September 30, 2001

    Sony have announced that PS2 shipments have surpassed 17.9 million units worlwide to the end of August 2001. Here are the totals;
    Japan - 6.54 million
    North America - 7.23 million
    Europe - 4.14 million

    I have added a preview to Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto 3. It's looking pretty good for a release next month.

    It's a sad day
    Well for those of you that don't know yet Essendon lost the Grand Final yesterday to Brisbane (108 to 82). Simply outclassed on the day. While Essendon't loss was very sad having lived on the Gold Coast for 8 years has also give me a love for Brisbane. Their victory has been tremendous for the AFL up in Queensland where NRL usually rules the conversation. Better luck next year...

September 29, 2001

    Well this is the biggest day of the year in Australia sport. It's the AFL Grand Final and my beloved Bombers are playing. Best of luck to them and especially my old classmate Dustin Fletcher. GO BOMBERS!!

    Sega have announced that they will be showing 4 PS2 titles at the Tokyo Game Show, which it didn'e even attend in the previous two years. The games to be shown are Crazy Taxi (which is already released in Australia), Guru Guru Onsen 2 (which will likely never be released here) and the two most interesting titles Space Channel 5 and Virtua Fighter 4. Given Sega's increasing support of the Playstation 2 is this likely to be all? Well I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more surprises such as the nearly completed Rez and the recently announced Sega Sports Virtua Tennis 2 and possibly a couple of others. Time will tell.

    Some release date changes today for EA's upcoming games. First the good news. NHL2002 has been moved forward by a week from October 19th to October 12th. Sadly however, Cricket 2002 and Simpsons Road Rage have both been delayed by 2 weeks from November 9th to the 23rd.

    Well, I spend about 3 hours yesterday updating the Release Schedule & Preview Page. I have added about 30 titles to the list, mostly for 2002 release dates, and have fixed up many of the links to the previews. This is the most comprehensive Australian release schedule anywhere on the web. Go on. I dare you to find better!

September 28, 2001

    Price Drop
    It's been officially confirmed that Australia will also be getting the price cut. Effective today (Friday 28th September), the system has been dropped to $AU499. With regular discounting in stores it may be possible to pick up a system for around $AU450. What more incentive do you need. Well how about today’s review of Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X. Throw in gems like Red Faction, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, Star Wars: Starfighter, and Onimusha Warlords, and the choice becomes quite easy. I'm not even going to get into the upcoming games.

    While Europe and Australia are living happily with the PS2 price cut, American's won't be so happy. Sony America has confirmed that they will not be dropping the price of the Playstation 2 until 2002 at the earliest. This may be a smart move by Sony as the company knows that Microsoft and Nintendo will be struggling to put out big quantities of their systems this year.

    As stated above I have added a review to Capcom's superb Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. It's a great game that every PS2 owner, and certainly Resident Evil fan, must consider.

September 27, 2001

    A reminder to everyone that if you haven't voted in the poll to the right this month to do so immediately. It closes in 4 more days and another poll will be put up in its place. Vote now.

    SCEE have confirmed that they will be dropping the price of the Playstation 2 in Europe. With the Gamecube launch in Japan and XBox and Gamecube on the horizon in America it was only logical that the system undergo a price drop to remain the market leader. The price drop sees the unit drop from £260 to £199. Still unconfirmed, but highly likely is that the system will be dropped in Australia as well, possibly to $AU495. Expect an announcement on the Australian price drop soon.

    It seems there may be a problem getting Crash Bandicoot 5 out in time for Christmas. Originally it was believed that Konami would be releasing the title here in Australia, however the Konami deal is only for the XBox version of the game (which has been delayed until mid-2002 now). If Konami were to publish the PS2 version then Ozisoft would be the distributor here in Australia. This morning however Ozisoft informed me that Konami will not be publishing the PS2 version, and that it was Sony's title. The problem arises however when I rang Sony Australia for a release date and they were unaware that they would be handling the title and that the game is not on any release schedules as yet from Sony Europe. So what’s the deal? Well at this stage everything is up in the air. Konami are publishing the XBox version, and Sony are supposedly meant to be handle the PS2 version, but aren't aware of it yet. It looks like it will be 2002 before we see the game at any rate.

    I have added yet another review to the site. This time it's for Acclaim's XG3: Extreme-G Racing which is an excellent title, especially for those who are fans of the legendary Wipeout series. This game is definitely worth consideration.

