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February 28, 2005

    NBA Ballers is Midway's street basketball title released late last years. Midway have been on a bit of a hot streak of late and this is one of the most exciting basketball games in recent years and well worth a look. New reviewer Graham Darko gives us the complete low-down after spending plenty of time on this game.

    Worms Forts Under Siege was released in late 2004 with a lot of potential. Unfortunately according to Chris this game doesn't have the same "pick up and play" style from earlier 2-dimensional Worms titles. Still, Chris has given his verdict in this latest 3D offering which may still interest fans of the series'.

    According to reports Take Two has recently registered several new trademark. What's so exciting about that you ask? Well the names registered include GTA 5, GTA 6, Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo, Grand Theft Auto: Bogota, and Grand Theft Auto: Sin City. It's interesting to note that the trademarks were filed on December 17, 2003, so many of these names (especially Sin City) may have been in consideration and may never see the light of day. Still, it looks like the publishers are planning a lengthy future for the franchise.

    Playstation 3
    Continuing my search around the United States Patent and Trademark Office there was an interesting item filed for trademark by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on December 21, 2004 called the GigStick. What is most interesting is that the item is described as "Computer peripherals; parts, fittings and accessories for computer and video gaming machines and apparatus; multimedia storage devices". Could this be something for Playstation 3? May we be seeing a 1GB memory card of some kind. Time will tell but you can check out the details of this trademark right here.

    Well I can throw another interesting one into the mix. This time it's a trademark for the term WiFire. The trademark description for this term is "Provision of on-line entertainment; provision of computer and video games and computer and video game programmes from a computer database or via the Internet". Could the PS3 be including online game distribution? It's possible. Click here for the trademark details.

    Without Warning is going to generate a massive amount of interest in the leadup to its late 2005 release. From the creators of Tomb Raider, under the banner of a new company name after leaving Core Design, comes this stunning looking action title. Capcom picked up the publishing duties and at this stage all indications are of a triple-A title.

February 27, 2005

    AFL 2006 has finally been announced - and what a shock annoucement it was. Not only is the game a PS2 exclusive (at this stage) but Sony are assisting with development and will also publishing this title. Sony's involvement brings two big bonuses: Digimask so you can place yourself in the game and online gameplay! All the details and screens are right here.

    This Weeks Releases
    Another solid week of releases with several titles that will likely sell very well with several genres getting a couple of big titles. Here's the releases for last week:

    Not to be outdone with the AFL 2006 announcement a couple of days ago Rugby League fans will be very pleased to hear that NRL2 is in development for release late this year. Here's the full press release:


      Wellington, New Zealand - February 25, 2005 - Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES) announced today the development of "Rugby League 2" for PlayStationR2 and PC. The game follows on from the highly successful 2003 release "Rugby League", which debuted in Australasian charts at number one.

      Building on the powerful game engine that was embraced by both gamers and people passionate about Rugby League, the game developer Sidhe Interactive has spent over 12 months creating a brand new sequel, packed with all new functionality and refined gameplay, graphics, controls, and competitions. Players, sponsors, and stadiums have all been updated to reflect the 2005 season.

      "We are extremely pleased with the achievements of the first title" said David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES. "We have continued to develop our relationships with clubs, players and coaches over the past year and we are all very excited about the new product".

      Adding to these comments David Gallop, CEO of the NRL said, "We're excited about the announcement of the new game as we view this as the celebration of our great game. It provides an expansion of the game that allows friends and families the chance to play in the boots of their favourite players and teams."

      New features of "Rugby League 2" include -
      - Multiplayer online play for all platforms, allowing competitive and friendly play over the Internet, player rankings, and statistics.
      - All major teams and competitions including the NRL, SuperLeague, State of Origin, City versus Country, and a range of International Teams.
      - Brand new gameplay features including ball stripping, shoulder barges, diving on and kicking the loose ball, contesting the high ball, pass to playmaker and more.
      - New multi year Franchise Mode, including player contract management, injuries, judiciary, and mid season representative games.
      - Highly realistic, individually modelled likenesses for over 500 players and referees.
      - Lifelike animation, motion captured by Weta Digital, the VFX wizards behind The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

      Mario Wynands, Managing Director of Sidhe Interactive, the development studio behind the title said, "Rugby League 2 will build on the strong foundation we have established, delivering an even richer and more engrossing sports gaming experience. We are committed to creating a title which fans will enjoy even more than the first".

