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T O P I C    R E V I E W
cbache Posted - 04/05/2001 : 12:58:05
The following I haven't found anywhere on the Net. This is a couple of day's work. Enjoy...

Metal Gear Solid 2 DEMO secrets.

Change opening credits to Japanese-
-Press O during the opening credits to change them to Japanese. (This does not work anywhere else!)

Rotate/Zoom Codec faces-
-Use the left analog stick to rotate Otacon's head.
-Hold L1 and use the left analog stick to zoom in on Otacon.
-Use the right analog stick to rotate Snake's head.
-Hold R1 and use the right analog stick to zoom in on Snake.

Drop a guard overboard-
-While a guard is sleeping, unconscious or dead (not while he's conscious) on the deck of the ship, drag him to one of the small white gates on the left or right of the ground level of the ship. It will automatically dump him overboard.

Naughty magazine-
-In the Crew's Lounge, on Deck A (inside the ship, with the big breakable glass panel, like on the trailer), there is a magazine rack. Look for a white magazine with a sitting woman on the front cover. It's called "Jason", or "Dason", or something. Shoot it so that it lands open on the floor (you can shoot it as many times as necessary to flip it over if it doesn't land right). There is a very low-res spread of a naked lady lying down.

Action Replay 2-
-If you don't own an Action Replay 2, BUY ONE! With it, you'll be able to unlock the otherwise inaccessable SOCOM, FA-MAS, C4, Capsicum spray, Grenades, Camera, and the Enemy Uniform! The C4 alone will lengthen the replay value of your demo by at least 20 times- GUARANTEED!! It's definitely worth the cash.

Hundreds of C4-
- If you're using an Action Replay 2, you'll probably be using the infinite C4 code. However, you are only able to lay 32 at once. If you lay at least 32 ON THE WALLS, you'll then be able to lay around 200-400 (estimate) more, anywhere you want, at once. This can cause some awsome chain reactions! However, it will also cause some of the worst slowdown since you tried to use that BFG on your old 386; especially if your look at it through the first-person perspective. Still, it can be a pretty cool slow-motion effect. Also, try laying as many as possible in exactly the same spot, in order to cause a nuclear blast!

Cool first-person view effects-
-If you haven't tried already, try performing the old punch, punch, kick combo in first-person view! Also, have you been killed whilst in the first-person view yet? The screen shatters! Very cool.

-Found by Cameron Bache.
14   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
cbache Posted - 11/05/2001 : 16:58:02
Geeze, am I glad I tried to help a few people out with MGS2...

Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 11/05/2001 : 16:57:56
Errr, Chris i'm seriously doubting your ability to read

Let me quote myself, if I may:
That first paragragh of my last post was a little thing called sarcasm.

Read your own quote, I said there is nothing like playing as BUGGY extra characters, because yeah, I really love my games freezing on me (Should I put sarcasm tags around that?)

chrisg Posted - 11/05/2001 : 16:18:29
from this:
real gamers look down on them
to this:
Yeah, there is nothing like getting codes that allow you to play as buggy extra charaters

  • The backflip in question was that where gamers looked down on them (including yourself), then you agreed that they can be useful and good.

  • As for gt you're going straight via word-of-mouth. check with him and i think you'll find the 1,000,000 in funds were on his game.


Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 11/05/2001 : 15:56:58

Hang on a sec, where was my backflip?!?!
That first paragragh of my last post was a little thing called sarcasm.
As for me being hypocritical on emulation, when did I not say that roms ruin the enjoyment? Hell, I've always had that position and wasn't it just last week we were playing Master System, Cameron, and saying that emulation has nothing on real thing. In my opioion it's just like cheating, it's fun when you first do it, but in the long term, it's just not worth it. Okay, so that's my opinion, and if you think I'm a hypocrit or a communist (whatever that's suppose to mean) then please, some back up to the accusations. Oh and Chris, about the GT money cheat, how about we go ask Aaron about it?

cbache Posted - 11/05/2001 : 14:35:54
I would return the insults (especially with your hypocritical views on emulation), but at this point I wouldn't consider you small communist mind worth the effort...

chrisg Posted - 10/05/2001 : 19:08:01
now you're toying with fire phoenix...

first a backflip and then false accusations...

cbache a cheat maybe, but my only *cheating* was to finish driver ;)


Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 10/05/2001 : 14:50:21
Yeah, there is nothing like getting codes that allow you to play as buggy extra charaters which have no real benefit except looking different. Did you get an extra ending, cutscene or any story benefit? No. Hell cbache, I remember you complaining about characters like Meat, Goro, etc. in MK4 because they had no ending or anything. but if you can unlock it with a code, well then that's ok.