September 26, 2001

    Some bad news from Sony Australia today with the confirmation that Twisted Metal: Black has been placed "on hold" in Europe. Apparently there are some scenes (possibly including a plane on fire and crashing) that has been deemed inappropriate following the World Trade Centre disaster. At this stage Sony Australia believe the game may come out early next year. No other Sony games have been affected.

    I have updated the Release Schedule page with over 20 new additions and another 20 release date changes.

    I have added a review to Acclaim's Paris-Dakar Rally. I definitely suggest you have a read of the review before buying this much-hyped racing game.

September 23, 2001

    Konami have confirmed some release dates for Silent Hill 2. The American release is currently set for this Wednesday 26th September in America. However the company has just confirmed that the game will be release in Europe on November 23rd. Australia is likely to follow a couple of weeks later, just in time for Christmas.

    Eidos has confirmed that they will not be delaying Thunderhawk on the Playstation 2 despite the game featuring a war against terrorists in the Middle East.

    Unfortunately Take 2 has been suffering since the World Trade Center disaster. The companies New York office has been closed down for over a week and the company has had to delay several games on Playstation 2. Here is a direct quote from the press release:
    Grand Theft Auto 3 and Smuggler's Run 2, which contained content that the company deemed inappropriate given recent events, in particular references to New York City and Afghanistan, were originally planned for release on PS2 this month. As a result of the necessary content changes in these two games, the release of both products will be delayed until the second half of October, which will result in reduced sales of these products. The business interruption and additional time and resources required to revise these two games has also resulted in a delay in the release of Max Payne for PS2, which was originally scheduled to ship at the end of the fiscal fourth quarter. The game is now anticipated to be released early in the Company's first quarter of fiscal 2002.

    While there was talk of Konami delaying Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty it now looks unlikely. In fact Konami have bought forward the Japanese release from December 13 to November 29. Meanwhile the American version is still set for release in mid-November. Australia will still have to wait until February 2002.

    I have added a review of Midway's fun little shooter, Gauntlet Legends. Check it out.

    Gamecube Launch
    Well it seems that the initial figures were a massive over estimation. Latest sales figures put actual sales of the system were a very low 178,352 units. What’s even more concerning for Nintendo is the software sales. Nintendo's Luigi's Mansion sold a respectable 137,677 copies but Sega's much hyped Super Monkey Ball and Nintendo's Wave Race: Blue Storm didn't even manage to sell 25,000 units each. In comparison Namco's Ace Combat 4 on Playstation 2 sold almost 200,000 units in the same week.

    XBox Launch
    Well Sony will be rubbing their hands now. Apparently Microsoft may be having some launch problems as well. The company has just delayed the XBox American launch by a week from November 8 to November 15. Rumours are pointing to production problems with some analysts believing the company may only be able to get 300,000 units ready for launch.

September 19, 2001

    Well, we're all still very excited about the AFL game announcement from Acclaim yesterday, but now's your chance to hear Victorian Treasurer John Brumby, AFL CEO Wayne Jackson and Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy at the launch of the new computer game, which is in development in Melbourne. Click here to listen to the Real Media press conference which has revealed a few more details about this years Kevin Sheedy's AFL Coach 2002 title. The most important details are;

    • The Coach game (presumably the PC version) will retail for $AU69.95.
    • It will be released in mid-November here in Australia
    • The game is similar to the Soccer management games in Europe, but will be more hands on. For instance you can select the position of the players on the fields etc.
    • During the game Kevin Sheedy will pop up and offer you advice or suggest things to have a look at.
    • On a side note Acclaim confirmed they have got another sports title in development which will be unveiled in a couple of months time. (Cricket, Rugby League, or Rugby Union anyone?)
    • Acclaim also confirmed that following the World Trade Centre bombings the company has cancelled two games currently in development. They wouldn't say which ones, but that a press release would be ermmm... released soon.