      "PlayStation 2 owners will be very excited by the quality of this game and the host of new features that have been included". says Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment.

      Rugby League 2 is expected for release on PlayStationR2 and PC in the second half of 2005 under "Tru Blu Games", the publishing division of HES.

February 26, 2005

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that King of Fighters Maximum Impact will now be distributed in Australia through QV Software. This is a rather new company - especially to console games - and we can expect plenty more software in future from them including SVC: SNK Vs Capcom Chaos in late March and TT Superbikes in mid-April. Expect previews and reviews of their games in the coming weeks.

    Sony has announced they have ceased production of the PSX in Japan. It is slightly unclear, however, if this means production has totally ceased or if Sony are trying to clear a backlog of units before starting up production again. The PSX is the hybrid PS2/DVD burner with lardge hard drives. The units reception in Japan has been mixed ever since the first units lacked many annouced features while the release in America and Europe now looks doomed. It may not be all bad however as many predict that the Cell Processor which is to be used in PS3 may be used in a new DVD Burner, or indeed many of these capabilities may be available in PS3 itself.

    Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 has just gone gold with a release expected in Australia on March 17th. This isn't a FPS, but rather a squad based tactical title. In this updated preview we have all the latest news and the latest screens direct from the PS2 game. This is one game war fans should check out.

February 25, 2005

    Warner Bros. Interactive, along with Eastwood's Malpaso and The Tehama Companies have announced that the are developing a game based around Dirty Harry. Perhaps more exciting is that the game will be coming to next generation consoles including PS3.

    Sony America has confirmed that SOCOM III is in development for the PS2 and will be released late this year. Thanks to streaming te9chnology maps are up to six times the size from previous games and will be set in countries such as Morocco, Poland, and Bangladesh. Perhaps the biggest change however is that gamers now have the opportunity to control vehicles including Humvee's and SOC-R Assault Boat. 30 different weapons and accesories are available with about 1000 combinations in total allowing true customisation. Expect more news (and maybe a preview if you're nice enough) soon.

    Ricky Ponting Cricket 2005 is coming out near the end of the year - so get ready. The developers of Shane Warne Cricket '99 on PC and PSOne returns with this title (known as Brian Lara Cricket outside Australia). Here's an early preview with the latest screens of Codemasters electronic version of our favourite summer sport.

February 24, 2005

    Well you don't get a much better Birthday present then to hear that the next AFL game will be published by none other then Sony. Not only that but Sony have obviously implemented some of their own technology such as Digimask (used in This is Soccer 2005) as well as online gameplay. What's more interesting is the possibility that the XBox version is now canned given that Sony will, for somewhat very obvious reasons, not publish for Microsoft's console. Here's the full press release:

      SCE Australia takes on biggest sport in the country
      Local office signed to publish local game

      Sydney, 23 February 2005 – Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) today announced the signing of a publishing deal with Australian game development studio IR Gurus Interactive for the marketing, sales and distribution of the latest installment of the AFL game for PlayStation®2. AFL 2006 is due for release in winter 2005.

      The development team on AFL 2006 is working on dramatic improvements to their previous AFL game by increasing features, including, adding new game modes including online play, improving graphics with updated polygon detailed player models and adopting new development tools. A more lifelike player resemblance has been enabled with the use of DigiMask, and work has been completed to improve game animations and player artificial intelligence.

      AFL 2006 will take advantage of a new PlayStation 2 technology called DigiMask, allowing gamers to take a picture of their face with an EyeToy camera and then have it inserted in to the game as a 3D model. For those who have dreamed of lining up for a grand final amongst the greats, this is their chance.

