October 29, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Polyphony has announced some more details about Gran Turismo 3. Apparently the developers are considering including an in-car viewpoint where you can see the dashboards of the cars while driving. This isn't definite yet but I believe it would add a lot more realism to the game. Unfortunately due to new agreements between Ferrari and Porsche and Electronic Arts those manufacturers won't make it into Gran Turismo 3. The game is currently 75% complete and should see a release early next year.

    I have added several new previews to the site of Ubisoft's Playstation 2 titles. I have added their racing title, Formula One Racing Championship, the action game Dinosaur which is based on the Disney movie, and also Rayman Revolution which looks set to improve on the awesome Dreamcast version.

    Sega has issues it's financial reports in Japan and the news isn't good. While the company was expected to show a profit of 600 million yen this year revised estimates are now stating that the company is expecting to make a loss of 20 billion yen. The company has attributed this to the price cuts on the Dreamcast hardware around the world.

    Believe it or not but Sega have announced they will be teaming up with Nintendo in future. The two companies, along with Tetsuysa Komura, are forming an Internet related business to begin operation in 2001. Exactly what the nature of the business is remains to be seen.

    Sega of Japan has cancelled plans for a Limited Edition of Phantasy Star Online. This limited edition was to include the Sonic Team 4X memory card as well as a demo of Sonic Adventure 2. The standard version will fortunately still contain the demo.

October 27, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Well , the biggest day in gaming this year has arrived, for Americans at least. The Playstation 2 has finally hit the shelves with many gaming stores opening at midnight to satisfy gamers appetites. With the system often being sold for over the $US299 RRP gamers have paid a premium to be the first to own Sonyís new machine. Some people on EBAY are receiving bids of $US1000 per machine from consumers who want it ASAP.
    Hardware supplies are almost exhausted already with many stores not receiving enough units to supply pre-orders let alone the casual gamers. Sony recently cut the number of units available on launch day from 1 million units to 500,000 units and has promised another 100,000 units per week until Christmas. The reason for the reduced numbers is a problem at Sony's LSI production factory in Nagasaki. Production has moved to Sony's Kokubu plant, although production is still below schedule. Another reason for the reduced number is the huge demand for the system in Japan, which has already surpassed 3.52 million units to September 30th. In fact Sony's production was so tight that they had to lease an aircraft to rush the consoles to America to get them to retail on time. Apparently Europe will be the same with consoles only expected literally the day before launch.
    Software has already been on sale for the last week in America and the Top 3 games are Madden 2001, Tekken Tag Tournament and SSX Snowboarding. However, several other titles didnít hit the shelves until launch day and may affect the charts next week.

    More bad news for the Dreamcast in Australia. This time itís from Ubisoft. Unfortunately they have cancelled their online games here in Australia. Both POD II and Speed Devils Online have been canned due to difficulties with online gameplay. It was initially thought that the games would run from the servers in Europe but the poor potential sales and difficulties of amounts of lag were too much to overcome. Fortunately all of Ubisoftís non-online titles will still be released here in Australia.

    Yu Suzuki has confirmed that the English version of Shen Mue: Yokosuka is complete and will ship on time. The game is expected around mid-November in America while Europe will see the game in the first week of December. Australia is anyone's guess. (Around December 15 should be accurate though.)

    Sega of Japan has announced that over 5.5 million Dreamcast consoles have been sold worldwide. The breakdown of sales is as follows; North America : 2,500,000
    Japan : 1,780,000
    Europe : 1,040,000
    Asia : 230,000

    Sega Europe have finally set a date for Seaman. The pet simulation game will be released on April 13th 2001. Thatís quite a delay from the American release but at least it's coming.

    I almost had a heart attack today. No it wasn't the Playstation 2 launch in America but after months of delays Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha 3 has finally hit the shelves. The game is retailing at $AU99.95 but that will be least of fighting fans concerns, there isn't many copies of games around.

October 26, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Activision have confirmed that Orphen: Scion of Sorcery is expected to hit the shelves here in time for the PS2 launch.

