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December 3, 2000

    Playstation 2
    I got a copy of Dead Or Alive 2 on Playstation 2 the other day (it hits retail in about 2 weeks before you ask) but there is one interesting thing which I haven't seen in any other PS2 games yet. The game has an option to output in either 50Hz or 60Hz mode. It works well so there is now no doubt that the PS2 can include 60Hz in games like the Dreamcast, as long as the developers want it. Excellent.

    Expect some PS2 reviews in the coming days. It's just bloody hard to team myself away from the awesome Fantavision.

    In case you never look at the main page I have added a review to UbiSoft's much better then expected Disney's Dinosaur.

November 30, 2000

    Playstation 2
    It's launch day in a couple of hours guys and if you aren't at the stores at midnight I would suggest you get up early. Anway I have created a list of launch titles for you to help you decide which games are best. Check it out by clicking here.

    The latest sales charts have been released for the UK (not all of Europe). The sales fugures for games were as follows;
    1. Tekken Tag Tournament (Namco, SCEE) - 15,575
    2. TimeSplitters (Eidos) - 10,795
    3. SSX (EA) - 9,226
    4. FIFA 2001 (EA) - 9,172
    5. Ridge Racer V (Namco, SCEE) - 6,795
    6. Silent Scope (Konami) - 5, 863
    7. ISS (Konami) - 4,080
    8. Smuggler's Run (Take Two) - 3,511
    9. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 (Midway) - 2,720
    10. Orphen (Activision) - 1,848
    11. Dynasty Warriros 2 (Midas) - 1,236
    12. Wild Wild Racing (Rage) - 1,210
    13. Fantavision (SCEE) - 826
    14. NHL 2001 (EA) - 698
    15. AquaAqua (SCi) - 688
    16. Gradius III & IV (Konami) - 95
    17. Midnight Club (Take Two) - 18? (is supposed to be released next week)
    Looking at the list there is very few surprises except that for an EA title NHL 2001 seems quite low down on the charts.

    Apparently Sony may have short-shipped America. While they announced that they shipped 900,000 to 1 million units reports are surfacing that the actual number may have been between 600,000 and 700,000 units. Who is lying?

    Don't forget about the competition to win a copy of Summoner which is running until 5pm November 30 AEST. If you don't have your entry in now make sure you do it immedialy. Any entries after that time will not be taken into consideration.

November 29, 2000

    Playstation 2
    There is some bad Playstation 2 news regarding release dates. I have update that Previews & Release Schedule page with the latest changes. Some of the big news is that some of Ubisoft's titles including Rayman Revolution and Donald Duck: Quack Attack may be pushed back as far as January. Also now that Ubisoft have picked up the Crave titles for distribution here games such as Eternal Ring and Evergrace will not be available until late December at the earliest.

    Several more titles have hit the shelves in Australia. Three of Electronic Arts' titles are available at Electronics Boutique. These title are the highly anticipated SSX, the impressive NHL 2001 and the world's number one soccer title, FIFA 2001. Each title is selling for $99.95 at EB's although if you use a coupon in their booklet any G rated game will get $5 off.

    I've been getting quite a few e-mail's asking what your chance is of picking up a Playstation 2 if you haven't ordered. Well, the chances are quite good. Most major retailers aren't taking pre-orders so as long as you get in early you should be OK. Most retailers, from what I can gather are getting sizable quantities. For instance BIG W Runaway Bay is expecting 50-60 units while Myer at Pacific Fair said that they have 98 units expected for launch. Electronics Boutique at Pacific Fair are expecting around 100 units but due to their pre-ordering will be sold out to the public. Shop around Thursday morning and you should be fine, especially if you stick with major retailers.

