September 22, 2000

WWF Attitude

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Well, I might as well say it at the start. I hate wrestling. There is nothing good in it, it's not a sport, it's not fun, injuries are fake and basically it's the biggest croc of shit ever. That said, WWF has millions of fans worldwide, and better still the games can be a lot of fun.

Americans go nuts over wrestling games, which is why WWF Attitude is so important to the Dreamcasts software lineup this year. But initial screenshots of WWF Attitude didn't look very good at all. The game looked more like a rushed port of the Playstation version just to make some money. But extra development time has improved the game dramatically.

Featuring real wrestlers from the federation, WWF Attitude is definitely beginning to look the part with some excellent graphical detail on the wrestlers. The best part, for the men anyway, is that female wrestlers are in included in this game.

While I'm not really looking forward to this game much, it's more from disinterest in a made-for-TV performance then from a lack of playability in Acclaim's title. I will, of course, review the game for all you WWF fans out there when it is released late this year in Australia.