    Electronics Boutique and Hi-Tech World have confirmed some new release dates for Dreamcast titles here in Australia. Below is a list of several major titles as well as the new and old release dates;
    Deep Fighter - 3/11 (25/10)
    Jet Set Radio - 24/11 (16/10)
    Metropolis: Street Racer - 13/11 (27/10)
    Silent Scope - 30/11 (24/11)
    Space Channel 5 - 12/11 (20/10)
    Time Stalkers - 12/11 (20/10)

October 25, 2000

    Playstation 2
    989 Studios have announced that NFL GameDay 2001 will be released in America on November 14th. This is only a couple of weeks after EA's awesome Madden NFL 2001 hit the shelves as a lunch title. As yet there is no word if NFL Gameday 2001 will make it to Australia.

    Eidos has confirmed what has been rumoured for a long time. Commando's 2 is in the works for the Playstation 2. This had been rumoured and denied in the past but is now confirmed.

    Acclaim have shed some more light on the problems with Ferrari F355 Challenge here. Apparently although Acclaim has the license to release Ferrari titles in America and Europe this does not extend to Australia. Acclaim Australia were only notified of this problem a couple of days ago. Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix and Acclaim's cancellation of the deal with Ferrari a couple of months ago isn't likely to help the situation. Acclaim are working to get the title here but have no idea when it may be cleared for release.

    Eidos has confirmed what has been rumoured for a long time. Commando's 2 is in the works for the Dreamcast. This had been rumoured and denied in the past but is now confirmed.

    Eidos' Urban Chaos has hit store shelves across Australia today.

October 24, 2000

    Playstation 2
    THQ sent me an interesting e-mail yesterday. Apparently not only will the company be publishing the awesome Summoner as a launch title but have announced that they will be publishing Dynasty Warriors 2 here (which Acclaim have also been claiming as theirs). But the most interesting news was that THQ will be releasing a *mystery title* at launch on November 30. As much as I tried I couldn't pry the information from Andrew Hodgson about what this title was. Any ideas people?

    Well the Playstation 2 is merely hours away now in America but retailers are starting to shudder. According to FGNOnline some stores who had as many as 192 pre-orders have only received 2, yes thats two, systems leaving 190 people wondering what happened. Other stores are selling the system for $399 which is $US100 above retail price. It will be a very busy, and dangerous, day at the stores.

    I have added a preview to Activion's very Japanese RPG, Orphen: Scion of Sorcery which is due out this year.

    In what can only been seen as a dramatic blow to the Dreamcast in Australia, Acclaim have notified me that they have put Ferrari F355 Challenge on indefinite hold. This was one of the most anticipated games in the lead up to Christmas. Sales of the game in Japan and America were below expectations despite favorable reviews in the press. Acclaim haven't been able to give me an official reason for the delay yet, but as soon as I find out you will be the first to know.

    Recently I responded to a letter on Future Gamez stating that getting a mod-chip on the Dreamcast was probably a good idea these days. Well, Steve O'Leary from Ozisoft wasn't too happy with the comment and he sent me a letter pointing out some of the reasons for the prices of software and delays. With his permission I have posted his response to my statements.
    "Importing a Dreamcast, or getting it chipped, is definitely a good option these days. Games being released in Japan and America, are released months before here and are generally a lot cheaper. Shen Mue is already reduced to about $AU40 in many Japanese stores. We're still waiting, and will be until December, and then we have to pay $99.95 because it's distributed by Ozisoft. Most Australian distributors have a much lower RRP for their Dreamcast games."

    And Steve's Response;
    Firstly, recommending that people chip their consoles and void their warranty is not something that OziSoft look highly upon. The Ozisoft Australian Dreamcast release schedule perfectly mirrors the UK version, so Importing software is of no benefit to the consumer, as there is no warranty or customer service, and the games are guaranteed to sell at a higher price as importers purchase them from wholesalers or retailers overseas.
    Furthermore, parallel software importation is illegal, so you are in fact recommending an illegal practice.
    Lastly, I would like to mention that OziSoft's retail prices are set by the bodies who distribute software to us. This price difference to overseas software is the result of local modifications, which include English manuals, full screen support at 60Hz for Dreamcast titles as well as various game additions that are made to the PAL product before it reaches retail shelves. As a matter of course, a profit margin is included in the local RRP, but so is customer service, warranty and local distribution support that accompanies our product nationally.
    I hope that in the position of editor of a website, that you consider your role carefully when informing the public about information, and that you ensure it is accurate, informed and fair. Regards,
    Steve O'Leary
    Dreamcast Communications Manager
    Well there you go. What Steve says is true in that if you buy games from overseas you won't get a warranty or support from Ozisoft and if local companies aren't supported games will be cancelled (see previous news). Australia is in the unfortunate position that Sega don't manufacture or distribute titles here directly or they would be slightly, but not much cheaper.