    The other commonly asked question is where is the cheapest place to buy the system. Well in somewhat a surprise Target have the system cheapest with the system selling for $AU729. Most other retailers are around the $748-$749 mark. BIG W, who usually have the cheapest price have the system listed for $744 in the computer but as my girlfriend said they have already marked down the price to beat Target by a dollar or so. Fortunately she can also get me an extra 5% off so if you know someone who has a discount card at Coles Myer or Woolworths (and thatís a lot of people) you can get a system for well under $AU700.

    Best prices for games. Well Target also seems the best for prices with many games priced at $89.95. Have a look at the Electronics Boutique catalogue where they have coupons for $10 off many games including Super Bust-A-Move, Fantavision, Ridge Racer V and several others.

    Peripherals will also play a vital part in your purchasing this Thursday. No doubt the most essential item (apart from the system of course) is the memory card. This card holds 8MB of data which, while it may sound a lot, may be filled up with only a handful of games. The memory card runs 250 times faster then the original PSX memory card but will set you back around $69.96 which seems to be a pretty standard price. The Dual Shock 2 controller is another item that you may wish to invest in for multi-player fun. The controller, which includes analogue buttons all over (except start and select), will set you back about $59.95. Other optional accessories include the vertical stand for just over $20 to stand the system up for a really cool look or the horizontal stand which, to be honest, is a waste of $20. One other item, which is great if you have a few friends with their own controllers is the multi-tap. This allows you to connect 4 controllers per port on the machine effectively giving you 8 player games, with 2 multi-taps and 8 controllers. Other items include RF adapters, leads for hooking the PS2 to a decoder for DVD surround sound, and of course remote controls for the DVD playback so you don't need the Dual Shock 2 controller. Electronics Boutique have 2 DVD remotes for sale with a price of $39.95 for one and $59.95 for the other.

    Don't forget about the competition to win a copy of Summoner which is running for another 2 days. Even if you don't want the game you could trade it in for another one or give it away for a Christmas present. To enter; answer a couple of pretty easy questions.

November 28, 2000

    Playstation 2
    The first Playstation 2 game has hit the shelves. Smuggler's Run is now available in most stores including K-Mart and Electronics Boutique. Expect a few more games to appear on Monday and Tuesday prior to the launch here on Thursday.

    Speaking of Smuggler's Run I have added a preview to the title so make sure you check it out. I have also added a preview to Konami's ISS which while looking a little average looks set to become the best soccer game ever.

    Sadly it appears as if Sega's Samba De Amigo won't make it to Australia after all. It is believed that the high cost of the game (around $AU250) was too much and the weak Australian dollar isn't helping.

    Sega Europe has confirmed some great news. Sonic won't only be appearing on Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Shuffle but will also be appearing in Sonic Adventure 3. Yep, you heard it right there is a third game already in the planning stages. The only problem, the Dreamcast may be dead before it hits the country.

    GOD (Gathering Of Developers) has announced that they have dropped plans to publish the much delayed Max Payne from Remedy Entertainment. The reason for the cancellation was that numerous delays that have plagued the title. It's possible that the game will be picked up by another publisher soon.

November 26, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Well, the PS2 has finally launched in Europe and Australia is merely 5 days away now. The system was greeted with lengthy queues of eager gamers however not pre-ordering the machine means that many people will be waiting until after Christmas. As expected the most popular games include Tekken Tag Tournament, TimeSplitters and EA's SSX. One disappointment is that the system has launched with only 15 or so games, well below the 33 games touted by Sony a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately most delays are for only a couple of weeks with Summoner the worst affected with a release not expected until January.

    The latest bunch of ads from companies such as Target etc has hit my letterbox. Surprisingly Target seems to be the cheapest for the Playstation 2. They will be selling the system for $AU729 as opposed to $748 at K-Mart. As yet I haven't been able to get a price from BIG W where the system isn't even on their computer system yet. BIG W are expecting units at launch and will match any competitors price. As for the software well Target once again seems to be the cheapest with many $99.95 RRP titles having a $89.95 pricepoint. BIG W have all the Playstation 2 titles listed at $94.83 and K-Mart have prices ranging from $89.95 to $99.95 depending on the title. Shop around and if you see some great deals make sure you e-mail me.

