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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Yeeg-Ptark Posted - 11/12/2002 : 16:01:48
Looks like this game is out at EB. Has anyone bought it, played it or seen any reviews on-line? Looks like it could be really great or really crap from the look of the videos I have seen so far.

The 8 BALL has spoken
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Yeeg-Ptark Posted - 02/02/2003 : 16:24:39
I found the game much easier after I worked out how to gain energy by leaning up against a wall..that first level was a bitch until I figured it out.

"Magic is impressive..but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!"
Phantom Posted - 01/02/2003 : 07:56:20
Man if you're stuck on the first level you might have a hard time with this game. Hopefully you're stuck as it's taking a little while to get used to the controls. It took me an hour or so to get used to everything.
I guess the easiest way to think of this game is an interactive version of Snatch or Lock Stock. If you don't like the violence and swearing and style of those movies this this game may not suit you.

David Warner
Future Gamez
Victor Hugo Posted - 01/02/2003 : 07:00:00
Hard Hard Hard Im in the first part of this game after the cars. To save the son of the hero, and my GameShark dont works...

Come 'on....., use .....light..... , not..... darkness...
.............Victor Hugo................
Soulhead Posted - 30/01/2003 : 07:58:43
Yeah. It's certainly not for everyone.

Yeeg-Ptark Posted - 29/01/2003 : 21:34:34
I'd agree with all of those points Soulhead. I'd also say that the game definately excels and pushes the boundries in many areas including those you mentioned. Definately worth a look but I'd reccomend against rushing out to buy it as it's 'not for everyone'.

"Magic is impressive..but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!"
Soulhead Posted - 29/01/2003 : 12:20:05
Agreed. It's not the deepest or most non-linear game around, but what it does, it does very well.
The Getaway has set new standards on many counts. The streaming graphics engine is the best of its kind, providing not only picture-perfect London streets, but also seamless transitions from outdoor to indoor locations.
The voice-acting is another high-point, not only in terms of quality, but also in the way its integrated into the game. Not many driving games develop characters or advance the plot with dialogue WHILE you're driving.
In my opinion, the most impressive decision Team Soho made regarding the in-game dialogue was to use several alternatives dialogues chosen randomly.
Example: In one of the early missions, you visit an art gallery. Each time you walk in the woman at the reception desk greets you, telling you about the exhibitions. Each time I retried the mission, her dialogue was different; essentially the same in content, but phrased differently. The same can be said of many dialogues during the game (such as the patrons of the gallery discussing the artworks). This impressed my socks off. It made the game that much more alive and real. The characters weren't just playing back exactly the same recorded message every time.
Innovations like these are few and far between in today's games industry and I'm more than happy to support Team Soho's efforts buy buying their product

Phantom Posted - 28/01/2003 : 09:36:30
No, I think I would still recommend The Getaway as a purchase if you're a person who buys abotu a game a month.. If you only buy one game every 3-4 months then you'll find better options. I think The Getaway, while flawed, is still an engrossing title at times.

David Warner
Future Gamez
Yeeg-Ptark Posted - 27/01/2003 : 20:44:26
I'd agree with that and sum up my impressions of the game from about 2/3rds of the way through as 'shallow and repetitive eye (and ear) candy'. Definately one to rent rather than buy.

"Magic is impressive..but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!"
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 25/01/2003 : 09:17:20
You have got a point there Phantom.
I haven't really sat down with Getaway, only seen it at a mates house.
Yeah my impression was that it looked pretty good, but was rather bland. It was the game that made me want to buy a PS2 back in 2000 when it was first shown, but now I am not even sure if I will buy it.

I think Vice City has exhausted me in that catagory, I think the next game I buy will be something completely different.

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
Phantom Posted - 24/01/2003 : 19:51:17
I think you are spot on.. but there is one thing to remember.. Vice City is the second GTA game on PS2 whereas The Getaway is only the first in that series. I think the next games.. Getaway 2 (not the expansion pack) and GTA: San Andreas (which is a rumoured title only) could be a lot closer in quality.. we shall see..

David Warner
Future Gamez
blackers333 Posted - 24/01/2003 : 11:20:11
Just finished Getaway last week. Took me a couple of weeks with 1 or 2 hours a night.

