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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Soulhead Posted - 11/06/2002 : 12:20:23
I know it's a long way off, but everything I've seen of SC2 has blown me away. I just can't bring myself to consider VF4 or Tekken4, when I know that SC2 is coming to PS2 (eventually). While it hasn't been officially released into arcades yet, there have been many trials of beta versions in arcades around the world. Strangely, Namco have put PS2 Memory card slots in the arcade machines! (Between the screen and the controls) I expect these will remain in place when the arcade game is finally released, but what they're for exactly I have no idea. Anyone got any ideas?

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chrisg Posted - 13/07/2003 : 22:34:59
Looks like we'll be getting playable Rock, Hwang, and Lizardman in the local release of SCII... which is quite a nice touch seeing that they were unfortunately left out of the Japanese releases.


Is it the shoes?


Phantom Posted - 11/07/2003 : 22:08:38
Australian release date is now set for September 30 in Australia through Electronic Arts. It also seems like a 60Hz mode will be included.

David Warner
Future Gamez
Soulhead Posted - 02/04/2003 : 15:06:49
I have the import at last. I have only spent a few hours with SC2 so far, and I am hugely impressed.

First impressions:
It's gorgeous - *drool* smooth and detailed.
It's fast - faster than SC1.
Intro movie is good - pre-rendered unlike SC1. No match for Souledge intro though.
Surpasses even my wildest expectations in terms of unlockables and bonuses.

So many characters, each with multiple outfits, ten different weapons each, their own weapon master story modes, their own profiles and katas and...well, I won't give everything away here. Suffice to say you will not be disappointed.

The characters look fantastic - highly detailed with perfectly lip-synched and emotive faces. The new characters are well balanced and fit in well - the exception being Necrid, who seems like a very obvious patchwork of other characters movelists thrown together into the shell of a strange comic book monster who seems entirely out of place.

Weapon master mode is now all the best parts of SoulCalibur's Edgemaster mode and SoulEdge's Weapon Master Mode combined, but deeper, much deeper. For example, after travelling the land fighting other characters under different conditions, I didn't expect to find myself battling my way through room after room of a huge dungeon defended by a clan of assorted beserkers (who are not the familiar in-game characters).
Add to that levelling up and collecting weapons and gold to spend in the shops, and you'll start to get the idea that Namco have put a little more effort into SC2 than they did into the home version of Tekken 4.

I can safely say that the SC2 conversion makes the Tekken 4 port look like a cruel joke.

Most modes feature very little Japanese text, though with Weapon Master Mode and the character Profiles there's a lot of it.

I should say for the record that I'm playing the GameCube version. Having played the PS2 import today, I can report there's very little difference. Slightly increased loading time is the only thing I really noticed.

Must go now - so much to unlock!

Soulhead Posted - 26/03/2003 : 08:08:05
The soul still burns...

Time to resurrect this thread, as SC2 finally hits consoles in Japan this week.

For those of you who haven't heard, SC2 home versions feature all the arcade characters (including Yoshimitsu and Cervantes) as well as returning favourites Sophitia, Seung Mina and yes, Lizardman is back (for better or worse)! Hwang and Rock have been rumoured also, but not confirmed.

I'm hoping to get this title on import shortly, so I'll post my first impressions when the time comes.

chrisg Posted - 16/01/2003 : 13:44:00
I liked the weaponless style is soulblade/edge; if I was up against a newbie, it'd always be amusing to lose your weapon and continue the fight unarmed. Seeing that heihachi is unarmed, could this perhaps be a sign that you *can* lose weapons in this one? I hope so, but it's doubtful... There's no sword strength bars again either, which doesn't help any hope...

Soulhead Posted - 16/01/2003 : 08:20:03
Agreed. Heihachi is a hard bastard and would certainly snap Link like a breadstick. I'm pleased that PS2 got Heihachi. He seems the most coherent of the extra characters. The Tekken and Soul Worlds were already linked thanks to Yoshimitsu. My storyline theory is that Heihachi was transported back to the stage of history when Kazuya won the fourth King of Iron Fist tournament (which ended with the entire Mishima compound disappearing without a trace). Heihachi's age and clothing in SC2 match his Tekken 4 appearance.
I was a big fan of weapon-loss and unarmed combat in SoulEdge/Blade so I'm happy that Heihachi has been left unarmed.
It's just a pity that we in the European zone will be left waiting until (probably) September, when it will be out in Japan in March. It's enough to make you want to import...but not quite enough to make me want to shell out for a Jap PS2...*sigh*

chrisg Posted - 15/01/2003 : 18:04:18
I'm glad the ps2 got heihachi; if all of the bonus characters were put in a cage, I'd put my money on him being the last one standing . I think it should be interesting having *crazy* characters in the game, but it will be interesting to see how heihachi fares without a sword...