    Sony has also opened their online store. This will allow you to purchase games and systems through the internet. The web site address is Unfortunately the prices are full retail so unless you live in the middle of nowhere you are probably better off heading to the local shopping centre.

    Thanks for the e-mails congratulating me on the house. Most things are settled now and we arte just awaiting the finace approval which, as we've been told, shouldn't pose a problem. All things going well we should be in the house in time for Christmas.

November 23, 2000

    Playstation 2
    In a shock announcement THQ today announced that their highly anticipated RPG Summoner has been delayed, possibly until 2001. The reason for the delay is apparently to optimise the code for the PAL system. In a statement Andy Hodgson, who I recently interviewed, stated;
    "Summoner PS2 has slipped. Although this is disappointing news, the positive side of it is that we are going to have an even better version of this huge selling US title for this market. The PAL version is being optimised so that it will look and play the best that it possibly can for the PAL TV system, with all of the lighting effects, real-time 3D action and gameplay that you would expect from a PS2 RPG. We at THQ Asia Pacific are committed to bringing out the best possible build of Summoner for Australia and if that means waiting a little longer, then I think it worth the wait, rather than rushing it out for Xmas."

    The America producer of Gran Turismo 3 has confirmed that the game will likely contain between 150 and 160 cars. The only difference between the Japanese and English version (apart from the text of course) is the music. The American version will contain new and more American styled music. Some of the Japanese tunes may be retained. However the most exciting news is that with link cables, 3 PS2's, 3 TV's and a few friends around the game will support 6 players simultaneously.

    Konami have confirmed that Silent Scope in Japan will make use of the USB mouse if it is connected. No word yet if the PAL version will also include this feature but it would be more then welcome.

    Planet Moon have confirmed that their PC game Giants is being ported to the Playstation 2. Apparently the PS2 game will have a higher polygon count for the monsters. While the PC version is expected in early December PS2 owners will most likely have to wait until March 2001. Still, thatís only 3 months later.

    Sega has finally released the Dreamcast in India. Why am I reporting this? Well the country has a population of over 1 billion people, second only to China. Although there are only 70 million TV sets in the country that is quite a sizable market especially with such low internet availability.

    Well to add to the difficulty of getting the internet working this week updates may be scarce for another reason. I will be flat out sorting out the finances and legals of buying a house. My girlfriend and I have just signed a contract and will be settling in only 30 short days which means we are running around like mad chooks sorting out everything for a first home. Don't worry, the updates should still be pretty regular but I might have to take the odd day or 2 off over the next week. November 21, 2000

      I have added an interview with Andrew Hodgson from THQ Australia who discusses the consoles in Australia and THQ's reasons for setting up offices here. Click here to read the interview.

      Playstation 2
      Sony has denied rumors of a price increase for the Playstation 2 in Britain. The government will include a 2.2% import tax on the system, which Sony will now absorb into their costs for the system.

      Square have revealed their plans for the Final Fantasy series of games on the Playstation 2. Final Fantasy X will be released by March 31st in Japan however the online components of the game will not be operable until late 2001. Final Fantasy XI will be released in Q'2 2002 and Square are expected to spend 3 months testing the games online components. This will be Square's first fully online RPG.

      I have added a preview to the site of Ubisoft's impressive looking Dreamcast game, Stupid Invaders. Check out this wacky title now.

      Don't forget about the competition to win a copy of Summoner which is running for another 10 days. Even if you don't want the game you could trade it in for another one or give it away for a Christmas present. To enter; answer a couple of pretty easy questions.

      I have updated the Letters page with some more letters that people have sent me. Also updated is the Previews & Release Dates page.

      As you may be aware the main internet data link from Australia to Malaysia is broken. I have been unable to update the site for the last 48 hours and I believe it may take over a week to repair the damage to the undersea cables when they find the problem. If I don't manage to update for a while you will know why.

