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April 20, 2011
Jackass 3 Blu-Ray Review
Cinema Release Blu-Ray Release Distributor Director
12/10/201020/4/2011ParamountJeff Tremaine
Video Codec Sound Format OFLC Rating Star(s)
AVC MPEG-4DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1MA15+Johnny Knoxville

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Men, in a boat, with guns... What could go wrong?
By the time the third film is Jackass comes along (along with the TV show, the spin off series and the .5 direct to DVD film Jackass 2.5) most people should know whether they like Jackass or whether they despise it. For fans of the series (and this writer is one of them) Jackass 3 delivers more stunts on an even grander scale, those who don't like the series are simply never going to watch the film and move on quite happily with their life.

Jackass 3 reunites the Dickhouse gang from the aforementioned franchise titles, Johnny Knoxville and Co are given a bigger budget and for the theatrical release the film went 3D, the Blu-Ray release however is strictly in 2D (unless you count the 3D old skool red and blue glasses version, which we don't).

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Jackass 3 is out on Blu-Ray.
The stunts in Jackass 3 are even grander than before. The gang were able to get ahold of some excellent 3D cameras and cameras that slow down the action to a level never really seen before, it's fantastic and the stunts look absolutely incredible. The movie peaks in the first five minutes with the high five stunt, but there is enough laughter throughout the rest of the movie that adolescent males and males with an immature sense of humour will walk away very pleased with what they have watched.

Overall, Jackass 3 is a decent, funny movie on a grander scale. If you like the series then there is more of the same in Jackass 3, if you don't, then don't progress any further past this review.

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Things get crazy in Jackass, as usual.
The biggest disappointment in terms of the video is the lack of a steroscopic 3DTV transfer. This seems like an elaborate cash cow and we would not be surprised to see a properb Blu-Ray 3D released in a year or two. The movie just looks better in 3D and watching it again in 2D Blu-Ray takes away from certain stunts that are just made for 3D. This movie was shot with 3D in mind, so it's a really disappointing omission while the anaglyph 3D on this release (With those coloured glasses) simply doesn't do the movie justice compared to what the latest 3DTV's are capable of. Still I can understand why Paramount took this route with such a limited 3DTV audience at the moment.

It must be said though that the provided transfer is pretty good. There are certain stunts (clearly done in the studio) that look simply incredible, whereas others do not look quite as sharp. However, since it's MTV days the franchise does look considerably better and sometimes you will be hoping that the clarity of Blu-Ray wasn't so clear during some of the stunts that will make your stomach churn.

Jackass 3 features a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track which sounds fantastic, given the source material of course. You'll hear the thuds and thumps even clearer than even before, those with an excellent sound system will absolutely love the stunt with the Jet Engine, which sounds absolutely phenomenal (and should disturb the neighbours just a little bit). There is very little to dislike about the audio, the music is clear and the Rocky theme sounds brilliant.

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Sadly there is no proper 3DTV support on this Blu-Ray, only anaglyph 3D.
The extras included with Jackass 3 are pretty light and we cannot help but feel a lot of the footage has been saved, for release on Jackass 3.5 somewhere down the line.

The Making of Jackass 3D (28:38/HD): We cannot help but feel that the making of is rather short on content, considering this is the first time the gang was able to use 3D cameras, we don't see a whole lot of thought going into the process of creating the film, rather random footage shot together and resembling a making of in some way.

Deleted Scenes (16:05/HD): The deleted scenes are definitely worth a watch, but it is worth noting that these didn't make it into the theatrical film or probably the direct to DVD title, Jackass 3.5 so they're not really classics.

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Go on, guess what is about to happen!
Outtakes (27:37/HD): The outtakes are pretty much what you would expect, mistakes and goofs. Whether or not it needed to go on for half an hour we don't think.

Theatrical Trailer (1:31/HD): The theatrical trailer simply shows off a film that would look wonderful in 3D and did; in the cinemas.

Fans of the series will enjoy Jackass 3, however Paramount has taken a shortcut in releasing this Blu-Ray. If you can wait I would bet on the film being re-released down the line on Blu-Ray 3D, if this is not a concern for you then Jackass 3 is an easy recommendation for fans of the series.

Review By: Luke Van Leuveren


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