    September 18, 2001

      In a totally unexpected announcement Acclaim have confirmed that they have secured the rights to develop an AFL based game for most consoles. The company has announced three titles, two are coaching tools by Kevin Sheedy (Go Bombers!!), while the other is a full on playable game expected in August 2002. Here is the press release in it's entirety:
      Acclaim Entertainment Pty Ltd set to release the first AFL product for two years. And announce long-term license and development across all interactive formats, with all products locally developed and produced.
      SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC, September 18, 2001 - Announcing an exciting long term deal for the development and production of licensed interactive AFL product, Acclaim Entertainment Pty Ltd unveiled an exciting multi platform line-up of new product releases. Acclaim Entertainment Pty Ltd also announced an exclusive licensing agreement with the Australian Football League (AFL) and Essendon's four time premiership coach, Kevin Sheedy, who will not only be the face of the game but will also be working in a game developmental role.
      "The AFL is by far and away the leading sports license in Australia, when you add the broad based appeal and lateral thinking of Kevin Sheedy, we know we can deliver great quality AFL product that is fun to play" said Greg Arthurton, Marketing Manager for Acclaim. "With some insights and strategies into coaching supplied by Kevin, I believe these products will be 'must haves' at the other 15 AFL Clubs!"
      The first product due for release is Kevin Sheedy's AFL Coach 2002 which will be released mid November this year. This will be followed next August with the release of a new "Coach" game as well as a simulation game whereby the player will actually play as the footballers during the course of the game. These products are planned for release on the PlayStation 2, X-Box and PC-CD ROM formats, with GameBoy Advance and Gamecube to follow.
      This range of product is planned to generate approximately $40 million worth of retail turnover and sell 500,000 units within the first four years. All games will be developed using Australian development studios.

      Konami have made some more clarifications about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty. The game features images of the World Trade Center in the background as Solid Snake battles terrorists on a ship. As Chris Kramer from Konami America stated "Metal Gear Solid 2 is about the desire to end violence on a global scale, as the previous games in the series have been". The company is currently looking at the entire game to determine what, if any, changes will be required.

      One of the big games due out late next year is the Square/Disney co-developed RPG Kingdom Hearts. The game is a classic RPG in the sense of the word, and not dissimilar to Square's Final Fantasy series, but includes Disney characters such as Goofy and Donald Duck. Now however comes the news that the game will likely also include characters from Square's other RPG's. Apparently Wakka and Tidus from Final Fantasy X and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII will also make an appearance.

      Capcom's announcement that Resident Evil would be a Gamecube exclusive for six games was a major shock, but it's not as bad as it seems. You see Capcom are planning on re-developing past games in the series. Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Nemesis, Resident Evil Code: Veronica will be re-made with all new real-time polygons. The other two games are the often delayed Resident Evil 0 which was originally a N64 game, and the upcoming Resident Evil 4. If the Gamecube fails, or fall short of expectations, you can be guaranteed that another Resident Evil game will head to PS2 in the near future.

      Gamecube Launch
      Well, it may not have been the success that Nintendo were hoping. After 3 days on sale the Gamecube has apparently only achieved about 60-80% sell-through to consumers. This means that only around 3-400,000 of the 500,000 units available were sold. Definitely not the sell out many expected. Unfortunately Nintendo launched the system in a horrible week that saw the horrific attack on the United States and some terrible weather in Japan.

    September 15, 2001

      Gamecube Launch
      As I write this news update the Gamecube is now on sale in Japan. The system is likely be a sellout until Christmas, as will it be when it hits American shelves. The real battle will begin in 2002 when the Gamecube, XBox and Playstation 2 are all in plentiful supply. The Gamecube is launching with 3 titles Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo), Super Monkey Ball (Sega) and Wave Race: Blue Storm (Nintendo), a sequel to the hit Nintendo 64 game. We can expect sales figures to come through in the next week or two.

      We all love Resident Evil. The series has been strongly linked with the Playstation system with every game appearing on a Sony console of choice. But it's all over. Today Capcom confirmed that the next six upcoming Resident Evil games, including Resident Evil 4, will be Gamecube exclusives. This is a major coup for Nintendo and will help remove the "toy" label which the Gamecube, like their previous systems, has received. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is still coming to the Playstation 2 in a couple of weeks, but it's hardly any consolation for Sony gamers who helped Capcom create one of the biggest games series in recent years.

      Konami Computer Entertainment Japan have released an official comment about a possible delay of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in America. The game contains terrorists based in New York City which may be a little to disturbing following this weeks events. KCEJ had the following to say:
      "We do not know what effects there will be upon Metal Gear Solid 2 at this moment. We are currently collecting and analyzing information regarding this matter and would like to express our condolences to the victims of the tragedy."