    November 19, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Well no sooner has Sierra and Gearbox announced a delay for Half-Life on the Dreamcast then they are announcing that the game is et for release in Q'2 2001 on the Playstation 2. It is possible, although not yet certain, that Gearbox will include a 4-player deathmatch mode for the PS2. Whether or not this is included this is great news for Playstation 2 owners as the PC version is still considered one of the best games ever.

      For our chums in Europe you will be pleased to hear that Playstation 2 ads will air during the UEFA Championship League next week. Keep an eye out as Sony gears up for its PS2 launch in only 5 short days.

    November 18, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Capcom has announced plans to release an upgraded version of Resident Evil: Code Veronica on Playstation 2 next year. The new version will be called Resident Evil Complete and will include new scenes and movies not in the Dreamcast game. Expect a release in Japan on March 21st with a US/European release expected in May 2001.

      Capcom has also announced that they are in the early development phase for Resident Evil 4. Apparently the game will find new ways to scare you. Don't expect a release for this game anytime soon with 2002 the most likely release date.

      Hudson have announced that Bloody Roar 3 will hit the Playstation 2 mid next year. The arcade version which runs on System 246 is almost complete and will be distributed by Namco prior to the games home conversion.

      It looks like some problems have arised with Metropolis: Street Racer. Apparently a batch of games in Europe contains some severe bugs, which include a variety of problems. Some of these bugs include incorrectly scoring points for race, speedo showing you doing 2 million+ km/h, no heads on the drivers, pause menus not appearing among others. Apparently 15,000 copies of the game are affected. As a result of the bugs Americans will have to wait until January so SOA can do some more testing. Hopefully the Australian batch will not contain the bugs.

      In what can only be seen as another boost to the Dreamcast Sega of Japan are apparently considering a sequel to their most recent RPG, Skies Of Arcadia. No timeframe for the sequel has been decided.

      As some of you may have noticed there is a new box at the top of this page. This is the subscription to the Future Gamez newsletter. Every couple of weeks I send out an e-mail to thousands of people letting them know what is happening on the site and in gaming. To join up simply enter your e-mail and respond to the e-mail which you should receive almost immediately after signing up.

      I am planning on selling off a heap of my unwanted Playstation and Dreamcast games in the coming week (about 40 in total). I will probably put a page up on the site in the next couple of days but if you are interested you can send an e-mail to the usual address.

    November 16, 2000

      Playstation 2
      According to Ubisoft the news story appearing on Playnow that Rayman Revolution has been delayed to Q'1 2001 is false. The game is still very much planned for release on November 30 with the system. It's possible that Playnow got the info from sources in Europe however it seems improbable that a game would be postponed by several months only days before hitting the shelves.

      Ubisoft Australia have confirmed their release dates for the Playstation 2 games this year. Launch day will see the release of Dinosaur and Rayman Revolution. F1 Racing, Donald Duck: Quack Attack and Jungle Book are all expected to be released in time for Christmas.

      I have added a couple more previews to the site. Koanmi's impressive ESPN International Track & Field should make an impression at launch while Midway's Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 looks like improving greatly on an impressive game. Also previewed is Ubisoft's impressive Donald Duck: Quack Attack which uses the Rayman graphics engine to generate the visuals. Awesome.

      Some great news for skateboarding fans. Activision have announced that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 will hit the Dreamcast in Australia during December. A couple of months ago it was announced that the title was to be pushed back until early 2001 for unknown reasons. Fortunately Activision have had a rethink.

      I have added a preview to Ubisoft and 3DO's impressive Heroes of Might & Magic III. Also added to the site is a preview of Midway's Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2.

    November 14, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Sony Australia earlier today confirmed that there will indeed be 60,000 Playstation 2 units for Australia. However this may not all be at launch with Sony stating that this is the number of units expected "before Christmas". Still it's a lot better then the rumors of only 30,000 units that were circulation only a couple of weeks ago.

