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Sept. 3, 2005


Person Company Topic Date
Michele GarraSony PicturesPSP UMD Movies1/9/2005
Masanori KuwasashiK2Tenchu: Fatal Shadows2/5/2005
Joe BoothUbisoft FranceGhost Recon 216/10/2004
Brian RauschSony AmericaRise To Honor12/4/2004
Jet LiActorRise To Honor11/4/2004
Craig SullivanCriterionAirBlade23/10/2001
Not KnownAcclaimBurnout3/10/2001
Andrew HodgsonTHQGaming in Australia23/11/2000
Adam LancmanMelbourne HouseLe Mans 24 Hours & Space Race10/11/2000
Dave PerryShiny EntertainmentSacrifice and General Gaming1/11/2000
Tomas PluharikIllusion SoftworksHidden & Dangerous 1 and 220/10/2000
Debbie Bestwick Team 17Worms World Party & Stunt GP3/10/2000
Peter Moraweic LuxofluxVigilante 8: Second Offense3/4/2000
Yuji Naka Sonic TeamGames15/11/1999
Greg Zeschuk BiowareMDK21/10/1999
Trip Hawkins3DO3DO and General Gaming23/9/1999
Frederick RaynalNo ClichéToy Commander17/9/1999
Archer MacleanAwesome DevelopmentsJimmy White's 2: Cue Ball11/9/1999
Steve O'LearyOziSoftAustralian Launch and System24/7/1999
Steve O'LearyOziSoftAustralian Launch and System17/6/1999
Chris EadeOziSoftAustralian Launch and System11/3/1999
Chris EadeOziSoftAustralian Launch and System17/1/1999
Sonic TeamSegaSonic Adventure24/8/1998
Chris EadeOziSoftAustralian Launch and SystemSept 1998