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So here we go. The year 2010 is a massive year for games, with all consoles well and truly into their life cycles, and this years show expected to bring about some major events. Both Sony and Microsoft will be showing off the previously shown motion controllers (in Playstation Move and Natal) while Sony is sure to show off 3D gaming in several titles. In terms of the unknown; PSP2, XBox 360 slim, and a few more may be shown. Who knows. Stick with us and as we find out, you will to!

E3 Related Previews

Coming Soon...


Hey all, Unfortunately I won't be able to cover most of the news from E3 this year as I have been hospitalized. Previews will come in the coming weeks as details are released, keep an eye on the news page for updates.


Sony Conference LiveBlog

w00t! It's Sony conference time so stay tuned for the live blog... Going to be a cracker me thinks...
  • (4:58) Sizzle video playing.
  • (5:00) Jack Tretton takes to the stage talks about PS3 being the complete device.
  • (5:03) Kaz Hirai takes to the stage to talk about 3D, twenty 3D games by March 2011.
  • (5:04) Killzone 3 being shown in live demo, and in 3D. This game looks damn impressive, stunning even. The game is due out February 2011. The game also include Playstation Move functionality at launch.
  • (5:13) The Sly Collection will be in 3D. So will Motorstorm Apocalypse, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Tron, MLB The Show, NBA 2K11, EyePet, Fight: Lights Out. Oh yar, Gran Turismo 5 too!
  • (5:14) New 3D video... It's a Sizzle reel of previously mentioned games.
  • (5:18) 7.3 million PS2's sold in the last year.
  • (5:20) Playstation Move time. Peter Dille on stage. Developers talk about the controller. Focus that it has buttons...
  • (5:25) 40 devlopers working on Move products. New games revealed for Move... Sorcery seess a boy with a wand destroying enemies. It looks good, fun, and accurate with more then a hint to Harry Potter. Due out Spring 2011.
  • (5:32) EA Sports showing off Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 with Playstation Move. Looks good and a demo will be on the "Move Demo Disc".
  • (5:38) Final move title to be shown: Heroes on the Move - Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Bently, Sly Cooper and Daxter together in a game for the first time. No date, looks like a platform styled game.
  • (5:40) Partnership with Coca-Cola to brand with Move, and chances to win prizes. 130 million packages to be branded. Move is due out this Fall... Kevin Butler comes to the stage, makes fun of acrobats at Microsoft's conference. "Time to focus on the games..." He's hilarious... "millions of people pretending to work, while watching this".
  • (5:46) Playstation Move September 15 in Europe, September 19 in USA, October 21 in Japan. Move controller $49,99, Navigation controller $29.99, bundle with camera, Sports Champions, Move controller for $99.95. First party software $39.99 - 15 to 20 titles on day one. Time Crisis Raising Storm, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, LOTR Aragorn's Quest, Singstar Dance, Echochrome II, announced. Sizzle video.
  • (5:52) Jack talking about PSP. Huge new PSP campaign - the ads are hilarious. Talking about Invizimals, God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer - drool! Both to be bundled with PSP later this year. Sizzle video.
  • (6:01) 50 million PSN accounts. The Tester Season 2 confirmed for fall. Video service launches in Canada on July 1st. Sony E3 booth replicated in Home!
  • (6:03) LittleBigPlanet 2 is being shown by Alex Evans. Plenty of game style variety. Looks fantastic.
  • (6:11) Playstation Plus options to expand gaming experience, Exclusive features and content, prioity demos/betas. Discounts on store products. Available late June $49.99 for a year, or $17 per month, 3 months free. Content "you own for duration of the subscription".
  • (6:14) Electronic Arts talking about their upcoming games. Two games to have exclusive content on PS3 - Medal of Honor moves to Afghanastan today, due October 12, multiplayer being made by DICE, trailers look insane. Beta on June 21, PS3 gets limited edition which includes a remastered MOH: Frontline.
  • (6:21) Dead Space 2 also getting PS3 exclusive. Live demo being shown. Dead Space 2 limited edition pack which includes Dead Space Extraction.
  • (6:25) OMFG! Gabe Newell on stage to announce Portal 2. This was rumoured to be 360/PC only - it's coming to PS3 in 2011 and according to Gabe will be the "best console version".
  • (6:28) Final Fantasy XIV trailer. Mafia II getting exclusive content in PS3 version.
  • (6:30) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - exclusive PS3 missions. Damn, Sony are going all out for the exclusive content. Beta only on PS3, trailer with first look at multiplayer. Out November 16 2010.
  • (6:33) Sizzle Trailer: SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, Mafia II, Madden NFL 11, NBA 2K11, Tiger 11, Sports Champions, The Fight, NCAA 11, EyePet, Start Party!, LBP2, The Shoot, Ecochrome 2, Heroes on the Move, GT5, Modnation Racers, Motorstorm Apocalypse, True Crime, Marval Vs Capcom 3, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, Dead Nation, Sorcery, DC Universe, Sly Collection, Tron Universe, FFXIV. Good stuff.
  • (6:38) Gran Turismo 5 being shown off in trailer form. Due out November 2nd (in America and Latin America - who knows about Europe/Japan).
  • (6:41) inFamous 2 (huzzah!) trailer shown. Due out in 2011.
  • (6:43) Final Teaser - Twisted Metal. David Jaffe on stage to demo the game! Game is due out in 2011. 16 players online, flight comes to the series, 4-player split screen, looks pretty good already.
  • (6:50) Jack is summing up and thats it.
  • So no PSP2, no Final Fantasy Versus XIII, no Resistance 3 and no Last Guardian. Still, Sony's presentation was certainly the best of the three companies, although a bit slow at times, with some major titles shown and good but not over exhaustive emphasis on Move and 3D. What a year it will be. Now, sleep...

