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While we were left somewhat disappointed with no next-generation showing at E3 2013, you can bet your house that this years show will almost completely be about next-generation consoles - the XBox One and Playstation 4. Will dates and prices be announced? Perhaps, but we are certain to see a lot of games, and plenty of new unannounced titles. We'll update during the event and liveblog during Sony's conference which is scheduled for Tuesday morning Australian time.

E3 Related Previews

    Previews will be added in the coming days...


Call us stupid, but we missed posting what is the most jaw-droppingly impressive game seen at E3 2013 (although it is in the full Playstation Conference video). From Ubisoft is this new next-gen title Tom Clancy's The Division which is due, well probably in late 2014. What can we say, go high res, full-screen, and just get ready to pick your jaw off the floor...

Another of Ubisoft's massive titles - but this one is due in 2013 - is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and here's the official E3 Gameplay video. It's impressive of course..

Sticking with Ubisoft for a few more moments and the company also announced a massive open-world racing game called The Crew. It's hard to describe this game, and the social aspects, so here's the trailer with commentary. Another impressive title for next-gen consoles...

While Warner Brothers announced a Mad Max game for release on next-gen systems next year, and in development at Avalanche Studios, it has today been confirmed that the game will not contain multiplayer with the developers focuesed on a "powerful single player experience". The game isn't based on any of the films, but will include around 50 cars and the ability to create your own vehicle.

Sony have a new PS4/PS3/PSVita game in development called Hohokum which, well, we still can't figure what it's about - sort of a cross beween LocoRoco, Flow and Flower perhaps? Anyway enjoy the rather colourful trailer.

Sega's Castle of Illusion was one of our favourite Sega MegaDrive games, and now Sega are remaking it for the current generation. Needless to say, this is a simply gorgeous platformer. Check out the trailer...

Marvel is all the rage in cinemas these days so it seems fitting that Traveller's Tales would turn their attention to that universe for their next game which will hit everything, including next-gen. Indeed it's time for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Looking good...


Quantic Dream have a PS4 game in development, but it hasn't been announced as yet however they have released an absolutely jaw-dropping 12 minute technical demo running in realtime on the console. Titled The Dark Sorcerer we suggest you download the 1080p version. David Cage stated that "The PS4 engine used for The Dark Sorcerer is only in its first iteration and most of the features scheduled for the final version of the engine havenít yet been implemented. This demo is only a first test that is well below the visual quality we hope to achieve in our next game." You can read a whole lot more about the demo on the Playstation Blog. Anyway, enjoy...

Oh Microsoft, you seem to be going all out to anger people don't you? The need to always connect online every 24 hours or your games won't work, region locked games, and restrictions on loans and trades. Now Don Mattrick has told gamers they will need to be online or, well, too bad really. The actual quote "fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called XBox 360". We have an alternative - Playstation 4! Just check it out on GameTrailers here at around the 1:40 mark.

During Sony's Press Conference yesterday the company hinted that playing online with PS4 would no longer be free, and yes, Sony have confirmed that gamers would need to subscribe to Playstation Plus to play multiplayer online games. That's a little annoying but we have to say that Playstation Plus is one of the best value services around, so we're happy to pay the $AU70 per year to subscribe - and Sony have reiterated that one Playstation Plus subscription will work on PS3, PSVita and PS4 - you don't need one per console. Given the dozens of free games we've enjoyed in the last year alone, it's superb value - not just a cheap cash-in.

Electronic Arts have confirmed that they are hoping to have next-gen versions of Need for Speed: Rivals available at the PS4 and XBox One launches. The current-gen versions are due in November.

Activsion's Call of Duty: Ghosts is certain to be one of the biggest games this year no matter the platform, and the company has released a couple of trailers. The first is called "No Man's Land" and the second "Into The Deep". Both are pretty jaw dropping.

From Software's Dark Souls II is hitting PS3 in March next year, and NamcoBandai have released a new trailer for the game due next March.

Ubisoft have released a walkthrough for their upcoming Watch Dogs. There's no wonder why this is one of the most wanted games this year. Stunning.

Square-Enix have announced that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been rebranded to Final Fantasy XV and will be hitting next-gen consoles. Below are the Announcement and Battle Gameplay Trailers - because, you know, one trailer is never enough!

That wasn't all that Square-Enix had for their RPG franchise with confirmation that their MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is not only coming to PS3, but also PS4. Here's the gorgeous trailer...

One of the big, surprise announcements from Sony's E3 Presentation was that Kingdom Hearts III was coming to PS4. Here's the announcement trailer, which doesn't show much but impresses nonetheless.

Looking forward to Thief on PS4? Well you're not alone and here's a very short teaser trailer.

Electronic Arts have released a trailer for NBA Live 14 which will be hitting PS4, well, sometime.

