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August 31 2010
Playstation Move - Preview
Release Date Manufacturer Launch Price
16/9/2010Sony$49.95 Navigation Controller
$69.95 Playstation Move
$99.95 PSEye/Move/Demo Bundle

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Navigation Controller (left) and Playstation Move Motion Controller (right).
There is no doubt that the Playstation Move is a big risk for Sony. Major peripherals added to a console so late in its life cycle are always a risk - simply look at the Sega Megadrive 32X, or how about the XBox 360 HD-DVD drive, the Sega MegaCD? None were more then a novelty that had a shorter life span the Paris Hilton's singing career. But Playstation Move is a little different. It's a mass market controller that Sony is not forcing developers to use, but certainly encouraging them with an emphasis on hardcore games as much as the casual party ones.

The Hardware, The Prices

So how does it all work? Well the Playstation Move has several components. Firstly the PlaystationEye camera allows tracking of the Playstation Move Motion Controller (the Motion controller is the one with the coloured, glowing orb/ball and will cost $AU69.95). Not only does the camera track position, but by the size of the glowing ball (which can change colours we might add) can also determine how far from the camera you are giving a sense of depth as well.

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This is the European/Australian launch bundle.
Besides these two devices a Navigation Controller ($AU49.95) will be released which is essentially the left analogue stick from a Dual Shock 3 controller allowing movement. Originally known as the Playstation Move Sub-Controller, not all games will use this, and you can use a full Dual Shock 3/Sixaxis controller for movement instead however this movement controller will be smaller and lighter. This will be used in games such as SOCOM 4 for movement while the Motion Controller handles targeting and shooting.

Finally a bundle will be released which includes a Playstation Move controller, a Playstation Eye camera and demo disc which will include the following demos; Sports Champions, Start the Party!, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, echochrome II, Tumble, and Beat Sketchers (the final list is still subject to change). This bundle will sell for the very decent price of $AU99.95 which is a good introductory price.

The Games

The Playstation Move controller will launch with four Sony First Party titles including Sports Champions, EyePet Move Edition, Kung Fu Rider, and Start The Party. That's just the start though as we can also expect games from Sony including The Shoot, The Fight and TV Superstars to be released by Christmas. These all require the Playstation Move Controller(s).

The four Sony Playstation Move launch titles.
There are a lot more games that will use the Playstation Move if you have it (but it's not a requirement) including SOCOM 4, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Killzone 3 all supporting the controller while from third party companies you can expect games such as Ubisoft's R.U.S.E., Michael Jackson: The Experience and Racket Sports, WB Games' Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest and Mortal Kombat.

Finally we can expect a lot of games to be patched to support the controllers including Sony's Heavy Rain and M.A.G., EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and Capcom's Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

The Summary

The Playstation Move is an interesting prospect for Sony, the Playstation 3 and gamers. It's clear that on a technical level the Playstation Move seems to do all the right things, but it will really come down to the user acceptance, and the developers embracing the controller for use with their games. Already it seems that this won't be a device to simply port average Nintendo Wii games, indeed almost every title due in 2010 is an original IP. If Sony can continue this, and include plenty of hardcore games, through 2011 then we're betting this will become a very big thing indeed.