Soulhead Posted - 15/01/2003 : 15:21:45
Here we go:

Heihachi PS2:[url]http://www.namco.co.jp/home/cs/ps2/soulcalibur2/chrs/index.html[/url]
Link GC: [url]http://www.namco.co.jp/home/cs/gc/soulcalibur2/chrs/index.html[/url]
Spawn XBox:[url]http://www.namco.co.jp/home/cs/xbox/soulcalibur2/chrs/index.html[/url]

I think this kind of platform-specific bonus character is a first for any game. Blimey.

How is Heihachi going to compete? He's the only unarmed fighter! Almost forgot to mention the other bonus character, Necrid who appears on all platforms. Looks cool.

Edited by - soulhead on 15/01/2003 15:24:22
Soulhead Posted - 15/01/2003 : 15:13:08
For the last 6 months I've been in denial of the whispered rumours floating about regarding extra characters in the home versions of SC2. The big one was Link (Legend of Zelda) for GameCube. It seemed too ridiculous to be true. Then it was rumoured that Spawn would be a bonus character on the PS2 version. Again, I could not believe it. XBox was said to be getting Blinx (a vacuuming cat) as it's bonus character. Yeah, right.
Well, a dig around Namco's japanese site has left me deeply shocked.
Link IS in the GC version.
Spawn is in the X-Box version.
...and Heihachi is in the PS2 port!

Stay tuned. I'll have links to prove it shortly...

chrisg Posted - 12/07/2002 : 12:10:56

So far they include...

Yoshimitsu, Cervantes de Leon, and the new final boss, Charade.


The closer you get to the light, the longer your shadow becomes.
Soulhead Posted - 10/07/2002 : 09:24:06
No Sophitia this time I'm afraid. But her younger sister Cassandra is taking her place.
With a familiar fighting style.

By the way, today's the day! Soul Calibur 2 has officially been launched into arcades by Namco. (Well, the official date was the 9th, but it's only now the 9th in Japan. Good old Australia, always a day ahead of the rest of the world - except on release schedules.)

Edited by - soulhead on 10/07/2002 09:25:15

Edited by - soulhead on 10/07/2002 09:28:59
sumixam Posted - 06/07/2002 : 13:29:25
So where is Sophitia?

Soulhead Posted - 19/06/2002 : 10:51:01
Namco are really starting to innovate with SC2. Check out this info on the arcade machine's conquest mode. This is probably what the mem card slots were originally for.

[from GameWatch Japan]

"The new "Conquest mode" is a single player mode in which a user can battle as a part of a team by registering their name and picking a character. The objective of the game is to win over the three opposing teams.

When the game is being played, the CPU will learn the fighting patterns of the player. After 8 battles, the player's character will be saved on the machine. When others from opposing teams play the Conquest mode on the same machine, the CPU will act as the player and fight the opponent by using the player's character and mimicking the player's behavior patterns. Likewise to when a player is actually controlling the character, the CPU's victory or loss will effect the rank of the player's character, as well as the standpoint of the character's team against opposing teams.

The Conquest mode is user friendly to novice players, as 8 battles are guaranteed to be playable even with losses. In addition, the player can choose to pick a low ranking opponent if desired.

The player can return to the game machine and continue to grow the registered character when desired, fighting against the CPU which likewise, mimicks other players. Although the character is protected from being used by other players since a password can be defined during the first registration process, characters cannot be ported from one machine to another since the game is not networked like Sega's Virtua Fighter 4 series."

Awesome idea! People can still fight you when you're not even there! How accurate it's mimicry is remains to be seen, but this concept is really cool. Bring back the memory card slots, so we can infect as many machines as possible.

chrisg Posted - 14/06/2002 : 14:02:39
It's crazy, but it's also getting more and more tempting - they got us hooked years (months?) back when it was free, and now they're reeling us in. Oh well, at least it's gonna keep them afloat and not sink like other sites (dailyradar, fgnonline). Perhaps if they offered more, like demodiscs once in a while, or threw it in with magazine subscriptions (hang on, i think they might...), they might get more signups.


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Soulhead Posted - 14/06/2002 : 13:16:39
Just 'came upon it'. In fact, the article was freely available when I first read it and has since been reclassified for insiders only. I hate these schemes, I came across another one the other day, I think it was GameSpot, where they wanted credit card details ($4.95US a month) just to access some game preview jpegs! Crazy.

chrisg Posted - 13/06/2002 : 09:12:41
Well, there you go... didn't expect ps1/2 memory card slots on it :P. Are you a member of insider, or just happened to 'come upon' this page...?


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Soulhead Posted - 12/06/2002 : 15:41:02
Here's a test review that mentions the slots at the very end. Sorry about posting such a huge article, but I couldn't just provide the link to IGN as you need to be a bloody "IGNinsider" just to read it. Losers.

"May 06, 2002 - The year of the fighter is well under way, with Tekken and VF4 already out on home systems ( in Japan at least ) and Soul Calibur 2 being finished for a not-so-distant arcade release. While we'll have to wait for final home versions of all three games to judge for sure, a recent play test of Soul Calibur 2's so-called Version 0.79 reveals that Namco may have the best of the bunch on its hands with this huge sequel.

