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August 13 2006


This page has letters sent from the readers, and responses. Send any letters here.

Hello David Warner,
I was reading the review Shadow the Hedgehog on by Graham Darko and I have feedback for him. Can you give this to him? Ok thanks here it is.
Hello I read your review of Shadow the Hedgehog. After I read it I was shocked and not in a good way. In your review you said that the game had bad controls and a bad camera. There was a bad camera but no bad control. I also didn't like it when you said that you hope Sonic hangs up his runners for good if Sega releases any bad game as Shadow the Hedgehog again. I thought you were a bit harsh when you said that. Here's the pros and cons of what I think of your review.
Pros: You said Sonic is a video game legend
Cons: You said you hoped Sonic hangs up his runners for good.
C. Classetti - July 23, 2006

    Hi there,
    I have forwarded this onto Graham. I do think however that Graham’s comments about the controls were pretty accurate. I have played the game myself and fel that the controls were far from perfect – in fact I would probably be equally scathing as Graham about them. With regards to Sonic hanging up his boots Graham was indicating that if they make another Sonic game as bad as Shadow, then they should hang up his boots. Graham, like myself, would be more then willing to have ‘good’ Sonic games released regularly. Fortunately the PS3 Sonic the Hedgehog looks kick ass and from what I've seen and heard the controls are a lot tighter. Here’s hoping...

I'm after Nascar Chase for the cup 2005, pal version and cannot find it anywhere. Do you know where I could get it and was it released in pal format?
Maryann P - June 30, 2006

    Unfortunately that game was never released in Australia, nor other PAL territories.

Hello Admin, Love the site. It lets me know all the Aus PSP release dates, which is a very good thing. Is there any place on your site that shows the already released list? This way I can see if there are any good titles available that I wasn’t aware of...
Thanks for any help
Chris C - February 2, 2006

    Absolutely. Simply click on the Review link and that shows all the release games (with reviews if they were done). You will see links at the top to the PSP Games and PSP movie releases as well...
    Let me know if you have problems :)

I was wondering if you could tell me if devil may cry 3 special edition will be released in australia. I've seen it on a few US game websites but there doesnt seem to be a european release date. Would like to get because of the new features and lower price tag it is released at (greatest hits collection in America). Any information would be appreciated.
Daniel M - February 1, 2006

    Unfortunately I just checked with THQ and as yet Capcom Europe has no plans to bring the title out in Europe, and as a result Australia. That doesn't mean it won't be announced in future but as yet there's nothing on the radar.

Just wondering if you have any more info on when the release date for SOCOM 3 in Australia will be. Please dont tell me they are going to delay it again because with the amount of delays they have allready had on this title, By the time they bring it out everyone will be playing PS3's. It really is a shame they take so long to bring SOCOM to Australia because it really is the best Shooter online game. Why do we always miss out...
Jon - January 20, 2006

    The good news is that the game is currently scheduled for a late March or April release. A game like SOCOM takes time not only because it has to be converted to PAL, but also as the game needs dedicated servers set up. Not long to wait now...

Check TopShop - Shadow of the Colossus started appearing in their New Releases section several days ago, but unfortunately has sold out.
Nicholas H. - November 10, 2005.

    That’s an interesting one. Dstore have it listed too, but I believe they run off the same database... I am assuming it's an error. According to Sony Australia there is no date yet (February is expected, but they won't confirm that far away).

Hi There,
I was wondering if you were able to find anything out about the release date for Socom 3 here in Australia. The game was recently released in America, however no confirmed dates have been set for Australia (or Europe I believe), originally meant to be before christmas this year, it obviously doesn't appear to be making it (although have it as Nov 18) before then.
So Q1 2006 is looking likely, but there's no definite date for that either, are you able to find out anything definite from anyone, even the month would be great.
Nick J - November 8, 2005

    While we were all hoping for a 2005 release for this game in Europe and Ausralia it seems like we are going to have to wait until 2006. There certainly won't be a release this year, and with Sony's schedules only running until Christmast we don't have any confirmation of a date for next year. Perhaps you should consider Star Wars Battlefront II or Battlefield Modern Combat before Christmas - both excellent titles too.

Hi there,
I live in England and I've been trying (unsuccessfully for the most part) to look into UMD releases in 2006 for a project. Can you tell me if the 2006 release dates listed on your site are for all of region 2 or just Australia? And where did you find the information?
Anne W - November 2, 2005.

    The information I have on the site are for Australia Region 4 UMD's, however we usually follow within weeks of the European dates, if not the same date. The dates I get are usually from the distributors of the discs, however some distant dates may come from retail sources and other insider info.
    Please keep in mind that like games most dates are subject to change, Sony Pictures have delayed many titles from 2005 until 2006 already (these have been changed on this page).

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