll probably be better off if you don't try this game either. Poor graphics, easy gameplay makes this a pretty average title according to Graham.

April 4, 2005

    Games News
    Midway has announced they have picked up the rights to develop a game based on the upcoming animated movie Happy Feet. The movie, and game, should be released around November 2006.

    Outlaw Tennis, without a shadow of a doubt, looks like the most outrageous tennis game ever - and I mean that in a good sense. From wacky courts to players this game has it all including online gameplay. What's more impressive is that the game will be released at a budget price. Here's an early look.

    This Weeks Releases
    Only a couple of releases this week, but given the strength of previous weeks we have to assume you're pretty busy anyway. Still, these games will still interest some gamers:

April 2, 2005

    April Fools
    Well I know I got some of you at the very least. Yes, yesterday was April Fools Day and the story about the OFLC introducing an R18+ rating for games in Australia was indeed, false. Sorry to say but the next opportunity for the OFLC to introduce such a rating is still a couple of years away. I'm happy to report that the news regarding the PS3 and Grandia III were indeed true.

    Spy Vs Spy is a game based on the classic comic strip from Mad Magazine. Pitting two spies (one black, the other white) against each other this game looks like tremendous fun for up to 4-players - including online gameplay! What's even more impressive is the game will be released at the budget price of only $AU29.95. Here's our preview.

April 1, 2005

    OFLC Changes
    Now this is astonishing news. According to the OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) a recent meeting in Canberra of Australian's Governor Generals has resulted in the decision that Australia should have an R18+ rating for games. This is fantastic news for gamers who have missed out on several great titles over the years, or at the very least have had edits made to be relased here. We've already spoken to several distributers here. It now looks like Manhunt (Take Two) and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude will be available within two weeks! It's about time too!! Unfortunately due to Acclaim's demise BMX XXX still won't be released but we're not missing much with that game anyway.

    EA Sports Rugby 2005 is a vastly improved title from last years effort which was extremely disappointing. Developers HB Studios have included much better graphics, more exciting sound and enjoyable gameplay which make this a game Rugby fans might actually enjoy. Here's our full and exclusive review.

    Playstation 3
    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed they will not be unveiling the Playstation 3 in Japan this month as expected. The company had stated it would be shown by April 1st (the Japanese fiscal year). The company believed that game developers weren't prepared to show their games as yet and in no way should this be any indication of a delay to the system. We can still expect to see the system at this years E3 show in May. Here's a bit of speculation on my part. Perhaps Sony has seen the rumoured tech specs of the XBox 2 (which does look might impressive with 3 x Power PC CPU's!) and are looking at boosting the already more powerful (according to EA's president anyway) PS3's architecture.

    Games News
    Square Enix have announced that Grandia III will be coming to PS2 in Japan. The game is once again being developed by Game Arts with Hidenobu Takahashi producing the title (he produced the previous game in the series as well). Hopefully a release outside Japan will follow the mid-2005 Japanese release.

    Killer 7 is a game which will polarize opinion. Personally I absollutely love the minimalistic cell shaded graphics - some friends I've show absolutely hate it. What real question still remains about the gameplay but in this update preview we have a batch of new screens released by Capcom today. Check out this unique looking game now.