      Electronic Arts have confirmed that they will use music provided by Dance label Ministry of Sound. The ten tracks will be used in their 2002 FIFA titles, including Road To The World Cup. For those of you who are unaware Ubisoft recently release a superb 60-track Modergroove: Ministry Of Sound.

      Codemasters have confirmed that they are developing an all-new Colin McRae Rally game for next generation platforms, and most likely Playstation 2. The previous two games have shipped more then 4 million units worldwide and once again the Ford Focus RS will be the lead car in the game. The game is expected sometime in 2002.

    September 14, 2001

      Some good news from Namco and Sony Australia today with the news that they are expecting MotoGP 2 to be released in December this year. It was earlier believed that the game wouldn't be available until early 2002.

      Namco has confirmed that The gun game, Vampire Night, will be released in Japan on December 6, for 6800 yen. The PS2 game will include a new training mode as well as an original mode where you can earn new items for helping villagers.

      Capcom have confirmed that Gun Survivor 2: Biohazard Code Veronica will be released in Japan in November for 6800 yen. The game will be compatible with the GunCon 2 and is also set to include an original mode of play for the Playstation 2.

      Terrorist Fallout
      Well the fallout from the horrific terrorist attack continues in America, and the disaster has caused some quick changes to upcoming movies, TV shows and possibly one of the biggest games on the Playstation 2. Without a doubt the biggest change will be for Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie called Collateral Damage. The movie was expected to hit American screens on October but looks likely to be delayed for several months. In the movie Arnold plays a Fireman who's family is killed in a terrorist bombing of a building and he seeks revenge. It's so close to the World Trade Centre that a release is totally inappropriate at this stage. All trailers and posters in theatres showing the bombing have been removed. Likewise the trailer and posters for Spiderman have been pulled as they show a large web between the two World Trade Center towers. The makers of the hit TV series Friends are looking at digitally removing the towers in the backgrounds of upcoming episodes in respect.

      The biggest, and still unconfirmed, report for gamers is that Konami are apparently considering pushing back the release date of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty to 2002. The game includes a lot of terrorists and hostages which may be deemed inappropriate so soon after the disaster. Another rumour is that much of the game may be re-written to take out the more impactful scenes.

      I have added a preview to Capcom's stunning looking action game Devil May Cry. The game is currently expected in late 2001 or early 2002 here in Australia.

    September 13, 2001

      Electronic Arts have announced a release date for Final Fantasy X in America. The game will be release in January, 2002. It's unfortunate the game won't be out in time for Christmas, but it will give new PS2 owners from Christmas something to look forward to.

      THQ have confirmed they have secured the rights to release games based on... wait for it... Britney Spears. As yet there it no confirmation of the type of game, although a music/dance game is quite likely. The first Playstation 2 game is expected to be released around US Spring (Australian Autumn) 2002.

      I have added preview to the Criterion developed, Acclaim published racing game Burnout which looks stunning. Check it out now.

    September 12, 2001

      Special Update
      In case you haven't seen the news at all in the last 12 hours there has been a massive terrorist act committed in America. At 8.45AM on Tuesday Morning (10.45PM AEST) a plane ploughed into the side of the World Trade Center, the highest building in New York. 18 minutes later another plane, confirmed as a hijacked 767 slammed into the second World Trade Center Building. At about the same time a plane, another hijacked 767, slammed into the Army wing of the Pentagon. The damage to the two World Trade Centers was catastrophic and approximately 90 minutes after the first impact the two 110 story, 300 meter buildings came crashing down to the ground. Each tower in the World Trade Centre has approximately 20,000 workers. Yet another hijacked plane crashed short of it's target, Camp David.

      At the moment most of New York is closed off and at around 6PM (New York time) or 7AM (AEST) another building next to the World Trade Center collapsed after being on fire for hours. Rescue crews are still to reach the scene as it is extremely dangerous with debris still falling from surrounding buildings. President George W Bush has estimated the death toll "in the thousands", however it seems likely that this number will be closer to 10,000. I can only prey that this turns out to be an absolute worst case figure. As yet there has been no definite claim of responsibility although America has promised to punish those involved, as well anyone (country) assisting the barbarians.

