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This page has letters sent from the readers, and responses. Send any letters here.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a die-hard cricket fan and am very excited about the release of EA Sports Cricket 2004 on PS2. All the features mentioned in the website seems very impressive and I feel that this game will be the best cricket game for a long long time. Please could you let me know the release date of the game.
Thanking You,
Ashwath Kapur - December 1, 2003
Hi Future Gamez,
I have been reading reviews all over the place about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the general response is extremely good. I'm just trying to get through the last of some assignments before I go and get myself a copy. I've read that when you finish the game you get two bonus options. One is that you get to play a level from the original game that has been re-done using the new 3D engine and also that you can play a port of the whole original game! Please tell me that this is true because I cant wait - a brand new version of an all time classic with the addition of the all time classic itself. What a steal!
Anyway to the exact question that I had in mind. Have you actually played the bonus original game port and if so is it any good? I mean I have played several versions of the original game and the one i liked the most was the Super Nintendo version. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this topic.
Thanks for your time!
Alexander - November 22, 2003

    The original Prince of Persia is as perfect as can be. If you want to unlock it though it actually occurs part way through the game (around the 33% mark) so you may want to look it up rather then miss it like I did the first time. This is one of the best unlockable bonuses seen in recent times.

You said that most games are around 40-100kb - is The Sims likely to fit in this range or is it more substantial?
Kellee - November 14, 2003

    The Sims has a much larger memory save size - just under 1600kb, or almost 1/5 the entire memory card. This is mainly due to the complex data such as personalities and house layouts which have to be saved opposed to just high scores etc. While still unconfirmed I would expect The Sims: Bustin' Out to be similar in size.

I noticed on your updated release schedule page that there was no planned release date for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Do you know if this game is coming to Australia? It's a strategy rpg in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics.. Thanks for your time
Mike - October 28, 2003

    I'm sorry but there are no plans at all for this game in PAL territories. A shame as I've heard it could be pretty good.

I cant find Klonoa 2 in Australia... I have heard that it was recalled... any idea why... Thanks
Bob - August 30, 2003

    As far as I know there was no recall. What usually happens is that stores will only keep stock of games for a certain amount of time before sending them back. I used to work at BIG W and they used to send back stock after 12 months if it hasn't sold. Check out stores like Electronics Boutique. It's also available online at Klonoa 2 is a great game well worth hunting down.

Hi, I have a question, do you know when Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King will be released on ps2 in Australia. I have seen it advertised for preoder for xbox gamecube and pc but not for ps2 any help would be great.And another question do you know if you can get Devil May Cry action figures in australia or when we might get them? cheers
Lyn - July 20, 2003

    All the game release dates are listed in this site on the Previews & Release Schedule Page As for LOTR: Return of the King Electronic Arts have this stunning looking game scheduled for release on November 3rd 2003. The Devil May Cry action figures are available through Electronics Boutique stores. There's a bit old now though so you may have to ring around or ask them to get them from another store.

I was enquiring as to whether you had any news relating to a possible Thief 3 release on the PS2 as some foreign PS2 websites mention thief 3, and was hoping you had some news.
Sir Hoey - July 14, 2003

    Unfortunately there is absolutely no news at all yet on Thief 3 hitting the PS2. As the game is still a while away on PC you'll be in for a long wait in any case and given the technical limitations of PS2 a release on PS3 may be more likely.

Hi Future Gamez,
Could you please tell me if a game called Aero Elite: Combat Academy has been published in a PAL format, and more importantly is it here in Australia?. It may also be called Aero Dancing 4.
I'm a huge flight sim fan and own Ace Combat 4 and played it to death. I really would like to play something new and fresh! Also quickly - do you have any news on Ace Combat 5?
Alexander - July 1, 2003

    Indeed Ace Combat 4 is a terrific game and the sequel has been in development for some time now. There is very little information although there have been rumours of a release in Japan in late 2003. THe best news, however, is that the game is strongly rumoured/almost certain to include online gameplay. As for Aero Elite: Combat Academy it doesn't look like a PAL release is on the cards at this stage. Sorry.

To whom it may concern,
I currently have a copy of a PS2 game called WTA tennis, and have seen another on other web sites that apperas to be totally different in graphics and gameplay. The other game has Jelena Dokic on the front cover, whereas mine has a row of wta stars in the middle of the cover. Do you know if these games are meant to be the same, and do you know where I could obtain a copy of the one with Jelena Dokic on the front?
Thank You
Robert - April 23, 2003

    To be honest I haven't come accross the tennis game with Jelena Dokic on the cover. The only good tennis games on Playstation 2 are Sega's Virtua Tennis 2 which is rather arcade like or Namco's Smash Court Tennis which is more realistic but quite hard.

Hi future gamez,
I was wondering if youíve heard anything about the Australian release of Dark Cloud 2? I know of a big fan group that is eagerly awaiting itís release.
Vera - April 5, 2003.

    Dark Cloud 2 is certainly a game that has been receiving a lot of positive press and reviews and the game will certainly be coming to Australia. Sony, who will be releasing the title here don't have it listed in their April or May schedules but it shouldn't be too far down the track. Rumour at this stage is pointing to a release just after mid-year.

I would like to know if there is any news on Madden 2004 or NFL 2K4.
Name Not Given - March 29, 2003.

    Well, there is some good news. Only this week have Gamenation released NFL 2K3 which is the first title in that range to be released. Indeed the release of NFL 2K4 will heavily depend on the success of this weeks NFL 2K3 release. Madden NFL 2004 is coming to Australian with Electronic Arts listing the game for release on September 8th, although that date is still subject to change.

I was wondering if you knew what Sega was doing in regards to releasing another tennis game to follow Virtua Tennis 2? Are they developing one? When will it be released?
Is another AFL game being developed?
And is there any other cricket games being developed other than EA Cricket 2004? Is there any chance that a cricket game will ever make players faces look real and added to that make their actions real, it is surely possible - you see Virtua Tennis 2 and think of the possiblities with a cricket game.
Patrick S. - March 23, 2003.

    With regards to another Virtua Tennis title nothing has been announced as yet however given the strong reviews and sales of the Virtua Tennis 2 it would not be surprised to see another version in the near rather then distant future. Acclaim and IR Gurus are indeed working on another AFL title with the game expected to be released towards the end of the season again. Sadly, no details are available. Unfortunately there are no other Cricket games on the horizon beside EA Sports Cricket 2004 which will be released in October all going well. Having spoken to the reps at EA Sports Australia they assure me that development is progressing well and that the game will be a vast improvement on the previous game.