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T O P I C    R E V I E W
cbache Posted - 15/10/2001 : 15:55:56
I've downloaded a bunch of movies of the PS2 version. It looks awsome. Put your worries to rest!

It's also got some cool features. Remember how there were 2 different costumes for each character in the last 2 (1 for each player)? Well, there are now a few costumes, and they are selectable in a new "costume modification" mode. Perhaps this means you can mix-and-match items of clothing, Barbie-style (c'mon, it's stil as cool an idea as it was 3 seconds ago).

However, is it just me, or are characters getting uglier, the more detail goes into them?

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deadagain Posted - 19/06/2002 : 10:28:19
My only gripe is that it took Sega this long to finally release a home version of VF which has actually been worth it. VF3tb on DC wasn't too good (although it was ported by someone other than Sega), and VF2 for Saturn played great but was very light on extras.

agwager Posted - 13/06/2002 : 20:25:22
Yeah I know what you mean, thats a lot of card space. I'm wondering whether it's worth forking out some more doh for another memory card. I'll just stick to kumite for now. Well, what would be awesome would be to use the AI character online, now there's potential. I will be back.
scorpion Posted - 13/06/2002 : 14:41:33
4th Dan chrisg.
I'm impressed.
I'm struggling to get past 3rd with Cuneyes.
I'll have to go back to Muffy.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
chrisg Posted - 13/06/2002 : 09:20:26
Alas, Kumite mode is too much... (that's a good thing though :) - 4th dan with kage and rising).

I tried the AI thing for 2 seconds, but it munched heaps of space on my memory card, like 800k or something (which i don't really have at the moment...). From what i've seen though, it looks pretty versatile; you view replays of (your) fights and tell the ai character what to remember (and what to forget). I can't see too much good in fighting against it (but maybe against your friends' ones would be good), but a tamagotchi-style bout between two players' ai characters would be pretty impressive i reckon :)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
agwager Posted - 12/06/2002 : 23:33:01
Wow, its taken me awhile but I've finally decided to play this game. It's been sitting on the shelf for 3 weeks now I think but it's taken me so long to complete FFX and now its time to kick some VF4 butt!! Alright first impressions are biased cos I used a crappy 50Hz tv so I thought it was depressingly SLOW but after reading some info here I realise I need to buy a 60HZ tv. That was a relief but the game has so much to offer even at this early stage.
And by the way ComradeBronx what the hell is your problem at the mo. You seem to be bagging every game that you start to play. DO3 looks great but the lastability factor is -99. A like games that uno take longer than 2 hours to complete/unlock everything!!
Have people got into the AI character thing much? Or has Kumite been too addictive?
Soulhead Posted - 12/06/2002 : 14:36:48
From GameSpot Japan (rough translation):
"Sega has announced in their private arcade show on the 11th that their upcoming release, "Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution" will include two new characters- a Judo fighter named Gou Himori, and a kickboxer named Brad Burns.

In addition to the two characters, VF4 Evolutino will also have minor changes in stage graphics, tune-ups in moves, and a "Quest Mode" for single players."

Want pics? Go here:

ComradeBronx Posted - 11/06/2002 : 03:57:27
Sorry guys but I'm gonna have to disagree with you all. Virtua Fighter 4 is the worst fighting game I've played on a next gen console to date (PS2/Xbox) I can't stand the way the characters move, it's like they have a carrot stuck up their date. And being able to juggle and hit people heaps while they are in the air pisses me off to no end.

Screw VF4, I'm going back to DOA3. DOA3 might not have the extras but the game is fast, furious and ****ing fantabulous.

chrisg Posted - 04/06/2002 : 09:46:38
I resorted to playing vf4 in 50hz mode the other night (damn your tv phoenix!), and geez damn was it sloooowwww. It makes you glad that there was a 60hz mode after all, and imagine the speed we would be missing out on if 60 hz never made it here. Well, I guess ignorance is bliss... As for the improved graphics, are they really better? I mean, the screen seemed squished, and perhaps that reduced the jaggies a little, but I can't think of a reason why 50hz would look better than 60hz.

Oh and scorpion, how much have you been playing kumite to get past 1st dan? I've been hammering it with akira, but couldn't make it past 1st dan (actually slipped back to 1st kyu for a while :P ). I'm giving it a go with some of the other characters, but it's looking like I'm gonna have to practise heaps to get anywhere near the final stages (past 10th dan and on to the magic orbs). Just a cheap tactic if you're interested - check out some of the throws that can be done; several can get the opponent out of the ring, even over the top of walls before they're broken :)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Phantom Posted - 30/05/2002 : 14:38:25
Yes but the graphics are nicer to look at in 50Hz mode... If only 60Hz looked as nice as PAL 50Hz.. I'll have the review of this game up tonight.. but I think from the comments here we can all figure how good the game actually is.