October 22, 2000

    Playstation 2
    I have added several new previews to the site including Sony's Dark Cloud, EA's Formula One Championship Season 2000, Illusion Softworks Hidden & Dangerous 2 and also EA's Kessen.

    Electronic Arts has informed that the there are no plans at this stage to release Driving Emotion Type S here in Australia although the game will be hitting Europe. Likewise it looks as if Nascar 2001 doesn't have an expected release in Europe and won't be coming to Australia in the near future, if at all.

    Both Rush 2049 and PowerStone 2 have finally hit the shelves in Australia after unexpected delays of almost a month.

October 21, 2000

    Playstation 2
    It looks as if Oddworld Inhabitants have done the unthinkable. Oddword: Munch's Oddysee has been scrapped on the Playstation 2 in favour of an XBox version. This was one of the most anticipated titles and was nearing completion. Obviously Bill Gates' wallet hasn't been affected too much by the downward trend in Microsoft's stocks.

    I have updated Future Gamez with a preview of the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 3 which should be available in March 2001.

    SegaNet, America's online Dreamcast gaming network, has just signed up their 100,000th person. This doesn't include the thousands of gamers who use their own ISP. Although there are only three games currently available (Chu Chu Rocket, Sega Swirl and of course NFL2K1) there are plenty more superb titles due out by Christmas.

    I have added a preview to THQ's awesome title Yager on the XBox.

    A couple of days ago I mentioned that the Australian Gamer web site posted a news article that Harvey Norman has dropped support for the Dreamcast. Well I forgot to tell you where to get onto this site. Quite simply, it's

    Once again I have updated the Preview and Release Schedule page with over 50 additions and changes.

October 19, 2000

    Playstation 2
    With a week remaining until the Playstation 2 launch in America gamers are starting to get excited. Several titles have started hitting the shelves including those from Electronic Arts, Rockstar, Capcom and From Software. It looks likely that the same may happen here in Australia with Electronic Arts expecting to ship stock to retailers in mid-November. Expect more news closer to launch.

    Midway has announced yet another Playstation 2 game. Arctic Thunder is a racing game set with snow mobiles as the main vehicle. If it is anything like Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast then it will be an awesome experience.

    Capcom recently announced that Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 will hit the shelves in America in mid-November. However, today the company has announced that the three titles will retail for $US19.99. That's about $AU40. Now why in the hell are Australians paying $99.95 for Resident Evil 2? Anybody?

    Sega of Japan has announced a price drop for several older Dreamcast titles. For 2,800 yen ($AU45) Japanese gamers can no pick up titles such as Space Channel 5, NFL2K, Aerodancing F, King of Fighters 99, and Cool Boarders Burn.

October 16, 2000

    I have added an interview to the site with Tomas Pluharik from Illusion Softworks. In this interview we discuss Hidden & Dangerous on the Dreamcast as well as their upcoming sequel on Playstation 2. Click here to read the interview.

    Playstation 2
    THQ has secured the rights to publish Tetris games for consoles in the future. The deal which will run until 2004 covers the Playstation 2 which will likely see a Tetris game in early 2001. Blue Planet Software will be developing the titles, which will also appear on the Gameboy Advance among other systems.

    According to Australian Gamer, Harvey Norman which one of Australia's largest computer retailers, has dropped support of the Dreamcast. The gaming site states that Ozisoft have confirmed this news, although I haven't been able to get a response yet. I did note a few weeks ago that it was strange that Harvey Norman weren't stocking Virtua Tennis even though it is one of the hottest titles.