    Nintendo Conference LiveBlog

    Bugger it. We can't sleep tonight so we're going to provide some commentary on the Nintendo conference starting, well, now.
  • (2:00) Look at that, it starts online, and Reggie is on the stage...
  • (2:04) Starts off with new Zelda for the Wii called Skyward Sword with video intro by some little game developer.. Miyamoto or something.. heheehe Game will use Wii Motion Plus..
  • (2:07) Miyamoto appears for on-stage demo of game. It looks nice, gameplay should be fun no doubt about it.
  • (2:16) Demo is still going, a couple of little glitches put down to people using wireless equipment, but still, it's impressive as Miyamoto shows off many weapons and items in the game.
  • (2:19) Zelda to be released in 2011.
  • (2:20) Reggie's back... Wide World of Sports,,, Madden, PES, MLB 2K11, NBA Jam, Mario Sports Mix announced for 2011 release.
  • (2:24) Talking about Wii sales and game sales. Wii Party announced coming late 2010.
  • (2:28) Just Dance 2 from Ubisoft announced. Trailer. Golden Sun:Dark Dawn for DS Shown in gameplay trailer form due Holiday season.
  • (2:32) Goldeneye game due this November - new game apparently. Stars Daniel Craig, from Activision.
  • (2:34) Disney Epic Mickey - Warren Spector on stage withr Adam Creighton to show off the game. Looks pretty nice. It's due out this holiday season.
  • (2:42) New Kirby game called Kirby's Epic Yarn. Gorgeous 2D visuals is side-scrolling platformer due out in Fall.
  • (2:45) Dragon Quest IX out in America on DS due July 11. Wii Metroid Other M due August 31.
  • (2:49) New Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong Country Returns is due out this Holiday.
  • (2:52) Looking to the future... Nintendo 3DS. Really pushing no glasses required. Iwata is on-stage holding 3DS, looks like a DS - 2 screens. A slider allows you to turn on or off the 3D effect, or change the 3D-ness. Touchscreen won't work on 3D, only on bottom screen. Improved graphics over DS. Motion sensor, gyro sensor, slider control (like PSP). Backwards compatable. 2 cameras to take 3D photos! 3D movies viewable from Dreamworks, Disney and Warner Brothers.
  • (3:02) Project Sora - 3DS Game - Kid Icarus Uprising.
  • (3:03) Talking about connectivity with background game downloads.
  • (3:06) 3D Nintendogs + cats from Miyamoto for 3DS.
  • (3:12) Reggie's back. Funny video clip. Hot chicks with 3DS's. No date or price though.
  • (3:19) Shows over folks.. Pretty impressive with a good game lineup.

