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Here we go for yet another annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Show and it should be an interesting year with both the PS4 and XBox One really hitting their stride. While Microsoft have a few big hitters due pre-Christmas Sony looks a little thin on the ground, especially with Uncharted 4 pushed to 2016. Could there be a few surprises? Well thanks to leaks we already know that a remastered Uncharted Trilogy (called the Nathan Drake Collection) is coming out this October while No Man's Sky should make an impact too. Will there be more? Time will tell.

Perhaps though Sony will be banking on third party content, and exclusivity deals. Star Wars: Battlefront should be spectacular while the just announced Fallout 4 is rumoured for a late 2015 release too. Not long to go now until all the details are revealed, and stay tuned at 11am Tuesday morning (Australian Eastern Time) for a liveblog of Sony's Press Conference.


Well they don't have a Press Conference but WB Games have just released a trailer for the upcoming Mad Max. Enjoy...

Another game that wasn't shown at the Sony Press Conference, but was certainly announced at the E3 Show is Dark Souls III which is due out next year. The Announcement Trailer is pretty impressive so check it out below.

Sony Press Conference

So here we go, it's time for Sony to hit back after Microsoft's impressive show this morning, and we expect a few big titles to be shown - Uncharted 4 is a big one, but we have hope for a few surprise - hell, we've even been excited by the prospect of Shenmue being teased, a proper update of Final Fantasy VII, and then there's The Last Guardian. Show kicks off at 11am so stay tuned.
  • 11:00 - Sony kick off their conference with a sizzzle reel of upcoming games and, well, pretty much everything is in there that we know about.
  • 11:03 - Shawn Laydon takes to the stage. First game of the show is one eagerly anticipated. Damn right - Sony are going all out - from Japan Studio it' The Last Guardian. It looks gorgeous, not dissimilar to what we've seen a couple of years ago with the boy and his big bird/dog creature. While the trailer, of in-game footage, started a little slow it builds nicely and looks fantastic. Release in 2016.
  • 11:12 - Shuhei Yoshida takes the stage and says he is proud to be on stage showing off The Last Guardian.
  • 11:13 - Completely new franchise from Guerrilla Games with co-founder of the studio Herman Hulst on-stage. In-game trailer, which includes gameplay, being shown which shows a game set in the future, but after the cities of the world have died, and the world is overrun with wildlife again. It's absolutely gorgeous and shows a civilization of tribes trying to survive in a world of machines with a battle between the main character, and a large robotic styled T-Rex impressing. The game is Horizon: Zero Dawn. No release date.
  • 11:20 - Square Enix and Io Interactive have a new game coming and it's Hitman with a nice trailer. Asad Qizilbash from Sony Computer Entertainment on stage talking about the game with PS4 gamers getting exclusive access to the Beta as well as 6 exclusive contacts on Playstation.
  • 11:23 - Massive cheers as Street Fighter V gets a trailer. As reported over the last couple of days the game won't be coming to XBox One, so a big boost for Sony with this one. The trailer looks pretty amazing too. July 23 will see a PS4 Beta version release.
  • 11:25 - From Hello Games Sean Murray takes the stage and it's time for No Man's Sky. A live, onstage demo is played and it's still very, very impressive. Sean is showing off the size of the universe, simply astounding. Exploring the planet was impressive and while there is no release date yet, it's not far off.
  • 11:31 - Media Molecule are on-stage and introducing a game which is based around capturing dreams. Has been in development for 4 years now and called Dreams. More will be shown at Paris Games Week.
  • 11:37 - Campo Santo have a new game called Firewatch which looks pretty impressive from the brief trailer.
  • 11:39 - Adam Boyes is onstage and talking about Destiny before a trailer of Destiny: The Taken King is played and it looks great. PS4 is getting new gear and a map exclusive.
  • 11:43 - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is shown in trailer form, and PS4 will get exclusive missions called The Dreadful Crimes.
  • 11:45 - Time for some Final Fantasy with an all-new game. It looks, ermm, wierdly childish and is called World of Final Fantasy is PS4 and PSVita exclusive in 2016.
  • 11:46 - WOOOOO! It's Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming first to Playstation 4. Trailer is only a cinematic, but MASSIVE improvements to the visuals and game have been made. Drool factor extreme.
  • 11:49 - Devolver Digital have four new games debeuting on PS4 - Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls.
  • 11:50 - Kickstarter Game is looking for funding - it's Shenmue 3! Wow - Yu Suzuki is going to crowdfund the game - Where do I sign up?! (Oh, right here actually). Wow.
  • 11:53 - Batman: Arkham Knight gets a trailer before next weeks release - ominous voiceover "this is how it happened, this is how Batman died". Hmmm.
  • 11:58 - Andrew House takes the stage to talk Project Morpheus - the VR headset. Eve Valkyrie, The Deep and a new title called Godling are briefly shown. Talking about multiplayer VR with other gamers playing with Dual Shock 4 controllers. No date or price announced sadly.
  • 12:00 - Andrew talking about Spotify success, and Playstation Vue PayTV service for America which will allow people to subscribe to individual channels (if only it was in Australia for the Fox Footy Channel!).
  • 12:02 - Playstation is partnering with Activision to bring Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to E3 with Mark Lamia from Treyarch on-stage to demo the game. Set in 2065 the game looks phenomenal on PS4 as 4-player battle through a level.
  • 12:09 - David Vonderhaar is on-stage to talk about the multiplayer in COD: Back Ops III with a new trailer which is amazing. Andrew annoucing that Black Ops III will see PS4 owners get map packs first, and Multiplayer Beta Access this August.
  • 12:12 - Sizzle Reel with games including MGSV, Final Fantasy, Mad Max, Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, Destiny, Batman, MLB, Street Fghter V, Assassins Creed, Until Dawn, some PSVita games, and so on.
  • 12:15 - Disney Infinity 3.0 is on-stage and pushing Star Wars as a focus of the game. Limited Edition 3.0 Starter Pack is exclusive to Playstation Platforms with the Rise Against The Empire Playset available a month before other platforms. The only platform to play as Boba Fett before the Holidays - in the Starter Pack.
  • 12:18 - Now for another Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront with DICE's Patrick Bach on-stage (love his accent - Luke Skywater) to introduce a new trailer. Rather then the Hoth location of the earlier trailer from EA's Conference, this is on a rocky planet and looks amazing.
  • 12:22 - That almost wraps the show except one more title - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End of course. It looks stunning - sadly the demo crashed just as control was being handed over to the player from the cut-scene - but a quick restart and it was all good. Shootouts look great, plenty of level destruction and the world is filled with people and objects.
  • 12:32 - And that't it for Sony. A pretty phenomenal showing really - Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3 kickstarter, No Man's Sky and Horizon were all phenomanal, and of course a little Uncharted 4 to finish off. Wow.