    The Dreamcast may be struggling here in Australia and in Japan but in America it has almost doubled in sales since the price drop. However the big news is the Europe has met it's sales targets for the system. Since the systems launch almost a year ago the system has sold 1 million units with the software hitting 2.5 million units of sales. The online service in Europe is also going strong with over 400,000 subscribers. No doubt helped by the appearance of Chu Chu Rocket which has been given away for free.

    In case you haven't voted in the poll on the main page I would suggest you do so immediately. All five of the choices for your most wanted Playstation 2 launch title are within 3% of each other.

October 15, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Electronic Arts have sent me their Australian Playstation 2 release schedule. The company is set to have 3 titles available at launch with another 3 set for release in December. The schedule is as follows;
    NOVEMBER 2000: NHL 2001, FIFA 2001, SSX
    DECEMBER 2000: Formula One 2000 Championship Ed., Kessen, X-SQUAD
    JANUARY 2001: Madden NFL 2001, NBA 2001, Tiger PGA Tour 2001, Swing Away Golf
    FEBRUARY 2001: Theme Park Roller Coaster
    MARCH 2001: The Undying (SIOG), Knockout Kings 2001, Quake III, The World Is Not Enough (Bond)
    APRIL 2001: Bond - Driving
    Unfortunately is doesn't appear that Nascar 2001 or Star Wars: Star Fighter, which is being distributed by EA, have release dates set down for Australia. Hopefully more details about these awesome titles will be revealed soon.

    The Playstation 2 is in such high demand that retailers are starting to increase the price. In America some retailers are now charging $US349.99 which is $US50 above the recommended price. Other retailers are telling customers that if they want the system they must also purchase 5 games at launch. As yet Australian retailers are sticking with the $AU749 retail price.

    Core have announced their plans for Tomb Raider on the Playstation 2. Apparently a game stand alone game will be released in late 2001 which will be similar to past Tomb Raider games. However following that release Core plans that new adventures of Lara will be downloadable and used with the original game. New levels, characters and situations will be released for download off the internet over the coming years, presumably to be downloaded onto the Playstation 2's hard drive.

    Namco has confirmed that it is porting Truck Maniac Concerto to the Playstation 2. This Super System 23 truck racing game is currently scheduled for release in Japan on December 14. The Playstation 2 version is set to include 2 player racing and possibly additional modes for the home conversion.

    Sega Europe have announced a Dreamcast DVD bundle to be available from October 30. The package which includes a Dreamcast, a DVD player and a copy of Chu Chu Rocket for £299.99 ($AU750). Unfortunately it's unlikely that this package will be released here in Australia due to the different region settings of the DVD players.

    A price has been set for Samba De Amigo and maracas in England. The game will sell for the very high price of £99.99 ($AU260). The game is currently scheduled for release here in January 2001 although with such a high price point it's hard seeing enough demand for Ozisoft to bring the game to Australia.

    Infogrames have confirmed that I-War II has been cancelled on Dreamcast. This has been rumoured for some time now but final confirmation has just come through. The reason for the cancellation is the weak Dreamcast market compared to the PC which is where Particle Systems will now concentrate development.

    Infogrames have confirmed that Unreal Tournament has been delayed on the Dreamcast. The game, which was expected this year in America, has been delayed by a month to strengthen the gameplay.

October 13, 2000

    Playstation 2
    American Playstation 2 titles may already be available, in pirated form. Apparently Madden NFL 2001 has been obtained by pirates and with the use of a patch and swap trick will work on a Japanese Playstation 2. At least Sega could hold them off for almost a year. Sigh.

    Sony have announced their Playstation 2 release schedule for December in Japan and it's absolutely mind blowing. Some of the major releases include;
    December 14 - FIFA 2001 (EA Square), Golf Paradise DX (T&E Soft), Dark Cloud (Sony), ESPN NBA 2 Night (Konami), Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore (Tecmo)
    December 21 - Seven ~ Lace Morse's Cavalryman Corps (Namco), Mobile Suit Gundam (Bandai), The Bouncer (Square), Cool Boarders Code Alien (UEP Systems), Top Gear Daredevil (Kemco)

    Square have announced that their highly anticipated action RPG, The Bouncer, will be released in Japan on December 21st. Namco will also release Seven - Lace Morse's Cavalryman Corps on this date.