      “This deal provides IR Gurus with committed support to assist in the development, marketing and distribution of a premium sports title that will appeal to both fans of PlayStation 2 and fans of the AFL game,” stated Michael Ephraim, Managing Director SCE Aust / NZ.

      Mike Fegan, CEO of Melbourne based studio IR Gurus Interactive said, “Carrying the official game license of the AFL, official agreements with all teams and players and our latest publishing agreement with SCE Aust. has allowed our team to focus on enhancing the game. A great new feature is the implementation of network and online play, allowing players to participate co-operatively or head-to-head online; an entirely new feature for the AFL game. We have also made significant gameplay and graphical improvements ensuring we give PlayStation 2 gamers a realistic and exciting AFL experience.”

      Commenting on the collaboration of SCE Aust. and IR Gurus Interactive, Andrew Demetriou, CEO of the AFL expressed his delight, "The AFL is Australia's number one spectator sport and we are excited to partner with Sony and IR Gurus as we aim to assist the efforts of these companies in the production of Australia’s number one sports simulation game.”

      In response to a game preview Mr Demetriou was amazed by the new technology allowing ‘face mapping’ and stated, “Every young supporter and many older ones, have imagined themselves matching up with their heroes and winning a big game. Soon, anyone playing the new AFL 2006 will be able take to the field.”

      The continued support of the AFL has allowed IR Gurus Interactive to develop a game that closely reflects the action of the AFL Season. Even the new rule changes have been incorporated to the Wizard Cup, heritage jumpers are available for all 16 teams and game behavior monitored by an in-built AFL Tribunal designed to distribute reports and suspensions.

      The PlayStation 2 game AFL 2006 will be available in winter 2005.

February 23, 2005

    Ace Combat: Squadron Leader, which was released in Japan and America as Ace Combat: The Unsung War, is now available in PAL territories. Flight sims are a rare breed on consoles and to get such a brilliant title is a bonus. if you've ever thought about getting a flight sim now is the time. Here's our full and exclusive review.

    Oh how nice it would be to live in America. Today is the day in which Gran Turismo 4 ships to retail. PAL gamers don't have to wait too much longer with an Australian release set for March 10th.

    I received a new release schedule from Sony this morning, and there was an interesting addition. Set for release in May is a new action adventure title from Sony Europe/Psygnosis titled Brave. It's not a game I've heard of here at Future Gamez and Sony hasn't been contactable as yet. More news as soon as it becomes available.

    According Games Warehouse Konami's Rumble Roses has made it out a little bit earlier then expected. If you were after this game you may want to check out your local retailer.

    Release Schedule Update
    I've done a rather big update to the Preview & Release Schedule page. I have added over 20 titles and updated the dates on about another 20. If there's a game coming out, or you want to know a release date, it will be on this page.

February 22, 2005

    Hardware Sales
    GFK, the retail tracking service, has released sales figures for Christmas 2004, and the Playstation 2 blitzed the competition. The PS2 sold more than 147,000 units in the final quarter of the year, compared with just over 90,000 XBox units. While hardware sales were impressive the entire games industry seems to be cooling off in preparation for the next generation with software sales in 2004 down 10% on the previous year in Australia.

    Full Spectrum Warrior was released on XBox in June last year and many believed a PS2 port could never get close technically, let alone the fact the THQ never mentioned a PS2 version. In late October that changed with the announcement that the game was heading to PS2 with Mass Media handling the port. THQ are proving the doubters very wrong with a very solid looking port of the title.

February 21, 2005

    Square-Enix has confirmed they will be releasing one game per month in Japan starting in March 2005. While this is the good news the company confirmed that Final Fantasy XII will not make the Spring 2005 release in Japan and they are unsure of a new date.

    Colin McRae Rally 2005 isn't a new title, it has actually been out for about 4 months now, but for one reason or another this review never got posted. New reviewer Neal has had a look at this title and liked what he saw. There was little doubt that Codemasters would keep up the high quality of this series and this game doesn't disappoint. Here's our review.