David Warner
Future Gamez
scorpion Posted - 28/05/2002 : 18:37:39
If you get the PAL version comrade, only play in the 60 Hz mode.
It sucks at 50 Hz. It is like playing in slo-mo.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
ComradeBronx Posted - 27/05/2002 : 18:03:17
I can't wait to play VF4 because of all the extras it seems to have. DOA3 was a GREAT fighting game and I love the way the game engine works but there was just no extra games to play around with at all :\

My PS2 is currently getting repaired so I should have it back within a few days...I hope.

scorpion Posted - 21/05/2002 : 18:53:56
I've got a few characters in Kumite at the moment.

- 2nd Dan
- 45 wins
- Necklace
- Bracelet
- Blood Red Costume

- 3rd Dan
- 58 wins
- Red backwards hat
- Earrings
- Blue top and pants
- Flashy sneakers

CUMMY (Sarah)
- 1st Dan
- 39 wins
- Cool sunnies
- Red hot top
- Cool blue pants

- 1st Dan
- 40 wins
- Blue sunnies
- Blue top and pants
- Flash boots

KNOB JOB (Lei-Fei)
- 1st Dan
- 33 wins
- Not yet customised

I can't wait to get hold of Aoi's Cat costume, Lau's Big Baby Head and Jacky's Bonnet and Dummy (Pacifier).
Some of the stuff looks hilarious.

There is no knowledge that is not power.

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Edited by - scorpion on 25/05/2002 17:53:42
scorpion Posted - 20/05/2002 : 18:01:59
It's taken me a while to realize that I had to play as 1P to get my custom character into Kumite.
Now I've got that sorted I'm starting to move up the ranks.
I'm not sure exactly what rank I am I'll have to check.
But I have played about in about 10 Ranking matches.
Sometimes two in a row?
Next time I play I'll check what I've collected and my ranking and I'll let you know.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
chrisg Posted - 19/05/2002 : 19:10:31
What ranking are you up to? I think you need 5 consecutive wins or so to move up a dan, and that's well, um, impossible for me :(. But, I'll keep on trying I suppose; I'm not gonna get any better by letting it sit on the shelf gathering dust (although it's in close contention with ffx at the moment...)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
scorpion Posted - 18/05/2002 : 16:04:20
Kumite is Hard, damn hard.
I'm struggling to win items.
I've seen heeps of cool looking characters though.
23 victories and counting.
I still havn't had a mirror match yet.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
scorpion Posted - 18/05/2002 : 10:13:04
Good idea chrisg.
I've just visited gamefaqs and printed some stuff about the Kumite mode and items etc.
I didn't realise it was going to be so hard.
Now I'm armed with info I'm going to have a day playing VF4.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
chrisg Posted - 17/05/2002 : 21:46:04
Kumite mode is crazy if you're earning items. Check out the faqs at [url]gamefaqs.com[/url] for details on what you have to do - the tasks differ for different fighters. They're really hard; from getting 100 consecutive wins (not that hard with vs mode and 1-round wins) to executing killer combos and killing your opponent with throws only, and getting comebacks (winning with a sliver of energy). Currently I'm having ALOT of difficulty getting past the early dans (I'm sitting at 1st Dan at the moment :( ). Has anyone else gotten to later dans and rankings, and if so, got any tips and newbie-style characters that I should be using??


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
scorpion Posted - 14/05/2002 : 18:55:09
I'm yet to get into the Kumite mode properly.
I've been brushing up in arcade mode.
I've got the next 4 weeks off so I will be giving Lion a good workout in Kumite.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
chrisg Posted - 13/05/2002 : 20:19:19
>VF4 IS the king of fighters.
>Until Soul Calibre 2 of course

You don't know how close I was to writing that on my previous post...

How far are you into Kumite mode with your fav char? I've gone head first in with Akira (not the best seeing I'm a vf newbie), and it's getting a little hard around the second dan stage. It's good that the challenge keeps you going wanting more and more items, but I damn hope that I get better at it soon because my win-loss ratio is starting to suffer :(. And what sort of items have you got up so far? (the only one I've got of any interest are the goggle glasses, but they just look goofy ;)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
scorpion Posted - 12/05/2002 : 17:31:37
I've always prefered Tekken over VF.
Until now.
I play VF4 often, and Tekken 4 is gathering dust on the shelf.
VF4 IS the king of fighters.
Until Soul Calibre 2 of course.