    Some more great news for Playstation 4 owners with Sony today, pre-Conference, confirming a media player will be launched today. It player video and audio and is detailed on the Playtation Blog.

    Ubisoft Press Conference

    In a surprising announcement, Ubisoft have confirmed that South Park: The Fractured But Whole is currently in development with South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker working on the RPG title. It isn't being developed at Obsidian like the previous game but rather at Ubisoft San Francisco.
  • Ubisoft have unveiled a new game called For Honor which is a medieval styled multiplayer title. The game was demoed with 8-players running on the PS4 and looked pretty spectacular and will be playable on the showroom floor.
  • The Crew will be getting an expansion pack called "Wild Run" which is due out later this year while Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max expansion Pack will be out on July 14.
  • Tom Clancy's The Division is one of the most anticipated games, and a section of the game called "Dark Zone" was shown off. It looks spectacular of course, not quite up to that original announcement trailer mind you, but it's one of the most anticipated games for next year. Game is playable at the show, and Beta will be in early 2016. The game will be released March 8, 2016!
  • Unsurprisingly Just Dance 2016 was announced, but you will be able to play it without a camera using your smartphone. Out This October with an optional Subscription/Streaming service for PS4.
  • Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Siege will star Angela Bassett who is on stage talking about her character in the game. The game will be playable in singleplayer in Terrohunt as well but they're showing off a mission with 5 people playing onstage. It looks pretty gorgeous - Beta starts September 24th on all platforms.
  • Trackmania Turbo has been announced but unlike previous games this release is also heading to consoles.
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate was shown of course with a gorgeous new trailer. Interestingly it was only a CG trailer, no gameplay shown so we're putting money on a Sony Conference gameplay demo - with some PS4 exclusive content/tie-in.
  • Ubisoft Paris developing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands which was a surprise announcement and looked fantastic. This is a 4-player open world styled game where you can use different methods to complete the game - go in guns blazing, stealthy, or snipe enemies. Stunning.