February 20, 2005

    It's not like Namco to leave things to the last minute, but the company has finally announced a released date for Tekken 5. The game will be released on February 25th - only 5 days away! No word yet on a PAL release but in typical Namco fashoin we can expect to wait at least 2-3 months before it hits our shores. The game will include ports of Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 as bonuses making it superb value at any price.

    Capcom has confirmed that their upcoming action game Killer 7 will be delayed in Japan from March 24th until and unspecified Summer release. The American version is still expected on June 7th, with the Australian version still scheduled for June 24th.

    Although Suikoden IV has only just been released in America in January, and PAL territories this month, voice actor Makoto Terada has stated in an online diary that he has been recording voices for a new Suikoden title for Konami. Hopefully Konami will confirm the project in the coming months.

    According to reports Gearbox have "essentially finished" work on Brothers In Arms with the game expected to go gold and ship to retail in the coming weeks. You may wish to keep in mind that Games Warehouse have a very special deal. Anyone who pre-orders the game before it's release on March 17th will get a massive $AU20 off the games price. Click here to pre-order your copy now for only $79.95.

    Wanda and Colossus may not have the most exciting title ever - but mark my words, this game is almost certain to be one of the most exciting prior to release. From the developers of ICO comes this game, not a sequel, but a game which has just as much potential. Hopefully this game will sell in the numbers it deserves.

    This Weeks Releases
    Well it was quite a quiet week in the end with all the companies gearing up for a monster week next week. At this stage we have 14 titles scheduled for next week. Still there were three releases this week, all of which are certian to generate an audience of some kind be it retro gamers, comic book fans, or movie fans. Anyway here's the releases:

February 19, 2005

    According to reports Capcom have put two of their most talented game developers Resident Evil 4's Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Devil May Cry's Makoto Tsuchibayashi together to develop a new title possibly titled Sengoku Basara. Little else is known at this stage and, as expected, Capcom are keeping quiet on the subject.

    Well we finally have the first official announcment of a Playstation 3. Sega have taken the plunge after the game was leaked to the press in recent days. As yet there are no screens but we can expect this title to show up at E3 is one form or another. Here's the press release:

      SEGA Announces "CONDEMNED"; NEXT-gen Psychological thriller
      Hunt for Serial Killer is Unpredictable, Terrifyingly Real

      SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (February 10, 2005) - SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced Condemned(tm), a suspense-filled, first-person psychological thriller game developed exclusively for the next generation of game consoles and the PC.

      Developed by award-winning Monolith Productions, the game allows players to experience an unnatural level of psychological tension as they use their instincts, forensic tools, and melee combat to track serial killers and bring them to justice. Gamers will play as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through detailed urban environments filled with deadly sociopaths who lurk on the periphery of humanity.

      "Condemned represents SEGA's dedication to the acquisition of market-leading next generation games." commented Matt Woodley, European Marketing Director of SEGA Europe, "Our previous launch software has demonstrated how quickly SEGA adapts to new innovations, by publishing ground-breaking games that push new formats to the limit. We're also delivering in our desire to work with the most talented development teams the west has to offer. This blood-curdling title pushes the horror genre, stretches new technology and promises one of the year's most refreshingly original storylines"

      Condemned, the first next-generation console and PC game announced by SEGA, and is slated to ship in Winter 2005.

February 17, 2005

    Some rather interesting new screenshots are doing the rounds on the Internet which indicates another SOCOM is in development. The question remains whether the screens are from another PS2 version, or PSP. Sony are not commenting however you can expect something to appear at the E3 show in May.

    ESPN NHL 2K5 is the latest game from Take Two to be released at a budget price following Take Two's lead in America. While the upcoming NHL season is in doubt due to a labor dispute the quality of this game is not. The graphics, sound and gameplay, combined with the ESPN license ensures a top quality product. Here's our exclusive review.

    ESPN NFL 2K5 is the last time we will see either the ESPN, or the NFL license, attached to a game developed by Visual Concepts (or any other company for that matter). Fortunately this game is one of the best see on the Playstation 2 - and at a bargain price. Check out our exclusive review now.

