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June 12 2008


This page has letters sent from the readers, and responses. Send any letters here.

Do you have any news about AFL Premiership 2008? It will be on PS2 or PS3? Can't have any informations about this game... Thanks for your answer.
Yours, V. Brandao - March 18, 2008

    We would love to tell you there was something happening there but sadly there isn't a peep from IR Gurus or Sony, and that is despite confirmation that a PSP version, at the very least, was in the works over a year ago. It's getting pretty late in the season now so I would say the odds of a new game are slim at best.

Could you please review Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition (PlayStation 2 game)? It's perhaps one of the last great PS2 games released.
Thank you
G. Fisichella - March 1, 2008

    Rest assured that should the game ever be released in Australia we will almost certainly review it. At this stage though Sony don't have it on their release schedules and it could possibly be a release for America only. I love the series, and will continue to push for a release here.

Hey David,
Would you have any idea if Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection is coming out in Australia? If there is anything I want to add to my PS2 collection THIS is it.
M. Moir - February 29, 2008

    As of today there wasn’t anything on Atari Australia’s release schedules…. And that lists all titles until the end of Q’2 2008, as well as unspecified dates. That’s not saying it’s not coming – we suspect that it will – but don’t expect it anytime soon.

I'm requesting a review for The Sims 2 Castaway (PS2). So hopefully you guys can review it!
M. Hakkinen - February 22, 2008

    Unfortunately we don't receive code from EA at Futuregamez so we won't be reviewing the game. Having said that I have played the title when it was released last year. To be honest I'm not a big Sims fan, and this game didn't interest me. Don't expect any revolution in gameplay or features. To me, it seemed like just an add-on to the main game... Having only played it for maybe 5 hours I wouldn't probably score it higher then 70%, if that.
    If you love the series, and see this in the bargain bins, pick it up. If you're only mildly interested I would give it a miss.

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