      Obviously there is little that we can do in Australia, but if you live in America I believe there is a desperate call-out for blood donations. If you do live in either New York or Washington DC please listen and donate blood for the thousands of injured. For more information on the incident head on over to or

    September 12, 2001

      Electronic Arts have sent bad news for NFL fans. Sadly the stunning looking Madden NFL 2002 has been delayed from 14th September (this Friday) to 5th October. No reason has been given yet for the delay, although the addition of DTS sound should compensate a little.

      EA have sent some more bad news with confirmation of NHL 2002 being delayed from September 28 to October 19th.

      Ozisoft have sent out a press release detailing the implementation of their anti-piracy device called FADE. The press release is a follows:
      Video game pirates are about to be snookered as Codemasters confirms that it has engineered a PlayStation 2 variant of its successful anti-counterfeiting FADE system. The PlayStation 2 version of FADE will be first used for the launch of World Championship Snooker 2002, the definitive snooker simulator, due 28th September.
      Attempting to use an illegal copy of World Championship Snooker 2002 is the equivalent of potting the white cue ball. The FADE system is a piece of embedded code on the PlayStation 2 DVD that can recognise the difference between counterfeit and real copies of the game's disc.
      If a pirated disc is identified, the game automatically disables key gaming features and instigates a number of subtle changes that adversely effect gameplay. The effect isn't noticeable immediately, but as a counterfeit copy is played the game self-modifies and strange things happen to the snooker balls, rendering the game unplayable.

      I just don't know about this whole deal. From what I've heard the use of FADE in the PC game Operation Flashpoint made almost no, if any, difference at all to the game. Exactly how the PS2 version would degrade over time seems ridiculous unless it saves a file to the memory card. Not to hard to delete those now is it? I guess all will be revealed on September 28. Now, how many of you have a DVD burner?

    September 11, 2001

      Playstation 3
      Sony has officially commented on the Playstation 3. Although the Playstation 2 has just hit the shelves in the last year or so, the Playstation 3 is expected in March 2002 in Japan.... well not really. That's just my sad joke for the day. But the company has officially stated that "We'll begin serious development on the PlayStation3 when developers start voicing dissatisfaction with the capabilities of the PS2". At this stage there is little complaint, and in fact things are settling down now that developers have become accustomed to the awkward hardware.

      While not particularly interesting to Playstation 2 owners rumours are circulating that Konami are beginning to get cold feet when it comes to XBox. While Air Force Delta Storm will still be a launch title this November in America, and Silent Hill 2 will be coming six months later, Konami have gone very silent on the port of Metal Gear Solid and are now stating that the previously "strongly suggested" title "has never been on our Xbox release schedules. We don't know what's happening with the title". The good news for PS2 owners is that if Konami do shy away from Microsoft's console then more development emphasis will likely be put back onto the PS2.

    September 10, 2001

      Sega Sports has just confirmed three new titles for the Playstation2. NFL2K2 and NBA2K2 had been pretty much confirmed by the company several months ago. The big surprise however was the third title, Sega Sports Tennis 2K2, which is the American name for Virtua Tennis 2. This was a complete surprise, and a most welcome one as the Virtua Tennis game on Dreamcast is widely regarded as the best tennis game ever. All three games will be release towards the middle of next year with NFL2K2 possibly arriving a bit earlier.

      Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Lionhead, his company, are working on a sequel to Black & White, the PC hit from early this year. The good news is that the game will be heading to Playstation 2 as well as XBox and PC. Peter also confirmed that the console versions will be quite a bit different to the PC game with different control schemes and a first or third person view. As yet there is no release date and the exact title is to be revealed. Don't expect it any time soon with the original taking almost 3 years to create.

      According to rumours from Japan Capcom are currently working on Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2 for the Playstation 2. No word yet on a release date but it may be some time away still.

      Electronic Arts have confirmed that they will eb using DTS sound in some of their upcoming games. The first of these are NHL 2002 and SSX Tricky. DTS sound is a high quality sound format usually seen in cinema and higher end home theatre packages. Fortunately we have a full DTS system here at Future Gamez so you'll get the full low-down upon each games release.

      I have added a preview of Midway's upcoming Arctic Thunder as well as both EA's Madden NFL 2002 and EA's NHL 2002. All three games should be great fun when they are released in the coming weeks.

    September 7, 2001

      Electronic Arts have confirmed they are working on a new downhill mountain bike game called NBX. Usually this wouldn't create much excitement, except it's being developed by the same development team that worked on the awesome SSX. No word yet on a release date but don't expect it until 2002.