February 16, 2005

    Atari have announced a new Matrix game called The Matrix: Path of Neo. The game is in development at Shiny Entertainment and focuses on Neo. Expect a release at the end of 2005.

    The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time and now Electronic Arts are developing a game based on the property. You join the Corleone in 1945 New York and must rise from lowly thug to become Don. Here's our exclusive preview of this stunning looking title which is due towards the end of the year.

February 14, 2005

    According to MVC Sega are setting up a 'racing studio' in the UK to create racing games for next generation consoles such as PS3, XBox 2 and Nintendo's next console. Two titles rumoured include an updated Sega Rally as well as Crazy Taxi. The news follows Sega Europe's impressive Outrun 2 on XBox. Sega Rally 2005 is still in development for Playstation 2 at Sega Japan.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas isn't quite a movie which you would expect to be made into a game. In fact the movie is almost 12 years old now, but this game looks pretty special. In terms of story this is actually a sequel to the Tim Burton classic. Here's our early preview of Capcom's potential hit.

February 13, 2005

    An interesting listing on Games Warehouse with the online retailer listing EA's Medal of Honor: Dogs of War for release in June for $80.95. This game still isn't on EA Australia's release schedules... What do they know?

    Star Wars Epsiode III Revenge of the Sith (to give it's full name) is a movie which needs no introduction. It was a forgone conclusion that LucasArts would develop a game to tie in to the upcoming Star Wars movie. While not too much has been revealed as yet, but it still hot with stunning visuals. Here's our exclusive preview.

    Batman Begins is a big movie for Warner Brothers. It's their chance to resurrect a franchise which died with Batman and Robin in 1997. As expected a game will be released in June to coincide with the movie, but this game is shaping up nicely. Batman must clean up Gotham City yet again and restore order. Here's a first look.

February 12, 2005

    It has been revealed that Electronic Arts' upcoming Batman Begins game will include an impressive voice cast. This list includes Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth), Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard), Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes), Cillian Murphy (Dr. Jonathan Crane), Tom Wilkinson (Carmine Falcone) and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox). Expect to see plenty of this game at the E3 show just prior to the June launch to coinside with the movie.

    Blizzard has finally confirmed that Starcraft Ghost is still heading to PS2 (and Gamecube/XBox). In recent times speculation has mounted that the game was shifting to XBox 2 and/or PS3 as an advertisment in World of Warcraft stated the game was coming to "next generation consoles". This term has not been used for PS2/XBox as they are now "current generation" consoles.

    This Weeks Releases
    Quite a few new releases this week, and some particularly good titles too. We've already reviewed Capcom's Shadow of Rome, but other titles such as LucasArts' Mercenaries and EA's NBA Street V3 look wonderful. Anyway here's the full list of releases this week:

February 11, 2005

    Konami has announcd a new game called Crime Life: Gang Wars. The game, which will be unveiled at this years E3 show, is a GTA-inspired game which is set for release in late 2005 and is currently in development at Konami's European studios.

    Commandos Strike Force is certainly a game to keep a keen eye on. Eidos' previous Commandos games are widely regarded as great strategy titles taking an isometric view of the game world. In Commandos Strike Force the developers, Pyro Studios, are moving the series to a first person shooter - but retaining the strategy element. Here's an early look.

February 10, 2005

    Playstation 3
    Well. Details about the Cell processor to be used in the Playstation 3 have finally emerged and indeed this is one extremely powerful CPU. Unveiled at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) yesterday the chip 221mm² die and use 234 million transistors (compare this to a Pentium 4 Prescott which has 122mm² die and use 125 million transistors). The Cell processor contains eight 64-bit floating point processors, referred to as synergistic processor elements (SPEs), running along side a 64-bit Power processor capable of running two threads. The SPEs take will 128-bit operands and split them into four 32-bit words. Up to 128 operands can be stored in the Cell register file. If you don't understand this lingo just know that it's going to be bloody fast. While clock speeds haven't been confirmed tests have been running the CPU at 4.6Ghz. Expect more details on the Playstation 3 at, or just before, E3 2005.

