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January 14, 2014


Ain't It Cool News Movie news and info updated throughout the day.
Australia Zoo The home site for the late Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter. If you're in Brisbane/Sunshine Coast this ia a must-visit zoo.
Australian Classification BoardThe Classification Board rates all the games and movies being released in Australia, or bans them. Worth keeping an eye on.
Box Office Guru A web site dedicated to predicting and reporting US Box Office results.
Dark HorizonsSimply the best movie news site, and it's based in Sydney.
FacebookYou might have heard of this, there are more then 800 million people there!
Hollywood Stock ExchangeA virtual Stock Exchange trading movies and star shares - great fun. I'm currently in the top 1,600 in the world!
Michael D's DVD SiteA great Australian Blu-Ray and DVD web site that compares Australian and American DVD's to help you get the best.
Movie-Censorship.comA great site which looks at the comparisons between theatrical and extended/alternate movie edits.
News.com.auCertainly Australia's best news site updated 24/7 - and it's free!.
Official AFL SiteThe best sport in the world - Australian Rules Football - and it's official page.
Radio MetroThe Gold Coast's best dance music radio station.
Refused ClassificationA site which looks at games and movies Refused Classification in Australia.
Schwarzenegger's Official Web SiteThe official site for Arnie with monthly auctions. Updated occasionally.
The Arnold FansThe best Arnie news site. Covers everything from politics to movies. Brilliant.
Real FootyThe Age's AFL website with the best, often unofficial, news about Australia's biggest sport.
The Digital BitsA daily must-read for the latest in American Blu-Ray and DVD news.
True Blood HomepageThe best TV series at the moment has a pretty cool site - not a series for kids, but damn, it's good!
WikipediaWhat can we say, the best online encyclopedic resource made by the public.