      All System
      According to reports out of Europe Infogrames have secured the rights to release Square's titles across Europe. Apparently the first title to fall under the deal will be Final Fantasy IX on Playstation which is due out early next year. Expect an announcement possible as early as next week.

    November 13, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Playstation 2's are going to be in short supply in UK. Sony have announced that the number of units will be slashed from 200,000 to 165,000. Apparently this is the number of pre-orders that have been received to date. Hopefully this drop in numbers adds more weight to the stories that Australia will receive 60,000 units. To put it in perspective the launch week of the Dreamcast sold 37,000 units while the original Playstation sold 25,000 units on launch day.

      Yuzo Koshiro, a member of the original development teams for MegaDrive classics Streets of Rage and Shinobi has pretty much confirmed that new versions of both games may be in development. He is currently working on an update to another yet unannounced classic Megadrive game. Expect more news early next year.

    November 12, 2000

      Playstation 2

      Acclaim have confirmed the release dates for their Playstation 2 titles here in Australia. RC Revenge Pro and Super Bust-A-Move are set for release on December 7th, a week after launch, while Tecmo's Top Gear Dare Devil will be released a couple of days later on December 11th.

      I have added a preview to Team 17's impressive Stunt GP which should be released late this year or very early next year.

      Sega has confirmed that Crazy Taxi 2 is currently in development for the Dreamcast. Apparently the new game will be released directly to the home without an arcade version and this time will be set in New York instead of San Francisco. The game is currently expected to be released in mid-late 2001.

      I spoke to Daniel Armstrong yesterday at Acclaim Australia regarding the fortunes of Ferrari F355 Challenge here in Australia and the outlook still isn't good. Little progress has been made regarding the release of the title here an as Daniel stated "there is almost no chance of seeing the game before Christmas". Sorry for being the bearer of bad news folks.

      Those of you who enjoy a bit of wrestling will be saddened to hear that Acclaim will not be releasing ECW Anarchy Rulez here in Australia. No reason has been given for the cancellation.

      Speaking of Acclaim they have re-scheduled a lot of their Dreamcast release dates. The highly anticipate Vanishing Point has been pushed back to January 18th 2001. Likewise the highly anticipates Ducati World has been delayed from mid-December to the 18th January. The good news, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is still on schedule for release for December 14th 2000.

    November 11, 2000
      Playstation 2
      Playnow has confirmed the number of Playstation 2 systems for launch here in Australia. Apparently there will be 60,000 consoles available on launch day. I have been unable to reach Sony today to confirm these figures which are much higher then expected. Most companies believed that the Australian launch would only be half that figure. Hopefully Playnow are correct for the sake of gamers who are sure to go crazy in 3 weeks time when the system launches.

      Square are rumored to be about to delay Final Fantasy X on the Playstation 2. Apparently developing on the Playstation 2 has taken longer then expected. The game is rumored to be pushed back from March 2001 to mid-2001.

      Interplay have confirmed that their massive RPG, Baldur's Gate II is headed to the Playstation 2. It remains to be seen if Bioware, the developer of the PC version, will handle the Playstation 2 conversion but one thing is certain, this game will be awesome.

      According to online retailer National Console Support Gran Turismo 3 will be released in Japan on January 25, 2001. The Australian version is currently expected in "early 2001" although the hot tip is for a March 2001 release.

      Australian gamers will be sad to learn that from this weekend Sega World at Darling Harbour in Sydney will be no longer. I visited the theme park (arcade) in July and was quite impressed overall (although saddened by the lack of new coin-ops). Unfortunately there havenít been enough visitors to the park outside school holidays to justify the park remaining open. After this weekend the park will close permanently.

      The biggest Dreamcast game to date has finally arrived in America. The highly anticipated Shen Mue: Yokosuka has hit the stores and is selling very well. Europe and Australia will have to wait until early December to play Yu Suzuki's masterpiece which has been receiving 90+% scores in almost every publication in America.