Look each to their own, but personally, cheat-devices are like emulated roms, you complete ruin the enjoyment of MOST (there are exceptions, albeit they are rare) games.
Oh and cameron, have you finished Pipe Dream without stopping the timer yet?? Oh and what about you Mr Chrisg, I remember you buying all those cars in GT with those millions of dollars you gave youself....

cbache Posted - 07/05/2001 : 11:36:16
Amen. Chris, you're a legend. To add to your argument, playing as the Tekken Force enemies in Tekken 3 was pretty awsome, as was the Bat Mobile in Driver. And lt's not forget those extra weapons in the MGS2 demo that you would never see until the full game...

chrisg Posted - 04/05/2001 : 20:27:47
I wouldn't go around saying you love your action replay, because us real gamers look down on them

Biiiig swing and a miss there Phoenix -> I think attitudes like this are just as bad as the my-next-gen-console's-better-than-yours mentality.
Sure, you'll get your 10-second gamers who cheat at it the moment they open the box, but that's their choice if they want to kill the lifetime of their $100 or so investment. BUT, on the other hand, there are *proper* gamers so to speak that realise this and use the gameshark once a non-gameshark owner would've found the game boring and old. Hey, take the mgs2 demo (well, that's what this post's about...). Sure you may play the demo twenty times, but if you had a gameshark and could unlock stuff you'd play it for twice as long i'm sure - didn't you?? (hehehe.. insider information). In a gamer's hands, a gameshark is a worthy investment which can add life to a game, and let you enjoy it more once you've finished it.
Just a quick example - how many times have you played mgs1? It get's tedious about the 4th or 5th time through, but with a gameshark, just creep in a cardboard box in the truck and arrive half-way through the game in time for the death of sniper wolf! Or in RE2 - why show your friends how quickly you can manually dodge zombies in the beginning, when you can start with a minigun and grenade launcher and show them what the game's all about.
Phoneix mate - borrow (or buy) one for a while, and see what extras you as a GAMER can find in your games - check out [url]gbparadise.de[/url] to see what hidden things are available using a gameshark. (Bet you didn't know you can access the London city in Driver 1 using a gameshark...).

Gameshark/AR2/Whatever - gamers DON'T look down on them, just the people that abuse them.


Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 04/05/2001 : 16:12:52
Cameron, was this a serious post or an ad for the Action Replay 2?
Seriously though, after playing MGS2, every thing else seems, well plain. I'm not saying it's the be all to end all game, because it's not. If it's anything like the first one it'll be about waliking from cut scene to cut with a dash of gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I love the story and the game, but I play a game like Quake 3 alot more.
Oh and Cameron, I wouldn't go around saying you love your action replay, because us real gamers look down on them.

cbache Posted - 04/05/2001 : 14:38:47
I see what you mean. Still...
Oh, yeah; apart from the graphics, don't expect the cinematography to be quite as good as the first.

Phantom Posted - 04/05/2001 : 14:29:09
The problem is that in the last couple of days I have also received NBA Hoopz, Quake III Revolution, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and am expecting Sky Odyssey and Army Men as well when I get home. Throw in the Survivor II finale, a farewell party and a house warming and I will be very busy over the weekend.

David Warner
Future Gamez
cbache Posted - 04/05/2001 : 13:52:11
So what are you waitng for? Print out my secret tips, buy yourself an Action Replay 2 (trust me, 80% of my playing time has been thanks to the extras you get) and get playing!
Oh yeah; don't make any plans for the next few days, seriously.

Phantom Posted - 04/05/2001 : 13:40:47
I'm stoked. Those fine people at Ozisoft sent me the MGS2 demo which I received today. I'll be tearing home to get that into the PS2 asap.

David Warner
Future Gamez

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