In yet another bit of postive news for potential PS4 owners, Sony have, post Press Conference, confirmed that the Playstation 4 will be region free - that means you can import systems, and games, from any territory and it will work whereever you live. Yes, another big tick for Sony against Microsoft's region locked XBox One.

Sony have release, what is probably the greatest 22 second marketing video ever. Just, enjoy...


So today is the day when all the Press Conferences are held and we have Microsoft at 2.30am (Australian Eastern Time), Electronic Arts at 6.00am, Ubisoft at 8.00am and finally Sony at 11.00am. Nintendo are skipping holding a Press Conference this year but will be holding a Nintendo Direct event tomorrow. Anyway we'll post the details below as they are announced (With the exception of Microsoft which is too early for us, but we'll summarise when we get up!).


Sony's Press Conference is scheduled to kick off at 11.00am Eastern Australia Time and we'll provide a blog of all the events as they happen - games, console, prices, the works. Below is a video embedding from the event for you to watch (hopefully with less issues then Ubisoft's stream).

  • (10:40) So the event is expected to kick off in around 20 minutes - don't worry if they're a little late, that seems to be a tradition. Sony will certainly show off the actual hardware design, that's been teased in trailers already, and we expect following Microsoft's announcement that a date and price will also be unveiled. Rumours have grown this morning of multiple SKU's - from $US399 to $US599 with different specs.

  • (10:57) Only a couple of minutes to go. Stay tuned and remember to refresh this page if you want to see the latest updates.

  • (11:00) Sony are showing off a series of developers talking about the effect of a new console release, and the power of the PS4.

  • (11:05) Video is finished and it's showtime! Well not quite. We're still waiting for everyone to get set, but it should kick off any minute now.

  • (11:08) It will be starting in about 5 minutes.

  • (11:16) Beginning in 1 minute...

  • (11:17) And we're off... Sizzle reel starts off the show with plenty of upcoming titles for PS3, PSVita and PS4, primarily the latter.

  • (11:20) Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, takes to the stage. 70 Million People want to know whats coming on PS3 and PSVita. Going to start with PSVita "just starting its life cycle". Average Vita gamer in America has 10 games, 60% of title purchase through the store. 85 New games by the end of the year, The Walking Dead coming to Vita.

  • (11:25) PS4 games will be playable over Wi-Fi on the PSVita. Skype, Netflix, Youtube Channels.

  • (11:26) Heading to 7th Holiday season with PS3. Coming Soon to PS3 - The Last of Us due this Friday, Puppeteer, Rain, Beyond: Two Souls which showed heroine Jodie being trained by the military before heading off on a mission possibly in the Middle East - certainly different to what's previously seen, and Gran Turismo 6 is given a new, gorgeous, trailer.

  • (11:34) Publishing partners are key as well, Batman: Arkham Origins trailer shown for release October 25, with PS3 version getting exclusive content including Nightfall, and 1960s Batman skin.

  • (11:37) GTAV PS3 bundle available September 17 for $299, GTAV branded headset.

  • (11:34) It's time for Playstation 4. Andrew House on the stage to talk about Playstation 4. Video showing Playstation 4 design - it is actually quite square in shape, with a sloping front and back. A split matt black and gloss black finish, but quite thin overall.

    Click To Enlarge Image
    The PS4 with controller and camera.

  • (11:40) Media services - relevant and meaningful. CEO of Sony Entertainment Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Michael Lynton introduced. Further development and enhancement of Music Unlimted. Brand new programming and content that will be exclusively on Playstation 4 (seems like a reaction to Microsoft's Halo series announcement as there were no details of programs).

  • (11:45) Andrew's back and Video Unlimited available on Day 1 of PS4, PS3 is number one streaming device to loungeroom. Redbox Instant is coming to PS3/4. Flickster coming later this year.

  • (11:48) It's time to look at new games for the PS4. President Worldwide Studiso Shu Yoshida introduced to the stage. Worldwide studios have over 30 PS4 games in development, 20 of which will be released within the first year, 12 brand new IPs.

  • (11:50) Brand new IP coming to PS4. From SCEA Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn, it looks like some form of Steampunk game set in London. Called The Order 1886. Impressive stuff.

  • (11:54) Updates on the four new games announced in February - Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, inFamous: Second Son, and Knack. Videos are available on Facebook, Youtube and the Playstation page, all those games due at launch except inFamous which will be Q'1 2014.

  • (11:59) PS4 will allow deeper emotions, more subtle emotions and more detail. Quantic Dream has developed a technical demo called "The Dark Sorcerer" showing the potential - running in realtime on PS4. Techically stunning, and funny too! It will be on and Youtube tomorrow.

  • (12:03) Playstation will continue supporting smaller and independent developers. Adam Boyes, Vice President of Third Party Relations is on stage. SuperGiant Games (who developed Bastion) are developing Transistor for PS4 in early 2014.

