September 22, 2000

Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle

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Virtua Fighter 3 has been a huge hit in the arcades. Only Namco's Tekken series has come close to matching it's popularity. Sega were keen to make an impression with this title, and they had to. Sonic Adventure was going to be a launch title in Japan but was pushed back making VF3:TB the number 1 pick for most gamesplayers.

Strangely, Sega got Genki, a small Japanese developer, to do the conversion from Model 3 to Dreamcast. Hearing this sent shudders of fear through the gaming world that Sega weren't really worried about the quality of this game. But fortunately Genki did a brilliant job converting the game. Almost all reviews, including mine, gave the game an overall score around 90%.

Even though Virtua Fighter 3 :TB is a near perfect conversion Sega will be improving the game further for release in the United States and Europe. Rumoured to be included is the strangely absent VS mode (from the Japanese version), and new better looking backgrounds. How significant these changes will be to the overall game remains to be seen. CGI endings instead of still pictures would be nice as well although they haven't been mentioned.

Virtua Fighter 3 : TB will be a huge boost to the Dreamcast launch lineup outside Japan, not that it's slack at all though. But it will have some competition from the likes of Power Stone, Marvel Vs Capcom, Soul Calibut and Mortal Kombat Gold.