There is no knowledge that is not power.
chrisg Posted - 12/05/2002 : 16:03:07
To quote a sega fanboy a couple of posts up; 'Tekken what?'

I bought this the day before release ;) and it's very, very nice. I am now a converted boy, from tekken to virtua fighter. The game plays brilliantly, the graphics are nice (although not quite perfect), and there's loads of extras to be unlocked and bonuses to equip your character with. I haven't played it to death yet, but from what I've seen it's one of those fighters (like soul blade) where you keep playing because it's fun and enjoyable and stuff gets unlocked, rather than just to get better at it...

I'm very, very impressed :D


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
chrisg Posted - 29/03/2002 : 20:10:41
May 8 has been named the day that we're gonna get this game, and I'm for sure looking forward to it. It's release delay doesn't seem that bad, although any delay doesn't seem bad compared to the 300 year wait for mgs2.


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
scorpion Posted - 16/03/2002 : 07:43:18
I have 2 Jap PS2s.
The Jap version is very playable without knowing japanese, fighting games always are.
Most menus are in English and spoken in English. When you move the cursor over "Kumite" for example a sexy female voice says "Kumite".
It's not until you get to the Memory Card and training options etc that you have to quess what is what.
Load times are OK about 3-4 seconds between bouts.
Yes Phoenix Taka-arashi is gone.
I miss him also.
But Lei-Fei is a very worthy addition.

You're not a worthy opponent - Vanessa

There is no knowledge that is not power.

Edited by - scorpion on 16/03/2002 07:46:08

Edited by - scorpion on 16/03/2002 07:48:51
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 13/03/2002 : 14:23:57
Plays more like VF2... damn I liked 3 better myself.

Oh and please tell me they didn't drop Taka-arashi from the line up.....

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
chrisg Posted - 12/03/2002 : 13:22:36
You have a jap ps2, or a modchip?!

Much of a language barrier? And what are the load times like?


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
scorpion Posted - 11/03/2002 : 15:26:18
Anyway back to VF4.

I got this last week and I havn't stopped playing it since. I still havn't got to State of Emergency which I've also had for over a week.
The graphics are very good. Almost as good as DOA3 on Xbox. It does play more like VF2 than VF3 (thank god). There are more options than VF3tb but I've yet to explore them.
Do yourself a favour and get it. (When you can that is).

"Why am I so great" - Lion

There is no knowledge that is not power.
cbache Posted - 06/02/2002 : 23:37:04
Sorry, Nix. Crazy Taxi doesn't have a 60Hz mode. I'm as stunned as you are.

I'm not sure how we got to this on the Virtua Fighter 4 forum, but I've got the playable demo if Rez, and worry not, my young Padawan. It's awsome. Just an old school shooter with some cool music that builds up as the levels progress, disguised as a cool light show. Very nice. Think The Lawnmower Man.

Might also mention the disk has a playable demo of MGS2...the complete English version. It's exactly the same as the ZOE demo, but it doesn't stop at Olga, has the proper menu, and the sound has really been worked on. There are also some minor bits added (like the use of a camera in the game and cut scenes) and effects. Unfortunately, those awsome blood sprays from the massacred marines and slit throats on the littered bodies have been removed. Blood lust aside, it really does take away a lot of the effect, and makes it a little more visually...boring. Haven't tried the old 'paint the decks with red' trick yet. All signs point to disappointment on that one too. Still awsome though. And it's in ENGLISH! No AR2 codes though, so apart from the ability to earn the SOCOM pistol within the game, can't tell you about new weapons.

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Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 06/02/2002 : 15:41:42
Yes , but Phantom also said there was a 60Hz option in Half Life and unless it is damn well hidden, I haven't found it yet.

There is no mention of it in the booklet either.

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
chrisg Posted - 05/02/2002 : 20:55:18
To clear up ignorance (from both sides?), Akklaim published both ct and 18wapt, and the developers were am2 for 18wapt and hitmaker + akklaim for ct.

And does ct have a 60hz mode? According to David's review it doesn't...

And finally, what's rez like? I preordered this weeks back, and am still waiting for the day it comes through the post... any chance of a review up before it's release here (even though I've read the rest on the net already...)?