    TUESDAY JUNE 15, 2010

    Don't forget that the Sony Conference is on at 5am Australian Eastern Time tomorrow (Wednesday). We'll be blogging the events so make sure you check back here for all the big news as it happens.

    Well Microsoft have held their E3 Conference and to be honest it was a little disappointing. Now I'm not saying this as a Sony fanboy, but the conference was primarily focused on the Natal, or Kinect as it is officially known. Beyond that Microsoft's big surprise was the announcement of an XBox 360 exclusive from Crytek, a 3 year DLC exclusivity period for COD titles, Gears of War 3 impressed Fable III on October 26, and Halo Whatever-they're-up-to in September. Oh yar, XBox 360 slim with Wi-Fi announced, shipping now in America. Good stuff sure, but nothing too much surprising at Microsoft's showing.

    Ubisoft has today announced that Driver: San Francisco is in development on multiple platforms for release late this year. The company also showed off Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (looked awesome), a new 2D Rayman from Michel Ancel, motion controlled Child of Eden from Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Games, and a downloadable game called Project Dust from Eric Chahi which looked like some form of god sim. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is due to hit shelves in November and includes multiplayer for the first time. Finally the company announced a Michael Jackson Dancing Game (no title given) although nothing was shown of the actual title.

    Kojima Productions web page for the E3 Show is rather interesting in that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Metal Gear Solid: Rising are listed as well as a gap for a third, unannounced title. Something to be announced at the Sony Conference? Who knows (could be Nintendo, or multiplatform too!). check it out here

    MONDAY JUNE 14, 2010

    In a Pre-Conference conference Microsoft has confirmed that their motion control (which is essentially a camera) will officially be called the "Kinect". To me I'm not too sure about the new name, it doesn't really say what the controller is about, they may have stayed with the more well known "Natal". While there is no price as yet (Edge Online has reported a $US149 pricepoint) a release date of November has been confirmed.

    According to rumours Sony may be set to unveil SingStar Dance at the E3 show. Rather then simply be a singing title, it is rumoured the game will make use of the Playstation Move controller. Sounds like fun, if it is indeed true.

    It is one of the biggest games of 2010, no doubt about it, and it has now been confirmed that Crysis 2 will be playable in 3D.

    Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout: New Vegas will be released in America on October 19th, and in Europe on October 22nd. The game is certain to be shown off in a big way at the upcoming expo.

    SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2010

    Sony Related E3 Predictions
    So here we go, what are my predictions for the 2010 E3 Show. Some are Sony related, some are not. Will they all be true? Certainly not, but here's some guesses what will be shown:

    • 1. 3D Gaming will be a major focus for Sony with games such as Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2 and The Last Guardian to support the 3D visuals.
    • 2. The PSP2 is shown off and will be download media only, include a touch screen, and be released late this year. The price will be pretty impressive given that PSPGo! failed miserbly.
    • 3. Sony announces a premium Playstation Network service which will launch later this year. The cost, not too prohibitive, the benefits, to be honest I don't know at all.
    • 4. Playstation Move will be dated and priced and will be moderately cheap at around the cost of a normal game, but will be bundled with a party styled game.
    • 5. A new fitness title is announced for Playstation Move similar to the Eye Toy Kinetic titles.
    • 6. New games in the following franchises to be shown off: Twisted Metal, inFamous, Warhawk, Motorstorm (confirmed already!), Resistance (3), and Jak and Daxter!
    • 7. PSP to get a price cut (in America at least).
    • 8. Gran Turismo 5 shown off in near final form with damage, 3D visuals and network play, and set for release in October.
    • 9. Square-Enix to announce new PS3 exclusive RPG - Kingdom Hearts anyone?
    • 10. Microsoft announced a revised XBox 360, possibly to ship with Natal, while Sony announce updated PS3 with minor changes including larger HDD.
    • 11. Nintendo to have a pretty decent conference with the Nintendo 3DS generating a lot of buzz while Wii titles, besides a new Zelda, make little impact.
    • 12. Microsoft to have a harder time at the conference, while Natal is received well, a lack of new products and innovation may stall them somewhat.
    • 13. Sony with the Playstation Move, 3D gaming, and plenty of new content will dominate this years show. This will certainly be the case if PSP2 is announced!