    Capcom has confirmed they are developing a Capcom Classics Collection for PS2. While games are still under wraps it is believed there will be several compilations in the coming years covering Capcom's classic console and arcade games.

    Spyro: A Hero's Tail is actually the second Spyro title to appear on Playstation 2 after the rather forgettable Enter the Dragonfly which was released in 2002. This time Spyro has brought some friends along for the journey - and for gamers to control. But does this game warrant a purchase? Here's our exclusive verdict.

February 9, 2005

    Shadow of Rome may not have the instant recognition of other Capcom titles such as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil or Onimusha but it's not a game you should overlook. Capcom's take on the Roman gladiator wea seems has come off pretty well. This brutal and bloody game is out later this week but here's our exclusive review.

    Our sponsors Games Warehouse have alerted us to a very special deal regarding Ubisoft's upcoming World War II action title Brothers in Arms. Anyone who pre-orders the game before it's release on March 17th will get a massive $AU20 off the games price. Click here to pre-order your copy now for only $79.95.

    Enthusia: Professional Racing is shaping up very nicely indeed with several unique features. Konami have spent over 3 years developing this racing game and while it looks nice, spectacular even, the real test will be how it stacks up against Sony's GT4. Here's our early preview with the latest screenshots.

February 8, 2005

    According to Tiburon's web site (available here) the company, which develops EA's Madden NFL titles will be developing a game based on Superman for Electronic Arts. The company is currently looking for a swag of game developers, artists and the like. The game should be released around the same time as the movie which starts shooting this year for a mid-2006 release. Little known Brandon Routh is playing the man of steel while Bryan Singer (of X-Men fame) will direct the movie.

    NFL Street 2 is the second game in EA Sports BIG's NFL Street series adds in several new features, but PAL gamers miss out on the online modes. Still with some excellent graphics, wonderful sound and fantastic gameplay this is a fantastic title which NFL, and indeed all sports fans, should consider purchasing. Here's our full review.

February 6, 2005

    Robots is a game which will certainly interest a lot of kids, but older gamers should also take a look. The upcoming computer generated movie, which stars the voice talent of Ewan McGregor and Halle Berry among others, looks fantastic and Vivendi look to be developing a solid game set to be released upon the movies launch in March. Here's our exclusive preview.

February 5, 2005

    Ubisoft has confirmed that their extremely impressive Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 has been pushed back in Australia by three weeks to March 17th.

    In some good news from Ubisoft the Australian release for Playboy: The Mansion has been set for March 3rd, 2005.

    This Weeks Releases
    Once again nothing, but expect a couple of big Capcom titles to be released next week. Check out the Preview & Release Schedule Page to see what I mean!

February 4, 2005

    Konami Australia have confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will be released in Australia on Thursday 17th March. While good to hear this date it's a little disappointing in that we will be waiting an extra 13 days from the UK release. The Australian version will come with all the extras mentioned a couple of days ago for the European version.

    Codemasters has announced that Ricky Ponting International Cricket will be released later this year. The game includes One-Day Internationals, atmospheric Test Matches, fast Double Wicket games, challenging tournaments and even historic clashes – including the Test Match of 1882, which led to the creation of the Ashes! In addition to the world’s best cricket players and stadia from around the world, Ricky Ponting International Cricket also includes a classic squad featuring some of the greatest names from cricket history. If you want to get your skills up to international standards, there are Practice Nets to get in shape and then, when you’re ready to play alongside the world’s best, the full team and player editing lets you pick the squad. Expect more news soon.

    Deadly Strike is yet another game being release from Midas at the budget price of only $29.95. Using a mixture of powerful martial arts techniques, swordplay and good old-fashioned hot lead you must battle through the beautiful scenery of Shogun's Island. This game looks impressive and certainly looks like bang for buck.

    He-Man: Defender of Grayskull is a game that is going to bring back so many memories to people who watched the TV series during the 1980's. In this game Skeletor is on the brink of conquering Grayskull (what's changed!) and with it all of Eternia. It's time to stop him in this action game which will be released at a lower price in March. Here's a preview.

