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  • Trailers: Destiny House of Wolves, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Rainbow Six Siege
  • Ubisoft unveil Assassins Creed: Syndicate, set in Victorian era London
  • The last-gen is almost dead as Ubisoft only Just Dance remains
  • First tracks announced for Guitar Hero Live, will it interest you?
  • Ubisoft announce Far Cry 4: Complete Edition due for release June 18

    PS4 REVIEW: Project CARS
    From Slightly Mad Studios comes this all-new racing game which looks and sounds fantastic, plays well and probably offers more customisation we have ever seen in a racing game. Impressive.
    PS4 REVIEW: Bloodborne
    From the creator of Dark Souls comes this all-new PS4 exclusive. It's not a major departure from the previous games from Hidetaka Miyazaki, but it's another cracker release worth checking out
    PS4 PREVIEW: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
    Two years after releasing on last-gen consoles Overkill have reworked their 4-player co-op shooter for the latest hardware and as well as a boost in visuals, the release includes a tonne of DLC. A preview.
    PS4 PREVIEW: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Without a doubt CD Projeckt Red's monster RPG The Witcher 3 looks like a complete winner, and one of the first games that truly makes use of the PS4's power. Out in just over a week - it looks stunning.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Godzilla
    Godzilla has been a part of Japanese culture for decades but also has a massive following around the globe too. Now we have a brand new game which will let you smash up cities, and Godzilla's enemies.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Star Wars: Battlefront
    With the Star Wars property being sold to Disney and a slew of new films incoming, the game rights have been given to Electronic Arts with DICE working on an all new Battlefront game.
    PS4 REVIEW: Borderlands: Handsome Collection
    This compilation includes two of the best last-gen games, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in one package with improved visuals, and all the DLC. This is an essential release.
    PS4 REVIEW: Ride
    Motorbike racing games are pretty rare but Italian developers Milestone have released this racing game which includes over 100 customisable motorbikes to use over multiple events. A review.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Wild Card
    While Jason Statham is starring in Fast and Furious 7 in cinemas this month, he has another film coming direct to Blu-Ray. In Wild Card he has a bodyguard trying to make a living in Las Vegas.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Gallipoli (TV mini-series)
    With ANZAC day a little over a week away there is no better time to check out this fantastic TV series which perfectly captures the horrific experience these young men went through a century ago.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Interstellar
    Director Christopher Nolan seems to do no wrong at the moment with the brilliant Dark Knight trilogy and Inception to his name. Now he's turning his hand to saving mankind as we travel to another planet.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Silicon Valley
    While not many would have seen this TV show due to it being on PayTV here in Australia, we can tell you right now it's a show based in the biggest tech centers around the globe, and it's fantastic.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: John Wick
    Keanu Reeves is back in what could be his best role since Neo in the Matrix. Here he plays a retired hitman who, well, is brought back into his former life when he is attacked by some thugs.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1
    The third Hunger Games film takes a dramatic departure from previous outings, the games are over and the rebellion is rising. This is another magnificent film given a great Blu-Ray release.
    PS4 REVIEW: The Order: 1886
    From developers Ready At Dawn, who brought us Daxter and the God of War titles on PSP, comes this all new PS4 exclusive game. Its technically stunning, but sadly lacking in some areas.
    PS4 REVIEW: Evolve
    From Turtle Rock Studios comes this online shooter which sees 4 players playing humans tracking down a monster. The twist; a fifth player can play as the monster. It's not perfect, but has fun moments.
    PS4 REVIEW: Saints Row IV Re-Elected
    We loved this game on PS3, and this PS4 release includes improved visuals, all the PS3 DLC and the new Gat Out Of Hell expansion. This PS4 release is one for those that didn't play the PS3 version.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Armikrog
    After starting life as a Kickstarter project this point and click adventure game from the creator of Earthworm Jim uses stop-motion animation for a unique look. This looks like a fun title.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Final Fantasy Type-0
    PSP owners will remember this game from a few years ago - and likely fondly too as it was a fantastic release in Square-Enix's RPG franchise. This HD remake is one which PS4 owners should keep an eye on.
    PS4 REVIEW: The Crew
    This game actually came out late last year, but after some delays, and waiting for the game to get some patches our review is finally here. Ultimately, and sadly, this game didn't live up to the hype.
    PS4 REVIEW: Never Alone
    This unique download-only title on PS4 follows an Alaskan girl and a White Fox struggling to survive a journey across the freezing landscape to discover the cause of mysterious winds.

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