September 22, 2000

Wild Metal

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
29/2/2000Take 2DMA DesignEurope$89.95

DMA aren't usually big on graphics. As you can see in the above screenshots Wild Metal Country doesn't look like it will push the Dreamcast too much and unfortunately the game also uses WinCE which doesn't have the best record for Dreamcast games. But it's gameplay that DMA are renowned for, Lemmings being the prime example, and Wild Metal should be full of it.

Wild Metal is a tank based game with the object to collect 8 power cores in each game zone. There is a large enemy presence to dispose of in the 3 different worlds to compete in. Fortunatly you have a large range of weapons to use from bouncy bombs to extra strength bombs and homing missiles.

DMA recently delayed this game from launch (or very near) until Q'1 2000. But there aren't any problems, they just want to make it even better. DMA are using the time to tune a multiplayer mode. There was talk of online gameplay but that hasn't eventuated. It's great to see that the developers didn't release the product in time for Christmas as they were considering as it will give DMA more time to polish the game off.