    November 9, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Sony has announced the sales figures for the first 24 hours of the Playstation 2 and they are impressive. Across America the Playstation 2 sold a whopping $US250 million ($AU480 million) dollars worth of consoles, games and peripherals. To put it in perspective the previous record was $US97 million by the Sega Dreamcast last year. No just imagine if Sony had shipped the expected 1 million units instead of 500,000.

      Sales figures for the Top 10 Playstation 2 games have also been released and there are few surprises. The Top 10 games are as follows;
      1. Madden NFL 2001 -- Electronic Arts
      2. Tekken Tag Tournament -- Namco
      3. SSX -- Electronic Arts
      4. Ridge Racer V -- Namco
      5. TimeSplitters -- Eidos
      6. NHL 2001 -- Electronic Arts
      7. Summoner -- THQ Inc.
      8. Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore -- Tecmo
      9. Kessen -- Electronic Arts
      10. Armored Core 2 -- Agetec

      There is some great Dreamcast news today. Ozisoft have confirmed that Daytona USA Online is headed to Australia. Better still the game is merely months away with a release date currently set for February 2001. Hopefully online gaming will be well underway by then as this is the one title more then any other that may push systems into lounge rooms. Expect more details after Christmas.

      Those of you awaiting Half-Life on the Dreamcast may be waiting a little longer. The Australian Sierra rep, Sonia Fattore, has confirmed that the title has been delayed until 2001. This is a major blow to the Dreamcast as it was one of the major Christmas titles, and deservedly so. No reason has been given for the delay.

    November 7, 2000

      Well Future Gamez has done it again. This time we have scored and exclusive interview with Adam Lancman, the Marketing Director from Infogrames Melbourne House. Who are they you ask? Well this Australian development company have just finished LeMans 24 Hours and Looney Tunes Space Race on the Dreamcast, but also confirm their titles for Playstation 2 and XBox which are currently in development. It's an interesting interview so click here to have a read.

      Playstation 2
      Activision have confirmed that they are developing a Tenchu title for the Playstation 2. The previous games have been a huge success on the original system and a Playstation 2 version is highly anticipated. Sony Music Entertainment of Japan has handed the franchise rights to Activision who have now made the game official.

      There are mixed reports emerging from America regarding the availability of the Playstation 2. Apparently in some stores there is some stock remaining while in others there weren't nearly enough to satisfy demand. Now some stores are telling customers that even though they pre-ordered a system as early as July they man not receive it until March 2001. Hopefully Sony can pull a few more units out of the sack in time for Christmas.

      I have added a preview to Konami's highly anticipated shooter Silent Scope on Future Gamez.

      A couple of days ago we were told that Sega will be developing on the PC. Well rumors are starting to surface that Sega may be developing a Dreamcast PCI video card which would allow gamers to play Dreamcast games on the PC. This would be similar to the failed 3DO PC card from a couple of years ago. Exactly how the GD-ROM games would work on a PC remains to be seen but the concept is sound and as long as the cost isn't too high it may increase the DC user base quite substantially.

      LeMans 24 Hours is getting some great press lately, and rightly so. In fact the game is so good that Sega has decided to publish the game themselves in Japan. This is a rare honor for a game developed outside Sega's own studios. Well done Infogrames Melbourne House.

      I have added a couple more Dreamcast game previews. This time they are LeMans 24 Hours and Looney Tunes Space Race from Melbourne House as well as Konami's Silent Scope.

      Don't expect to see WinCE on the XBox. Microsft have just confirmed that the system will actually use Windows NT as the operating system. But don't worry if you don't know about Windows, just like Dreamcast games using WinCE you won't see any menus, buttons or (hopefully blue screens of death). The games will boot up automatically when you start the system. Still the initial load time may be interesting. It is, after all, a PC with Windows, connected to a TV.

      In case you didn't read the interview with Melbourne House I can tell you that they have confirmed that they are developing a racing title based on the ALMS series (American Le Mans).