    Electronic Arts Press Conference

  • Electronic Arts kicked off their Press Conference with the new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda which has a bit of a Western feel to it. It looks fantastic and is dated for Holiday 2016.
  • Need for Speed is returning and is set in Ventura Bay and is a large open-world game with more customisation then any previous game in the franchise as well as 5 overlapping stories. Being developed by Ghost Games it's due out this November 3rd. Check out the trailer below.
  • PC game Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting an expansion later this year called Knights of the Fallen Empire. Would be more exciting if the game was coming to PS4, but it's not.
  • New game called Unravel from Swedish developers Coldwood Interactive has been picked up for publishing by Electronic Arts. While there's no release date yet, the game is coming to PC, PS4 and XBox One and is a pretty gorgeous puzzle platform game.
  • Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is coming in (US) Spring 2016 from PopCap Games and the onstage demo looks fun enough. It will include a solo play mode as well as local split-screen co-op and free DLC post-launch. Below is the gameplay trailer.
  • NHL 16, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (out in July), and NBA Live 16 are all shown off briefly with some new features.
  • FIFA 16 is introduced by the legendary Pele who is interviewed on stage. FIFA 16 is "the most balanced FIFA yet". Female teams will in the game for the first time.
  • Sara Jannson is on stage to introduce Mirror's Edge: Catalyst which uses the latest Frostbite Engine. It's out February 23 2016.
  • Madden NFL 16 will be a major title as usual for EA Sports and they are announcing a new Fantasy Game where you can build a team of players. The game does look fantastic as expected.
  • Peter Moore is introducing a little game from DICE called Star Wars: Battlefront which is being powered by the Frostbite Engine which will be used for even more games in future. The trailer below shows off a battle on Hoth, and, well, it's just jaw-dropping. Enjoy...

    MONDAY JUNE 15, 2015

    Bethesda held their Press Conference today and dropped the first megaton announcement - Fallout 4 is coming to PS4, XBox One and PC and will be released on November 10. Below is the Official Announcement Trailer released a couple of days ago, prepare to drool.

  • Also on show was DOOM which is due out in Q'2 2016 and promises to bring back the excitement of the original games. It looks pretty amazing, and very gory so feast your eyes on the E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer below
  • Arkane Studios heads Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio took to the stage and announced Dishonored 2 which wasn't given a release date, but was confirmed for release on PS4. Below is the Offical Announcement Trailer.
  • Also announced for PS4 and XBox One was Dishonored: Definitive Edition which is due out in late 2015.

    SUNDAY JUNE 14, 2015

    It's only hours now until the 2015 E3 Show kicks off an as per every year we're going to make some predictions. Often we're way off, but we'll know for sure in the near future.

    My E3 Predictions

  • 1. The PS4 will receive a minor price cut with with new bundles also possible (we know about the MGSV bundle, but how about a Battlefront one too?)
  • 2. Uncharted 4 is shown off to some extent, but not a massive amount, with an April 2016 release date confirmed.
  • 3. No Man's Sky will not only get a PSN release, but also a physical media release, to become a key Sony Christmas title.
  • 4. Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 7 will be given a video teaser but no release date or detailed announced.
  • 5. Driveclub PS Plus Edition is finally confirmed for release, and available with the next PS+ game refresh next month, if not during the show.
  • 6. The Last Guardian will finally, hopefully, be shown at E3. Now a PS4 exclusive the game will be quite differnet to what was originally seen many, many years ago now.
  • 7. Indie games are another major focus for Sony with many more games shown then on other titles.
  • 8. Both the PS3 and PSVita are dead systems with little to no coverage.
  • 9. Quantic Dream's next game is announced with gorgeous trailer, but still a long way off - late 2016.
  • 10. Project Morpheus given quite a bit of coverage to build hype before the 2016 release, although the games require a bit more work.
  • 11. Guerrilla Games next title is announced with a stunning trailer, rumors point to a MMORPG, but we think it's more a MMOFPS similar to Destiny.
  • 12. Media Molecule are showing off a new game, but it's not LittleBigPlanet related.
  • 13. Possible big, new games being shown off for PS4: God of War, Wipeout, Everybody's Golf, and a new inFamous is announced.
  • 14. Nintendo will have a decent lineup of games although no new hardware will be announced, Microsoft will have a strong showing, but still fall behind Sony when it comes to games.