Zombie Revenge (Arcade) Review

Release Date Publisher Developer Additional Information
June 1999SegaIn-HouseRuns on Naomi

It seems that every Naomi game released so far has come with high expectations. Perhaps it's due to the high probability of a Dreamcast port or perhaps it's because previous Naomi games have been so well received. Does Zombie Revenge, known as Zombie Zone and Blood Bullet during development, match the quality of the other Naomi arcade games? The only way to find out for sure was to play the final version recently.

The aim of Zombie Revenge is kill all the zombies which have taken over the city. Along the way you may be required to save people from a group of attacking zombies. Most of the time you will be punching and kicking the zombies, but soon enough you will be able to use weapons that zombies have dropped after you attack them. Weapons including pistols, machine guns and shot guns are available, as well as the occasional health bonus.

The first thing you will notice about this game is that the intro and cut scenes are very similar to House Of The Dead 2. But that's not really a surprise seeing as Zombie Revenge is a spin off of the series. As with other Naomi games the graphics and sound are simply superb. The animation of the enemies is fluid and the game runs at a constant 60fps without a hint of slowdown.

But there is a problem with the game, and it's major. The controls verge on impossible. Roaming around in a 3D environment means that you have to spin around to aim you attack. Perhaps an auto-aim feature would have been helpful. This is a major flaw in the game which is detrimental to the gameplay. Hopefully this problem will be fixed if the game is ever converted to Dreamcast.

After so much hype Zombie Revenge turns out to be a letdown. The visuals and sound effects are good, as is to be expected in a Naomi game, but the controls make the game too awkward. Unfortunately, Zombie Revenge falls just short of other Naomi titles to date, namely Crazy Taxi, Power Stone and House Of The Dead 2.