    November 4, 2000

      Playstation 2
      Majesco, the development team behind Rainbow Six on the Dreamcast, has announced that they will be developing at least 2 titles on the Playstation 2. To date no game titles have been confirmed.

      Sega has confirmed that they will be developing titles on other platforms. These include PC, PDA and even the Playstation (not sure if that means Playstation 2) and the Gameboy (once again not sure if that includes the Advance). Sega are planning on releasing 30 titles by the end of 2001 although no games have been mentioned yet. Sega will also be licensing out the Dreamcast technology for use in personal computers and other household appliances.

      Sega has confirmed that the broadband adapter will be released for the Dreamcast on January 2nd 2001. Some units may filter through to stores in late December and the expected retail price is $US59.99. ($AU115). It is expected that there will be at least 5 compatible titles by the launch of the broadband adapter. As you could probably guess there is no release date for the adapter here in Australia.

      One of the biggest games this year Jet Grind Radio has just been released in America and is apparently selling quite well. The game has caused some controversy with it's graffiti elements in some States although no one has banned tha game there yet. The Australian release is currently set for 24/11 although I wouldn't be surprised to see it pushed back to early December.

    November 3, 2000

      Who here hasn't heard of Dave Perry? Well he's the president of Shiny Entertainment who developed such hit titles as Earthworm Jim and the insanely addictive MDK. Well we here at Future Gamez managed to snare him for an interview about the Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and his newest game Sacrifice. Click here to read the interview.

      Playstation 2
      Many people have been asking what prices will be put on the Playstation 2 system, peripherals and games here in Australia. Well here are some answers. Remember that these are RRP's and shopping around should result in savings of 5-20% on most software. Hardware has a smaller margin so discounts will be hard to come by. Anyway here are the main RRP's.
      Playstation 2 System: $749.95
      8MB Memory Card: $79.95
      Dual Shock 2 Controller: $69.95
      Software: $89.95 - $99.95
      If you come across some great deals let me know and I will post them on the site. Sent me an e-mail to the usual address. (

      In what can only be seen as yet another blow to the chances of the Dreamcast's survival Take 2 have confirmed that they have canned Austin Powers Mojo Rally. Apparently the company believes that the Dreamcast is as good as dead and there are already ample kart racing titles on the system.

      October sales for the Dreamcast have been disappointing to say the least in Japan. The sales figures for October were as follows for the major titles;
      Eternal Arcadia, RPG, Sega, 71,787
      Eldorado Gate, RPG, Capcom, 32,216
      Let's Make More Pro Baseball Teams, Sport, Sega, 54,573
      Sega Marine Fishing, Fishing, Sega, 4,689
      Silent Scope, Shooter, Konami, 10,073
      Dead or Alive 2, Fighting, Tecmo, 127,068

    November 1, 2000

      Playstation 2
      It's almost here. The launch of the Playstation 2 is merely weeks away as we hit November. The launch is shaping up to be the best ever and although there are concerns with getting enough units for Australia the launch looks set to break all records. If you haven't checked out the lineup of titles expected on November 30 and in December I would suggest you have a look at the Preview and Release Schedule Page.

      Your probably looking at the new navigation bar to the left and wondering what the hell those characters are. Well they are from Ubisoft's upcoming Dreamcast game Stupid Invaders. Expect a preview of this wacky game very soon.

      Some of you may have noticed on the new navigation bar that I have added a link to Comps as well as an animated link on the main page. I am proud to announce that Future Gamez, in conjunction with THQ, are giving you the chance to win a copy of Summoner on Playstation 2. Simply click on the link and answer the questions to answer.

      Another month brings another poll. This month I am asking which game genere is your personal fave. Go to the Main Page to cast your vote now.

      I have updated the Letters page with several new letters which I received during October. Remember if you want to send me a letter, or questions, email me at the usual address. I usually reply directly to most e-mails and put some of the more interesting letters on the site.

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