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Nov. 14, 2005


This page has letters sent from the readers, and responses. Send any letters here.

Check TopShop - Shadow of the Colossus started appearing in their New Releases section several days ago, but unfortunately has sold out.
Nicholas H. - November 10, 2005.

    Thatís an interesting one. Dstore have it listed too, but I believe they run off the same database... I am assuming it's an error. According to Sony Australia there is no date yet (February is expected, but they won't confirm that far away).

Hi There,
I was wondering if you were able to find anything out about the release date for Socom 3 here in Australia. The game was recently released in America, however no confirmed dates have been set for Australia (or Europe I believe), originally meant to be before christmas this year, it obviously doesn't appear to be making it (although have it as Nov 18) before then.
So Q1 2006 is looking likely, but there's no definite date for that either, are you able to find out anything definite from anyone, even the month would be great.
Nick J - November 8, 2005

    While we were all hoping for a 2005 release for this game in Europe and Ausralia it seems like we are going to have to wait until 2006. There certainly won't be a release this year, and with Sony's schedules only running until Christmast we don't have any confirmation of a date for next year. Perhaps you should consider Star Wars Battlefront II or Battlefield Modern Combat before Christmas - both excellent titles too.

Hi there,
I live in England and I've been trying (unsuccessfully for the most part) to look into UMD releases in 2006 for a project. Can you tell me if the 2006 release dates listed on your site are for all of region 2 or just Australia? And where did you find the information?
Anne W - November 2, 2005.

    The information I have on the site are for Australia Region 4 UMD's, however we usually follow within weeks of the European dates, if not the same date. The dates I get are usually from the distributors of the discs, however some distant dates may come from retail sources and other insider info.
    Please keep in mind that like games most dates are subject to change, Sony Pictures have delayed many titles from 2005 until 2006 already (these have been changed on this page).

Please give the name of playstation 2 games which use full potiental of playstation 2 graphics.
Qamar A. - November 1, 2005.

    Crikey, you want me to name them all! There are plenty... Your best option is to have a look under Odd Bitz on my site and the Yearly awards, there is a category every year for best graphics. Top contenders over the years are are God of War, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil 4, Soul Calibur II and III, Tekken 5 and so on..

Hi, I just have a question regarding PSP here in Australia.
I donít know if you can answer this butÖ I see that bigger chains like K-Mart and some JB Hifi stores donít get the ďlatestĒ games for PSP etc. Is that because PSP is not selling as well as they hoped? Do you know what the sales are in Australia for PSP, games and movies? And what the expectations are?
Brian J. - October 25, 2005.

    Actually PSP sales in Australia have been going quite well and are on target for Sonyís projected 200,000+ sales by Christmas...
    There hasnít been a lot of games released of late for the system, but it ramps up again in November.. You must remember that places like JB Hifi and K-mart, even for PS2 and Xbox are selective in their titles and often wonít stock all of them, but from what Iíve seen the ones on the Gold coast have almost all the titles... Have you check the release schedules on my site?

I am an American and live in the US but I am a big fan of the Australian Football game. I was wondering if the AFL 2006 PS2 game is available in the US, or if it is only available in Australia? I had heard that Australian games can not be used in US PS2 machines, is that accurate? Any information you could give me on the possibility of getting this game in the US would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
Robert W. - August 23, 2005.

    Unfortunately the AFL title we believe will only be released in Australia. As Australia uses PAL machines you won't be able to run it on American PS2's. Even if you have your PS2 chipped in all likelihood it won't work on an NTSC TV either.

On a PlayStation 2 I know you can play PlayStation 1 games so does that mean you have to have a PS1 memory card to save on?
Jessica O. - August 12, 2005.

    Short and easy answer. Yes you do need a PSOne memory card to save PSOne games onto.

I have just seen the tech demo for the PS3 involving a remake of the opening FMV of final fantasy 7. is there going to be a remake of final fantasy 7 for PS3? and is the Advent Children movie going to released in Australia? and i also want to confirm the Kingdom Hearts 2 release date. Thanks
Sean R. - May 23rd, 2005.

    Hi there,
    There is no FF7 remake.. it was only a tech demo showing the intro now in realtime graphics... Advent Children is September in America and Japan.. we can expect it here by Christmas on DVD and UMDÖ. Hopefully we will also be September release...
    Kingdom Hearts 2.. still no date unfortunately.. I would suspect Qí1 2006 given that Square always take a while for PAL conversions...

Hi David,
First, thanks for a brilliant gaming website as I use this for my one source of gaming news.
I was wondering why, EA Sports make a PAL version of Madden 2005 (which is brilliant) but there is no baseball game (MVP 2005) for Australia. Surely the folks at EA canít give us some excuse saying that Baseball will not sell well here given that they donít try. At least baseball is played as a competition sport in Australia which is more than I can say for American Football. The only way I get my baseball hit is in the way of the PC version which you need a grunty PC to run. Alas, I donít think EA Sports or ESPN Sports will change
Thanks for the great website.
Keep it up!
Simon - February 22nd, 2005.

    Iím with you 100% on this one... All I can ever get from the developers and publishers for all the Baseball games is that there just isnít a big enough market in PAL territories. I guess the only reason why Madden makes it out is because itís EAís flagship title.. It really demonstrates the best graphics and really is an excellent title. Put it this way though. When All Stars Baseball 2003 came out in Australia Acclaimís total shipment of the title was somewhere around 500 units. It was a struggle to even ship that many units to retail. So across all PAL territories the market may be under 5000 units for a baseball title making it uneconomical to even port it to PAL sadly... PC games obviously don't need this conversion process to take place making it much cheaper to bring the title out here.

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