It's certainly the best looking of the three fighters even in its incomplete stage. While the game's previous build, shown at the February AOU arcade show, looked a bit flimsy, that's no longer the case. In comparison to the previous build, Namco has most notably improved backgrounds to a level even beyond the arcade VF4. Most of the stages allow you to see far into the distance, with what looks like full 3D details for mountains, valleys and so-forth. Even the interior stages do things that just aren't necessary, like allowing you to see through windows into other rooms.

Detail up-close has been upgraded to the 10th degree. There's no such thing as a flat polygonal surface in this game; everything, from the railings to the fighting mat has volume, and is irregular in shape, as if it's been lived in. One of the stages takes place a ruins, with collapsed columns showcasing tiny details ( this stage has high-res Egyptian-style artwork along its walls -- we appreciate the show of texturing mastery, but something's out of place ). Another stage which has been the setting for some of the most striking screen shots features a giant rotating sun-dial immediately behind the characters. Well, maybe it's not a sun-dial, but it's really big and it's turning, and you will be impressed.

We were a bit off in our impressions last time when we said that the character models were only slightly improved over their Dreamcast counterpart; no, they're actually much improved, and come packed with new animation patterns for all movements and weapons attacks. VF4 still seems to win when it comes to overall character detail, but Soul Calibur 2 is the most well animated fighter we've ever seen; the weapons are given a life all their own in this game. Add in the unmatched lighting and shadow effects ( including glorious self-shadowing characters! ) and PS2 image quality that only Namco can do, and you've got probably the most beautiful arcade fighter ever made.

We had no complaints about the previous build's gameplay, and that continues with the new version. We were able to try out the charge move which, by pressing the three attack buttons at once allows your character to super charge himself with an orgy of ultra-slick lighting effects. The results were some amazing, brutal finishing moves, which seem to return from the original Soul Edge.

Even the regular, non-charged attacks are pretty brutal. While the previous Soul Calibur on Dreamcast made you cringe at times, this game is likely to take an adult rating. It's just nasty at times. Characters subject one another to painful attacks in previously unheard-of detail. Astoroth really looks like he's breaking his opponent's back, and Ivy -- oh boy, Ivy -- that chain weapon of hers is finally done justice. There's no blood, of course, but the game redefines violence in a fighting game.

The new build promises the following characters: Ivy, Mitsurugi, Astoroth, Maxi, Casandra, Kilik, Xianghua, Nightmare, Taki, Voldo and Talim. Of the characters, we were unable to access Talim; perhaps she's stored in one of the two remaining question-mark slots? We did get to try out Raphael, who fights fencing style with a single, thin blade, and fits in well with the rest of the crew as a slightly different fighting game experience. The new build also marks the return of Voldo and Xianghua, both of whom look as they did in Soul Calibur, but with the added benefits ( or minuses, in the case of Voldo ) of extra detail. And, of course, everyone from the old to the new benefits from the refined 8-way-run system, which feels so smooth and intuitive that horizontal movement in future fighting games will likely be judged by it.

We've come to appreciate the stages much more with the new build. The arenas, while flat in the vertical sense, are uneven in the other two dimensions. Some stages are narrow and long, some are square, some curved. Some stages feature walls on a few sides while others are completely open on all sides. Namco has added a few moves for dealing with walls. You can tap directions on the joy pad in order to quickly get around your opponent, or if on the offensive can brutalize your victim. As for the non-walled areas, ring outs are tough to achieve, as characters seem to resist falling out of the ring no matter what you. On top of this, the ease of the free-run system makes actually getting an opponent into a ring-out position tricky. We did manage to see a few ring-outs, although it wasn't common.

On the whole, as with the original Soul Calibur, the game feel perfect from the moment you start, yet somehow manages to grow on you with each game. The result should easily be one of the best -- if not the best -- arcade/home fighter later this year. Expect more soon, hopefully from Namco's booth at E3.

One note about the version on test. The cabinet features slots for PlayStation memory cards. We're not sure how or if this will feature in the final version of the game."
Orig: Anoop Gantatyat-IGN Contibutor.

Soulhead Posted - 12/06/2002 : 14:28:51
Can't find any info on the slots. I've only seen them pictured. However, the latest pictures I've seen of the Korean trial machines don't have have the slots:


Hmm...maybe we won't be seeing the slots on the machines when they hit our shores, but it does seem to suggest that the early trial machines were running on PS2 type hardware.

See also:

chrisg Posted - 11/06/2002 : 17:39:36
Have you got any links to info about the memorycard slots? I'm looking forward to this game (vf4 was bought as a time-filler, but it's an excellent one at that), but it seems surprising that the memory card slot is only a ps2 one - seeing the game is coming out on all (console) formats... Perhaps it's similar to the vf4 cards in the jap arcades? Either way, it just seems like something that the japanese are only gonna have - I can't picture that happening here in oz (or the states either)...

...but I'd carry my memory card in for the fight :)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware

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