  • (12:06) Sony will allow developers to self-publish content and will have an indie section on Playstation Store (Seems they are picking up where Microsoft are dropping the ball!). Some new additions to Playstation Family, Clay Entertainment (whose previous titles include Shank, Mark fo the Ninja), Tribute Games (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) are doing Mercenary Kings, Young Horses are working on OctoDad, Switchblade Mokeys are developing Secret Ponchos, Ragtag Studios are doing a action puzzler, Outlast, Oddworld Inhabitants are developing a full remake of the original called Oddworld: New and Tasty, while 17-bit Games are doing Galaxy. All games will debut on PS4. Well done Sony!

  • (12:11) Diablo III will have exclusive items on PS3 with more exclusive content in future.

  • (12:12) Square Enix have a video message and trailer which looks great. It's for Final Fantasy Versus XIII - no it's been rebranded Final Fantasy XV. And another short teaser from Square-Enix for Kingdom Hearts III both coming to PS4!

  • (12:17) Final Fantasy XIV will be coming exclusively on consoles to PS3 - and PS4!

  • (12:18) It's time for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and an on-stage demo which, as with all the demos we've seen, looks stunning with massive naval battles. Sadly the demo seemed to crash near the end, but still, fantastic stuff.

  • (12:25) Now we having a look at Watch Dogs with an on-stage demo of the game. My interest is not deminishing at all! It's a lengthy demo too running for over 5 minutes.

  • (12:33) Playstation owners will receive an hours additional gameplay, and exclusive uniform.

  • (12:34) NBA 2K14 in-engine gameplay. Real and virtual LeBron James being compared.

  • (12:35) Next up The Elder Scrolls Online is being show in trailer form, coming to PS4 in Spring 2014. A Beta will be available first exclusively on PS4.

  • (12:38) World exclusive trailer - it's Mad Max. Avalanche Studios developing the game - Playstation Gamers get access to an exclusive survival kit.

  • (12:41) Jack Tretton is back on the stage. 140 Games in development for PS4 - 100 in the first year, 40 Playstation exclusives. PS4 supports Used Games - NO RESTRICTIONS. Massive Cheers. Buy a disc, you can trade in, sell it, lend it or keep it forever. Huzzah! PS4 disc based games DON'T NEED TO BE CONNECTED ONLINE TO PLAY! No periodic online checks. Won't stop working if not authenticaed within 24 hours.

  • (12:43) Play Games as downloading, cross game chat, share video. Playstation Plus will be expanded. Playstation Plus Membership will carry over to PS4! Less then $5 per month. Sounds like you need Playstation Plus to play online for PS4 (we're not sure though so don't quote us). DriveClub PS+ Edition free to PS4 owners. New title every month for free on PS4.

  • (12:47) Bungie's Destiny gets world gameplay premiere. Game looks pretty nice, but it's a little sparse at the beginning but moves into a normal shooter styled game pretty soon with a second, and then third person joining the game before a "Public Event" with multiple gamers battling it out.

  • (12:59) Andrew House is back, long term partnership with Bungie and Activision.

  • (13:00) Introduction of cloud-based strategy - Gaikai. Will be available in 2014, starting in the United States. Starting with PS4 and PS3 and later Vita - PS3 games will be playable through Gaikai.

  • (13:03) Playstation 4 will be available at $US399 (that's $100 cheaper then XBox One!), 349 pound, 399 euros. Available this "Holiday Season".

  • (13:04) And that's a wrap. A sizzle video closes out the show.


    Ubisoft kicked off their Press Conference by announcing an all-new 2014 Edition of Rocksmith - not sure on platforms as the video feeds are playing up for us on Youtube but it's out this October.

    Next up is Splinter Cell: Blacklist which is due out August 20, and it's looking pretty sweet. Rayman: Legends is being given the trailer treatment and, yar, we're looking forward to this game in a couple of months on September 3. South Park: The Stick of Truth gets a new trailer "New Publisher. Same South Park" - "Coming this Holiday season, or some holiday season.. you know how games are" Hehe. Next-gen time!

    Yves Guillemot on-stage to show off a new game from Ivory Tower and Reflection - The Crew. Absolutely stunning trailer - I would suggest it's a target pre-render, but then I thought similar for Watch Dogs last year when that was first shown too. Seems to have a focus on social networking and is due in early 2014. Julian Gerighty is on-stage talking about The Crew "open-world playground" - get to take over a criminal organization one city at a time - you can choose and customise the cars. Entire game is an online persistent world, you can create a crew with your friends. It's a live demo of the game in several locations around America and yes, the visuals are jaw-dropping! The cars are fully customisable to assist with different missions - one of which is shown with 4-players in Miami. You can customise cars on tablet devices such as an iPad (and we'll asssume the PSVita).