    Sega have set a release date for Daytona USA Online. The game will hit Japanese shelves on December 21st, the same day as Phantasy Star Online. Unfortunately America, Europe and Australia will have to wait until 2001 for the title.

October 12, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Infogrames has confirmed that Unreal Tournament is complete on the Playstation 2 and has gone gold. The game will be released on October 26 in America and while Ozisoft currently have the title slated for 2001 it's possible it will be brought forward into 2000.

    I have added a preview to Electronic Arts' very impressive snowboard racing game SSX.

October 10, 2000

    Some great news for the Dreamcast with latest software sales figures for Japan. The Dreamcast sales were as follows; (Position, Title, Sales, Total)
    2 Dead or Alive 2 Tecmo 105,900 105,900
    3 Love Hina: Sudden Engagement Sega 35,301 35,301
    4 Let's Make More Pro Baseball Team Sega 33,566 33,566
    11 Happy Salvage: First Lesson Media Works 22,042 22,042
    16 Sakura Taisen 2 Sega 13,573 75,065
    20 Spirit Machine Rayblade Winky Soft 10,946 10,946
    23 Capcom Vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Capcom 9,592 216,432

    Playstation 2
    I have added a preview to Electronic Arts' Playstation 2 launch title, NHL 2001 as well as Sony's puzzle game, Fantavision.

October 9, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Famitsu have rated Namco's MotoGP on the Playstation 2. The game received a very impressive score of 35/40. The game should be released here in Australia by Early 2001.


    According to IGNDC Sega are planning a simultaneous worldwide launch for Sonic Adventure 2. To quote IGNDC;
    "Reports out of Japan indicate that Sonic Team is keen on the whole worldwide launch thing. Apparently, Sonic Adventure 2 is now set for a worldwide simultaneous release, meaning gamers in America, Japan and Europe (but probably not Australia) will take to the speedy blue hedgehog's latest exploits at around the same time." It just shows that even the American's realise the dire situation that Dreamcast is in down here in Australia.

    According to New Zealand web site Game Planet Ozisoft NZ are about to send out a letter to Dreamcast owners explaining the Online situation. To quote Game planet's comment from Ozisoft NZ "Over the next 2 weeks all Dreamcast users who have submitted their warranty cards will be sent a letter explaining the situation with the online access availability in New Zealand, Answers to outstanding enquires (sic) will be covered in the letter." This doesn't sound too promising for New Zealand Dreamcast owners who haven't even received the online browsing disc yet. One rumour is that online gameplay has been scrapped but that Dreamcast owners there will be compensated with a free game. Hardly compensation if you can't play Quake 3 Arena, Chu Chu Rocket, Phantasy Star Online or 18 Wheeler.

    Metropolis: Street Racer has been delayed slightly in Europe. The official reason for the delay according to Sega is a lack of boxes however according to Sega's PR company a last minute bug was found in the game which has resulted in a delay of a couple of weeks. We can now expect the game in November.

    According to some reports on the net Shen Mue 2 has been cancelled. But this is totally untrue. While the game has been removed from the SOJ website release schedule it is still very much in development. The game should still be released sometime in 2001 in Japan and either late 2001 or early 2002 in the rest of the world.

    Yet another delay for Dreamcast games here in Australia. This time it's Half-Life which has been delayed from November until December. As yet no official reason has been given for the delay, but it is looking much better then the PC version.

    Famitsu have rated some of the hottest Dreamcast games. 18 Wheeler obtained a score of 29/40 (72.5%) which i very good for such an Americanized game. Capcom's RPG Eldorado Gate also got 29/40 which is a little disappointing.

October 6, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Electronic Arts have licensed LIPSynch's Echo technology to be used in 5 upcoming games. Four of these titles will be on the Playstation 2 and include Madden NFL 2001. This software is used for characters to lip synch with voice files and saves a lot of development time.

