LATEST NEWS ARTICLES (Last updated: 24/7/2014)
  • EA delays Battlefield until 2015, while Dragon Age is delayed by 6 weeks
  • Finally Sony confirm the PS4 is to get 3D Blu-Ray support, due next week
  • Naughty Dog target 1080p60 for Uncharted 4, PS4 Last of Us either 30/60fps
  • Destiny Beta is live now for PS3 and PS4 owners, with XBox joining next week
  • Tekken 7 officially announced after the games development leaks early


    PS4 PREVIEW: Wonder Flick
    This probably isn't a title many outside Japan have heard of but this massive RPG, which is out on iOS and Android in Japan already, is also coming to consoles. Here's an early peek at the game.

    PS4 REVIEW: Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark
    With the latest Michael Bay film stomping its way through cinemas this video game crosses both the Bay film universe and classic Transformers. Sadly, it's a bit of a dud release.

    PS4 PREVIEW: Destiny
    Destiny is a remarkable title for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it's being developed by Halo developer Bungie and his heading to Sony consoles. This looks phenomenal.

    PS4 PREVIEW: Dead Island 2
    Announced at E3 2014 the biggest thing the sticks out was the fantastic trailer but this game, due in 2015 includes 8-player co-op. There's still a lot to be revealed, but here's an early peek.

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Lego Movie 2D/3D
    The smash hit animated film is out now on Blu-Ray in both 2D or 3D versions. We've checked out both versions and besides a very entertaining film, both transfers are simply stunning.

    PS4 PREVIEW: COD: Advanced Warfare
    The latest Call of Duty game is being handled by newcomer Sledgehammer Games who contributed to Modern Warfare 3. It looks fantastic and we have details, screens, and trailers.

    PS3/4 PREVIEW: Aaru's Awakening
    It's probably unlikely many of you have heard of this game, but this indie developed title is due out soon and looks pretty nice. Coming to PS3 and PS4 we give you a look at what to expect.

    PS4 PREVIEW: Galak-Z: The Dimensional
    First unveiled at E3 2013 little has been seen of the game in a year, but there are big changes, not least of which is procedurally generated levels. This is a game we can't wait to play.

    PS4 REVIEW: Watch Dogs
    Delayed only months before the PS4 launched last year for extra polishing Ubisoft's open-world hacking title is available now, and we tell you if it's worth a purchase. In short, yes it definately is.

    PS4 PREVIEW: Alien: Isolation
    Most of the games based on the Alien franchise as FPS's but The Creative Assembly are creating a suspensful horror game with this title - it looks terrifyingly impressive.

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Homefront
    Jason Statham is one of the biggest action stars today - and by action we mean old-school fists and guns. This film has a great cast, and is pretty entertaing. Here's a review.

    PS4 PREVIEW: LittleBigPlanet 3
    Without a doubt one of the biggest surprises at E3 this year was that of LBP3 for the Playstation 4 this year. Sackboy is now joined by 3 friends and looks better then ever.

    For gamers the E3 Show provides the biggest, most exciting news every year. This year we expect a lot of from each company, with some big PS4 titles. We have the news...

    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Jackass presents Bad Grandpa
    This film came out on Blu-Ray a little while ago but for some reason we missed posting the review. It's here now but fans of crazy stunts may be disappointed by this more scripted storyline.

    PS4 REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man 2
    With the feature film currently filling cinemas around the world any video game tie-in is sure to generate interest. Just note: This doesn't follow the films story, nor is it great fun either.

    PS4 PREVIEW: Driveclub
    After missing the PS4 launch last November it has been some time for new info and, more importantly, a release date for this racer. Gamers can expect this Sony racer in October 2014.

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