    It's time for Watch Dogs and a new trailer shows the game advancing even further visually and we can only hope the final gameplay matches the visuals.

    Wooo! Just Dance 2014 is coming to consoles this October (well, perhaps later for next-gen). We can't wait. Well, we suspect it will have an audience especially with Nicky Minaj, One Direction and Psy!

    So it's not Playstation related, but Rabbids Invasion will be an Interactive TV Show for your Smart TV's and XBox One. We love the characters, so we'll check it out (although it's obviously aimed at youngsters)!

    Back to core games - time for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and a new trailer shows just how stuning next-gen games will be - full of detail it's jaw-dropping - both in trailer form and in-game footage.

    Another new game announcement - Ohh it's a new Trials game called Trials Fusion for next-gen consoles (PS4 and XBox One). There's also a mobile version called Trials Frontier. Both games are due in 2014.

    Yves is back on stage... One more suprise perhaps? Yep. It's an open-world online RPG. From Massive Entertainment comes a new PS4 and XBox One game called Tom Clancy's The Division which is set in the future where the world is on the brink of disaster with a focus on a pandemic sweeping the globe. An on-stage demo - being played on the PS4 - is being played and it's very impressive with visuals that possibly even surpass Watch Dogs! Wow, what a demo and another cracking title from Ubisoft!


    Electronic Arts announced they have 11 games in development for next-generation consoles being shown off today. First up was the (timed XBox One exclusive) Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, the XBox One exclusive Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront which is being developed by DICE, Need for Speed Rivals, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition which was followed by EA Sports' games NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 and UFC. Their Conference concluded with a stunning Battlefield 4 demo with 64-players and confirmation of a Commander controlling the battlefield including ordering squads around and calling in airstrikes etc. Electronic Arts also showed off some production footage from their upcoming Need for Speed feature film - and it's looking pretty slick. Oh, Electronic Arts finished off by announcing Mirror's Edge 2 was in development!


    Update: Microsoft Australia has confirmed the XBox One will launch here in November with a pricepoint of $AU599.

    The big news is that the XBox One will indeed launch in 21 countries - including North America and Europe but still no word on Australia - in November 2013. The system will cost $US499/€499/£429 which is a little more then we expected actually (although we're not expecting Sony's pricing to be much different if announced today).

    In terms of games there were quite a few announced and shown at the Microsoft event with several exclusives including Respawn's Titanfall, Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome, a mysterious Project Spark, Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive (which may be coming to other consoles), The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red which is also coming to PS4, Double Helix developed Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsport 5 which will run at 1080p 60fps.

    SUNDAY JUNE 9, 2013

    The 2013 E3 Show promises to be the best for years, with Nintendo not holding a Press Conference the next-generation war will be battled between Sony and Microsoft. But it's not just next-gen with current-gen systems including the PS3 and PSVita also likley to get a look in. Anyway what do we expect to see or hear this year - here are some of our predictions.

    My E3 Predictions

  • 1. The Playstation Vita will finally get a price cut in America, and possibly in Europe.
  • 2. Playstation 4 and XBox One consoles will both be dated for America, both due around November, but prices are still to be confirmed.
  • 3. Sony will announce several new, exclusive games - we're going to guess frachises including LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, Starhawk and a new God of War title.
  • 4. Sony will not show off a new PlayTV or similar device - we'd love to see an updated PS4 version though, or at least confirmation of the software coming to PS4 so we can use the current PlayTV hardware - but this is more likley to be announced at Gamescom in Germany given the European focus for the device.
  • 5. Square-Enix will show off a new Final Fantasy game, possibly the rebranded Versus XIII, however it will be a PS4 exclusive.
  • 6. The Last Guardian will finally be shown at E3 - but Sony will release on PS3 and PS4!
  • 7. Microsoft will show off more new games then Sony - primarily as they showed next to nothing at their unveiling a couple of weeks ago.
  • 8. Sony will have a focus on some indie games for the PS4.
  • 9. Playstation Mobile and Playstation 3 will get little coverage, the latter may feature with games such as Beyond: Two Souls, and Gran Turismo 6 likely to feature on stage.
  • 10. Quantic Dream's next-generation title announced, but little to nothing actually shown.
  • 11. Capcom surprise by announcing Monster Hunter for PSVita.
  • 12. Expect Sony to announce a couple of totally new IP's for the PS4 - and perhaps PSVita.
  • 13. Sony will confirm streaming services for PS4 including NetFlix, Hulu and more.
  • 14. Nintendo will announce several new Wii U and 3DS titles during E3, but have very limited 3rd Party support and a poor show overall.
  • 15. Microsoft will surprise and hit out hard following their horrible XBox One unveiling a couple of weeks ago - focus on games, and little else.
  • 16. Sony will dominate the show with a large range of title for the Playstation 4 and while the PSVita will have limited games the connectivity with PS4 will impress. Fingers crossed...