    Ubisoft have confirmed some details about Rayman 2: Revolution on the Playstation 2. The game will include more things to do including blocking some pathways until the game is completed. The invisible little guy will also have new tricks including running while carrying an object, fast upwards flight, rock climbing, multiple shooting and even a rain dance!!

    More details have been announced about Bizarre Creations Playstation 2 port of Fur Fighters. The game isn't jsut a straight port of the excellent Dreamcast game but includes new maps, new enemies and more weapons. Better still is the news that the levels will include more enemies to deal with while the gameplay has been tweaked even further and the game has undergone some graphical enhancements.

    IGNPS2 has posted a news article confirming that Savage Entertainment will be developing the Jurassic Park 3 game for Konami and Universal. The development company was recently formed from members of the Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear games.

    Dreamcast sales in America have taken off. The reduced price point, to $US149, and the launch of the SegaNet service have brought the system back into the publics eyes. NFL2K1 has sold a whopping 409,260 units in 2 weeks according to official data while sales of the system have jumped by 92.2%. Perhaps the Playstation 2 won't have it all that easy this Christmas after all.

    Having trouble finding a copy of Virtua Tennis? Well Ozisoft have informed me that more stock should start hitting the stores next week. The great news, BIG W will apparently be taking the stock. Yet more exposure for the Dreamcast in mainstream stores.

    Nintendo has confirmed a list of Japanese 3rd party developers working on the Gamecube. These companies include Capcom, Konami, Hudson, Kemco, Rareware and Atlus.

October 4, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Apparently Tecmo's fighting game Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore will be renamed for it's release in Europe, and therefore here. Apparently the use of the word Hardcore is too much for gamers hence the game is to be known as simply Dead Or Alive 2. Never fear about the upgrades, the Playstation 2 version will still include many extras not found in the Dreamcast game.

    In what can only be described as on of the best marketing moves yet by Sega Europe, the company has announced that Quake 3 Arena, Shen Mue: Yokosuka, Samba De Amigo and Worldwide Soccer 2001 are all expected to be released on 8th December. This is exactly 2 weeks after the PS2 launch and by this time the PS2's may be impossible to get, and parents and kids will see 4 awesome titles available at the same time.

    Finally I have obtained a copy of Chu Chu Rocket. But don't get your hopes up yet, it didn't come from Ozisoft but Bell Pottinger the UK publicist for the Dreamcast in Europe. How does the game stack up? Well put simply this is an amazing multi-player game. Hopefully Ozisoft will finally get the game out the door on October 16th as planned. It's only 6 months late.

October 3, 2000

    For those of you that don't visit the Main Page you might like to know that I have posted and interview with Team 17's Commercial Director, Debbie Bestwick. Team 17 Currently have Stunt GP in development for Playstation 2 and Dreamcast as well as the first 3rd party online game due in Europe, Worms World Party. Click on the link on the Main Page to read this interview.

    Playstation 2
    Sony have been strangely quiet about the reasons for the reduced number of Playstation 2's at launch. However, an article at has speculated that the delay is due to the DVD's content protection system. This restricts the regions in which you can watch DVD's (DVD's have 8 different region codes ie Australia is Region 4). The Japanese Playstation 2 had a security problem DVD's could be played from any region. Apparently there are enough components to make the Playstation 2's but the hold up is trying to fix this security issue.

    Sega of America has had to slow down its plans for a broadband adapter on the Dreamcast. The adapter was scheduled to be released to coincide with Quake 3 Arena on 10th October. While the game, and Dreamcast mouse, will still be released on this date the broadband adapter will probably not be released until December. The reason for the delay has been manufacturing problems.

    Japanese Sega Saturn owners are in for a treat. Over the coming weeks Sega of Japan are offering a special deal where, if you send in your Saturn's serial number you can get a 14,800 yen discount on a Dreamcast package. This package includes 1 Dreamcast, 1 VMU, 1 Controller, 2 Light Guns, 1 Rumble Pack, House of the Dead 2, Space Channel 5, and Jet Set Radio. Normally this would cost 47,600 yen ($AU 635) but this deal will only cost 32,800 yen ($AU435), which is limited to 500 bundles.