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 05/02/2002 : 16:25:33
Developed and published by Acclaim

Are you sure about that? cbache has an interview with Sega's Hitmaker in a PS2 mag, where they talk of the PS2 port of Crazy Taxi.

Thought even even IF Acclaim did port the code (and that would be all they did) how can you not consider them Sega games?

Don't tell me you are one of the people, who back in the 16bit days thought NBA Jam was Acclaim's and not Midays? (oh what a sad day in gaming history when the NBA gave Acclaim the rights to NBA Jam off Midway, just because Acclaim made more money off it. If you hadn't heard this, ever wonder why after NBA Jam TE, Midway made NBA HangTime?)

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
Phantom Posted - 05/02/2002 : 13:00:27
Yar but CT and 18 Wheeler aren't Sega games as such.. Developed and published by Acclaim.. The good news is that I got final code for Rez, Heahunter and Ecco last night and I can say that Rez and Ecco definitely have 60Hz modes. I'm sure that Headhunter does as well but I didn't get to play it at all last night so I'll have a look tonight.

David Warner
Future Gamez
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 04/02/2002 : 18:48:19
My God, Could I be confronted by anymore ignorance?

Firstly, there are two Sega games currently out, Crazi Taxi and 18 Pro Wheeler. Now stay with me guys I hope I don't lose you here....
Sega "Developed" both, in fact all their upcoming games are developed by Sega, but Acclaim "Published" them (Just as Sony is going to publish the soon to be released titles). Still with me? So they are in-fact Sega's games, as they own all the intelectual rights (ie the games code etc) but Acclaim own the distribution rights. Thus Sega, in their games, put the 60 Hz option.

This leads me to anwser Chris second claim. Chris Crazy Taxi definatly has a 60hz option, I am pretty sure 18 wheeler has one, and Ecco and headhunter will also (it was an option in both the demos). So there you go.

Sorry for getting so worked up, by Sony-inspired ignorance about Sega (or Nintendo for that matter) really gets to me.

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
chrisg Posted - 04/02/2002 : 13:01:00
Vf4's gonna be the first one, cos 18 wheeler and crazy taxi were published by akklaim. Rez isn't direct from sega either, and that's all I can think of off the top of my head...


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Phantom Posted - 04/02/2002 : 09:37:05
Are there any Sega games on the PS2 yet???

David Warner
Future Gamez
chrisg Posted - 04/02/2002 : 07:33:53
Well... apologies for not owning any sega games...

And from what I've seen, none of the sega games currently on the ps2 have a 60hz option. Which ones were you thinking of?


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 01/02/2002 : 17:17:33
Geez, you are soooo not a Sega fan boy.

Firstly, the VF series for the PAL consoles have never been slowed down as much as Tekken. I should know, I have most of them (VF games that is) plus VF Remix and VF Kids NTSC Japanese versions.

Secondly, if you have noticed with pretty much, if not all, of Sega's PS2 games have got 60Hz options.

Geez, man if I didn't know you I would say you didn't put any thought into that post, but hang on, I do know you and you didn't put any thought into it!

Let me hear you make decisions,
Without your television.
- Rammstein
chrisg Posted - 01/02/2002 : 08:51:41
The famitsu just game this game one ten and the rest nines, so it's still looking to be pretty darn good. Just wondering how much of a delay we're gonna get till it comes here :( (and if it's slow compared to the ntsc version also)


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
chrisg Posted - 19/10/2001 : 13:37:06
The animation in vf4 seems to be above the level of that in tekken 4. Well, that's what i'm seeing in the movies at least. Things like clothes, headbands and hair are very fluid. And just another visual treat is the snow level - has anyone else seen this yet? I'm just wondering if the footprints in the snow are done realtime, or just built into the landscape.

And the alternate costumes do look pretty crazy, even if they do bear some resemblence to a particular girls' toy ;).

This one is looking very nice...


Linux. Because rebooting is for adding new hardware
Phoenix Eternal Ember Posted - 19/10/2001 : 11:53:34
As a long time VF fan, I am so looking forward to this game. (Tekken what?).

While it does look impressive, one can only wonder what an Xbox version would have looked like.

As for the characters looking uglier, I'd say that they have a more 'gritty' look.
I do think that it is the most impressive 3D fighter to date, (Tekken 4 does not impresse me and I don't like DOA3's smooth almost anime-ish look) and i can't wait!

In Tyler we trust.

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