I enjoyed it immensly but overall I prefer GTA. There are parts that are better and part which are not. Imagine if they could both be morphed into one game. (I'm drooling at the idea).

I enjoyed the driving more than GTA. I think that the movie-like feel is fantastic. The MGS-like quality of chasing down crooks is good too. The details are stunning.(Watching a car bank slightly after shooting its tyre is mesmerising).

The game would be great though if like GTA there were more jumps, interiors, and generally more to do once you finish the game. Free roaming mode gets tired after experimenting and finding the extra cars. (Though the tank that blows cars and people up is great!) Replay value is low after the second time through. This is why GTA will always stay in my game collection.

Let me know what you think.

chrisg Posted - 23/01/2003 : 23:15:57
No worries!

(anything to keep me from doing work )

Victor Hugo Posted - 23/01/2003 : 21:33:56
Thank you very much, man!

chrisg Posted - 22/01/2003 : 10:47:53
There's official codes from datel at:


If you look on gamefaqs.com there might be more, but there's 44 or so at the above link.

Victor Hugo Posted - 22/01/2003 : 08:41:34
Can anyone help me ?!?
I need codes for Game Shark for Getaway.

Phantom Posted - 23/12/2002 : 07:41:53
I just received the final game on Wednesday.. or was it Thursday.. life seems like a blur at the moment.. But I can tell you I've been playing it solid the last couple of days.. with mates over until 2-3am playing it as well.. I am hoping to have a review up late today.. but yes.. a score in the 90's is almost a certainty..

David Warner
Future Gamez
agwager Posted - 21/12/2002 : 00:10:40
Better than Vice City, I think not. Vice City is far and away the best game on the ps2. I think a score of 86% for the Getaway is justified. Vice City I would give 97% Just enough room for improvement for the sequels to come.

And by the way Phantom, don't think you can get away with not reviewing vice city like u did GTA3. I don't even see vice city on your play list at the mo. What's up with that man. I'm sure we all would like to see u review it. Well I would, haha!
csr576 Posted - 17/12/2002 : 13:01:35
I've just bought The Getaway and it is fantastic, even early on. Takes about 15 minutes to get used to aiming, reloading and performing some of the moves like crouch, roll etc, but once you master it, its very intuitive.

Only probs at this stage are frame rate drops once the action on the screen gets a bit heavy...with all the hype, I thought something basic like this would be ironed out.

But on the plus side, the scripting is great, use of swearing and cockney british accents highly enjoyable, and really sucks you in. This goes beyond a game and blurs the lines between movies and games. A new standard in games has been set.

Phantom Posted - 15/12/2002 : 15:23:12
Well I can tell you I'm loving the game. It has some frustrations, such as aiming, but they are slowly overcome and the game grows more and more. This will definately be scoring highly.

David Warner
Future Gamez
airsam Posted - 13/12/2002 : 17:28:44

Yeah I've read the hype (for the last 2 years or so) and seen the videos, read pages and pages and previews but nothing can compare to playing the game. I realise it's linear which I don't have a problem with..I just need the bottom line. Is it any good!? Still no reviews on the web that I can see.

The 8 BALL has spoken

try this:

Yeeg-Ptark Posted - 13/12/2002 : 15:40:51
Yeah I've read the hype (for the last 2 years or so) and seen the videos, read pages and pages and previews but nothing can compare to playing the game. I realise it's linear which I don't have a problem with..I just need the bottom line. Is it any good!? Still no reviews on the web that I can see.

The 8 BALL has spoken
Soulhead Posted - 13/12/2002 : 08:26:24
Reviews have been very positive. Vice City it ain't, this is a much more traditional linear game, but a good one to be sure. My copy has been shipped from NZ already and I can't wait to tackle London. Lock Stock meets The Bill is what I'm expecting. (Lock Stock and Two Smokin' Bills? ehh...never mind.)

agwager Posted - 12/12/2002 : 18:09:05
Mate ... where have u been??? This game has had the same if more amount of hype as vice city. I havent bought it but rest assured after I complete vice city (Give me a couple more days) I'll be rushing to EB to buy this game. Anyway gotta get back to that game!!

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