    Jack Of All Games have informed me that their action shooter, MoHo has been delayed until the end of this month. Expect more details soon.

    Nightmare Creatures 2 is in stores now with a RRP of $AU99.95.

October 1, 2000

    Playstation 2
    Sony America has announced a massive shortfall in the number of Playstation 2 units to be available at the US launch on October 26. While it was initially anticipated that there would be 1 million units available Sony has announced that there will only be 500,000 units available. Each week following the launch should see another 100,000 units released. Unfortunately no expected figures have been released by Sony Europe or Sony Australia however if you haven't ordered a system and want to get one by Christmas I would visit your local video game shop immediately and put a deposit down.

    On a brighter note Sony has released a list of games expected to be released in Australia with the system. The titles expected are as follows;
    AquaAqua-Wetrix 2., developed by Zed 2, published by SCI
    Disney's Dinosaur developed and published by Ubisoft
    Dynasty Warriors, developed by Koei, published by Midas
    Eternal Ring, developed by From Software, published by Crave
    Evergrace, developed by From Software, published by Crave
    F1 World Grand Prix developed and published by Konami
    F1 World Racing Championship developed and published by Ubisoft
    Fantavision, developed by SCEI, published by SCEE
    FIFA 2001, developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Gradius 3 and 4 developed and published by Konami
    ISS, developed and published by Konami
    Kessen, developed by Koei, published by Electronic Arts
    Madden NFL 2001 developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Midnight Club, developed by Angel Studios, published by Take 2
    NHL 2001, developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Pro RC Revenge, developed and published by Acclaim
    Rayman Revolution developed and published by Ubisoft
    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2, developed and published by Midway
    Ridge Racer V developed by NAMCO, developed and published by SCEE
    Silent Scope 2 developed and published by Konami
    SSX Snowboard Supercross, developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Super Bust A Move, developed by Taito, published by Acclaim
    Swing Away Golf, developed by T&E Software, published by Electronic Arts
    Smugglers Run, developed by Angel Studios, published by Take 2
    Summoner, developed by Volition, published by THQ
    Tekken Tag Tournament, developed by NAMCO, published by SCEE
    Timesplitters, developed by Free Radical Design, published by Eidos
    Type S developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Theme Park World developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Top Gear Daredevil developed and published by Kemco
    Track and Field developed and published by Konami
    Wild Wild Racing developed and published by Rage Games
    X Squad developed by EA, published by Electronic Arts

    13 further titles will come in December including the key titles;
    Cool Pool, developed by Ornith, published by Take 2
    Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, developed by Tecmo, published by SCEE
    F1 Championship Season 2000, developed and published by Electronic Arts
    H30 Surfing, developed by Team 17, published by Take2
    NBA 2001, developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Orphen, developed by Kadokawa Shoten, published by Activision
    Streetfighter EX3, developed by Arika, published by Capcom
    Stunt GP, developed by Team 17, published by Titus Interactive

    and a further 50 titles between January 2001 and March 2001 including;
    Donald Duck Quack Quack Attack developed and published by Ubisoft
    Dark Cloud, developed by SCEI, published by SCEE
    Starwars:Starfighter developed, published by LucasArts
    Knockout Kings 2001 developed, published by Electronic Arts
    Herdy Gerdy developed by Core Design, published by Eidos
    Eden developed by Core Design, published by Eidos
    The Bouncer developed and published by Squaresoft
    The World is Not Enough developed and published by Electronic Arts
    Unreal Tournament developed by Epic, published by Infogrames
    Wipeout Fusion developed and published by SCEE
    Gran Turismo 3 developed by Polyphony Digital, published by SCEE
    Formula 1 2001, developed, published by SCEE
    Moto GP, developed by NAMCO, published by SCEE

    Naturally some of these dates are subject to change but this represents the best launch line up of games ever.

    Sega Japan has announced that Sonic Shuffle will be released in Japan this December. The board/puzzle game is similar to Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 with a tonne of mini-games to play. Expect a preview of the game shortly.

    Namco has confirmed that they are developing Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness for release in America at the end of the year.

    I have added a review to THQ's WWF Royal Rumble which should be available this week.

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