      One of the hottest games expect on this year is United Game Artists' Rez, and thanks to a massive banner unveiled in Tokyo there is now an official release date in Japan. November. See I told you the Australian version would be release in November/December here in Australia... Ands some of you doubted me... shame.

      Infogrames has signed a deal to distribute Codemasters' games in America. The deal lasts for 12 months and will begin with Operation Flashpoint which was release on August 28th. Infogrames has taken over from Activision who were the previous distributors.

      Sierra has announced a deal with Argonaut Software to develop upcoming games for Sierra, including a new SWAT game using the Argonaut developed Kleaners engine.

      I have added a preview to the Amuze developed, Sega published action game called Headhunter. The game is currently aiming for a pre-Christmas release which would be great for MGS2 starved Aussies.

    September 5, 2001

      Hideo Kojima, the creative genius behind Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has strongly suggested that the gamers will never see the game on Gamecube, because of it's younger target audience. He had the following to say:
      The reason why MGS2 is for PS2 is very simple: MGS1 was for PS1 and it was very successful. Metal Gear fans and PS fans get along very well, it is a perfect match. It's not because we think PS2 is a better machine. When I pick hardware to do a game on, I don't really care about that stuff. I look at the audience that it has. Releasing a Metal Gear game on a Nintendo console would be ridiculous; I don't know about GameCube, but their machines that exist right now (N64, GBC, GBA) are for younger kids. I don't care about how good the system itself is, because all consoles right now are at about the same level of power.
      Thanks to for the news and translation.

      I have added a preview to Midway's upcoming Spy Hunter. The game is currently expected to be released in early October.

      There's a new poll on the site. This month I am going to find out which EA Sports title you are most excited about this year. As usual you can head on over to the Main Page to cast your vote. Last mo

    September 3, 2001

      Midway have announced 4 new games for 2002, which will most likely be released in 2002. NBA Ballers is a one-on-one basketball game that has an official license and players. The next game is Dr. Muto is an adventure game where the main character can morph into different characters. Red Card Soccer is an arcade styled 11-on-11 soccer game with over the top moves and extreme action. The game will feature 32 real international teams and stadiums from around the world. The final game is Freaky Flyers which is an adventure game that puts players into the cockpit as any one of 13 creatively designed and completely outrageous characters and their wacky planes, as they race through these expansive and wide-open environments.

      Take 2 have confirmed that Duke Nukem Forever the true sequel to Duke Nukem 3D from several years ago has been confirmed for the Playstation 2. As yet there is no release date but while the company recently talked about the PS2 and XBox version, they have gone very quiet on the Gamecube version. Too risque for Nintendo perhaps?

      What are Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo. Painters, yes. Turtles, yes. Well if you're old enough you will probably remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the late 80's. Well now they are coming back. Thanks to Mirage they will be back in an all new $US60 million CGI movie (possibly directed by John Woo) and you guessed it, they are coming to a console near you. No word yet on specifics but PS2 seems very likely.

      Ubisoft have announced the games which they will be showing at the ECTS show in London. The company will be displaying near complete versions of Batman Vengeance, Disney's Tarzan Freeride and Rayman M on the Playstation 2 as well as several PC and GBA games.

      Some interesting game sales figures from Japan. Capcom's Devil May Cry smashed it's way to the number 1 sales position with 393,272 units in it's first week. After several months of release both Final Fantasy X is still number 4 with 29,705 sales this week (2,289,796 total) while Gran Turismo 3 is still number 8 on the charts with 17,614 sales this week and a total of 1,578,505 sales.

      According to reports out of America one of Sony's flagship PS2 Online games, SOCOM may be delayed until early 2002. The game was one of six expected to be released this year.

      Eidos has confirmed that Soul Reaver 2 will be a Playstation 2 exclusive. The game had been rumoured to heading to other consoles however it now looks likely that Blood Omen 2 will head to both XBox and Playstation 2. Soul Reaver 2 is currently expected to be released towards the end of this year.

      I have added a preview to Sony's upcoming Twisted Metal: Black. The game is due out in October and is looking pretty solid. Another preview is for Interplay's Star Trek: Shattered Universe which has just been delayed until early 2002. Finally, I have also added a preview to Konami's frightening Silent Hill 2.

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