February 3, 2005

    According to this article on Hollywood Reporter Electronic Arts have gone all out to get the best voice talent for their upcoming game The Godfather. James Caan and Robert Duvall are reprising their roles as Sonny Corleone and Tom Hagen. Even more surprising is the announcement that the late Marlon Brando granted EA the rights to use his likeness and recorded voice-overs for the game before his death last year. The game is currently has well over 120 people working on it and is expected to be unveiled on February 10th in New York's Little Italy with James Caan and Robert Duvall in attendence.

    THQ has confirmed they are currently developing a new Scooby Doo game titled Scooby-Doo! Unmasked. The game should be released towards the end of 2005 in PAL territories with America seeing a release in September. Adam West, who played Batman in the original TV series, will be voicing the main villian, Winslow Stanton.

    THQ has also announced a second game based on The Incredibles. The game is currently in development at Heavy Iron Studios. As yet few details or a release date have been announced but I'd put my money on a Christmas release.

    Rumble Roses may only be a wrestling game to some people, but this game has two big positives to it. Firstly, it is being developed by Yukes who do the WWE titles for THQ. Secondly, it has the sexiest women ever - and not just one or two, but then entire game is female wrestling. Check out this preview now.

February 2, 2005

    Konami Europe has unveiled the new and exclusive modes for the PAL version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. As well as the already announced Duel Mode which allows you to take on the bosses when completed in the main game, and the Demo Theatre to watch the movies Konami have announced that the game will include an Extreme Difficulty level as well as some new face paint and camoflauge designs. That's pretty much it which is disappointing - surely a couple of new missions, or a behind the scenes documentary would have been nicer.

    Stolen is without a doubt one of the most impressive titles due out in early 2005. You play Anya Romanov, a high tech thief who must use her wits and gadgets to complete dangerous missions. Developers Blue 52 have developed and extremely impressive game engine to back up the gameplay in this title. Here's our exclusive preview with the latest screens.

February 1, 2005

    Well Sony Australia has finally confirmed the release date for Gran Turismo 4 will be ... drumroll ... March 10th. Here's the press release:

      SCE Australia announces GRAN TURISMO 4 launch date

      Sydney 31 January, 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) is pleased to announce that Gran Turismo(r)4 (GT4), the latest addition to the world's best selling console game franchise, will be on shelf in Australia on Thursday, 10 March 2005, exclusive to PlayStation(r)2.

      The fourth game in the acclaimed Gran Turismo franchise, GT4 is the biggest in the series yet, relying on a dual layer DVD to pack in all the features and options. Establishing a new benchmark for motor racing games, GT4 includes a range of over 50 tracks and more than 700 cars with extensive automotive tuning options. You don't even have to be the driver anymore, you can choose to be the manager and direct the artificially intelligent driver through B-Spec Mode.

      Pushing the boundaries of graphics, features and realism available on any console, Producer of GT4, Yamauchi Kazunori describes the completed real drive simulator as "more than a sequel but, in fact, a redefinition of what a video game can be".

      In true Gran Turismo style, GT4 offers endless driving adrenalin. It will take gamers more than 120 days, of 24 hour non stop playing, just to sample each car on every track for only five minutes. Australians will be quick to get behind the wheel of the five cars from local manufacturers including Ford, Holden and Ford Performance Vehicles.

      The Gran Turismo franchise, which began in 1997, is loved and revered by fans the world over for its cutting edge graphics, huge diversity of vehicles and utterly compelling gameplay. The franchise has sold over 34 million copies to date, and given its track record, retailers are planning midnight openings to meet the demands of customers eagerly awaiting the launch of GT4. With endless virtual driving opportunities, there's no doubt that GT4 will be the biggest racing title to be released this year.

    25 to Life is an interesting looking title from Eidos. Take control of the streets as a criminal, or clean them up as a cop. Want online gameplay too? Well developers Avalanche are including support for up to 16-players to blast hell out of each other. Here's our exclusive preview with the latest screens.