September 22, 2000

UEFA Striker

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Developing a soccer game is quite a departure for Rage. In recent years their games, including Incoming and Expendable on the Dreamcast, have been action titles. UEFA Striker has been in development for quite a while now and the Dreamcast version is set to include several improvements over the PC and Playstation versions.

Graphically, UEFA Striker is impressive. Rage have included over 200 player moves and 9,000 frames of animation in the Dreamcast version. The game runs at a constant 30fps and includes full commentary from English coaches Jonathan Pearce and Ron Atkinson. Of course the background noise associated with football (soccer) is included. This game is a visual and aural treat.

Hopefully, gamaplay in this Rage title will be spot on unlike some of their other titles. Many people critized Incoming and Expendable for their average gameplay but UEFA Striker looks like breaking this trend. With the absence of Electronic Arts on Sega's system a lot of attention is being paid to Rage's title.

UEFA Striker includes 44 European club teams, all European national teams and 30 other teams from around the world. You can even make up a custom league from these teams and select the uniforms for your team. Rage have even included a 4 player mode in the game as well.

Sega's Virtua Striker 2000 is also scheduled for release around the end of the year, so Rage will have their work cut out to provide decent competition to Sega's excellent arcade title. At least UEFA Striker will be in stores several months before the competition.